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DMCR Relays

Schutzblock für Hermetiktransformatoren

The Transparent Protective Panorama Relays with

Integrated Magnetic Protection
Das transparente Schutzrelais mit integriertem Magnetschutz

The DMCR Protection relay is the It is simple: the oil level monitoring
most complete safety solution for a system is made of a REED changeover
transformer. contact which is actuated by a magnet,
It protects your transformer by monitor- located inside the level float.
ing temperature, pressure, oil level and Theoretically, a REED contact is sensitive
gas accumulation inside the tank. to any magnetic field and can therefore
trigger when subjected to a magnetic
DMCR as seen from above MONITORING FUNCTIONS field other than that of the DMCR
Temperature monitoring is done via a magnet. However, this would be an issue
probe located inside the thermowell as such occurrence would cause tripping
immersed in transformer oil. of the relay, despite the absence of any
legitimate default in the transformer.
There are two monitoring levels: an alarm
level and a tripping level. Both levels can In order to avoid such problem, we have
be set freely. designed the oil level monitoring system
carefully so that the REED contact is
Temperature is constantly displayed on actuated by a powerful ring-shaped
the relay thermometer. magnet which, in addition to actuating
Pressure monitoring is done through a the contact, also acts as magnetic shield
pressure switch. This pressure switch is against external magnetic environment.
located in the upper part of the DMCR The integrated magnetic protection and
relay and it monitors pressure inside the the 360° oil level visibility are patented
tank on a 0.1 bar to 0.5 bar scale. innovations.
The tripping threshold of the pressure
switch can be set freely. However, it is
factory-set at time of order on a specially-
Oil level / gas accumulation control float engineered test bench, which is a
guarantee for precision.
The oil level monitoring function of the
DMCR relay allows the tripping of the
transformer (or setting off of an alarm,
depending on the user set up) if the
level of oil is decreasing abnormally or
if there is gas accumulating inside the
In the event of gas accumulation, it can
be sampled through the bleeder and then

DMCR offers 4 safety functions in one
compact but solid product. Fitting and
connecting a DMCR relay is easy.
The body of the DMCR relay is made of
ultra-resistant plastic material and has
been designed in such a way that oil level
is visible all-round, at 360 degrees. It is
also possible to check temperature
settings at any time, without opening
the relay.
The standard DMCR relay also has
integrated magnetic protection, which is
unique for this type of product.








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Tripping Alarm Pressure Oil level / Gas

Temperature Temperature
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