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issue 11, nr 01 2009

sek, nok, dkk, eek 59, € 6, $7 , AUD 10,

sgd 15, MXN 75, ISK 690, THB 295, RUB 230
MORE water
for natural beauty.

Just add sleep.


A fresh new start for a brand new season. This spring, Make Up store is reviving the 80s; we
bring back the scented nail polishes and aromatized lipglosses. Fruidelicious is a playful look
where the beautiful colors and flavors from nature’s finest fruits blend with a playful twist.
For this spring and summer the big trend colorwise is going to be a warm tone of orange/red
and all other fun fruity colors.
After spring, we welcome the sun kissed look, Bronzed. Here, the inspiration is picked from the
luxurious San Tropez with a golden and shimmery look that will make you stand out. Make Up
Store has a wide range of beautiful bronzing products for you to try out.
This spring is all about adding that little extra touch of color, so why not take the opportunity
and learn more about it and book an appointment for a free consultation for you and your
friends. Let this fun inspirational evening guide you towards a more colorful you!

Peter Hammar

PHOTOGRAPHER: Klara G/Birgitta Martin AB

MAKE UP ARTIST: Igna Alonso/Agent Bauer
MODEL: Ida Kleinau/Kid of Tomorrow

  2   Anastacia 70   Waterproof 136  Diamonds are Forever

  4   Fruidelious 76   Vicky Andrén 144  SPA
12   Bronzed 78   Fairy 146  Jouzas Statkevicius
20   Mika Liias 92   Dina Tshistjakova 148  Lias
22   Squeeze Me 94   Darling Dolls 156  Satu Kivelä
30   Riku Campo 104  How to Apply 158  Become a VIP
32   Sun Kissed 110  Glitterati 159  Products in Focus
40   Code Orange 116  L’artiste 160 World of Color
50   Racy Reptiles 124  Per Holknekt 162  Backstage
58   Andy Lee 126  Gallery 164  In Our Stores
60   Faces of Future 134  Store of the Year

Editor in Chief Peter Hammar

Editor Greta Sjöbom
Publisher Mika Liias
Art Director Anna Hellgren
Contributing Photographers Marko, Thomas Mead, Mårten Lewin, Therese Aldgård, Carlos Norlén,
Ann-Katrin Blomqvist, Philip Laurell, Nadia Pandolfo, Baard Lunde,
Nakarin Phopan, Niklas Alm, Jimmy Hansen, Sittipun Chaitherdsiri,
Thananon Thanakornkarn, Klara G, Iain Crawford, Rena Jaanhold,
Jürgen Joost, Ruth Soh, Lina Eidenberg
Contributing Writers Greta Sjöbom, Peter Hammar, Maria Luthelius, Elaine Fong, Caroline
Contributing Make Up Artists Janne Suono, Nora Kirkpatrick, Sofia Holmgren, Åsa Östergren,
Cecilia Lidén, Ricki Petrini, Surapree Achirakul, Sissel Fylling, Soravudh
Chatrakul na Ayudhaya, Ung Rosén, Helene Borg, Chatchai Pean-
gapichart, Surapree Achirakul, Igna Alonso, Charlotte Freeman
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Special thanks to Tanya for all the help with proof reading.

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from
Make Up Store Sweden AB is strictly prohibited. M welcomes new contributors but
can assume no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.
© 2009 Make Up Store AB.

M  |  1
Anastacia´s three favorites:
Lipstick Nude
Drama Mascara Black
Bronzing Powder Beam

M  |  2
– profile artist usa –

TEXT BY: Greta Sjöbom PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Warner Music

Back after four long years. With a new look I have no problem going back to work, but it Any personal beauty tricks or secrets you want
and a new sound. Returning to the recording was just nice to be able to feel that, because to share?
studio was pretty overwhelming and she is still my work schedule is always one-thing-after-
Well, concealer goes a long way when you’re
trying to absorb the fact that she has finished anotherafter-another-after-another... Even
tired. As simple as that.
her new album. A lot has happened since the when I got ill with cancer, it was,“I got to hurry
last time we saw her and here is her story up and get better so that I can go back to Do you have a personal makeup artist,
about music and beauty. work.” I never really took time off in its proper hairdresser etc?
sense until just recently. When I’m doing promotion, I am very lucky
What message do you want to convey to your
I’ve really enjoyed every moment of it, to be able to travel with a hairdresser and
fans with your new album?
hanging out with my friends and just kicking makeup artist. I pretty much decide my look,
I didn’t even know what I was going to do back and not worrying about worrying. I think but I am always open to my team’s opinions
with my album when I started writing it. I think it even shows in the album that there is a little and feedback. They are the true artists when it
most people see this album as “I can’t wait to bit more of an inner peace in being able to comes to this point of view.
hear what’s going to happen with this album, find myself again and that I’ve regrouped with How do you stay in such great shape?
now that you’re married and you’ve changed myself. Now I’m coming back to work maybe
labels“. These things are all a part of your being the least stressed person in the room. One thing that I do is try to stay in shape, and
character and you start to realize that you’re (Laughs) So it’s kind of cool. I definitely took some time off recently while
growing up and you’re changing who you are. I was in the “time off” mode and didn’t do
How would you describe your personal style? anything... And actually got bigger for my
This album is grown up but free-spirited, almost
kind of grown up with a little bit of kid in it. I think my personal style is really interesting. wedding day than smaller, which was hilarious.
It’s like a question that you get asked and Both me and my husband.
I hope that when my fans listen to the album,
you’re like, “Ooh, God, I don’t know.” I’m very
they really understand what I’ve been doing. Then it came to: we got to do an album cover
comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt. However,
Maybe some of the things that I might’ve had and we got to do pictures and I got to get
what I’m trying to get across is more of the
to go through and some of the things that I feel. back in shape quickly. I find that yoga and
femininity in my personal style. So if I’m going to
Sometimes, the whole purpose of me being a running on a treadmill are the two things that
wear a pair of jeans, most of the time I’ll throw
writer is communicating those things and being I really like a lot.
it on with a Chanel jacket. If I’m going to wear
able to say it because you think somebody My sister is also a personal trainer and when
leather pants, then it’s going to be a really
needs to hear it. it comes to attaining a certain look, she’ll get
yummy cashmere sweater with a gorgeous
What have you missed the most about actively belt around it. It’s a sort of juxtaposition of me in the gym and kind of beat me up a little.
promoting your records and touring? the soft and the hard together, where before But really more than not, it’s the food you put
I probably had a more hard-edged look. I’m in your mouth that has a lot to do with how
It’s interesting, every album is different. Because you look like on the outside. Genetics have a
trying to incorporate a lot more fashion...
I’ve been away so long, I guess what I might lot to do with certain people, but the “you are
have missed in the process of doing an album Being a lot more conscious fashionably. I
what you eat” phrase is very true. When I’m
is actually realizing that I can sing. I haven’t always used to say I didn’t want to wear too
not working a lot, if I continue eating a lot of
sung in a while so I’ve gone from nothing many clothes that ended in a vowel, because
food, it’ll just incur a bigger pant size.
to something, seeing the song. Going from I could potentially be broke. I think that the
absolutely nothing in a room with two people reality is that our business, our music business, What keeps you sane on the road?
and you’re listening to the mix of this song and is so focused on fashion that if you don’t wear Really truthfully, you can’t rely on anybody
you’re like, “That’s so weird that I wrote that.” something that ends in a vowel, you’re not else but yourself in this business. I have to be
It’s kind of surreal because I spent so much time noticed. So Cavalli, Versace, Armani, I’m there really conscious about what’s going on, and
away from it. with you. (Laughs) when my tank is empty or when my fuse is a
Clothing and fashion is one thing, but how do little short, when I’m a little tired or hungry or...
Because I’ve been away for a while, I’m able
you explain your personal style when it comes You really should avoid pushing yourself to
to absorb it in a different way now... Writing
to hair and makeup? limits that don’t make you react particularly
music, even though it was under a pressured
correct, and I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve
time frame. I signed to Mercury in April so My look is softer and more natural now. Before,
learned because my tank has been empty
completing and releasing the album in this I had a much younger look. This suits me better
and this and that has happened that me...
period felt very fast for me, because I hadn’t since it reflects who I am. At daytime, I prefer
written anything prior to signing to this label. It a lighter and brighter look; light foundation, You realise that it depends on how you want
is also a nice challenge and to know that I can blush, mascara, and a light eyecolor at the to live your life and I’d like to live my life with
do that, not that I plan on doing that again. lash line. By night, I use warm tones, gold tones the least amount of regrets. So it’s trying to be
But it was kind of cute, to see myself fall apart around the eyes, a smokey look and lots of present in the things you do and the situations
a couple times. body shimmer. you find yourself into stay sane.

M  |  3
Fruidelicious includes all the playful colors and fragrances of a full bloom garden in spring.
In a creative way, these bright colors are combined with a strong influence from the 80s.
This new collection includes fresh and clear colors with fruity sweet aromas.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Thananon Thanakornkarn

MAKEUP: Surapree Achirakul
HAIR: Dechachai Kerdphol
FASHION ASSISTANT: Nathaphol Nimnuan
MODELS: Anna L / Blink Models, Maria M / Apple Models

M  |  4
Microshadow Silk
Microshadow Holiday
Microshadow Scale
Microshadow Moss
Microshadow After Beach
Lipstick Citrus
Lipgloss Pot Pax
Gloss Lips Pink
Gloss Lips Puma
Blush Oh So Fresh
Nailpolish Emilia
Nailpolish Jazmine
Nailpolish Vera
Nailpolish Marlene

Use Eyepencil Vanilla on the inner

rim of the eyelid. The yellow white
pen neutralizes the red and makes
your eyes look larger. A colored
mascara can be used alone on
the lower lash line or on the tip of
the lashes after applying a black

M  |  5
With the help of Cake Eyeliner, you can create
dark and distinct lines in your makeup, like these
30s brows. Or design your own fake tattoos.

The makeup has a fresh and clear color, where orange is

especially apparent. Besides the blending of cold and varm
nuances, the collection’s products has fragrances and tastes
that are reminiscent of the 80s. Choose between nailpolish and
lipgloss with fantastic aromas. What is your personal favorite?
Juicy orange, Tutti Fruity or sweet peach?

M  |  6
The makeup base is thin and natural. Cheeks and cheekbones
are enhanced with soft blush in pink, orange and brown. The lips
are painted in pink and orange with both lipgloss and lipstick. The
eyemakeup is creative. Several colors are mixed on both upper
and lower eyelid. Different Eyepencils are also used to make the
look totally stunning.

Products on both pages:

Microshadow Silk
Microshadow Holiday
Microshadow Scale
Microshadow Moss
Microshadow After Beach
Lipstick Citrus
Lipgloss Pot Pax
Gloss Lips Pink
Gloss Lips Puma
Blush Oh So Fresh
Nailpolish Emilia
Nailpolish Jazmine Creating a doll mouth like this, with
Nailpolish Vera a shiney and rather neutral product,
Nailpolish Marlene will make your lips look fuller.

M  |  7
Some products have their own fra-
grance that take your senses for a
walk in the spring sun. Juicy orange,
Tutti Fruity and Sweet Peach are only
a few of the delicious fragrances you
will beable to kiss away.”

M  |  8
Microshadow Silk
Microshadow Holiday
Microshadow Scale
Microshadow Moss
Microshadow After Beach
Lipstick Citrus
Lipgloss Pot Pax
Gloss Lips Pink
Gloss Lips Puma This classic makeup is characterized
Blush Oh So Fresh by its soft colors. Apply a lighter and
Nailpolish Emilia shimmery eyeshadow in the inner
Nailpolish Jazmine corner of the eye. It opens the eye
Nailpolish Vera and makes it look larger. This trick is
Nailpolish Marlene especially good for narrow eyes.

M  |  9
The fruidelicious woman stands out.
She’s got attitude and is filled with
energy. Her playfulness shows in
the makeup. Nothing stops her from
taking control.

Products on both pages:

Microshadow Silk
Microshadow Holiday
Microshadow Scale
Microshadow Moss
Microshadow After Beach
Lipstick Citrus
Lipgloss Pot Pax
Gloss Lips Pink
Gloss Lips Puma
Blush Oh So Fresh
In addition to the pink eyeshadow, accentuate Nailpolish Emilia
your lashes with a black color. This will create a Nailpolish Jazmine
nice contrast between the hard black and the Nailpolish Vera
soft pastel color. Nailpolish Marlene

M  |  10
This spring, Make Up Store will
launch a fruity and fresh fragrance.
Tropical fruits harmonize with the
nectar from the white Tahitian
flower. The perfume opens on
accords of Cedarwood and White
musk. It gently turns over to Jasmine
and finishes with basenotes as
Red Currant and Freesia. This fruity
light aroma will stay on your skin
for hours, leaving you with a fresh
seductive scent...

Cold and warm tones were mixed to produce

this creative makeup. Brown, red, pink and
purple. This is a simple trick to make your makeup
look more festive. For a harmonious look, only
use cold or warm colors.

M  |  11
Bronzed is the golden trend of this spring and summer. This sparkling makeup
is filled with exclusive products that leave your skin with an irresistible glowing
shimmer. “The bronzed woman is powerful and conspicuous with a divine
charisma. Rays of sunlight reflect on her body as she walks along the beach
of the Mediterranean sea.”

The facial makeup shines sensually in the colors of bronze, copper, gold
and a shade of green on the eyelid. Eyepencil Black is used under the eye
and softened with gold, copper and bronze. Extend the line under the eye
towards the cheekbone to make the eye look bigger. Pale pink, orange,
apricot and beige are the main colors for the lips.

Lipstick Glimmer
Gloss Lips Posh
Cybershadow Prestige
Luminous Bronzer
PHOTOGRAPHER: Thananon Thanakornkarn Microshadow Rusty
STYLIST: Sirivong Sukasemsin Microshadow Pascal
MAKEUP: Surapree Achirakul Microshadow Passion For Fashion
HAIR: O’lek by Thoontham Chancholsamut Microshadow Viva
FASHION ASSISTANT: Nathaphol Nimnuan Microshadow A Girls Best Friend
MODELS: Vanessa N / Chic Models, Zsanett / Blink Models Microshadow Money Talks

M  |  12
Dab some Lipstick Glimmer to
create large seductive eyes.

Luminous Bronzer
One new product we really want
to highlight is the Luminous Bronzer.
Where the brush and the makeup
base is combined in a two-in-one
package. With just one click on the
end of the handle, a small amount of
the creamy product fills the brush and
makes it ready for use on the face
and body. It leaves your skin with a
lustrous tanned look.

M  |  13
The sun is a 4,6 billion-year-old star. Without the sun, life would not survive on
earth. The sun’s surface temperature lingers around 6000 degrees Celsius and the
core has an extreme temperature of 14 million degrees Celsius. The sun is thought
to live for another 5 billion years, when it will swell to a red giant; only to shrink
to a white dwarf (collapsing to the size of a planet).
Copper is an element with Cuprum as its Latin name. Cuprum means the metal
from Cyprus, referring to the large deposits of the metal found on the island.
Copper has a reddish tone and a clear luster. It is also good conductor of heat.
After silver, copper is the best electrical conductor and is easily recycled.

Lipstick Glimmer
Gloss Lips Posh
Cybershadow Prestige
Luminous Bronzer
Microshadow Rusty
Microshadow Pascal
Microshadow Passion For Fashion
Microshadow Viva
Microshadow A Girls Best Friend
Microshadow Money Talks
Nailpolish Emilia
Nailpolish Stig

M  |  14
Satin fabric is composed of woven silk, radon
or cotton. Its shiny surface is created when cold
fabric is pressed against hot irons. Satin has been
used in undergarments since the 1810s; mainly
in corsets. In today’s society, the material is often
used in bed linen and curtains.

Apply the golden Eyedust on the cheekbone in

combination with your sunpowder. When the
colors blend together without any visible transition,
the sun tan and shimmery result will look natural.

M  |  15
Products on both pages:
Lipstick Glimmer
Gloss Lips Posh
Cybershadow Prestige
Luminous Bronzer
Microshadow Rusty
Microshadow Pascal
Microshadow Passion For Fashion
Microshadow Viva
Microshadow A Girls Best Friend
Microshadow Money Talks

The main ingredient of chocolate is the

cacao bean, which comes from the fruit
Theobroma Cacao, the cacao tree. Other
ingredients include cacao mass, cacao
butter and sugar. Chocolate is often
If you want beautifully painted and
accentuated lips for a smokey look,
found in confectionary, pastries and
choose warm colors that resemble different types of drinks. The constituent
each other. This way, you avoid creating can also be used in cooking. Because of
a heavy look that consists of dark lips, its bitter taste, dark chocolate is more
dark eyes and strong rouge. popular with older generations.

M  |  16
Apply some Glitter eyeliner on the lower
eyelid for a luscious evening makeup.

M  |  17
Rust is composed of different types of iron
oxides that are brittle and rich in water. The
rusty colors carry both red and brown nuances.
Corrosion starts with a light red brown rust that
is easily scraped off. A harder and darker brown
rust is produced in the absence of scraping,
compromising the durability of the object.

Lipstick Glimmer
Gloss Lips Posh
Cybershadow Prestige
Luminous Bronzer
Microshadow Rusty
Microshadow Pascal
Microshadow Passion For Fashion
Microshadow Viva
Mix your foundation with High Tech Microshadow A Girls Best Friend
Lighter Asteroid for a lustrous result. Microshadow Money Talks

M  |  18
If your eyebrows have the same or slightly lighter
shade than your hair, focus will be placed on the
sumptuous smokey makeup colors.

The shimmer of the inner lining of oyster

shells can be attributed to the nacre content
(also known as mother-of-pearl). The lining is
composed of thin coats of calcium carbonate
crystals. Its shimmery quality makes nacre
highly valued as decorative details in jewelry.
Larger pearl oysters are found in Australia or

M  |  19
– profile CEO –
Mika´s three favorites:
Quick Fix
It is a silicon formula that instantly
removes all fine lines and wrinkles. It
hydrates, smoothes and treats while
giving you a radiant looking skin.
The Eye Creme
The eye creme hydrates and protects
the delicate skin around the eyes,
while softening the look of fine lines.
Anti Fire
Anti Fire moisturizes and cools after
shaving or for an irritated skin, it
nurtures and sooths the skin. This
product is perfect for both men and

e supp
ho hav , stylists
to O ´Sira w p h e rs
ial than
ks togra
A spec of p h o
e team d.
ided th Thailan
and gu a rt is ts in
and m

M  |  20
– profile CEO –

Mika Liias
TEXT BY: Greta Sjöbom PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Nakharin Phophan

Mika is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who the entire Make Up Store business, from an summer campaign is named Bronzed and will
started the Swedish cosmetic label, Make Up idea to the finished product. To care for our make you compete with the sun in brilliance.
Store, in 1996. He was recently voted by the environment, our heritage and to spread our To constantly work with a cutting edge
Finance journal, Market, as the eighth most knowledge is important.” approach and meet the wishes of our clients,
powerful person in the Swedish retail industry. “So quality and knowledge are guiding stars we have also developed group courses.
Despite an unstable world economy, Make Up in my company. This can be noticed in many
Store continues to break new ground. The Nobody is born with the knowledge of how to
ways. Many people, for example, believe that
latest store opening took place in Dubai and apply make up. It is a knowledge and sense that
the typical Make Up Store client is a woman
Make Up Store will soon be represented in The grow through practise. At Make Up Store, you can
in her 30s, but that is not the entire truth. With
United Arab Emirates. Next in line are Costa attend cosmetic courses on your own or together
regards to how the company was built, we
Rica and Poland. with your friends. One of our professional makeup
have the opportunity to work meticulously
artists will go through skincare and explain how to
towards our consumers. We do not target a
Despite sombre times, people still try to find apply day and evening makeup. After the group
specific group or stereotype. The purpose
ways to make themselves feel better. This can course you get to choose products for the same
of our marketing is to inspire and teach.
be seen in today’s sales figures but also when amount as the course fee.
Something that we have been very successful
looking at consumption habits in the past”,
in doing. We’ve already been awarded for this Afterwards, you will create an optional makeup
says Mika.
aspect of the company. look in consultation with the makeup artist. After
“In World War II, many items were rationed. the course, you can select products from our
A marketing research was conducted by
But in the US, lipstick was seen as a necessary store for the same value as you had payed for the
Sweden’s largest magazine within advertizing,
and important product, because it helped course.
Resumé, and a company called Brilliant
boost morale in women working for the war Brands. The research showed that Make Up In addition to the group course, Mondays in the
effort. This may seem like a strange example, Store was the hottest label in the younger spring and summer are dedicated to inspiring
but lipstick was important to these women. The consumer group, because we share our our customers and their use of makeup. We
product made them feel pretty, which made knowledge on makeup and understand their call these evenings Inspiration Evenings.
life seem a bit easier. We see the same pattern needs in the stores. Participation is free and you can enjoy a 20%
today. Women splurge in beauty products discount on all purchases. Perfect if you want
and makeup despite the recession. I would Mika emphasizes that Make Up Store is a
to learn about unique cosmetic methods and
also like to point out that Make Up Store has brand for all ages, right now we have come
to try something new. For more information,
no standpoint regarding nuclear issues. We up with a fantastic new product for aging
visit our website,
are politically, religiously and socioculturally skin. Quick Fix is a silicon emulsion primer that
instantly removes all signs of aging. It works As a member of our club, you can also
neutral. This is a given if you wish to succeed”,
as a pre-makeup face primer that hydrates, participate in exclusive online competitions
Mika explains, “Of course we take a standpoint
smoothes and treats the skin while enhancing and send personal questions to a makeup
regarding certain issues. Animal testing is an
the look and wear of makeup. It contains an artist. “Everyday, we work to become better”,
example of an issue that touches me deeply.”
exclusive peptide complex that is clinically says Mika, “Our homepage is constantly
“As a child, I used to work with animals. I receive proven to improve the appearance of fine evaluated and developed. Many of our
daily requests from customers regarding lines and wrinkles. The Quick Fix formula is customers want to purchase our products
animal testing. Already, in the fourth issue of enriched with a light-diffusing action to help online, but we haven’t developed that
M Magazine in 2006, we wrote a piece on create ultra soft, smooth and radiant looking service yet. When we sell our products, we
this topic. The article can still be read on our skin. Clove, sandalwood and sage complex also provide knowledge on how to use them
website, The core of the with antioxidant and calming properties. most effectively, through personal service. At
article and our establishment is that Make Up this moment, this type of service cannot be
Besides launching new and unique products we
Store’s final products are not tested on animals. offered through the internet.”
present new and exciting campaigns. This spring
Instead, we use natural products and raw
we can see, strong influences from the 80s with On the other hand, Make Up Store has
material in our range that are environment-
a twist. Some of our new lip-glosses have been created a webshop for its little sister, KAOS.
and consumer-friendly”, Mika continues,
enriched with tasty flavors and the nail polishes KAOS is a modern urban concept that offers
“In addition to other ingredients, our lipsticks
have a fruity smell. Orange is the number one everything for the fashion savvy. That is why
contain avocado oil and vitamin E instead of
color on this springs palette. All warm tones KAOS sells elaborately crafted handbags
chemical ingredients.”
of orange/red with or without shimmer. Big is and shoes. Only a few exclusive pieces of
“Our customers are well-informed and aware. also all other fruity fun tones. Make Up Stores each product are manufactured and sold,
They know what they want. In turn, we share fruity campaign has fittingly been named making the KAOS concept unique. If you
our knowledge”, says Mika. “Knowledge, Fruideliscious and closer to the summer we shift want to be the first with the latest, you
information and awareness permeates focus towards metallic gold and bronze, this cannot miss

M  |  21
M M  |  22
|  22
Microshadow Smog, Ghetto, Vanilla
Glosslips Orma, Pink
Blush Lush
Long Lash Black


MAKEUP: Nora Kirkpatrick
HAIR: Daniel Huynh

Use matt eyeshadows for a natural result.

The accentuated crease line brings depth
and makes your eye look larger. Make Up
Store’s product range includes a superb brush
for creating a soft crease line, Globe Blending
Brush #116. Use this pony hair brush to create a
beautiful crease line. Keep your eye open and
look in front of you in the mirror. Place the brush
at the end of the lash line. Continue towards
the nose in soft circular motions to create a
crescent shape above your eyelid. Depending
on your choice of color, you can create a softer
or more intense look. Wash with water and any
of Make Up Store’s Makeup Removers after
every use to let it dry on a towel over night.
Disinfect and wash the brush with Make Up
Store’s Brush Cleanser.

M  |  23
Crystal Lips Virgin is a completely nude
and long lasting lipgloss. Apply it over
a colored gloss to bring freshness and
luster to your lips. The spring collection,
Fruidelicious, includes Glosslips Puma
with its apricot golden tone and a
wonderful taste of orange.

M  |  24
Microshadow Muffin, Money Talks, Rusty, Pascal
Glosslips Puma
Blush Fresh
Tri Brow
Nailpolish Vera

M  |  25
Fill your brows with the product, Tri Brow. It consists of
three different shades of grey. Dip Anglebrush #110
once in each of the three colors. Then, tap excess color
from the brush before using it to fill your eyebrows. If your
brows still look too dark, tone them down with a clean Crystal Lips Virgin
makeup sponge. Glosslips Pink

M  |  26
First, sweep Microshadow Champagne across the entire
eyelid. Afterwards, apply Microshadow Sunrise from the
lash-line and outwards, blending it with Champagne.
Microshadow Sunrise, Pascal, Champagne Then, apply the eyepencil along the upper and lower
Eyepencil Sparkling Smaragd lash-line. Soften the color with Anglebrush #110. Apply the
Drama Mascara Black eyeshadow Pascal over the softened eyepencil color with
Potgloss Pax Globe Blending Brush #116. Also sweep the eyeshadow
Blush Lush Pascal with the same brush over the crease line.

M  |  27
Eyedust Cocktail
Eyepencil Vanilla, Green Card
Glosslips Pink

Apply Eyepencil Green Card in the lash roots and extend

the color to the eyelid with Anglebrush #110. Then apply
Cybershadow Lime on the entire eyelid and below the
eye with Blending Brush #108. This brush is composed of
goat hair and used to mix Microshadows, Eyedust and
Cybershadows on the eyelid. The size of the brush makes
it perfect for the application of color the upper eyelid
and larger regions.

M  |  28
Make Up Store’s eyeshadows are perfect as rouges.
The rouges, in turn, can be used as eyeshadows. In this
makeup, Eyeshadows Rusty, Viva and the rouge Oh So
Fresh were blended together on the eyelid with the brush
#108. Start with the darkest eyeshadow Viva in the outer
Microshadow Viva, Rusty corner of the eye and continue inwards. Then, switch
Blush Oh so fresh to the lighter eyeshadow Rusty. Apply the rouge in the
Lipgloss Puma middle of the eyelid. For a harmonious makeup, use the
Nailpolish Emilia same rouge on the apple of the cheeks.

M  |  29
Riku’s three favorites:
Liquid Sport Foundations
All Lipsticks
All Make Up Store Brushes

M  |  30
– profile makeup artist usa –

Riku Campo
TEXT BY: Peter Hammar PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Nadia Pandolfo

Makeup artist Riku Campo works and resides It is much harder now than 20 years ago when Keep it simple. Make sure that all colors are
in West Hollywood California, USA. His clients I started. Back then, there weren’t as many from the same color family; cool tone or
include celebrities like Lauren Hutton, Cindy artists. You have to set up goals: do you want warm tone. Don’t wear bronzers and metallic
Crawford, Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp, Felicity to work in the fashion, TV , film or theatre? makeup in the winter daytime makeup. Don’t
Hoffman and Anne Hathaway. When he does Or maybe at the department store as a select the palest pastel pink lipstick if you’re
not work for campaigns such as that of Guess, demonstration artist? already very fair-skinned, especially in the
Apple, Kris Van Asche, Mila Schon and BCBG, winter... You will look like a ghost.
You must comprehend skincare as much as
he is fully occupied with magazines like
makeup. They go hand in hand. Always be Remember to exfoliate your lips in the winter
Vogue, Elle and Harperís Bazaar. Meet Riku
curious and learn more. Start assisting big to wash off all the dead cells from the surface
Campo, the makeup artist to the real stars in
artists so you take a step into the real business of your lips. Do not over-tweeze your brows.
the Hollywood hills.
and establish connections. Always be on time.
NEVER late. Make sure your brushes and kit Hopefully, this book is the first of many more
I work with celebrities here in Los Angeles and most to come. I love working with these amazing
of them are very low key very normal, wearing a are super clean. Be polite to everyone. In the
end, 50% depends on your talent and 50% on your talented people in LA and NYC. They give me
pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and flip-flops. In New inspiration to continue for another 30 years!
York it is more serious But to name someone – personality. No primadonna attitude Makeup
one of the most fashionable ones – I would say artists work behind the camera crew and just As for my own personal favorite styles, I love
Shannen Doherty who has the most amazing shoe apply lipstick. We don’t change the world. the most natural looks and all the retro looks.
collection in the entire world! She always shows up Right now, I am penning my first beauty/ Art deco of the 1930s is my favourite. The
with the most amazing boots or handbag. makeup book for the US market. I got a dream whole 70s thing is cool too. I love the lipstick
job and a dream publisher, Simon & Schuster - color choices from that era and the hairstyles
It is hard to describe myself, but I love astrology were amazing!
and I am a Sagittarius, rising Aries and moon in one of the biggest in the business. I am super
Aries. So triple fire Full of fire! Meaning that I live happy and very, very excited. The book will be I always loved Grace Kelly. Her elegance
my life with passion. If you do it, do it well, or published in spring of 2010 in New York. and chic beauty, in real life, she was quite a
don’t do it at all. As a little hint, I can tell you right now that the wild woman. Then all the silent movie stars,
trend will become more and more natural especially Pola Negri and Gloria Swanson.
I’ve been interested in fashion and beauty
with organic ingredients in both skincare and Carole Lombart was a classy star from the 30s
since the day I was born. Honestly. I played
makeup. Foundations will resemble skincare and 40s. I love Barbara Stanwyck and Joan
with my sister’s Barbie dolls and cut their hair
products. Tinted moisturizers with SPF 15-30 Crawford. The whole golden era of Hollywood
and did makeovers with color pencils on
and UVA and UVB protectors are becoming is my favorite (from the 20s to the 40s).
their faces. I figure skated for many years
and designed my own outfits I really wanted increasingly popular. Women really want to The Italian singer ALICE has been a big
to be a fashion designer when I was 16 years spend less time on makeup: 3-10 minutes a influence for me. Her lyrics and music have
old, but makeup won me over at the end... day and they want to look natural and feel really opened my eyes, especially in my early
beautiful. years as an artist.
I started my career at a makeup school in
Helsinki in 1988 called FACE ART. It was the only As a tip for stressful fashion shows and photo I also love art; Cubism being my favorite. And
school at that time and the education was all shoots, make sure you know what you are Finnish artist Helene Schjerbeck’s artwork is
about that heavy 80’s makeup look. Already doing. Concentrate on one thing at one simply beautiful. I love modern Scandinavian
back then, I believed in more natural makeup. time only. Never lose your patience. The most design. I miss that here in Los Angeles.
I realized very soon that there are no fashion professional artists are always calm and can
magazines in Finland. The whole industry is so deal with anything without losing their minds I also love Lauren Hutton’s very bohemian chic
small and it had nothing to offer to me. I had or getting confused. style. No makeup and she still looks fierce for
to take a risk and move. So, I did. My career a 65 year-old! Katie Holmes always looks chic
If you only have 10 minutes, make sure you nowadays. And I love Mary Kate Olson. Charlize
really took off when I got signed to Celestine
get the best results in those minutes. A sure Theron is a glam babe from head to toe.
Agency in Hollywood.
success is concealer, tinted moisturizer,
My advice for those who want to work in this powder the T-zone and the lips, curl the This profession is what I love to do still holds true
industry is to make sure that you want to be in lashes, black mascara, blush, lipgloss or after 20 years. Keep moving and dreaming.
this business. lipstick and: GO! Without dreams, life would not be worth living.

M  |  31
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jimmy Hansen / Fotografagenturen
Birgitta Martin
ASSISTENT: Henrik Zachrisson
STYLIST: Andrea Juhlin
HAIR & MAKEUP: Helene Borg / Agentur Bauer
MODELS: Andrea L, Johan S / Mika´s
STUDIO: Mjuklyx

M  |  32
Sport Foundation is a foundation for the practical one. The
light formula suits both men and women who prefer a thin
base. The product is comprized of a foundation and the best
Body Velvet tool for a perfect base. A gentle touch fills the synthetic brush
Sportfoundation Frappeccino and the product is ready for application. Sport Foundation is
Microshadow Sunrise completely oil-free. Its formula is velvet smooth, moisturizing
Sensitive Mascara Brown and mattifying. The skin gets an even tone without looking
Wonderblush Sphinx dry and unnatural. Use the Fingersponge to even out the
Lipstick Bare base around the nose and eyes. Fixate your base with loose
Nailpolish Åsa powder or any of our mineral powders.

M  |  33
When creating smokey makeup and
applying Eyepencil Black in the inner
rim of the eye, also use the pencil
on the upper lid. Afterwards, apply
Microshadow with Angle Brush #110
to fixate the eyeshadow and pencil.

To be or not to be... tanned. That is the question in today’s society.

Golden skin hasn’t always been popular. In the old days, fair skin
was seen as a sign of elegance and wealth, because it suggested
that you did not have to remain outside and work. The more
tanned you were, the less money you had. To reinforce the pallidity,
parasols and different types of bleaching products were used.
The turn came in the 1920s. When the French fashion designer,
Coco Chanel, showed up tanned on the French Riviera, the trend
was a fact. The suntan now gave an illusion of great wealth and
lots of leisure time to spend your money.
The 1980s is also known for its passion for the sun. The suntan
was pushed to its limits; preferably, without a sun block for the Body Velvet
Sportfoundation Frappeccino
best effect. Extremely sun tanned faces were considered modern.
Euedust Carat
The thinning of the ozone layer, however, intensified sun radiation. Microshadow Dramatic, Flamenco,
Since then, research reports have warned the public of the negative Pollution
effects of tanning, lowering its popularity. Fear of cancer and Eyepencil Black
premature ageing has made the sun block a highly prioritized Drama Mascara Black
product that you need to apply before visiting the beach. Lipstick Pyramid

M  |  34
Body Velvet
High Tech Lighter phenomenon
Sportfoundation Frappeccino To give the base a fine shimmer and
Eyedust Devil Dust, Golden Mane to accentuate the cheekbones, mix
Eyepencil Black Sport Foundation Frappeccino and
Drama Mascara Black Hightech Lighter Phenomenon.

M  |  35
Massage the entire body with Body Butter. The product comes
in the scents Exotic and Strawberry. Then spray Body Velvet over
your entire body and massage. Body Velvet also contains the
softening macadamian nut oil.

Body Velvet
Sport Foundation Frappeccino
Eyedust Carat
Eyepencil Black
Drama Mascara Black
Wonderblush Sphinx
Glosslips Jet Set

M  |  36
Choose a high sun-blocking factor for optimal
protection and for a fine future skin. Sun block is
currently available in many types of products; such
as lotion, oil, spray and chapstick. Avoid tanning
in the middle of the day, when sun radiation is the
harshest. Also, wear a t-shirt and hat. Some people
cannot tolerate the sun as much as others.
It depends on their skin type.

Skin Type 1
Very fair skin
Reddish hair
Freckles and liver spots
Always red, never brown

Skin Type 2
Fair skin
Often red, sometimes brown

Skin Type 3
Light brown skin
Dark hair and dark eyes
Rarely red, always brown.

Skin Type 4
Dark skin
Never red, always brown

Solariums have always been a popular

aid in maintaining a tanned look all-year
round. But this technique is more dangerous
than previously thought. Awareness of the
negative effects of sun exposure not only
shows in increased sales of sun protective
products. The market now has more beauty
products, such as makeup and lotions
that help you fake an attractive suntan.
Fashion magazines promote sun protection
and show their readers that a healthy, fair
and protected skin is just as beautiful as a
tanned one. It seems as though we have a
bright future to look forward to.

M  |  37
Make Up Store’s range includes several mineral
products, such as powder and rouge, that help
create a porcelain skin. The light formula of
Wonder Powder leaves you feeling naturally
beautiful after application. The key ingredient
of the powder is Bismuth Oxychloride, a natural
mineral that gives your skin luster. The powder
evens out your skin and gives it a fine shimmer that
magically hides redness and fine lines. Its Titanium Body Velvet
Dioxide provides light sun protection. Add the Sportfoundation Frappeccino
product with a large powder brush for a light base Wonder Powder Gobi
or a sponge for a more covering effect. Make Up Sensitive Mascara Brown
Store highly recommends the Brush M-logo, which Blush Lush
comes with a practical bag. Lipstick Posh

M  |  38
The nice luster and natural result of
the girl’s makeup was created by
mixing eyeshadows with Blend &
Fix. Blend & Fix helps you produce
creamy eyeshadows from your dry

Prime & Protect SPF 15- Medium

sunscreen lotion instantly penetrates
the skin and leaves a protecting
layer of silky smooth emulsion. The
filters and sunscreens act to protect
your skin against harmful UV rays. The
lotion is enriched with remarkable
actives such as antioxidant and
regenerating Pro-vitamin E, Jasmine
extracts and UVA-UVB filters. For a
protective base with your makeup,
apply Prime & Protect before
applying your foundation or face
powder. Prime & Protect can also be
applied on the body.

Body Velvet
Sportfoundation Frappeccino
Microshadow Flamenco
Blend & Fix
Eyedust Devil Dust
Drama Mascara Black
Wonderblush Sphinx
Lipstick Breeze

M  |  39
PHOTOGRAPHER: Marko/Kuvaamo /
MAKEUP & HAIR: Janne Suono /
CONCEPT & STYLING: Teri Niitti /
MAKEUP ASSISTANT: Milla Puolakanaho
MODELS: Irina H / Paparazzi,
Emmi / Brand, Milla / Fondi
THANKS TO: Rehab Helsinki for the sunglasses

M  |  40
Fill your lip contour with Eyepencil Sunset and the
lipstick Citrus with brush #111. Press your lips on a
thin paper. Once again, powder the lips and apply
Studio Foundation Ultra the eyepencil and lipstick. Finish with Lipstick Sealer.
Cover All Mix Lipstick Sealer is a clear liquid that prevents your lipstick
Dual Foundation Helsinki from running into the fine lines around the natural lip
Lipstick Citrus line. After coloring your lips with a pencil and lipstick,
Eyepencil Sunset rim the lip contours with Lipstick Sealer.

M  |  41
Studio Foundation Ultra
Cover All Mix
Dual Foundation Helsinki
Lipstick Dawn
Eyepencil Black
Nailpolish Emilia

The nails on the picture were painted

with Nailpolish Emilia, a durable polish
with a pleasant scent of orange.
Remember to prime with a base coat
before applying the colored polish.

M  |  42
For this makeup, pigment from an
eyeshadow and a rouge was sprinkled
across and underneath the eye. Cake
Eyeliner Black was used to draw the black
spots on the eyelid. The orange fields were
created with an eyeshadow fixated with
Blend & Mix. When applying day makeup,
displaced eyeshadow like this is unfavored.
There is a simple trick to easily remove
eyeshadow that has fallen underneath
with eye. Apply a huge amount of loose
powder under the eye and the cheek
Blush Oh So Fresh before applying eye makeup. Sweep the
Microshadow Pollution loose powder off the cheek to remove
Cake Eyeliner Black any eyeshadow that has fallen onto the
Blend & Fix powder, without leaving any stains.

M  |  43
When creating smoky makeup and using
Eyepencil Black in the inner rim of the eye, also
apply the pencil on the upper lid. Thereafter, apply
Microshadow Pollution with Angle Brush #110 to
fixate the shade and pencil.

M  |  44
Blush Oh So Fresh
Microshadow Pollution
Eyepencil Black
Blend & Fix

M  |  45
Pigment was scraped off from an eyeshadow
and a rouge and sprinkled across the lips.
To create the black mouth, first apply the beige
color from Cover all Mix over the lip contours Studio Foundation Ultra
and lips. Fill the lip contour with Eyepencil Black and Cover All Mix
the lipstick Dawn with brush #111. Press your Dual Foundation Helsinki
lips on a thin paper. Once again, powder the Lipstick Dawn
lips and apply the eye pencil and lipstick. Finish Eyepencil Black
with Crystal Lips Virgin. Blush Oh So fresh

M  |  46
Drama Mascara Black First apply the beige color from Cover
Microshadow Sepia All Mix over the lip contours and lips.
Blush Oh So Fresh Afterwards, powder with Dual Foundation
Nailpoish Mika Helsinki. Fill the contours with Eyepencil
Eyepencil Black Black and the lipstick Dawn with brush
Crystal Lips Virgin #111. Press your lips on a thin paper.
Lipstick Dawn Once again, powder the lips and apply
Cover All Mix the eyepencil and lipstick. Finish with
Dual Foundation Helsinki Crystal Lips Virgin.

M  |  47
For really pale lips, first cover them with Studio
Foundation Ultra and powder with Dual
Foundation Helsinki. Afterwards, apply the lipstick
Glimmer. Glimmer contains some shimmer to give
your lips a fresh look despite the pale lip makeup.

Studio Foundation Ultra

Dual Foundation Helsinki
Blush Lush
Lipstick Glimmer

M  |  48
We create Shapes
Your body is your temple, and it needs
to be tended to in the best manner pos-
sible. It is the finest and most valuable in-
strument ever created, but it also has to
harmonize with the inner you. We believe
in exercise that shapes and strengthens
both body and soul.

Amman I Brussels I Budapest I Bucharest I Paris I Prague I Stockholm I Sofia I Warsaw I Zagreb
Matt Foundation Milk
Dual Foundation Helsinki
Cover All Mix
Sensitive Mascara Blue, Turquise
Stay in Shape
Tri Brow
Eyeprimer Clear
Eyepencil Deep Blue Sea, Sparkling Beach
Eyedust 24 Carat, Sunset
Cybershadow Ra
Microshadow Champange, Lemon, Eclipse
Lipstick Culture

M  |  50
For the most effective but
temporary way of bleaching
your eyebrow, cover them with
foundation and concealer. For
this look, Matte Foundation
Milk and the beige color from
Cover All Mix were applied.
Powder crooked brows with
Dual Foundation Helsinki. Finish
the look by carefully combing
your brows with a brow brush.


HAIR & MAKEUP: Åsa Östergren / Synk Casting
STYLIST: Sylwia Bykiewics
MODEL: Maja / Stockholmsgruppen, Åsa S

M  |  51
For rockstar lashes, first color your
natural lashes with Sensitive Mascara
Pink. Comb your lashes with a brow
brush before they dry to remove any
lumps. Thereafter, apply Eeyelash
Singel 10mm with lash adhesive,
Adhesive Black. Keep the original
black color of the false eyelashes
to create an overall striped look.

Matt Foundation Milk

Dual Foundation Helsinki
Cover All Mix
Sensitive Mascara Pink
Stay in Shape
Tri Brow
Eyeprimer Clear
Eyepencil Vanilla
Microshadow Diana, Satin
Eyedust Moist
Cybershadow Babydoll
Blush East
Lipstick Bare
Crystal Lips Virgin

M  |  52
Matt Foundation Milk
Dual Foundation Helsinki
Cover All Mix
Sensitive Mascara Black
Stay in Shape
Tri Brow
Eyeprimer Clear
Eyepencil Vanilla
Eyedust Sassy, 24 Carat
Cybershadow Babydoll Apply Eyepencil Vanilla to the corners of
Microshadow Flamenco, Vanilla, Dora, Lingerie your eye. The yellow color of the pencil will
Blush East, Mission neutralize the red insides. This trick will make
Lipstick Culture you look more alert and enlarge your eye.

M  |  53
Use a fishnet stocking and a stencil to duplicate
these reptile patterns. Remember to start with a
primer to augment the pattern and to intensify the
colors. Apply the eyeshadows and the primer
with a makeup sponge. Test our new finger
sponges that are perfect for accessing smaller

Matt Foundation Milk

Dual Foundation Helsinki
Cover All Mix
Sensitive Mascara Blue
Stay in Shape
Eyeprimer Clear
Eyepencil Vanilla
Cybershadow Babydoll
Microshadow Satin
Blush Passionate Pink
Eyedust Sassy
Lipstick Bare
Crystal Lips Virgin

M  |  54
Matt Foundation Milk
Dual Foundation Helsinki
Cover All Mix
Sensitive Mascara Black
Stay in Shape
Tri Brow For this look, even a lipstick was
Eyeprimer Clear used to create the clear red marks
Eyepencil Vanilla (the scales). You can combine
Microshadow Diana, Satin creamy and dry products in the
Blush East, Mission makeup, but complete the look by
Eyedust Sunset, 24 carat spraying a thin layer of Face Mist.
Lipstick Devil The product provides nourishment
Lipstick Bare to your skin and fixates the makeup
Crystal Lips Virgin to make it lasting and unsticky.

M  |  55
Matt Foundation Milk
Dual Foundation Helsinki
Cover All Mix
Sensitive Mascara Black
Stay in Shape
Tri Brow
Eyeprimer Clear
Eyepencil Vanilla
Microshadow Diana, Satin
Blush East, Mission
Crystal Lips Virgin

The use of a fishnet stocking or a

stencil for your eyemakeup gives it
a festive touch. First apply the lighter
eyeshadows across the entire eyelid
before you place the stencil on the
same region. Thereafter, finish the
look with the darker eyeshadow.

M  |  56
Mini Frog
Size 16/17 - 20/21

Available in:


Vincent Shoe Store was founded in 1999 and the concept has been established in several countries. We have a good reputation of selling fun, inspiring and
functional shoes for children. Our shoes are fashionably designed and manufactured with high quality materials and constructions.
Our ambition is to widely expand over the next few years. We are looking for franchisees who want to spread our concept over the world together with us. Our vision
is that every Vincent Shoe Store shall provide a personal, professional and welcoming shopping experience.
If you love children and shoes as much as you like to sell, this might be the opportunity for you!
For more information, please visit our website or contact

M  |  57
Andys’s three favorites:
Ice Eye Cream – I just love the soft texture.
It moisturizes the sensitive areas around the
eyes and helps reduce puffiness of eye bags.
Blend & Fix – I can mix the transparent gel with
any powder, eye dust or blush to transform
them into a creamy texture for different types
Skin Serum – the silky, light serum helps
smoothen fine lines. Use it underneath your
foundation and your skin will look beautiful.

M  |  58
– profile makeup artist singapore –

Andy Lee

Andy Lee, a veteran makeup artist in shares the step-by-step techniques in creating meeting, she was so friendly and instantly put
Singapore, has come a long way since the day a celebrity look. Andy also cleverly put together me at ease. We ended up talking like old friends
he enroled in a beauty school. a talkshow featuring on-screen performing about a hobby of mine, Barbie doll fashion.
artists (who happen to be his close friends) that The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t
“Since a young age, I have loved beautiful share beauty problems and solutions; as well assume that stars are fastidious, difficult and
things and people. The opportunity to pursue as cosmetic shopping trips, where he provides demanding. Great stars are always so humble
my interests came when I enroled in a beauty advice on selecting suitable cosmetics for according to my experience.”
school. After winning a makeup contest in each guesting individual in the DVD. When
Hong Kong, I knew this was it -doing it my way launched, this ideal makeup beauty bible was A typical day at work is never the same.
to become not just a regular makeup artist but an instant hit. “My work hours are irregular, depending on
the best in the field,” Andy proudly declares. the project I’m involved in. If I’m doing a
“I was really thrilled when I was awarded the magazine photo shoot, it’ll take at least four
He was voted the “Best Make Up Artist” by Best Makeup Artist by Her World magazine in hours to a whole day. They can start very early
the local publication, Her World, in 2002. 2002. It motivated me to work even harder; in the morning before sunrise or I may have
Subsequently, he was invited to sit in the judging and in 2005, I took my first venture as a writer to work until the wee hours in the morning”,
panel of national competitions like “Matatila of ‘STARLICIOUS - Looking gorgeous with Andy Andy comments. Despite the hectic schedule,
Beauty/Hair (Jakarta/Indonesia) 2003” and Lee’. The book was successfully launched in Andy always looks radiant and cheerful.
“Her World Beauty Awards 2006” Singapore. It sold more than 5000 copies in less His formula: feel good to look good! “Beauty
Filled with enthusiasm, his talent for makeup than a month after the launch. I’m currently to me is not just external... It also includes the
started at a young age. “I was really good at working on my second book,” Andy shares inside like one’s personality and compassion.”
drawing in my childhood. As a child, I could excitedly. Andy continues to explore his creativity with
stay at home the whole day just to paint. When asked what he enjoys the most in his the help of Barbie dolls, to produce his very
During school days, I even got up in the middle profession, Andy says, “Makeup is fun because own expressive creations. His interest in Barbie
of the night to sketch ideas from my dreams, I enjoy being creative when making people dolls intensified after his first visit to the Barbie
just because I was afraid I’d forget them once I look good! I believe everybody deserves Convention in 2000. The visit helped him see,
woke up in the morning,” quips Andy. to look beautiful when given a chance to understand and become more creative with
To date, Andy has been a beauty consultant and transform under my hands.” the many faces and personalities of Barbie. In
advisor for international beauty brands including dedication to the spirit of being one of a kind,
He continues, “I get to create the look that I Andy seldomly repeats a creation on a similar
Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder and other international love and enjoy the happiness and satisfaction
brands. Recently, he became a member of the Barbie. Andy’s life motto is to be an ‘allow-
when someone appreciates my creativity”. holic’; to go with the flow. “There are so many
Talent Advisory Panel for Beauty & Wellness with
Singapore People’s Association. The other perk from his job is the opportunity to opportunities in life to be creative, kind, happy
work with other talented people. “I’ve worked and healthy. If you limit your experiences,
Andy is certainly more than just your average you have no one to blame but yourself.” His
with numerous celebrities in Singapore, Hong
makeup artist. His dedication to beauty has advice to aspiring makeup artists: “Be willing
Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan and the US. It
evolved into writing his very own makeup to work hard; be flexible, including your
has always been an honor to work with them,
and beauty DVD book, co-hosting various TV mindset, attitude and time restrictions; remain
whether they are yesterday’s stars or up and
beauty infotainment programmes and even up-to-date with the latest beauty and fashion
newcoming. They include Zoe Tay, Fann Wong,
personalizing Barbie dolls with his glamorous trends; always challenge yourself to do better
Jacelyn Tay, Sharon Au, Kym Ng, Kit Chan,
makeup as a hobby! and to take criticism constructively; and most
Tanya Chua and Mavis Hee from Singapore;
In addition to his cosmetic expertise and Carina Lau, Karen Mok, Christy Cheung, Simon importantly, try to assimilate and understand
editorial experience from his own column in the Yam, Jacky Chung, Tony Leong, Alex Tu and your clients’ requirements.”
local publication, Sister’s Pictorial, for 5 years, Francis Yip from Hong Kong; Aniki, Slyvia
Having worked with Make Up Store products
Andy penned his first makeup and beauty DVD Chang and Angela Zhang from Taiwan; Zhang
for more than two years, Andy comments,
book, StarLicious, in 2005. Ziyi and Gong Li from China, as well as Anna
“Make Up Store’s concept is a good one as
Sui from USA.”
StarLicious is comprized of a book and a DVD it has a great variety in the range of beauty
to provide a comprehensive makeup and “Before working with the famous international products, not just for the average person but
beauty solution to anyone who wants to look as fashion designer, Anna Sui, I was very nervous also for professionals.”
gorgeous as the celebrities. In the book, Andy because she is a big star. However, at our first

M  |  59
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ann-Katrin Blomqvist / Choice Stockholm
HAIR: Hanna-Cecilia / Link
MODELS: Alexandra A, Benjamin W, Elin L / Stockholmsgruppen

M  |  60

Matt Foundation Milk

Loose Powder Pale
Cover All mix
Blush Chic
Lipgloss Zap A beautiful, different and cheeky eyemakeup
Cybershadow Babydoll can be created if you add the eyeshadow
Long Lash Mascara Black under the eye and keep the upper eyelid
Eyedust Mercury bare with only mascara. It looks amazing with
Cybershadow Silver a dark smokey color or with an intense cool
Hightech Lighter Platina color like this one.

M  |  61
Makeup tip: for really nice lustrous Hightech Lighter Platina
skin, add some Skin Serum and Bronz- Cover All Mix
ing Powder to your foundation. The Matt Foundation Milk
mixture will make your skin silky smooth Matt Foundation Toast
and lustrous. For beautiful nude lips, Studio Foundation Espresso
apply foundation over your lips and Studio Foundation Sandy
finish with a semi-transparent lipgloss. Skin serum
Compact Powder Pale
Blush Fresh, Baileys
Cybershadow Silver
Hightech Lighter Platina
Glosslips Aura
Eyepencil Black

M  |  62
Alltime Makeup tip: for the perfect finish
Cover All Mix and a subtle wet look, use Shine
Matt Foundation Milk from Make Up Store’s hair range.
Matt Foundation Toast
Loose Powder Pale
Skin Serum
Blush Baileys
Hightech Lighter Platina
Long Lash Mascara Black
Eyedust Mercury
Microshadow Velvet
Lipgloss Sunglow

M  |  63
Makeup tip: for really beautiful porcelain skin, prime with Cover
All Mix to hide skin defects; such as the red and blue tones
under the eye. Apply an even and well-covering foundation in
Milk with sponge and finish with Loose Powder Milk. Accentuate
the bone structure with Tribrow Color.

M  |  64
Matt Foundation Milk
Matt Foundation Toast
Loose Powder Pale
Blush Baileys
Blush Nut
Blush Fresh
Eyedust Mercury
Mixing Liquid
Eyepencil Vanilla
Eyelash Long Peak
Long Lash Mascara Black
Glosslips Aura
Lipgloss Sunglow
Crystal Lips Virgin

M  |  65
Matt Foundation Toast
Loose Powder Pale
Makeup tip: men can use a liquid Cover All Mix
concealer under the eye to cover Skin Serum
any irregularities. The product Blush Baileys
blends in with the overall look. For Blush Nut
an attractive finish, apply a thin Eyepencil Black
layer of Liquid Foundation in a Long Lash Mascara Black
color one shade darker than your Eyedust Mercury
natural skintone. Rim your lash-line Tribrow Color
with brown or black eyeshadow to Glosslips Sunglow
emphasize the eye. Microshadow Velvet

M  |  66
Matt Foundation Milk
Loose Powder Pale
Skin Serum
Cover All Mix
Blush Baileys
Blush Fresh
Microshadow Bronze Makeup tip: for a minimalistic look
Microshadow Muffin and well-accentuated blue eyes,
Cybershadow Rumble apply Microshadow Bronze over the
Cybershadow Silver entire eyelid up to the brow. Also
Eyepencil Dark Chocolate apply the shade under the eye and
Long Lash Mascara Black soften the edges. Rim the lash-line
Eyepencil Black with Eyepencil Chocolate and a light
Hightech Lighter Platina layer of Sensitive Mascara Black.

M  |  67
For the perfect red, sensual and
womenly mouth, prime with a lip
balm. Bite off and apply a thin
layer of Cover All Mix on the lips.
Accentuate the entire lip with Lip
pencil Russian or Frosted Berry, or
draw a relatively wide line with a
sharpened pencil. Finish with Devil
Red or China Red in a thick layer
and some Glosslips Virgin!

Matt Foundation Milk

Loose Powder Pale
Blush Fresh
Eyepencil Vanilla
Long Lash Mascara Black
Hightech Lighter Platina
Lippencil Russian
Lipstick China Red
Gloss Lips Jet Set
Crystal Lips Virgin

M  |  68
Cover All Mix
Matt Foundation Milk
Matt Foundation Toast
Skin Serum
Loose Powder Pale
Eyepencil Black
Long Lash Black
Cybershadow Crow
Cybershadow Silver
Microshadow Satin
Glosslips Aura

For the smoky metallic effect on your

eyes, start with a darker color such
as blue. Extend the color with q-tips.
Afterwards, apply Cybershadow
Metallic or Eyedust to soften the
edges of the eye makeup and to
achieve a cool finish.

M  |  69
PHOTOGRAPHER: Iain Crawford /
MAKEUP: Charlotte Freeman
HAIR & ASSECORIES: Andrea Cassolari Hayman / L’autre Femme
RETOUCH: Franco /

M  |  70
Use Cybershadow Buzzer and Microshadow
Flamenco to create this intense color.
First prime thoroughly with Cover All Mix to
intensify and bring maximum depth to the
colors up to the brow.
Add Microshadow Muffin along the lash line for
a shimmery highlighting effect.
Use Mixing Liquid for a waterproof makeup.
Cybershadow Buzzer Dip the brush in Mixing Liquid before adding
Microshadow Flamenco, Muffin the eyeshadow for a water-resistant effect.
Cover All Mix The liquid is also suitable for Eyedusts. The base
Studio Foundation Cream was created using Studio Foundation Cream
Blush Lust and Blush Lust.

M  |  71
Once again, Studio Foundation Cream and
Blush Lust were applied to create the base.
The eyemakeup was combined with Mixing
Liquid for a waterproof effect. Microshadow
Satin was blended with Eyedust Sassy
and Latin to create this delightful shading
towards the cheekbone. Rouge was
applied to produce a beautiful transition
where the colors meet. The red feature was
created by mixing Blush East and Mixing
Liquid, using a synthetic brush. It was also
used to create the red trail over the bridge
of the nose. Fixate the East blush with Stay in
Shape, before adding the red color to the Studio Foudation Cream
brow. This method will also help intensify the Cover All Mix
red tone. Stay in Shape is a wax product Blush Lust
that shapes the brows, prevents lipstick from Microshadow Satin
smudging and intensifies eyeshadows. Eyedust Sassy, Latin
Blush East

M  |  72
The base was created using Studio
Foundation Cream. The eyelid was primed
with Cover All Mix for a longlasting effect.
For a wet and intense yellow color, mix
Blend & Mix with Eyedust Sunset and
apply the composite underneath the eye.
Longlash Mascara Black produces perfectly
separated lashes to create a good contrast
Studio Foundation Cream to the yellow color. The lashes also bring an
Cover All Mix intense look and depth to the eyes. Blush
Eyedust Sunset Matt Glory was used to create the rouge.
Longlash Mascara Black For a soft and lasting lip makeup, first add
Blush Matt Glory Pot gloss Princess and finish with a thin layer
Lipgloss Princess of Crystal Lips Virgin.
Crystal lips Virigin

M  |  73
Shadows used for this makeup are Microshadow
Lemon, Sepia, Cybershadow Ginger Leaf
and Eyedust Cocktail. Below the eye, Blush
Sugermuffin and Microshadow Muffin were
applied to create a natural glow.

M  |  74
Studio Foundation Sandy was used for this makeup.
Eyeprimer Tinted was used selected as a base for
the eyemakeup. The product makes it possible
to combine as many colors as possible, with a
longlasting effect. Eyeprimer also helps blend the
many colors used in the eyemakeup.

Use Blend & Fix to enhance the color of our shades,

or mix with Eyedust to make creamy shadows. It
can also be mixed with lipstick or concealer for a
more lightweight product.

Studio Foundation Sandy

Cover All Mix
Blush Lush
Microshadow Lemon, Sepia, Muffin, Cotton Candy
Cybershadow Ginger Leaf
Eyedust Cocktail

M  |  75
Vickys’s three favorites:
Micronised Loose Powder Cream
Eyepencil Black – profile model sweden –
Cake Eyeliner Black

M  |  76
– profile model sweden –

Vicky Andrén – The Swedish Supermodel

TEXT BY: Maria Luthelius PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Collage/Stockholmsgruppen

Vicky Andrén was born in 1982 and has our most loved ones were there on our special desires cannot be fulfilled. Models have nice
worked as a model since the age of 14. Her day.” Before their divorce, they led a blissful life and dignified personalities and do not bite
campaigns include that of Chloé, Chanel, for two years. Vicky chose to return to Sweden. unnecessarily.
Jean Paul Gaultier and Emporio Armani. “When the relationship ended with Mark, there
“The competition for the same assignment is
After several years in New York, she has now was nothing keeping me in New York any
huge! But it’s still the client who chooses at the
decided to return to Sweden. Vicky Andrén’s longer.” She enjoys life in Sweden although
end of the day, so there are no fights between
cool beauty is as appealing as a clear winter’s she misses some of her New York friends.
models,” Vicky laughs.
day in Stockholm. Her face has graced the covers Nevertheless, she still spends most of her time
of all the big fashion magazines, but how did traveling. She is booked for assignments all She can see many benefits with working as a
everything start?
 over the world and that requires a lot of travel. model. Most of all, she appreciates being able
“I love my job and would never grow tired of to see the world, establish new contacts and,
As a 14-year old, she suffered from low
meeting all the fun and creative people that last but not least, the money! The disadvantage
selfesteem. Her mother knew how to solve that
I work with.” is that she can never plan ahead. She must be
issue and signed her daughter to a modeling
flexible and ready to travel to the other side of
contest. Vicky was discovered (as it is so nicely There are a lot of beautiful Swedish models.
the world the next day. The competition for the
put) and moved to Paris and New York. She Few of them can be called top models.
assignments is huge, after all. She must stay at
became one of Sweden’s best-paid models. Personally, she believes she can attribute her
the top of the game. Perpetually smiling. When
At the age of 23, she married the American success to having the right look, at the right
she relaxes, she rarely hangs out with other
nightclub mogul, Mark Baker. Mark not only time and place. “It’s also important to capture
models. “There’s no particular reason for that.
owns Double Seven and The Lotus in New the attention of one or a few ‘big names’ in
I just hang out with people I like, regardless
York but also is famous for his charm. Friends the industry. After that, everyone wants to work
of their profession.”
How does a top model
ask how this innocent 20-year old could fall with you.” Her most prestigious assignments
view her own appearance? Vicky confesses
for a charming nightclub mogul 20 years her according to herself are all the covers for Vogue;
that she is very satisfied. It would be a shame
senior. As a young model, did she not receive especially, Italian Vogue. One of her most
otherwise. She is not one to apply makeup on
‘warnings’ about charming nightclub owners? enjoyable jobs was the campaign with Pamela
a daily basis, only when she goes out. 
“I focus
“Ha ha ha! I have never received that question Anderson in Las Vegas. The photographer was
on quality products, because they last and
before! Of course, I have been warned every David LaChapelle. “We actually had a really
don’t set on your knee caps at the end of the
now and then, but never regarding Mark. He is fun time, the whole day and evening that we
Her best makeup tip is to accentuate
a very nice person with a big heart.” They wed worked. It felt like one big masquerade party!”
your attractive features. “Work with your face
in Djurgården in Stockholm. Guests included The fashion world, however, is not one endless
and not against it!”
What will Vicky Andrén do
celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Ivana party. It is tough. To be chosen or not to be
in ten years?
Trump and Sean Penn. “Ivana was invited chosen, that is the question. Lots of beautiful
because she is a close friend. Mark knows women who compete for the same job - it “Have a family and kids and work with
Sean, while Leo is more of an acquaintance. sounds like a perfect setup for catfights. But for something I’m passionate about; like a charity
But the most important thing for us was that those of us who hunger for model catfights, our organization or the UN.”

M  |  77
Cover All Mix
Microshadow Honey Pie
Eye Dust 24 Carat
Eye Pencil Black
Bright and artificial colors like yellow Gel Eyeliner
create a striking contrast to black Max Lashes
liner and eyelashes. Remember Tri Brow Color
to apply the eyeliner before the Lipstick Baby
eyelash. Eyelash Drama

M  |  78
PHOTOGRAPHER: Philip Laurell
MAKEUP: Ricki Petrini
ASSISTANTS: Jennie Haglund / Mikaela Ivarsson / Amanda Drotz
MODELS: Nadia Forsberg / Stockholmsgruppen

M  |  79
Matt Foundation
Cover All Mix
Loose Powder
Microshadow Champagne
Microshadow Regent
Microshadow Deadly
Gel Eye Liner
Sensitive Mascara
Eye Lash Lola
Eye Lash Flash
Blush Passioinate Pink
Hightech Lighter Platina
Lipstick Aloha
Nailpolish Maria

The black Gel Eye Liner is a useful

tool that helps you create your own
decorative patterns around the eye.
Make a soft outline and fill it in once
your desirable shape is in place.

M  |  80
Cover All Mix Skip all rules and let go of your
Microshadow Colibri favorite colors. Fill in the eyebrows
Microshadow Diana with an unexpected color and keep
Microshadow Flamenco the lips bare as a contrast.
Cyber Shadow Blurr
Cyber Shadow Baby Doll
Blush Luxury
Hightech Lighter Platina

M  |  81
Cover All Mix
Microshadow Nectar
Microshadow Grape
Eye Dust Latin
The contrast of red and purple colors will give Eye Dust Hot
a powerful effect to the eye. Keep the shape Eye Pencil Secret Agent
simple and follow the outline of your eye. Eye Pencil Black

M  |  82
– how to apply –

Cover All Mix

Eye Dust 24 Carat
Microshadow Leaf
Microwshadow Deadly
Cybershadow Baby Doll Reverse the rules of a classic makeup and
Gel Eyeliner Black only apply color under the eye. Keep the
Blush Passionate Pink eyelid bare. Use the black eyeliner above
Eyelash Lola the eyelid to create an illusion of depth.

M  |  83
Combine the eyeshadow with blush
and focus on the outer part of the
eye as well as cheeks and temples.

Cover All Mix

Microwshadow Diana
Tri Brow Color
Eyelash Lady
Blush Seashell
Blush Luxury
Lipstick Something Old

M  |  84
Make Up Store is one
ne of Scandinavia’s
candinavia’s top cosmetic
osmeticc lines
linees with
th over
ver a 150
stores in 23 countries worldwide.
d M Make
k U Up SStore offers
f a wide
d range off
colors in both cosmetic and beauty products to the professional as well as
the quality conscious customer, we have something for everyone! Our vision
is to supply every customer with top quality products, unique knowledge
sharing as well as a truly fun and rewarding shopping experience. Now
you have the chance to join our franchise network and share the know-
ledge and experience of being a member of our franchise team.
Are you ambitious, motivated and love beauty? Then this is the franchise
opportunity for you! Please visit for more information.

beautiful Color me

Find your own choice of unique shoes, bags and accessories at
KAOS, Mäster Samulesgatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden, Tel: +46 8-411 20 02
M  |  86
KAOS is a modern urban concept. The elegant boutique boasts with a loungemilieu that helps
the individualistic fashionista find her favorites in this paradise. We know that only the best is
good enough for us and you. That is why you will find elaborately crafted handbags and shoes
as well as a selection of contemporary accessories in our range. The KAOS concept is unique as
only a few exclusive pieces of each accessory are manufactured and sold to our customers. Be
the first with the latest. Be a trendsetter.

To make your nailpolish long-lasting, first prime

with Base Coat. You can also apply a layer of
Top Coat above the colored lacquer. With
Make Up Store’s Nail Polish Remover pads, you
Brooch Crystal Flower  can easily removeyour nailpolish. The product
Nailpolish Camille                                               also contains nurturing oil to soften the cuticles.

M  |  87
When wearing open-toed shoes, you can go
for a French pedicure or a colored polish.
A French pedicure is easily and quickly created
by covering the entire nail with the polish Paris.
Afterwards, color underneath the nail with the
Pen Nail Whitener. You can also create a French
manicure resembling the ones you get in a
beauty salon by using a clear and a completely Brooch Metal flower & Shoe pumps green croc
white polish. Nailpolish Gabriela

M  |  88
Apart from a sparkling brooch, also attach strass
stones to your manicure. Paint a layer of Top Coat
and apply the stones with a tweezer on the nail
Brooch Metal flower & Bag my precious before the polish sets. When the polish dries, the
Nailpolish Annica strass stones are firmly adhered to the nail.

M  |  89
Choose the same color of nail polish as your
accessories for an alluring effect. Matching a pink
brooch with pink nails gives you a super luscious
look. You can also contrast with a different color on
your manicure than on your pedicure - depending
on your choice of shoes and the color of your
clutch bag.

Brooch– Butterfly
Nailpolish Tina

M  |  90
Shoe casual sandal metallic gold
Nailpolish Carmen

Our feet need moisture and care in the form of a

foot bath, in which you can add any of Make Up
Store’s massage oil or bath salts. These products
soften your feet and prevent callus formation.
Finish the foot bath with a remoisturizing Foot
Spray from Make Up Store’s Home SPA Series.
The active remoisturizing ingredient in Foot Spray
is the Aloe Vera extract. A fresh, de-swelling and
cooling effect is produced by the Menthol.
Suitable for everyone and applied daily or
according to need.

M  |  91
Dina´s three favorites:
Cover All Mix
Black Eye pencil
Make Up Wipes

M  |  92
– profile imc estonia –

Dina Tshistjakova
TEXT BY: Kaja Sirel PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Rena Jaanhold

International Make Up Center started in 1990 one of the leading makeup artists in Moscow) As a makeup artist, I try to help people see
to educate professional makeup artists. Later and Meelis Krik (IMC Tallinn’s Head Teacher makeup as a part of a lifestyle. I encourage
on in 1992, we opened up in Gothenburg and and renowned Estonian makeup artist). them to keep their individual style. So there is
then 2001 the school in Malmö was launched. hope that style will become more and more
Thanks to my teachers passion and their guide
International Make Up Center is now available personalized.
through the unlimited possibilities of using our
in Sweden and worldwide. International personal fantasy in creating makeup looks, What are you doing in 10 years from now?
Makeup Center is an established and leading I am constantly tapping into my creativity. Your dreams and hopes.
makeup school across Europe. Our goal is to
offer an education that gives you a cutting edge After being selected as one of the makeup My aspirations are very crazy and powerful.
in the makeup industry. We are the only makeup artist for Make Up Stores flagship store in Tallinn, I can’t reveal my dreams or they won’t come
school in Sweden, which organize international I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of making people true. To tell you the truth, I like the pleasant
education privately. Our goal is to give you a more beautiful, fulfilling their little dreams. To surprises that the world of beauty has in store
training that makes you attractive in a very see them leave the store with a satisfying smile for me. There is so much to learn.
competitive field. Because we value quality, our on their face. A joy they deserve. Do you have a motto?
teachers are handpicked makeup artists who The job gives me new inspiration. There is much Aim for perfection.
currently work as freelancers in the business. We to learn from each person you meet.
tap into their unique experience and network, Fashion shows and photo shoots can be
to stay ahead of future trends. International When and where did your interest in beauty stressful. What are your beauty tips and tricks
Makeup Center is an international school that and makeup start? for the stage?
educates the makeup artists of tomorrow. In My interest seems to stem from my female genes. Focus on the result. It will pay off.
M Magazine, you can follow teachers and During your career, what assignments have
former students of the school. This time, our Which one is your favorite beauty and makeup
been your most exciting projects? look?
eyes are focused on Estonia where the multiply
awarded Dina Tshistjakova resides. Dina It has been a great challenge to compare my I admire extravagant and daring styles. In avant-
has completed her studies and now works as skills to that of other makeup artists. This adds garde makeup, makeup turns into an art form.
a makeup artist. Read about her story and adrenaline to my life and gives me a lot of
experience. And when the result is positive, it Who are your beauty icons?
thoughts on makeup.
motivates me to go on. John Galliano is my favorite designer. Always
How would you describe yourself? crazy with his unique collections as well as his
Do you have any advice for people who want
In my childhood, I was an active little girl to work in the beauty industry? colorful and fantastic shows. I hope to be as
who admired everything of vigor, color and creative as him one day.
beauty. I felt, touched and smelled the big The beauty industry looks so fascinating from
the outside. But a lot goes on behind the If you have to get a model ready in 10 minutes,
world around me with all my senses. I think
scene. A strong will and continuous training how would you go about creating a style and
the word, sensitive, is an appropriate word
can help you break through. Learn from the makeup look?
to describe me. Sensitive to beauty. Now I
use the same sensitivity in my hands when places you visit and the people you meet. Good base with the necessary corrections,
applying makeup. Are there any projects that you can share with us? black eyeliner, classic red lips and eyebrow
color. I used this routine on the Deal or no Deal
Tell me about your career and education. Right now, I am preparing for participation
TV show it works wonders and looks perfect.
Like any other ordinary young girl, I visited a beauty in the fourth Make Up Olympic Games in St.
salon and had my makeup done. As a result of Petersburg. I will perform in two categories Are you interested in training to become a make
that visit, I discovered that makeup can change Podium and Fantasy. up artist? This is a uniquely artistic profession;
so much. It can almost cure you, although not For the Podium look, I’d like to show a miraculous both traditional and cutting edge at once.
permanently. From that moment, I started to play of color. Fantasy makeup will go under the The profession of make up artistry is exciting,
observe everything in the world of beauty. heading “Queen of Chess”. The Queen is the independent and varied – you will face new
most powerful piece in the game of Chess. challenges every day. The constantly increasing
When I heard about the professional makeup number of TV stations, ad– and modeling
courses at IMC Tallinn, I didn’t hesitate a second. I have the looks constructed in my mind. Now it agencies, fashion magazines and the Internet,
I almost ran to hand in my application. is only a matter of technique and realization. keep increasing the total amount of work
The schooling was very fun thanks to our two What do you think is the future in beauty and opportunities for make up artists. As a make
teachers Anastassia Panassenko (currently, makeup trends? up artist, you can work all over the world!

M  |  93
PHOTOGRAPHER: Therese Aldgård
MAKEUP: Sofia Holmgren/Mikas
STYLIST: Nils Harning
PHOTO ASSISTENT: Anna-Maria Sjöhagen
MODEL: Ellinore E/Mikas

M  |  94
When you use strong colors in the
eyemakeup, brush large amounts
of powder under your eye to easily
remove any excess eyeshadow.

Microshadow Satin
Microshadow Elf
Lipstick Pout
Eyepencil Snowflake
Eyepencil Black
Nailpolish Petra
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
Eyelash Lola
Loose Powder Milk

M  |  95
Microshadow Fairy Tale
High Tech Lighter Asteroid
Lipstick Black Orchid
Eyepencil Snowflake
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
Eyelash Lola
Loose Powder Milk

If you want to use a lighter foundation than usual,

remember to match your eyemakeup to the
new foundation.

M  |  96
High Tech Lighter Asteroid To remove any outlying
Wonder Blush Goddess nailpolish, use q-tips dipped
Eyepencil Black in nailpolish remover.
Blush Lust
Blush Exit
Max Lashes Black
Eyedust Celebration
Nailpolish Mika
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
Eyelash Lola
Loose Powder Milk

M  |  97
High Tech Lighter Earth
Wonder Blush Goddess
Eyepencil Black
Blush Lust
Lipstick Prairie
Max Lashes Black
High Tech Lighter Jupiter
Eyedust Celebration
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
Eyelash Lola
Loose Powder Milk

M  |  98
Curl your real lashes before you
apply and blend the false lashes
into your natural lash line.

Brightening Serum is created

to give your skin an even tone
and luster. C-vitamin and plant
extracts recreates and keep the
skin tone even. No matter what
skin type you have your skin
tone will retrograde. Brightening
Serum used daily resist dark spots
and evens your skin tone softly.

M  |  99
Eyedust Celebration
Microshadow Bronze
Eyepencil Black
Lipstick Naked
Nailpolish Ester
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
For nice graphic lines in your Eyelash Lola
makeup, use a masking tape. Loose Powder Milk

M  |  100
Microshadow Glam
Microshadow Dramatic
Microshadow Satin
Eyepencil Vanilla
Max Lashes Black
Wonder Blush Goddess
High Tech Lighter Asteroid
Lipstick Obsess
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
Eyelash Lola To make your eyes bigger, rim the inside
Loose Powder Milk of the eyes with Eyepencil Vanilla.

M  |  101
Light-colored brows are Microshadow Satin
most easily created Microshadow Hyacinth
by brushing Cover All Microshadow Masai
Mix into your brows. Microshadow Pink Metal
Lipstick Cinema
Eyepencil Snowflake
Eyepencil Black
Max Lashes Black
Eyepencil Black
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk
Eyelash Lola
Loose Powder Milk

M  |  102
High Tech Lighter Earth
Eyepencil Black
Max Lashes Black
Lipstick Black Orchid
Lipstick Pout
Cover All Mix
Liquid Foundation Milk Create a third lipcolor by mixing two
Eyelash Lola lipstick colors; for instance, Black
Loose Powder Milk Orchid and Pout.

M  |  103
– how to apply eyes –

PHOTOGRAPHER: Nakarin Phopan

MAKEUP: Soravudh Chatrakul na Ayudhaya
HAIR: Chatchai Pingapechart
FASHION ASSISTANT: Nathaphol Nimnuan
MODELS: Svetlana / Bliss Models, Luba, Maria M / Apple Models

Cover All Mix

Eye Primer Clear
Microshadow Flamenco, Pascal, Bronze
Eyedust Carat, Sassy, Lime, Mighty
Eyepencil Fluffy, Vanilla

For this makeup, there are no rules regarding which eyeshadow you should start with.
But the best results are attained if you first draw the pink line below the eye. The pencil
Fluffy was used for this look. Fluffy can also be used as a lip pencil. Afterwards, use a
really small eyeshadow brush to create the different color patches. Brush #104 is most
suitable for this task. Remember to tap any excess product from the brush before ap-
plying the eyeshadow. You can start with the golden shade, continue with the green,
followed by the pink shade. Finish with the purple color.
Edges can be softened with brush #108. Once the dry eyeshadows are applied, add
some Twinkle to your finger tips and gently dab the product on the purple patch. Finish
the look with mascara and the white pencil in the inner corner of the eye.

M  |  104
– how to apply eyes –

Cybershadow Lemon, Silver

Microshadow Flamenco,
Cybershadow Babydoll,
Blush Passionate Pink, Chic
Sensitive Mascara Green
This makeup puts a twist on all the basic concepts of
cosmetics. Lighter colors are applied on the outer corner
of the eye. Prime your makeup with Eyeprimer Clear. Then
apply your eyeshadows with a small brush #104. Soften the
edges with Blending Brush #108. Shading the inner corner
of the eye can make your eyes look more narrow. Hence,
avoid adding too many dark colors if you have narrow eyes.
Also choose a mascara with the same shade as one of the
eyeshadows. Either paint the entire lashes or only the tip of
the lashes with the mascara.

Mixing Liquid
Microshadow Flamenco, Satin, Diana
Eyepencil Fluffy

Color the entire eye with a tinted shading with extremely light colors.
The makeup should be the lightest closer to the eyebrow and the
inner corner of the eye. Then, dip Eyeliner Pencil #103 in Mixing
Liquid and Microshadow Flamenco. Afterwards, draw a thick line
on the eyelid. A waterproof eyeliner can be created by combining
your favorite eyeshadow with Mixing Liquid. The brow can be filled
with a pencil or an Angle Brush #110 and the color Penny Lane.

M  |  105
– how to apply eyes –

Microshadow Flamenco
Cybershadow Silver
Eyepencil Sparkling Beach
Blush East

Prime your makeup with Eyeprimer

Clear. Then add the blue eyeshadow
and Eyepencil Sparkling Beach. The
red eyeshadow can be created
by mixing the eyeshadow with the
product Blend & Fix. This way, you
get a creamy eyeshadow that
can be added with the synthetic
brush #205. The blue color will look
shimmery and somewhat wet if you
cover the eyeshadow with lipgloss
Crystal Lips Virgin.

Blend & Fix

Microshadow Flamenco
Blush East
Cybershadow Ra, Silver
Eyepencil Sparkling Beach

Prime your makeup with Eyeprimer Clear. Then add the blue eyeshadow
and Eyepencil Sparkling Beach. The red and yellow eyeshadows can
be created by mixing the eyeshadows with the product Blend & Fix. This
way, you get a creamy eyeshadow that can be added with the synthetic
brush #205. The blue color will look shimmery and somewhat wet if you
cover the eyeshadow with lipgloss Crystal Lips Virgin.

M  |  106
– how to apply eyes –

Blend & Fix

Eyedust Moist, Carat
Microshadow Bronze, Flamenco,
Cybershadow Babydoll
Eyepencil Fluffy, Czar, Vanilla
Glitter Eyeliner Purple Rain

For this look, the turqoise eyeshadow

was mixed with Blend & Fix to create
a creamy and intense color. The
purple and golden eyeshadows,
on the other hand, were blended
with the product Mixing Liquid. A
clear liquid that waterproofs and
intensifies the result. Dip the brush in
Mixing Liquid, before you dip it in the
eyeshadow and apply the color.

For a clear shape, it is important to apply Eyeprimer Clear in the exact

Eyeprimer Clear shape. Then, add the eyeshadows with Eyeshadow Brush #104. You can
Crystal Lips Virgin also apply some Microshadow Vanilla to reinforce the shape and create
Cybershadow Ra a sharp contrast to the colored eyeshadows and skin tone.

M  |  107
– how to apply eyes –

Eyepencil Sparkling Beach

Mixing Liquid
Microshadow Flamenco
Cybershadow Babydoll
Crystal Lips Virgin
Glitter Eyeliner Purple Rain

For this look, the turquoise eyeshadow

was mixed with Blend & Fix to create
a creamy and intense color. The
purple and golden eyeshadows,
on the other hand, were blended
with the product Mixing Liquid; a
clear liquid that waterproofs and
intensifies the result. Dip the brush
in Mixing Liquid, before you dip it
in the eyeshadow and apply the
color. Mixing Liquid easily helps you
create sharp and clear lines in your

For this look, work with soft edges. To tone down the eyeshadows, use Brush Angled Shading
#115. The twisted brush optimizes the application of color. At the same time, the shapes
will have softer transitions and edges. Finish the entire makeup by applying some Glitter Microshadow Flamenco
Eyeliner and Twinkle Eyeshadow. Scatter the glitter instead of creating a compact line. Cybershadow Babydoll
Mixing the two products gives a nice result with glitter in different sizes that sparkle. Glitter Eyeliner Purple Rain

M  |  108
– how to apply eyes –

Eyepencil Black
Cybershadow Lime
Eyedust Bambo, Amazonas, Carat
Microshadow A Girls Best Friend

For a really beautiful shading in color,

take two things into account. Always
use several colors that easily blend
with each other. Organize the colors
so that the darkest shade comes first.
After accentuating the lash line with
Eyepencil Black, soften the black
color with brush #110. Then apply
your eyeshadows. Start with the
darkest or lightest shade first. Priming
the eyemakeup is very popular but
can over-saturate the look because
of the intensifying effect. Priming also
makes it harder to blend colors. The
most important aspect of this sort of
eyemakeup is to add the darkest
color closest to the upper and lower
lash line. The dark color will fade
out to the lightest shade below the
eyebrow and closer to the inner
corner of the eye. Use Blending Brush
#108 for the most optimal blending.

Cybershadow Silver, Ra
Microshadow A Girls Best Friend
Eyepencil Silver
Sensitive Mascara Black

First prime your makeup with Eyeprimer Clear

for a longlasting effect. Afterwards, apply the
different types of eyeshadows with the small
eyeshadow brush #104. Randomly blend the
colors and soften the edges with the Blending
Brush #109.

M  |  109
Glitter Pink Light, Rainbow
Lipstick Mandy
Lippencil Fluffy
Nailpolish Jennifer

M  |  110
HAIR & MAKEUP: Sissel Fylling /
MODEL: Marie M / TEAM Models

For a perfect lip contour and durable lip

makeup, follow these steps. First apply the
beige color from Cover All Mix over the lip
contours and lips. Then, powder with Micronized
Compact Powder Milk. Fill your lip contour with
a lip pencil and lipstick with brush #111. Press
the lips on a thin paper. Once again, powder
your lips and apply the pencil and lipstick. Finish
with Lipstick Sealer. Lipstick Sealer prevents
your lipstick from smudging. Often, lipstick can
run into the fine lines around your lip line. After
coloring your lips with a pencil and lipstick, rim
the lip contour with thin layer of Lipstick Sealer.

M  |  111
Color the entire hand with a makeup
sponge and Hightech Lighter Asteroid.
Thereafter, mix Eyedust Lounge, Glitter
Super and Eyedust Carat with the
T-zone Brush. Attach strass stone, one
by one, with the help of the Eyelash
glue Adhesive Clear.

Glitter Super
Eyedust Lounge, Carat
Strazz Blue Sea, Fire, Satin Bronze
Adhesive Clear

M  |  112
Attach strass stones on the eyelash
with the help of the Eyelash glue
Adhesive Clear, before adding the
synthetic lash to the eyelid. Glitter
on the cheeks can easily be added
with the product Blend & Fix.

Blend & Fix

Eyelash Drama
Strazz Diamond, Tabac, Glam, Zircon
Glitter Luna, Galaxy

M  |  113
Microshadow Deep Blue
Glitter Taurus, Starry
Strazz Diamond, Blue Sea, Fuschia
Mixing Liquid

M  |  114
Add the Microshadow Deep Blue like a blindfold over the eye
and brow. Attach strass stones with Adhesive Clear and let it set.
Then, dip a large brush #106 in Mixing Liquid, before dipping the
same brush in a mixture of Glitter Taurus and Starry. Meticulously
apply the glitter over the strass stones and eyeshadow.

M  |  115
PHOTOGRAPHER: Klara G / Birgitta Martin AB
HAIR & MAKEUP: Igna Alonso / Agent Bauer
MODEL: Ida Kleinau / Kid of Tomorrow
RETOUCH : Turbin

M  |  116
Nailpolish Satu, Niclas, Paula, Henric, Carola,
Emilia, Agnetha, Carmen

M  |  117
1. Start by choosing the right nailpolish remover.
Removers that contain acetone desiccate and
damage your nails. Use Make Up Store’s Nailpolish
Remover Pads. Wash your hands thoroughly with
the mild and pH-balanced soap, Body Wash.

Nailpolish Maria,
Jenny, Irma, Emilia,
Annica, Agnetha, Lynn

M  |  118
2. Shape your nails with Nail File Steel
Nailpolish Satu, Nicklas to the correct length and form.

M  |  119
3. Rinse your hands with water and immerse
them in a bowl with warm water and some Body
Wash soap. Leave in for 2-5 minutes. Afterwards,
gently press back your cuticles with the rubber
end of the Nail hoof stick. Turn the stick around
and gently cleanse underneath your nail tips.

Nailpolish Indah
Glosslips Puma

M  |  120
4. Massage Aroma Balm on your finger tips and
cuticles. Continue gently for two minutes. The
Aroma Balm strengthens your nails and nurtures
Nailpolish Paula your cuticles. Apply Body Butter on your hands
Glosslips Pink and massage your hands with the moisturizer.

M  |  121
5. After Aroma Balm and Body Butter are
– how to apply –
absorbed, paint your nails with one of Make
Up Store’s colorful nailpolishes.

Nailpolish Annica
Lipgloss Princess

M | | 122
– how to apply –
6. Before applying a colored nailpolish, prime
with a layer of Base Coat. It protects your nail
pad from miscoloration. Then paint your colors
and end the manicure with a layer of Top Coat.
It helps your manicure last longer.

Nailpolish Jenny, Emilia, Agnetha

M  |  123
Per´s three favorites:
Anti Fire
The Creme
Body Cream Scrub Coffee

M  |  124
– profile designer sweden –

Per Holknekt /ODD MOLLY

TEXT BY: Caroline Florby PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Private

In each issue of M Magazine we want to motivate him to continue. The controversial Per’s personal favorite look within fashion is not
highlight a Swedish designer, this time the motto “Walk in the other direction” reinforces too studied nor rectified.
turn has come to Per Holknekt/Odd Molly. this assertion. Per Holknekt feels the best during
“It is nice when a beautiful person doesn’t
periods of difficulty.
Per Holknekt is the President and founder realize how attractive he or she is. It is not as
of Odd Molly. The label that has conquered To become successful in the clothing industry, Per attractive if the person is aware of it. As soon
the world with its unique design. A zealous feels that you need a unique product that can as it is fashion-related, it gives off a dull and
designer who exists in a perpetual creative complement a store owner’s existing assortment. imitated feeling.”
process, where ideas are translated into reality. The trademark should have an ethereal quality
to create curiosity. You should have a business When it comes to future trends, Per has a vision.
His life is a rare success story. Who would have
thought that the professional skateboarder sense and schooling. It is important to know “I think the trends will become more individual-
would win Sweden’s most prestigious fashion how to channel your creativity into something oriented. People talk about a coming anti-
award, Guldknappen, 20 years later? The productive. The designer should be able to fashion-blog-reaction and it could be a part
secret behind his success lies in a reinforcing compromize with the design to satisfy the needs of a greater movement in which people
motto, a drive that is spurred by adversities of the client. Last but not least, you must have show that they can do exactly as they wish.
and advice from his mother. a competitive streak. You have to enjoy winning The expression will become more personal.
over other people. Mixing and giving. Taking the market’s current
It is hard to believe that Per had never heard
fashion tools and making it your own. To be
of clothing labels before the age of 22. But Per Holknekt’s best advice for those working
more exact, it will become more ‘luxurious but
in the fashion industry is a pointer he received
“It might sound strange but it’s true. Until that in balance’, ‘rebelious but with class’. Show
from his mother once upon a time.
age, they were only trousers and shirts to me. everyone who dictates your personal style. You
Blue pants and a green sweater”, Per Holknekt “To understand and put your design into a do and not the brand-droppers”.
says. context that makes it desirable, commercial
and lasting all the way out to the final In other words, the non-conformational in a
He took the step into the fashion industry consumer, you must know how to do business personal bouquet. Challenge the corporate
when his skateboard sponsors approached with the help of your clothes, not just how to dress code by testing the limits. For students
him about product development. Since then, create clothes with the help of your design.” in upper compulsory school and high school,
many projects have rolled in and the career group mentality will still be governed by the
has amounted to 25 successful and eventful Very good advice considering that Odd Molly is media. It will become tougher, more attitude.
years. currently available in 40 countries. The success, Show people where you belong through
however, is not the result of an unerring sense your choice of music. Show them that you
The latest assignment is the collaboration with for trends. On the contrary, the work approach understand fashion, but also with class and a
Helena Christensen who will be the front figure is relieved of all guidelines. The strength lies in hint of snobbery.
for Odd Molly in the near future. The product prioritizing the customers.
range will be expanded with sunglasses, Do you have any beauty tips that you could
regular specs and lenses. Stockholm can also “The most important thing is that the customers share with the readers of M Magazine?
rejoice in the fact that it will be the first city really like what we do. We follow our instincts,
not theories”, Per says and smiles. “A person who takes care of herself to the point
in Sweden to house its own Odd Molly store.
where she radiates well-being will often look
Per would gladly like to see a store in each Gratifying teamwork within the company is incredibly stunning. The rest will only reinforce
country where the label sells. highly prioritized. Per Holknekt values the feeling what is already beautiful. You cannot create
Per Holknekt’s own role model within fashion of coming to a workplace where everyone beauty with your wallet, knives or makeup
is Filippa K’s father, Lasse Knutsson, thanks to really likes each other. brushes. It can’t be done.”
his unrivaled influence on the evolvement of For the spring and summer seasons of 2009,
The interview ends with a question about future
fashion in Sweden. He also sees Steve Rocko Per deeply hopes that the Swede will break
as a source of inspiration in terms of trademark loose from the collective thinking and dare to
development. be more individualistic. It is not a coincidence “My dreams and hopes for the future do not
that global designers come to Stockholm for pertain to work but to my private life. Ten years
Earlier this year, Odd Molly was awarded
inspiration. from now, I hope my daughter and I can enjoy
Guldknappen, which Per regards as the
a wonderful father-daughter relationship.”
greatest recognition a person can receive “The Swedish expression is fantastic in form,
within the Swedish fashion industry. And a but, unfortunately, monotonous, static and Nothing more to be said. A true inspirer has
wonderful pat on the back. Uphill moments uninspiring”, Per Holknekt says. spoken.

M  |  125
– gallery –

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. No matter
what your requests are in becoming a fantastic bride, Make Up Store has everything
you need to say I do. This exclusive collection is released in collaboration with the
professional Makeup artist Olle Johansson. With years of experience from the beauty
and makeup industry, Olle has created the ultimate makeup selection for the bridal
couple. Thanks to their water-resistant formula, the products are longlasting. The
wedding collection comes in a limited edition. Together with the look, you can buy
a book with all the information you need to enhance your true beauty. To complete
your day, make sure you also get the perfume named I do. The fragrance starts with
the fresh citrus accent of bergamot and blackcurrant, continues with a floral heart Microshadow DIANA
of white flowers, before ending with a warm and a soft background of sandalwood,
amber, vanilla and musk. A must-have for every bride and groom...

Microshadow CHAMPAGNE

Microshadow LINGERIE


M  |  126
– gallery –

il S

Olle Jo

A bridal makeup is something special, as well as

the wedding dress and hairstyle. This is a special
day and want to look your very best. Invest in
the perfect foundation with long lasting result,
waterproof mascara that protects you from all
the sentimental moments. Make sure to use a kiss
proof lipstick that will last all day. The groom
can focus on a concealer to cover irregularities,
powder to keep the skin matte and a hydrating
lip balm.

Microshadow TIE

l SO




M  |  127
– gallery –

Bag Carry Mini Green can hold
small but vital items such as a
lipstick, tampons and coins.

Nailpolish Emilia, Marlene. These

fantastic polishes even smell
pleasantly several days after
application. Available in orange
or raspberry flavors.

Eyepencil Greencard. A
green eyepencil gives
intensity to people with
blue eyes

Twingloss Peach, Champagne

Customize your color! The inner gloss contains
concentrated pigments that mix perfectly with the
outer highshine gloss. The result is a tasteful rich color
that helps rejuvenate your lips. For a perfect 50/50
mix, squeeze the tube from the top. For a more
pigmented effect, squeeze the middle of the tube.

Microshadow Pascal, Passion For

Fashion, Viva, A Girls Best Friend,
Money Talks. More fantastic colors
to choose from. Remember to
start with Eyeprimer Clear for a
longlasting eyeshadow and an
intense and clear color.

M  |  128
– gallery –
Globe Blending Brush #116
Use this pony hair brush to create a beautiful crease
line. Keep your eye open and look straight ahead in
the mirror. Place the brush at the end of the lash line.
Continue towards the nose in soft circular motions
to create a crescent shape above your eyelid.
Depending on your choice of color, you can create
a softer or more intense look. Wash with water and
any of Make Up Store’s Makeup Removers after
every use before you let it dry on a towel overnight.
Desinfect and wash the brush with Make Up Store’s
Brush Cleanser.

Glosslips Pink. A shimmery

gloss with a summery taste
of watermelon.

Lipgloss Pot Pax. Apply the

pleasant lipglosses with brush
#111. Do not touch the inside
of the jar with your fingers to
avoid bacterialcontamination.

Blending Brush #108

This goat hair brush is used to mix Microshadows,
Eyedust and Cybershadows on the eyelid. The size
of the brush makes it perfect for the application of
color on the upper eyelid and larger regions. Wash
with water and any of Make Up Store’s Makeup Bag Flat Sequin Pink.
Removers after every use before you let it dry on a A cool necessity bag
towel overnight. Desinfect and wash the brush with that also can be used
Make Up Store’s Brush Cleanser. as an evening bag.

M  |  129
– gallery –

Luminous Bronzer
One new product we really want
to highlight is the Luminous Bronzer.
Where the brush and the makeup
base is combined in a two-in-one-
package. With just one click on the
end of the handle, a small amount
of the creamy product fills the brush
and makes it ready for use on the
face and body. It leaves your skin
with a lustrous tanned look.

Half moon Powder Puff. Specifically

designed for perfect application of
Micronized Loose powder.
Eyepencil Czar, use
it by it self or as a
primer underneath
the eyeshadow.

Eazy Bronzer. The perfect

touchup product in your
handbag. Take it with you
everywhere to maintain the
sensual luster of your suntan,
day and night. One silk sheet
covers the entire body.

M  |  130
– gallery –

Glitter Spock

Gloss lips Posh. A beautiful

apricot lipgloss to give your
lips a natural color that
reinforces the suntan

Nailpolish Stig

Sparkling Loose Powder

A loose and sparkling powder.
Apply the powder with a large
Powderbrush over your face
and entire body for a fresh and
lustrous effect. Sparkling Loose
Powder contains titanium dioxide
for natural sun protecting properties.

Glitter Ufo. Use

Mixing Liquid and
Eyeliner Brush #103
to create your own
glitter eyeliner.

M  |  131
– gallery –
Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum is created to give your
skin an even tone and luster. Vitamin C and
plant extracts recreates and maintains an
even skin tone. Regardless of skin type, the
serum retrogrades your skin tone. Daily use of
Brightening Serum counteracts the appearance
of dark spots and gradually evens your skin

Tea Eye Gel

A light eye gel that removes puffiness.
It has anti-swelling properties which
is perfect for tired eyes. Can be use
under makeup. Contains chamomile
and green tea for a moisturuzing and
calming effect.

Eye Lift
An eye gel that is enriched with
licorice extract and vitamin C to
reduce visible signs of ageing.
The result is a smoother skin
around the eyes.

Aroma Balm
A multifunctional product that
targets dry skin patches. Apply
on dry elbows or chapped lips.
Sunflower oil softens and calms
irritated skin. Apply according to

The Eye Creme Quick Fix

This soothing eye creme neutralizes A silicon emulsion formula that
bags under your eyes as well as lifts and instantly removes all signs of
strengthens skin. Sheabutter, olive oil ageing. Works as a pre-makeup
and rosmary oil are just a few examples face primer that hydrates,
of its nurturing ingredients. Once again, smoothens and treats the skin
Make Up Store releases a cream that is while enhancing the look and
worth its name. the longevity of the makeup.
Contains an exclusive peptide
complex that is clinically proven
to improve the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles. The light-
diffusing action of the Quick Fix
formula helps create ultrasoft,
smooth and radiant looking skin.
Clove, sandalwood and sage
complex with antioxidant and
calming properties.

M  |  132
– gallery –

Firming Eye Cream

Firming Eye Cream strengthens
the skin around the eyes. Contains
Eye Mask. dog rose which reduces early signs
Store in the fridge and use of ageing and rebuilds skin. The
it afterwards to counteract cucumber has a cooling effect
puffy eyes. You can also heat on skin and is perfect for puffiness
the mask in warm water for a around eyes. Use twice a day.
relaxing effect.

The Eye Cool Stick

A fresh stick with active ingredients that
include the soothing Chamomile. The Eye
Cool Stick stimulates the clearance of toxins,
neutralizes dark eye circles and reduces
puffiness while moisturizing the skin at the same
time. Apply on the area around the eyes with
gentle strokes. The stick has a relaxing, cooling
and hydrating effect that leaves the skin
around the eyes refreshed and stimulated.
The eyes regain radiance and freshness. The
under-eye bags are, subsequently, reduced
and dark circles fade.

Ice Eye Creme

Ice Eye Creme is an intense moisturizer
for the skin around your eyes. Its soft
and cooling formula strengthens your
skin and reduces swelling and dark Skin Serum
rings. Ice Eye Creme is enriched with Skin Serum is enriched with Ginkgo
several minerals that increase cell Bilboa and Rosemary to give you
production, which, in turn, reduces even and silky skin. Skin serum
fine lines caused by dry skin. Vitamin E retains the skin’s moisture and has
nurtures the skin and protects it against astringent effects. Regular use
external stress factors. To optimize revitalizes and tightens the skin.
the effects of its key ingredients, Apply before your daycream and
store the product in the fridge. Use foundation from Make Up Store.
daily to preserve the skin’s vitality.

M  |  133
– profile store of the year –

“Stig is a great boss! He leads the

team with grace and inspires us
every day to do our best.”
Staff/Makeup Artist Evelina

Stigs´s three favorites:

Studio Foundation, because it covers well and
provides a fine structure without being too thick
or sticky (which is the case with a lot of other
heavy makeup).
Care & Cover is one of the newer concealers
and is fantastic. It covers perfectly as well as
nurtures and disinfects.
Face Mist. Is my third favorite product, to be
honest, I could love the product for its heavenly
scent, but it also gives your skin a vitamin boost.
I always fixate my makeup looks with Face Mist,
and it is very popular.
“– Can I please ad a fourth, asks Stig. If so I
would like to say Eye Cool Stick, It is true magic
to tired eyes and puffiness.”

M  |  134
– profile store of the year –

The Store of the Year

TEXT BY: Greta Sjöbom PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Make Up Store

Make Up store is one of the fastest growing leave our problems at home and go to our shadow. In my spare time, I also find inspiration
companies in Sweden, with more than job with a smile that spreads to others. from movies. Moulin Rouge is a clear favorite.
160 stores in 22 countries. The concept of What do you think makes Make Up Store Your best makeup tips?
franchising is indeed a successful story. Each unique?
year stores are nominated to “The Store of the A good base is the most important part of a
Year”, and the winner is selected based on The whole concept of Make Up Store is unique. makeup. Only with an even structure and
their sales statistics, market activities, service You can find something for every one, young balanced skin tone in the face can you look
and overall profile. Make Up Store Åhléns City and old, him and her. Although we are trendy better. It is likewise important to select the right
in Stockholm, Sweden won this year’s award. and pioneering in our product development, our color of foundation and powder. A lot of people
The success of the store can be attributed to target group is wide. The focus on the knowledge believe that the purpose of the base makeup
Stig Westlund and his staff who, with passion of makeup is one of our foremost strengths and is to bring more color to the face but that is
for makeup, good service and knowledge, gives an important factor in reaching out to as many wrong. A base should not be visible, but give
the customers that extra something. consumers as possible. A customer who goes your skin a balanced structure and even skin
home with a newly bought product and knows tone. If you’re in a real hurry, you can quickly
We met up with Stig to askt some questions how it works is a satisfied customer. And satisfied spruce up your look with a good concealer
about his success story with Make Up Store and customers will tell their friends. and mascara.
How do you find your motivation in daily tasks? Any great memories you would like to share
How did you first get in contact with Make Up that you have experienced while working at
Store? For me, it is a true joy to go to work. I get
Make Up Store?
my strength and happiness from my positive
It all started when I saw an ad for International staff. Privately, it is my dear Aunt Vera, 91 In our store, things are always happening
Makeup Center. In those days, I didn’t live in years of age, who provides the wisdom and but one event particularly comes to mind. A
Stockholm. But I decided to receive training as good advice. Vera gives me a lot o feedback couple of years ago, a young girl entered the
a makeup artist and moved to Stockholm to due to the fact that she used to run her own store with her mother. The girl asked for advice
commence my studies at IMC in 1991. After my business. She tells me all there is to know so I applied some rouge, eye shadow and
studies began, I occasionally worked at Make about a successful business and satisfied lip-gloss on her. For me, it wasn’t a distinctly
Up Store. The company was founded in 1996 customers. challenging job but it made her extremely
so I was one of the first people to work at Make happy. She looked at herself in the mirror and
Up Store. How do you market Make Up Store in your
radiated with joy.
town/country? What types of collaborations
How come you started to work for Make Up are you involved in? Afterwards, her mother returned to the store and
Store Åhlens? thanked me an extra time for my contribution.
The Head Office coordinates marketing so I’m
It turned out that the girl was fatally ill and only
I received an offer as a Cosmetics Counter not in charge of the actual planning. On the
had a short time left to live. That memory has
Manager at Åhléns City that I couldn’t refuse. other hand, I get to share my thoughts on how
really etched itself in my mind and I will never
And that’s is where I have been the last six years coming store events should be outlined. We
forget the gratitude.
now, says Stig with a brilliant smile on his face. often have fashion shows and demonstrations
of various products (with the help of a makeup What are your goals?
So, what is the key to your success?
artist) on stage. Around bigger holidays, I’ve To stay at the top. It is a constant battle to be the
The key to our success at Åhléns is the employed live models in the windows - that has biggest and the best, but it’s worth every second.
solidarity of the staff. Everyone has a positive been very popular.
go-ahead attitude and enjoys their very How do look upon the future?
How do you find inspiration in your makeups?
creative and social jobs. On a normal day at Very bright, It lies in my nature to think positively.
Åhléns, 50 000 people will visit the department I find inspiration in the daily encounters with
store. Also we do not work as employees and customers. In what way can I enhance his or On behalf of all our co-workers around the world,
we do not feel like employees. We look at her look? It’s very rewarding to see a person M Magazine and the staff at Make Up Store, wish
our store desk, as it was our own store. So we grow by trying a new shade of rouge or eye you all the best and continued success.

M  |  135

High Tech Lighter Phenomenon

Eazy Bronzer
Sportfoundation Frappeccion
PHOTOGRAPHER: Niklas Alm / vostro Tri Brow Color
RETOUCH ARTIST: Sofia Cederström / vostro Glitter Super
STYLIST: Joanna Lavén / Agent Molly Microshadow Bronzed
MAKE UP: Ung Rosén Eyedust Carat
HAIR: Stina Borgström Blush Lush
PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSISTANT: Tommy Toresjö Micronized Compact Powder Beam
MODELS: Gunilla G, Sivonne E, Anette U / Synk Casting Eyepencil Vanilla
All hats from Hattbaren Crystal Lips Virgin

M  |  136
Crystal Lips Virgin was used to fixate
the loose glitter on the lower lip. One
can easily mix Eyedust with Crystal
Lips Virgin to create a lipgloss that
matches the eyeshadow.

M  |  137
Quick Fix is a silicon emulsion formula that
instantly removes all signs of aging. Works
as a pre-makeup face primer that hydrates,
smoothes and treats the skin while enhancing
the look and wear of makeup. Contains an
exclusive peptide complex that is clinically
proven to improve the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles. The Quick Fix formula is
enriched with a light-diffusing action to help
create ultra soft, smooth and radiant looking
skin. Clove, sandalwood and sage complex
with antioxidant and calming properties.

Apply Hightech Lighter all over the face with

a makeup sponge. Then dip the sponge in High Tech Lighter Jupiter
a mixture of loose glitter and gently dab it Glitter Hologram, Scorpio
on the skin. Eyelash Drama

M  |  138
Eyelash Doll
High Tech Lighter Phenomenon To create this golden luster, first apply a
Eyedust Carat mixture of High Tech Lighter and Sport
Sportfoundation Mocha Foundation. Then wipe a silk sheet
Cybershadow Crow from the product Eazy Bronzer on the
Eazy Bronzer highlighting areas of the face, such
Glosslips Posh as the nose bridge and cheekbones.
Tri Brow Color Do not forget the neck and collar bone.

M  |  139
Eyelash Doll
Eyedust Carat
Sportfoundation Mocha
Microshadow Viva, Rusty
Glitter eyeliner Diamond
Eazy Bronzer
Glitter eyeliner will add glamor to any makeup in no time. Glosslips Sexy
For this look, eyeliner was applied next to the lash roots. Tri Brow Color
You can also draw a thicker line across the entire eyelid. Nailpolish Kantima

M  |  140
A harmonious makeup that carries
the same tone on the lips, cheeks
and eyes. If you want more drama
to the makeup, alternate between
cold and warm colors. Maybe a
cool green eyeshadow for your
smokey eyemakeup and a lipgloss
in a warm orange?

High Tech Lighter Phenomenon

Eazy Bronzer
Sportfoundation Frappeccion
Tri Brow Color
Microshadow Bronzed
Eyedust Carat
Blush Lush
Micronized Compact Powder Beam
Eyepencil Black
Glosslips Puma

M  |  141
High Tech Lighter Phenomenon
Eazy Bronzer
Sportfoundation Frappeccion
Tri Brow Color
Cybershadow Silver, Crow
Smokey eyemakeup looks very good with Blush Lush
lips in a neutral color. Use a beige or apricot Micronized Compact Powder Beam
lipstick with some shimmer. Lipstick Glimmer Eyepencil Black
was used for this look. Lipstick Glimmer

M  |  142

f or y o u
International Make Up Center was founded in 1990. Today, over 20 years later, International
Make Up Center is the leading school in Europe educating makeup artists. The education at

International Make Up Center is highly considered amongst employers all over Europe and a
large number of prominent makeup-artists have been our students.

Now you have the opportunity to visit our school and get to know more about the profession and the
education. During four hours you will take part in a class where you meet the teachers and other
students. You will be able to ask question about the education and get the information needed.

For more info, visit our homepage. Register to

Tel: +46 8 588 322 02 Fax: +46 8 588 322 09
– products in focus spa –

Salt Polish – Apple Green Tea

This dry salt scrub contains a
unique combination of etheric
oils and extra fine sea salt
enriched with corn sugar. Salt
polish exfoliates, skin from free
radicals and reduces signs of
premature ageing. The sweet SPA Soap Tropical
appleextract calms all your The SPA soap produces a rich foam
senses. Salt Polish is suitable for that effectively cleanses your skin
normal skin. Use once or twice and rebalances the pH of your skin.
a week. SPA Soap Tropical nurtures your skin
and its wonderful scent and color
stimulate your senses. The soap
is infused with olive oil, sunflower
oil and sheabutter to nurture and
soften your skin.

Foot Spray
Our feet need moisture and care
in the form of a foot bath. For a
softening effect and to prevent
callus formation, add any of Make
Up Store’s massage oils or bath salts
to the foot bath. Afterwards, finish
with the remoisturizing Foot Spray. Burner & Scent for Burner
The active remoisturizing ingredient We have five senses that guide us
in the spray is Aloe Vera extract. through the day: scent, taste, vision,
Its fresh, de-swelling and cooling hearing and touch. In our SPA series, we
properties can be attributed to have successfully captured most of these
the menthol. Suitable for everyone. senses to help you find the right state of
Can be used daily or according to mind. Make Up Store has created an
need. aroma lantern that helps spread warmth
and the wonderful scent of our delightful
aromatic oils, to help you find harmony
and the right SPA feeling.

M  |  144
– products in focus spa –

Facial brush #213

To save time and still give your skin
an energy boost, moisture and
nourishment without leaving a mess,
Make Up Store has developed
the ultimate solution. A brush with
soft hair, shaped to gently and
effectively apply the facial mask to
your skin. Directly after use, rinse the
brush with some water and let it dry

Charcoal Mask
Charcoal absorbs excess sebum as
well as deep cleanses the skin. The
mask will leave your skin feeling fresh
and rehydrated.

Salt Polish Scrub-Botanical Tea

This salt scrub contains a unique combination of etheric
oils and extra fine sea salt enriched with corn sugar. The
ingredients rehydrate, cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
Green tea protects the skin from radiation and free
radicals with the help of natural antioxidants. Jasmin
oil has anti-inflammatory effects. Use once or twice a
week. Suitable for normal skin.

SPA Soap Chommonard

The SPA soap produces a rich foam that effectively cleanses
your skin and rebalances the pH of your skin. The SPA soap
nurtures the skin and the wonderful scent stimulates your
senses. The soap is infused with olive oil, sunflower oil and
sheabutter to nurture and soften your skin.

M  |  145
Jouzas´s three favorites:
Sheer Lipstick Sweetheart
Micronised Compact Powder Translucent
Face Mist

M  |  146
– profile designer lithuania –

Juozas Statkevicius
TEXT BY: Peter Hammar PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Modestas Ezerskis

He celebrates the 20th anniversary of his to draw jeans, T-shirts and trainers. Those drawings took place a week ago. Now I’m preparing
fashion house in Lithuania this year. Meet improved in the long run. And when arts people sketches of costumes, makeup and hairdos
Jouzas whose clothes are worn by celebrities saw them, they advised me to pursue this trade for two presentations – “Verter” and “Sweeney
like Björk, Naomi Watts, Kyra Sedgwick, professionally. Later, I studied modeling clothes Todd” – at once.
Elizabeth Neel – and royalty such as Mary, at a higher art school. I successfully entered an
As I alternate between the fashion
Princess of Denmark. academy of arts and served as an apprentice
and theatre worlds, I have found more
at Arnhem Academy of Arts. Later, I had the
It would not be wrong to say that I am a lucky opportunities to experiment. Futurism is
chance to serve as an apprentice in Sweden, at
man, because I’m doing fine and – I’m not wonderful, but it can be evanescent and
Claes Kock AB Arkitektkontor and Ingmary Lamy
lying – all of my dreams have so far come true; boring. Nevertheless, it evokes a lot of
studios. After the border opened, I came to Paris.
I am persistent and I pursue my goal. I have emotions on the stage. Of course, I must take
I worked in the Angello Tarlazzi fashion house. I
got a recognizable touch which, I believe, is the director’s ideas into account. On the
presented haute couture collections and won
very important. But these are only nice words other hand, I always recommend minimal
the LVMH award in Paris.
that perfectly mask a hard, quick-changing, classics with a spice of eccentricity in fashion
particular industry called fashion. Since my childhood, I have been observing or to particular clients of mine who know my
my mother. She has excellent taste and knew style. It is no secret that people want to look
The process of creation behind the scenes of the secrets of makeup well. I think my parents deluxe and chic, to be beautiful and ever-
fashion is much more interesting to me than its essentially influenced the way I understand modern, but all novelties exist only if they
glossy surface. My career has been progressing style and beauty. But it was only the beginning are strongly grounded in an understanding
successfully since I was eighteen. Therefore, of my journey. of classic beauty. People don’t want to be
I’ll openly admit that I’ve done a lot: over
Everything is accurate and meticulous in ridiculous.
50 collections, 46 operas, drama and ballet
performances; I’ve created costumes not only fashion. It can be likened to Maths and flair, Fashion shows and photo shoots can be
in the Baltics but also in Moscow, Tel Aviv and whereas theatre is totally different. The scope stressful. I have experienced a lot of situations
Versailles theatres; I am glad to say I succeeded of work is much wider and you must not restrict like that. However, I am sure that sometimes
in creating and successfully selling my brand your fantasy. However, the most interesting powder, lip gloss and mascara for eyelashes
name perfume, in presenting my collections task was creating a brand name perfume; I are enough. Everything looks natural. The one
in Paris Couture Week; I have participated in was the first one who managed to do that in style that is always charming is the makeup
Show Room in New York for 5 years now. It is a the Baltics. and hairdos of the Golden Age of Hollywood
real pleasure to see world music and cinema I can say that having iron patience and when a lot of attention was paid to lips,
celebrities – Björk, Naomi Watts, Kyra Sedgwick, stamina while working in the field of fashion eyes, eyebrows and even proportions. That
Elizabeth Neel – and royalty such as Mary, is not enough. You must have flair, be curious sort of makeup is always glamorous, stands
Princess of Denmark, wearing my clothes. and not be upset even when the situation out and suits practically all women. That’s
It is no secret that fashion designers from seems hopeless and there is no way out of my opinion. Jane Birkin – minimal makeup,
post-Soviet countries are hungry for fashion it. You just must be able to wait and work maximal naturalness... And a total opposite –
and, in my opinion, tougher. I believe that the extremely diligently and a lot. And even Dita Von Teese – makeup of the Golden Age
time is coming when fashion designers from though everyone declares you a great talent, of Hollywood, charming and perfect... But
developing countries will find a prominent role don’t listen to them – talent without work is I’ve got a lot of icons: Marlene Dietrich, Ursula
in global fashion. worthless. Andress... The list could go on and on.

I found out that I was better at drawing than I recently celebrated the 20th anniversary If I have to get a model ready in 10 minutes,
others at school, but I attended a sports school of my fashion house. I have successfully a little black dress, red lips and a smile is the
and no one cared about art there. I ended published an album yearbook of my works. I formula of real beauty. Moderation in any kind
up in fashion by accident – I had an aunt in have returned from New York from a meeting of makeup, clean lines and understanding the
America who used to say to me: “Draw a nice with my agent, Greg Mills, who, only yesterday, structure of your face as well as understanding
picture of what you want and I will send that was persuading me to present my work in the yourself as a personality is the basis for always
thing to you.” If only you knew how much loved fashion week. The premiere of “Pagliacci” looking beautiful.

M  |  147
Mens’ makeup is all about looking your best by enhancing your natural features. Take extra care of your
eyebrows and haircut, your hands and feet as well as your lips and teeth. Make Up Store has recently
launched a new hair care range. Messy contains a unique combination of three types of styling polymers
that help you create, twist and separate frivolous styles without making your hair feel oily. Gives depth,
control and perfect texture for an unbeatable feeling.

Thanks to Liias Jeans & Underwear for borrowing the

clothes. To order Liias Jeans & Underwear please call
+46 8 588 322 13 or visit

PHOTOGRAPHER: Sittipun Chaitherdsiri

STYLIST: Chokchai Putthawong
MAKEUP ARTIST: Chatchai Peangapichart
HAIR STYLIST: Jirapong Oongeaim
FASHION ASSISTANT: Phongphan Suksumran
MODELS: Vinicius / Model Story, Austin / Apple Models

M  |  148
M  |  149
Eye Cool Stick is a fresh stick with
active ingredients such as Chamomile
with its soothing properties. The Eye
Cool Stick stimulates draining of toxin,
reduce color of under eye circles
and puffiness while moisturizing at
the same time. Apply on the area
around the eyes with gentle strokes.
The stick has a relaxing and cooling
effect and the result is hydrate,
refreshed and stimulated skin on the
eye area. The eyes regain radiance
and freshness. The under-eye bags
are reduced and the dark circles

The label includes a selection of underpants and linen. The first collection
will be released in selected stores in the spring of 2009. “We see a trend
take place that sees simple and clean cuts replace the patterned
underpants”. A trend that corresponds to Liias’ first undergarment
collection. In addition to the minimalism of these underpants and linen,
focus is also placed on fitting, comfort and quality. Specific textiles that
breathe have also been developed for this collection. The underpants
have a built-in pocket to help keep the package in place, as well as allow
for ventilation and regulation of body temperation. Keep a lookout during
the spring of 2009 for your own set of these undergarments.

M  |  150
Most men have sensitive skin and, therefore, need
really gentle products when cleansing their faces.
Try Sensitive Foam Cleanser which leaves your skin
clean and moisturized. After cleansing, always
apply a face toner to restore the skin’s pH. Rinsing
your face with water lowers the pH value of your
skin. A restored pH balance optimizes the effect of
your facial moisturizer. Finish with a facial moisturizer
to keep your skin vital. Try Daytime for your face
and The Eye Crème for your eye area.

M  |  151
Choose the right color. People often choose the
wrong color of foundation or concealer. These
products are not meant to bring color to your face,
but to cover and conceal an uneven skin surface.
Choose a color that is similar to your own skin tone or
slightly lighter. Sport Foundation has a light formula
and practical package that suits men on the go.

M  |  152
Conceal dark rings under your eyes
with a concealer containing red
pigments. Conceal spots with a
concealer containing green pigments.
Cover All Mix has all the pigments you
need to make your skin look flawless.

M  |  153
Denim is the sort of fabric that never becomes unfashionable. The keywords
fitting, quality and fashion perfectly describe the LIIAS jeans collection. Designed
by men and for men. Liias jeans have naturally evolved from the stage clothing
that Mika Liias created for all the fashion shows and trendy photo shoots over
the years. With the right sense of style, these well-cut garments with meticulously
designed details have taken shape. Here comes a description of the first models
to be launched. All the jeans come in a jeans bag, for cool and smart storage
and the double belt loops allow for a wider choice of belt.

H100: A nice, masculine baggy

M110: A black slim model. model. Normal waist and straight
L100: A nice, masculine baggy model. legs. The back pockets are placed
M120: A classic black model with a twist. The front slightly below the derriere for a nicer
is decorated with suède for a cool “riding” feeling. shape.

M  |  154
Less is more. Too much makeup in the
beginning is a common mistake that produces
an unwanted and unnatural result. For a
moisturizing and nurturing effect, apply some
Aroma Balm on your lips.
Pluck your eyebrows with Pro Tweezer to
create a nice shape. Fixate your messy brows
with Stay in Shape for a perfect result all day
long. Apply Brow Set Fix on your eyelashes for
defined lashes and intensive eyes.

M  |  155
Satu´s three favorites:
Matt Foundation
I really like Matt Foundation
because it covers well and
has a nice formula. The result
feels weightless and natural
Care & Cover
This is a fairly new concealer
but already a favorite. It is so
hard to find a concealer that
covers blemishes well and at
the same time nurtures and
works antiseptic on the skin
without drying out the texture.
Bronzing Powder
Whatever mood I am in
Bronzing Powder and brush
always lifts me up. It instantly
enhances cheekbones and
gives my skin a beautiful

M  |  156
– family member finland –

Satu Kivelä
TEXT BY: Peter Hammar PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Robert Lindström

For six years, Satu has run Make Up Store Make Up Store’s success story in Finland is Makeup Center. To manage both the academy
and IMC in Helsinki with great success. Her continuing. During spring 2009 we are planning to and the store is a challenge indeed, but the joy
well-liked approach, warm laughter and smile open up a flagship store in the heart of Helsinki. and happiness for me to follow my students from
melt any problem that may appear. Essentially In this new store we are going to showcase day one at the academy and then out into
an Economics graduate, she later pursued the new and improved international concept. the professional world of makeup artists is true
studies in professional mask making and Private and group classes in makeup and our happiness. The school was launched in 2002.
makeup artistry. She is exceptionally resilient, knowledgeable staff will be more than happy In addition to Helsinki, the school is also found
productive and, last but not least, stress- to teach “how to” and inspire you for the new in Tammerfors and Jyväskylä. The school dates
tolerant. “I don’t lose a good night’s sleep that season. In this coming year we are planning to back a couple of years now and the reputation
easily!” Satu says satisfied. open up new stores in Oulu, Vasa, Turku, Salo is steadily growing, thanks to the quality of the
and Tampere to mention a few cities where the curriculum, not only here in Finland but also
I started my career working in the actual
demand for Make Up Stores products is huge. abroad. To work as a makeup artist is incredibly
boutique, Make Up Store. Afterwards, I set
Today you can find Make Up Store products in fun and a lot of hard work as well in order
up my own business as a part-owner of
certain Sokos warehouses like in Helsinki, Turku, to succeed. We are, often, recommended
Make Up Store Helsinki and IMC with the trust
Tapiola and Tampere, and also at a select 15 to prospective students. This feels promising
and courage of a good friend. It felt like a
Kick’s stores around Finland. because the purpose of the school has always
natural step and I have never regretted that
been to whole-heartedly focus on quality. Our
decision. I enjoy working boundlessly with I am also very excited about the opening
school entitles students to financial aid. The
such a wonderful label as Make Up Store. of more of our own stores. We are
students also receive a starting kit and discount
It demands a lot of responsibility but also wellrespected by professional makeup artists
on all products in our stores.
gives you great freedom. Behind every idea who work with the most famous of television
and campaign, you’ll find a spectacular shows, models and actors. In our store, we The makeup artist profession is very interesting
and effective team. A family composed of hold well-liked makeup courses, where the but likewise very challenging. With the right
competent, energetic and unchangingly makeup artist helps and teaches you how ambition the whole world can be your work
nice people. to accentuate your best features for a party place. I love to be part of molding and
or for your everyday look. Participants also guiding the new and upcoming students
My commitment to Make Up Store and IMC
get the oppurtunity to choose products from in the business, to share my knowledge and
is not just a job for me but a part of my life.
the store that equal the amount of money watch creative talent grow. Creative beauty
It is this friendliness that defines Make Up
they spent on applying to the course. Our can never bore me!
Store. Many of our customers come just
customers really enjoy this deal. They also
for the friendly, personal service and, most Every day is unique and I am grateful for our
know that they have to book the Saturday
importantly, our competence. We receive amazing customers. There is nothing more
makeup sessions well ahead of time, if they
very positive feedback on our products from wonderful and rewarding than a satisfied
plan on attending a party afterwards.
the customers. Make Up Store is a living label. customer. Happy customers and a distinguished
We are constantly launching new, exciting Furthermore, we train mask makers and makeup team around Make Up Store are the things that
and effective products and titillating looks. artists in Finland through IMC, International help me joyfully continue day by day.

M  |  157
Become a VIP
The reasons why you should become a member of of our stores, you receive your personal card at once.
Make Up Store are many. The club was developed Along with the card, you also receive a gift. The card
for you. In every single purchase, there is a 10% lasts for twelve months and the price is approximately
discount. Special club evenings are held where you US $12. Besides our department stores, the card is
learn all about the new products, the latest trends accepted in all of our stores worldwide.
and how to apply your new favorites. You also
have special access to the website where monthly The stores arrange club evenings for club members
competitions are held, where you can ask professional above 18 years of age.
makeup artists for guidance and where you get The themes for those events follow Make Up Store’s
sneak previews of our trends and products. Become campaigns and seasonal looks. Not only do the stores
a member and experience the website on your own serve wine and snacks, all customers can enjoy a 20% discount on the entire assortment.
Membership at Make Up Store is open to all
customers. When you apply for membership in any Welcome to the club!

Theme for club evenings Spring/Summer 2009. Remember to contact your nearby store for specific details.
RSVP your Make Up Store 3 days in advance.

Since ancient times, people have invented different ways to take care of

their physical appearance to feel healthy and beautiful. Make Up Store has
Since the early days, one has discovered different ways to take care of his physicalappearance to feel healthy and beautiful. Make
Up Store has created a completely new and wonderful SPA series to help you take care of your face, body and soul. Our Home SPA
series is developed from 100% natural ingredients and adapted for both men and women.

created a completely new and wonderful SPA series to help you take care
We at Make Up Store, want to help our customers relax from the chores of everyday life, demands and expectations that easily drain
your energy reservoires. The products are based on everything from salt scrubs, facial masks and bath salts to aromatic oils. The SPA
products carefully nurture your skin and their scents titillate all the senses and help us to relax..

Take the oppurtunity to find your favorites from the collection. During the course of the event, club members will receive a 20% dis-

of your face, body and soul.

count on the entire assortment at Make Up Store. In addition to inspiration, refreshments will also be provided.

Contact your Make Up Store to RSVP 3 days in advance.


Our Home SPA- series is developed from 100% natural ingredients and
adapted for both men and women. At Make Up Store, we want to help

our customers relax from the chores of everyday life, demands and
expectations that would easily drain their energy reservoirs. The products are based on everything from salt scrubs, facial masks and bath salts to
aromatic oils. The SPA products carefully nurture your skin and their scents stimulate all the senses to help you to relax.


Fruidelicious includes all the playful colors and fragrances of a full bloom
Fruidelicious is a gardens palette, the taste and fragrance from a ball of fruits and this spring makeup for you. The inspiration comes from the

garden in spring. In a creative way, these bright colors are combined with
colorful nature and its growth. In a creative way these elements are crossed with the era of the 80´ties. Playfulness and boundlessness is mixed
into tasteful makeup´s.

Fruidelicious includes all the playfull colours and fragrances of a full bloom garden in spring. In a creative way these bright colours are com-
bined with a strong influence from the 80’s. This new collection includes fresh and clear colours with fruity sweet aromas. Every product has

a strong influence from the 80s.

its own fragrance that takes your senses for a walk in the spring sun. Juicy orange, Tutti Fruity and Sweet Peach are only a few of the delicious
fragrances you will be able to kiss away.”

Welcome to an inspiering club evening where professional makeup artists will present the spring collection Fruidelicious. Visit your nearby store

This new collection includes fresh and clear colors with fruity sweet
and purchase with a 20% discount on the whole assortment the entire evening.

Let your MUS store know if you will attend at least 3 days in advance.


aromas.Every product has its own fragrance that takes your senses for a
walk in the spring sun. Juicy Orange, Tutti Fruity and Sweet Peach are only a
few of the delicious fragrances you will be able to kiss away.

The makeup base is thin and natural. Cheeks and cheekbones are accentuated with a soft blush in pink, orange and brown. The lips are painted
in pink and orange with both lip gloss and lipstick. The eye makeup is creative. Several colors can be mixed on both the upper and lower eyelids.
Also, different Eye pencils are used to give it a stunning appeal.




Bronzed is the golden trend for this spring and summer. This sparkling

makeup is filled with exclusive products that leave your skin with
Bronzed is the golden trend of this spring and summer, where the makeup is filled with exclusive shimmer and the products
give your skin an irresistible glow. The Bronzed woman has a divine charisma. She is powerful and conspicuous. The sunlight
is being reflected by her body as she walks along the beach of the Mediterranea Sea.

an irresistible glowing shimmer. The bronzed woman is powerful and

The big news is the Bronzing Pen product which is a bronzer and a brush contained in the same product. With just a click, the brush
is filled and allows you to apply the shimmering bronzer on your face and body, to shine up with the sun.

Welcome to an inspiering club evening where professional makeup artists will present the summer collection Bronzed. Visit your nearby store
and purchase with a 20% discount on the whole assortment the entire evening.

conspicuous with a divine charisma. Rays of sunlight reflect on her body as

Let your Make Up Store know if you will attend at least 3 days in advance.


she walks along the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

The facial makeup shines sensually in the colors of bronze, copper, gold and
a shade of green on the eyelid. Eye pencil Black is used under the eye and

faded out with gold, copper and bronze. Extend the line under the eye towards the cheekbone to make the eye look bigger. Pale pink, orange,
apricot and beige are the main colors for the lips. A new product we want to emphasize is the Bronzing pen. The brush and the powder come
together as one product. With just one click on the end of the handle, a small amount of powder fills the brush and makes it ready to use on the
face and body. It leaves your skin looking lustrous and tanned.

M  |  158
– products in focus –

Brightening Serum
Brightening Serum is created to give your skin an even tone and luster.
C-vitamin and plant extracts recreates and keep the skin tone even.
No matter what skin type you have your skin tone will retrograde. Brightening
Serum used daily resist dark spots and evens your skin tone softly.
Brightening Serum I easily applied and lightens your complexion thanks to
natural plant extracts. In combination with Eclatance Cream, pigmentation
is minimized and the complexion is unified. Use the Brightening Serum as
a cure treatment every morning on a perfectly cleansed skin, before you
apply your foundation.

M  |  159
– world of colors –

Whisper Event

Magazine Event
Pride Australia

Men’s Night Norrlandsgatan

M  |  160
– world of colors –

Opening Alain

Opening Burj Al Arab


Ruby Red Night GLO Hotel


M  |  161
– world of colors –



M  |  162
– backstage –

Urban Creatures


Down under

Beauty 08 Stockholm

Code Orange

Sun Kissed

M  |  163
In Our Stores
Country Sweden Finland Denmark Norway Estonia Spain Mexico Singapore Indonesia Usa Thailand Iceland Australia Malaysia Vietnam Polen Lithuana Costa Rica

Microshadow 130 14 130 130 175 14,5 172 26 182 000 15 600 2 290 29 60 360 000 49,50 43 8 450
Cybershadow 130 14 130 130 175 14,5 172 26 182 000 14 600 2 290 29 60 360 000 49,50 43 8 450
Glitter 95 13 95 95 165 13,5 172 23 172 000 14 550 1 990 25 49 325 000 36 41 6 175
Eyedust 130 14 130 130 175 14,5 172 29 205 000 16 600 2 290 29 65 325 000 49,50 46 8 450
Eyepencil 130 14 130 130 150 14 143 27 188 000 13 625 2 190 29 63 320 000 49,50 40 8 450
Cake Eyeliner 145 16 145 145, 165 17 172 25 232 000 18,75 660 2 690 29 65 430 000 55 43 9 425
Glitter Eyeliner 155 17,5 155 155 215 18 198 33 232 000 17 755 2 690 33 75 430 000 59 54 10 075
Twinkle Eyeshadow 145 16 145 145 215 14 227 33 232 000 17 725 2 490 30 69 450 000 55 49 9 425
Sensitive Mascara 145 15 145 145 200 15,5 234 35 270 000 19 650 2 490 29 69 440 000 55 55 9 425
Max Lashes 145 16 145 145 195 16,5 218 37 259 000 19 700 2 490 32 69 440 000 55 50 9 425
Long Lash 189 21 189 189 235 22 285 41 305 000 22 750 2 490 30 95 520 000 72 59 12 285
Drama Mascara 210 23 210 210 260 24 298 37 305 000 25 800 2 290 32 95 520 000 79 66 13 650
Lipstick 159 16,5 159 159 195 17 159 29 199 000 18 725 2 290 34 69 420 000 61 52 10 335
Gloss, Scent Lips 140 15 140 140 185 16 185 27 188 000 16 625 2 490 25 65 380 000 54 47 9 100
Star Lips 140 15 140 140 185 16 185 27 188 000 21 650 2 490 30 65 400 000 54 47 9 100
Lipgloss Pot 125 14 125 125 85 14,5 161 27 188 000 15 625 2 490 25 65 360 000 47,50 39 8 125
Lippencil 130 14 130 130 150 14 143 25 188 000 13 600 2 190 29 63 320 000 49,50 40 8 450
Nailpolish 125 14 125 125 160 14,5 187 21 160 000 16,5 550 1 890 24 55 280 000 47,50 40 8 125
Liquid Foundation 245 26 245 245 330 27 381 51 369 000 28 1 100 3 990 45 119 690 000 94 79 15 925
Compact Powder 249 28 249 249 285 29 330 45 315 000 34,1 1 200 3 990 39 115 670 000 95 83 16 185
Dual Foundation 259 29 259 259 295 30 287 53 385 000 28 1 295 3 890 46 119 670 000 99 84 16 835
Studio Foundation 225 25 225 225 265 24 253 41 305 000 24 1 100 3 890 39 109 550 000 85,50 67 14 625
Sport Foundation 335 36 335 335 595 39,5 774 98 699 000 49 1 700 5 990 80 189 890 000 125 104 21 775
Bronzing Powder 249 28 249 249 285 29,5 288 49 369 000 33,75 1 200 3 990 39 115 670 000 95 83 16 185
Sparkling Powder 235 26 235 235 285 27 265 49 385 000 22 1 100 3 690 40 99 650 000 89 80 15 275
Loose Powder 235 26 235 235 270 27 265 47 348 000 22 1 100 3 690 40 110 650 000 89 80 15 275
Wonder Powder 395 43 395 395 395 46 495 72 502 000 45 1 250 6 390 60 159 870 000 150 129 25 675
High Tech Lighter 155 17 155 155 240 17 212 33 228 000 18 800 2 490 24 69 420 000 59 49 10 075
Reflex Cover 245 27 245 245 315 29 225 45 315 000 32,5 1 000 3 490 36 - 450 000 94 77 15 925
Cover All Mix 265 28,5 265 265 325 29 296 61 429 000 28 1 245 3 390 52 129 620 000 100 82 17 225
Blush 155 17,5 155 155 185 18 185 32 220 000 16 750 2 490 34 69 430 000 59 49 10 075
Creme Blush 165 18,5 165 165 195 19 206 33 232 000 18 850 2 490 34 79 430 000 63 52 10 725
Wonder Blush 185 21 185, 185 195 22 235 35 259 000 23 900 2 890 39 89 480 000 70 58 12 025

*) Territories not open at time of print – prices might be adjusted.

All prices incl VAT.
All prices are correct at time of going to press but subject to change.
The prices are recomended.
For more information visit us on

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicklas Alm / vostro
RETOUCH: Sofia Cederström / vostro
STYLIST: Joanna Lavén / Agent Molly
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+1 303 563 21 23 DUBAI Al Ain Mall, Sahara Mall EL SALVADOR Centro Comercial Gran Via Loca ESKILSTUNA Kungsgatan 20 Phone +46 16 51 00 68 ESPOO Sokos Tapiola
Phone +358 10 765 55 14 Falun Galleria Falan, Östra hamngatan 20 Phone +46 23 256 00 FARSTA Farsta Centrum Phone +46 8 724 13 24 GUATEMALA CITY 20 calle
25-85 zona 10 Centro Comercial La Pradera 3er Nivel local 329 Phone +502 236 735 54 GÄVLE Gallerian Nian Phone +46 26 10 24 22 GÖTEBORG Drottninggatan 59 Phone
+46 31 13 31 14, Kungsgatan 48 – 031 136 813, Åhlens/Nordstan Phone +46 031 333 40 60 Åhlens/Kungsgatan 35 +46 31 339 34 92 HALMSTAD Klammerdammsgatan 16
Phone +46 35 15 78 40 HELSINGBORG Kullagatan 40 Phone +46 42 24 23 26 HELSINKI Keskuskatu 7, WTC-Plaza Phone +358 9 612 434 30, Sokos Helsinki Phone+358
10 765 52 71, JAKARTA Plaza Indonesia, Phone +62 21 392 6958, M Pacifik Place, Phone +62 21 9343 0282 JYVÄSKYLÄ Sokos Jyväskylä Kauneus Phone +358 10 765 36
45 JÖNKÖPING Smedjegatan 23A Phone +46 0361 66 007 KALMAR Södra Långgatan 27 Phone +46 480 41 17 20 KARLSTAD Mitt i City Gallerian Phone +46 54 19 07 70
KRISTIANSTAD Östra Storg. 38 / Gallerian Phone +46 044 102 126 KØPENHAVN Fisketorvet Shopping Center Phone +45 33 36 29 20 LAHTI Sokos Lahti Phone +358 10 765
32 63 LINKÖPING Bokhållaregatan 2 Phone +46 13 14 60 60 LITHUANIA Taikos pr 61, Vokiecia Aleja 250, LT-91182 Klaipeda Phone +37061132211, Vokieciu g. 13, 01130
Vilnius LULEÅ Galleria Smedjan Phone +46 0920 135 53 LUND Lilla Fiskargatan 23 Phone +46 46 12 00 21 MALMÖ Citygallerian Phone +46 40 57 97 00, Galleria Storgatan
Phone +46 40 30 32 92, Östra Rönneholmsvägen 5 Phone +46 40 12 41 70, Åhlens City Phone +46 040 241 307 MIAMI The Shops at Sunset Place. 5702 Sunset Drive #158,
Florida Phone +1 305 667-7855 NACKA Sickla Galleria Phone +46 8 411 40 38 NORRKÖPING Dominogallerian Phone +46 11 12 55 66 NYKÖPING City Arkaden Phone +46
155 29 42 94 OSLO Bogstadvejen 30 Phone +47 22 46 33 00 PARTILLE Allum Phone +46 31 44 22 70 PORI Sokos Pori Phone +358 2 625 25 34 PHUKET M Floor, Central
Festival, Phone +66 07629 1000 REYKJAVIK Kringlan 4-12 Phone +354 840 6200 RIVAS FUTURA Parque Emprsarial Rivas Futura, Phone +34 91 713 64 14 SAN SALVADOR
Centro Comersial Gran Via, Seundo nivel Phone +503 227 83 551 SINGAPORE 290 Orchard Road 03-51 Parragorn Phone +65 688 758 28, Anston Road 31-10 International
Plaza Phone +65 62 24 56 64, Vivo City Shoppingcentre SKELLEFTEÅ Citykompaniet Phone +46 910 71 01 40 SOLLENTUNA Stinsen Köpcentrum Phone +46 8 35 25 55
SOLNA Solna Centrum Phone +46 8 411 20 08 STAVANGER Magasinblaa/Verksgaten. 2 Phone +47 51 86 05 40 STOCKHOLM Drottninggatan 82 Phone +46 8 411 20 01,
Norrlandsgatan 11 Phone +46 8 411 20 05, Forum Nacka +46 8 718 00 80, Fältöversten Phone +46 8 411 20 09, Götgatan 9 Phone +46 8 411 20 06, Skärholmen Phone
+46 8 721 97 00 Åhlens City Phone +46 8 676 64 44, Åhlens Skanstull Phone +46 8 743 74 19 Åhlens Fridhemsplan Phone +46 8 617 97 14, Åhlens Östermalmstorg Phone
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Phone +46 0520 480 010 TROMSÖ Storg. 61 Phone +47 77 68 63 46 TALLINN Foorum Center, Narva Mnt. 5, 10117 Tallinn, +372 664 04 28 Tartu Turu 2, Tasku Center, 51014
Tartu, +372 731 21 09 Tallinna Kaubamaja Phone +372 66 733 54, Pärnu Mnt. 10 Phone +372 62 38948 TAMPERE Sokos Tampere Phone +358 10 765 22 15 TRONDHEIM
Trondheim Torg 1 etg. Phone +47 73 50 05 60 TURKU Sokos/Wiklunds Phone +358 10 765 27 51 TÄBY Täby Centrum Phone +46 8 758 00 22 UMEÅ Victoriagallerian Phone
+46 90 77 70 00 UPPSALA Sysslomansgatan 6 Phone +46 18 10 32 10 VALLADOLID c/ Cánovas del Castilli, 2 Phone +34 98 33 09 458 VIETNAM Hanoi, Hanoi Towers Phone
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VÄXJÖ Kungsgatan Storgatan 27 +46 47 04 53 80 ÖREBRO Stallbacken/Kungsgatan 1 Phone +46 19 611 60 66 ÖRNSKÖDLSVIK Oscarsgallerian Phone +46 660 1661 21
ÖSTERSUND Biblioteksgatan 11 Phone +46 63 51 54 55

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