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Revised 8.


Student Teacher School Grade Level____________ Date ___________ Observer ____________

Subject & Lesson _______________________________________ Language of Instruction _________________________ Visit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
TPE 1: Engaging Students In Learning TPE 2: Creating an Effective Environment TPE 3: Organizing Instruction TPE 4: Planning Instruction TPE 5: Assessing Learning
1. Links with students’ prior/funds of knowledge 1. Promotes social/emotional growth 1. Demonstrates subject matter competence 1. Uses students funds of knowledge 1. Uses a variety of assessment
2. Connects content to real life/st.interests 2. Uses positive intervention practices to foster a 2. Uses knowledge of students and learning 2. Uses students developmental needs tools in teaching, including rubrics
3. Uses a variety of developmentally caring community of learners goals to organize curriculum/ facilitate access to 3. Interconnects subject matter and student 2. Uses assessment data (including
appropriate strategies/ resources 3. Creates a positive learning environment that content needs IEP etc) to plan differentiated
4. Promotes students’ critical/creative thinking reflects diversity/multiple perspectives 3. Plans/teaches with current pedagogy and 4. Plans,Implements instruction and Monitors instruction
and analysis 4. Establishes healthy learn. environm.; addresses interdisciplinary learning sequences learning for student access to content 3. Involves students in self-
5. Promotes supporting environm. for L1 and L2 instances of intolerance, bullying, sexism etc. 4. Supports multiple ways of expressing learning 5. Uses strategies to meet student needs assess/reflection
develop. 5. Uses resources to support all students including 5.Supports academic lang. develop. 6. Uses community/school resources 4. If adequate, uses technology
6. Opportunities to access curric. through the those who suffered trauma, homelessness, foster 6. Uses a range of instructional material and 7. Supports a range of communication 5. Works with specialists to interpret
arts care, incarceration, and/or are medically fragile. technology to support learning strategies and activity modes assessment data
7. Monitors and adjust instruction 6. Maintains high expectations 7. Models/develops digital literacy 8. Uses technology for student engagement

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