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5th Grade Science Topics

Ecosystems Human Body Systems

Big Ideas: Common ecosystems including
Big Ideas: Some traits are learned while others
estuaries, oceans, lakes, ponds, forests, and
are inherited. Inherited traits are passed from
grasslands have distinct characteristics.
parents to offspring. The human body is made of
Organisms in an ecosystem are interdependent
many systems which perform specific functions
and can be classified as producers, consumers,
necessary for life. These systems include the
and decomposers.
Where can I learn more? respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeletal,
Visit muscular, and nervous systems.
Select Science, then Ecosystem.
Where can I learn more?
You might also select Plants, then Roots & Stems, Visit
Photosynthesis, and Plant Adaptations. You can Select Science, then The Human Body.
also select Animals, then Animal Organ Systems,
Animal Life Cycles, and Animal Adaptations. Key Terms:
- traits - parent - offspring
Key Terms: - multicellular - systems - functions
- ecosystem - producer - consumer
- decomposer - food web - photosynthesis

Motion & Design Weather

Big Ideas: Forces, such as pushes and pulls, will Big Ideas: Weather data can be collected and
get an object moving. Factors such as gravity, used to compare weather patterns and to
friction, or a change in mass affect the motion of predict upcoming weather events. North
objects. A graph can be created to illustrate an Carolina weather is influenced by the Jet Stream,
object’s change in position over time. the Gulf Stream, and global wind patterns.

Where can I learn more? Where can I learn more?

Visit Visit
Select Science, then Forces and Motion. Select Science then Weather and Climate.

You might also select Matter, then Properties of You might also select Energy, Heat & Light, then
Matter, Solids, Liquids, Gases, Physical & Chemical Heat or Light. You can also select Water Cycle
Changes of Matter, and Energy & Matter. under the Ecosystems heading.

Key Terms: Key Terms:

- gravity - mass - friction - water cycle - temperature - convection
- axis - physical changes - chemical changes - conduction - radiation - air masses

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