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St. Louis Review Center, Inc. c.

have just been thinking

KIDAR Bldg. 17- A Gen. Luna St., Davao City d. was just thought
Tel. no. (082) 224-2515 or 222-8732 14. The plane’s departure was delayed because or
mechanical difficulties. When the weary passengers
GENERAL EDUCATION finally boarded the aircraft, many were annoyed and
DRILL III irritable because they ___ for a long time
a. are awaiting c. have been waiting
1. Some college students ___________ the conference
b. were awaiting d. had been waiting
at Los Baños.
15. Sheila __rather sleep on a mattress than on the floor
a. joins c. has joined
a. shall b. could c. would d. must
b. have joined d. will have joined
16. Hers was the pivotal vote
2. Mrs. delos Santos told her son to fix the water
a. crucial c. flexible
pump. _________ has not been functioning for a
b. reciprocal d. ambiguous
17. She is the first woman to crack the inner most
a. It b. She c. He d. They
sanctum of male power
3. The policeman is mot angry with the children
a. approval c. blessing
b. private place d. public square
a. is he c. isn’t it
18. There seems to be little innovative thinking amount
b. are they d. aren’t they
4. We were awaiting________ the outcome of the
a. new c. daring
b. unusual d. up-to-date
a. of c. for
19. Her sound decisions come not from serependity but
b. about d. no preposition
from hard work
5. ___________ he has worked hard, he has yet top
a. praise c. good luck
taste success
b. opportunity d. nonchalance
a. since c. However
20. Because of his lineage you could anticipate the
b. Although d. Because
trangessions to come.
6. I would have profiled more from working
a. memory c. ancestry
b. reputation d. printed lines
a. studying
21. All the fasting and Hindu calisthenics couldn’t keep
b. school attendance
those inches off.
c. from schooling
a. exercises c. mental puzzles
d. from spending a year in school
b. variety spots d. ornamental lettering
7. It requires something more than the ability to wite
22. If I were you I’d pay no attention to admonitions
well to ________ a best selling novel
from me
a. bring about c. originate
a. warning c. confession
b. produce d. device
b. requirement d. subtle difference
8. Filipinos are eagerly __________ the forthcoming
23. The floods amplified the earthquake’s devasatation
centennial celebration of the Philippines
a. satisfied c. increased
b. prolonged d. rounded off
a. looking forward about c. looking forward for
24. News of the disaster stupefied the victim’s relatives
b. looking forward on d. looking forward to
a. strengthened c. frustrated
9. The social studies teacher asked her students
b. crippled d. stunned
to_____ politics and economics
25. To much cholesterol is associated with heart disease
a. differentiate from c. differentiate about
a. fat c. poison
b. differentiate among d. differentiate between
b. nutrients d. problems
10. The Philippine Normal University was established
Read the selection carefully. Then answer the questions
____________ 1901
that follow.
a. at b. on c. in d. about
Astronomers who believe that the universe was once a
11. Ramon is going to be famous someday. He _____ in
vast tight mass of hydrogen claim that all substances in
three movies already.
the universe were created during the first half hour after
a. ahs been appearing c. has appeared
the heated mass of hydrogen exploded, forming our
b. had appeared d. appeared
present universe. Scientist have studied that ashes
12. Where’s Gina? She ________
where an atom bomb or hydrogen bomb has been
a. is in her room studying
exploded. They have seen what happens when
b. in her room is studying
substances are heated to a high temperature in
c. studies in her room
laboratories. From these studies they now know how
d. has in her room studied
great explosion of the universe could turn hydrogen into
13. Hello? Carol? This is Roland. How are you? Roland?
helium, iron, uranium, and all other substances found on
What a coincidence I ______ about you when the
earth and in the stars. The explosion theory is supported
phone rang.’
by the fact that substances which the process indicates
a. was just thinking
b. just thought
St. Louis Review Center, Inc. Davao Tel. no. (082) 224-2515 or 222-8732 1
should be common are very common and those it d. Father said son was good
indicates should be scarce are scarce. 36. What was NOT agreed upon in Jakarta?
It is known that after million and millions of years a. system of taxation
uranium changes into lead. B7 studying how much b. Islamic law courts
uranium has changed into lead, it is possible to calculate c. teaching Arabic
how long ago the uranium was created. The time thus d. are of responsibility
calculated is about 5,500,000,000 years 37. Which utterance shows determination?
Since astronomers conclude from the speed of a. What shame she returned
movement of the stars that they were exploded from b. This time, I have not made up my mind
some central point about 5,500,000,000 years ago and c. This time I won’t stop schooling
since uranium was created about that time, it appears d. I have good news for you
hat the explosion theory of how the universe was made 38. We were awaiting __________ the outcome of the
a. for c. about
26. This is a lesson in_______. b. of d. no preposition
a. geography c. science 39. You wouldn’t want to be late for the review,
b. history d. health _______?
27. If scientist are correct concerning this process of a. will you c. wouldn’t you
creation, then certain substances should be_______ b. would you d. won’t be
a. rare c. unusual 40. Which sentence shows clear understanding of the
b. common d. very common message?
28. Astronomers believe that all substances in the a. They had to read it again and again
universe were created during which period of time/ b. They thought I had explained things clearly
a. first day c. first 5 hours c. It took a long time to clarify things and I failed
b. first 15 days d. first half hour d. The children explained to him what happened
29. Uranium changes into ___________ but he didn’t get the word
a. iron b. steel c. lead d. copper 41. Alin sa sumusunod na pangkat ng maga letra ang
30. Scientist infer the age of the universe from_______ maayos ng paalpabeto?
a. speed of the stars a. L M N NG O c. L M N O P
b. the number of galaxies b. L M N Ñ NG d. L M N NG Ñ
c. ashes of atom bombs 42. Alin pangungusap ang nagsasabi na siya ang
d. the age of astronomers pumatay at hindi ang nasasakdal/
31. Jose Rizal at the foot of Mt. Makiling said, “I saw a. Hindi, ako ang pumatay
nothing. I heard nothing.” This tells of Rizal’s state b. Hindi ako, and pumatay
then that ___________ c. Hindi ako and pumatay
a. he was waiting for Maria Makiling d. Hindi ako ang, pumatay
b. he knew suffering, injustice, greed 43. Anong salita ang naiiba ng bigkas sa balita?
c. he inherited to call Filipinos to revolt a. tama b. nilaga c. bihira d. bahagya
d. he definitely was coming to an end 44. Kung gagawa ka ng liham pangangalakal, alin ang
32. Which of these words is synonyms with accord? wastong pagsulat ng bating panimula?
a. settlement c. autonomy a. Mahal na Ginoo: c. Mahal Na Ginoo:
b. constitution d. breakthrough b. Mahal na Ginoo; d. Mahal na Ginoo,
33. But the MNLF is holding out for autonomy for 123 45. Alin sa mga sumusunod and wasto at maayos na
province, which was promised in 1976 Tripoli pagpapahayag ng pangungusap?
agreement. Government negotiators counter that, a. Pinapirma ang kasulatan sa akin ng abogado.
under the constitution, these provinces must first b. Pinapirma sa akin ang kasulatan ng abogado .
vote on whether to be included in ARMM. When c. Pinapirmahan sa akin ng abogado and kasulatan.
was the MNLF organized? d. Pinapirmahan sa akin ang kasulatan ng abogado.
a. 1976 b. 1993 c. 1989 d. 1972 46. Maruming-marumi si Lito nang umuwi siya ng bahay.
34. How do you address an invitation to a wedding ALing pangungusap ang maliwanag na naglalarawan
wherein the husband is a lawyer and the wife is a ng kaniyang anyo?
doctor of medicine? Which is the right form? a. Pumasok si LIto sa loob ng bahay na napakarumi.
a. Atty. and Mrs. Delfin Tuazon b. Pumasok sa loob ng bahay na napakarumi si LIto
b. Atty. and Dr. Delfin Tuazon c. Pumasok si Lito na naparumi sa loob ng bahay
c. Atty. Tuazon and Dr. Tuazon d. Pumasok si Lito sa loob na napakarumi ng loob
d. Atty. Delfin Tuazon and Dra. Tuazon ng bahay.
35. Which situation shows that the student was the 47. Ang salitang angkop na naglalarawan sa pangarap ng
best/ tao ay
a. Father reminded his son to watch all games and a. malaki c. maapad
be the best b. matayog d. matangkad
b. Look for the rank and act as one
c. Father said, “My son you’re number one.”

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48. Kung pagsasama-samahin sa isang pangungusap, a. maghinanakit c. magdamdam
ang wastong pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga sangkap b. mainggit d. manigbugho
na si Pina dadalaw sa Linggo sa kaibigan ay 59. Noong panahon ng hapon, maraming lobo na
1 2 3 4 nakadamit tupa ang naglipana sa iba’t ibang dako ng
a. 1 4 2 3 c. 1 2 4 3 kapuluan
b. 2 3 1 4 d. 2 1 4 3 a. mga taong mapagsamatala
49. Kailangan ng nana yang suka. inutusan niya ang anak b. mga taong mapagkunwari
na si Clara. Clara ________ ka nga ng suka. c. mga taong mapamili
a. bumili c. magbili d. mga taong mapagmata
b. bumibili d. mabibili 60. Alin sa mga sumusunod and salitang likas?
Ang ano mang kapasiyahan ay magiging mabisa lamang, a. paralitiko c. pagkadisabled
kung ito’s matutupad, maisasagawa at magiging kapaki- b. pagkaselosos d. kapansanan
pakinabang, di lamang sa sarili, kundi higit sa lahat, para 61. Ang bigkas ay ayon sa sagisag ng lakas. Ano ang ibig
sa kabutihan at kapakanan ng iyong kapwa at ng sabihin ng B?
sambayanan. Ang diwa at kaluluwa ng kapakipakinabang a. mahina c. buong
na pagbabago ay mapananatili ang bias, kung bawat b. malakas d. katamtaman
bahagi at kabuuan nito ay magiging sangkap ng pang- 62. Alin ang kasalungat sa kahulugan ng mga salitang
araw-araw na takbo ng buhay ng isang tao, o hindi man alangan
ng isang bansa a. tugma c. di-ayos
50. Ang maaarin pamagat ng talata ay b. di-angkop d. di-bagay
a. Ang Diwa at Kaluluwa ng Kapakipakinabang na 63. Tingnan mo ngayon si Henry, parang batang
Pagbabago _______sa mga pamangkin
b. Ang kahalagahan ng pagpapasiya a. nagsipagtakbuhan c. nagtatakbuhan
c. Pagpapasiya sa Buhay ng Tao b. nakikipagtakbuhan d. nakipatakbuhan
d. Ano ang Pagpapasiya 64. Alin ang sagisag sa sabayang pagbigkas na ang ibig
51. Ang nais paratingin ng may-akda sa babasa ng talata sabihin ay normal na bilis?
ay a. N b. Mbig c. Mbil d. Pbilis
a. nakakatulong ang pagpasiya sa buhay ng tao 65. Di nangyari ang kanyang pakana. Nalaman din ang
b. mahalaga ang pagpapasiya sa buhay ng tao kanyang pakay na___?
c. mabisa ang pagpapasiya lalo na kung tama a. panlinlang c. panlilinlang
d. ang talagang kahulugan ng pagpapasiya b. panglilinglang d. panglinlangan
52. Paano mapapanatili ang mabisa ng kapaki- 66. Tinawagan mo sa telepono ang iyong kaklase. Ama
pakinabang na pagbabago dahil sa pagpapasiya? niya ang nakasagot. Anong sasabihin mo?
a. Napapkinabangan ng bawat tao a. Kay Marlon nga
b. Kung nakatutuong sa sambayanan b. Nariyan ho ba si Marlon
c. Kung isang bahagi ay nakakatulong sa pang-araw- c. Pakibigay nga p okay Marlon
araw na pamumuhay d. Pwede po bang makausap si Marlon
d. Kapag lahat ng bahagi at kabuuan nito ay 67. “Waring iba ang gayak ng simbahan para sa nalalapit
nagiging sangkap ng pang-araw-araw na takbo ng na pista_______ ngayon kaysa noong isang taon,
buhay ng isang tao “sambit ni lorie. ANong pang-uri ang pinaka angkop
53. Pano ipinapahayag o isinulat ng may akda ang gamitin sa patlang
talata? a. mas maganda
a. Pasalaysay c. Paglalarawan b. magandang maganda
b. Makatotohanan d. Pagbabalik-gunita c. pinkamaganda
54. Ano ang katumbas ng salitang kaluluwa sa talatang d. maganda-ganda
ito? 68. Alin pahayag ang nagsasaad ng pagtutol ni ruben sa
a. kahulugan c. damdamin sinsabi ng kaniyang kausap nap era ang mahalaga sa
b. dahilan d. diwa kaniya at hindi ang kaniyang bayan?
55. Sino ang kalihim ng edukasyon na nagbibigay sigla a. Hindi mahalaga para sa akin ang bayan ko
sa: “Bayan muna bago sarili.” b. hindi mahalaga para sa akin, ang bayan ko
a. O.D. Corpuz c. Isidro Carino c. hindi mahalaga, para sa akin ang bayan ko
b. Jaime Laya d. Armand Fabella d. hindi, mahalaga para sa akin ang bayan ko
56. Piliin ang tamang salita “Kung maituturing mo akong 69. Aling salita ang angkop na naglalarawan ng pangarap
tunay na kamag-anak ay ikararangal ko.” ng tao?
a. maaasahan c. mapagsasabihan a. Malawak c. Malaki
b. mapapaunlakan d. maibibilang b. Matayog d. Malapad
57. Anong uri ng talata it? “Ang bandila ay di lamang 70. Suriin ang iyong kandidatong iboboo. Huwag
isang pirasong damit. It ay sagisag ng bayan” magpadala sa bulaklak ng kaniyang matamis na dila.
a. Paglalarawan c. Paglalahad Sinong kandidato ang hindi dapat iboto?
b. Pagsasalaysay d. Pangangatuwiran a. Mabola c. Mapagbiro
58. Huwag kang mangimbulo sa mabuting kapalaran ng b. Mayabang d. Mapanukso
iba 71. Which is the smallest prime number?

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a. 0 b. 2 c. 1 d. 3 90. If 4 boys can paint a cabinet in 4 hours, how many
72. What is the smallest integer that can be divided by hours would it take for 8 boys working at the same
the number 6 and 14 rate to finish it
a. 2 b. 42 c. 3 d. 84 a. 8 hrs b. 4 hrs c. 5 1/3 hrs d. 2 hrs
73. Simplify [2x3-8x(-3)] /6+15 91. Al and Mel both work at night. Al has every 6 th night
a. (-30)/21 b. 10 c. 2 d. 22 off and Mel has every 8 th night off. If both are off
74. Of the following which is the greatest? tonight, how many nights will it take to be both off
a. ¾ b. 6/9 c. 5/7 d. 7/10 again?
75. In a newspaper drive campaign, each of the 40 a. 22 b. 24 c. 25 d. 26
students of Ms. del Pilar brought 1 3/8 kg. How 92. Divide 313.65 by 2.05. What is the quotient?
many kg. of newspapers are there in all? a. 153 b. 1.53 c. 15.3 d. .153
a. 41 3/8 b. 65 c. 55 d. 440 93. A family monthly income is P 25,000. The family
76. Corazon bought 2 4/5 m of cloth. She used 2/3 spends 30% for food, 20% for rent, 10% for clothing
meters for the blouse and 1 ½ m for the skirt. How and 16% for miscellaneous. How much is saved in
many meters of cloth was left? percentage?
a. 1 1/5 b. 2/5 c. ¾ d. 19/30 a. P6000 or 24% c. P 7000 or 24%
77. What is the quotient when .345 is divided by 5? b. P 6500 or 24% d. P 7500 or 24%
a. .0069 b. .69 c. .069 d. 6.9 94. A cement mixer calls for 60 kilos of cement 3 boxes
78. Express .555 into a fraction of simplest form of sand and 1 galloon of water. What is the ratio of
a. ½ b. 55/100 c. 5/9 d. 555/1000 cement to sand?
79. A dealer bought an article for P200 and sold if for a. 10:3 b. 15:1 c. 20:1 d. 30:3
P250. Determine his profit in percent 95. A ribbon 72 meters long is cut into two pieces. If the
a. P50% b. P25%c. P50% d. P20% ratio of the lengths of the pieces is 4:5, how long is
80. In a Mathematics of 50 items, Jose got 80% of the the shorter piece?
items correctly. How many items did he get wrong a. 30 b. 32 c. 40 d. 42
a. 10 b. 30 c. 20 d. 40 96. Arnel spent half of his money in SM and half of the
81. A book with a selling price of P24 is being sold at remaining at Rustan Store. If he had P 250.00 left,
20% discount. What is the original price of the book? how much did he heave at the start/
a. P 19.20 b. P 28.00 c. P 4.80 d. P 30.00 a. P 500.00 c. P 1,500.00
82. A boy buys 7 pcs. off biscuits at P 1.85 each and gave b. P 1,000.00 d. P 2, 500.00
a P 20 bill to the cashier. How much change did he 97. A group of 100 students was made up of 60 girls.
get? Exactly 75 students were majoring in Math and 25
a. P12.95 b. P7.05 c. P8.05 d. P1.05 were in History. What fractional part were not
83. A picture 8 cm. long and 6 cm wide is enlarged so majoring history?
that it became 24 cm. wide. How long is the a. ¾ b. 3/5 c. 4/10 d. 6/10
enlarged picture? 98. A mitsubishi car dealer sells 40 cars, some of which
a. 18 cm b. 32 cm c. 10 cm d. 20 cm are L300 vans, others are sedans and still others are
84. In a group of students 40% are male. If there are 240 L200 wagons. Which of these could be the ratio of
female, how many students are there in all? the L300 vans to the sedan and L200 wagons?
a. 600 b. 144 c. 400 d. 96 a. 3:2;1 b. 3:2:3 c. 2:1:1 d. 3:1:1
85. The ration of the sides of a triangle is 3:4:5. Of the 99. If the area of a triangle is 1 and is width is ¾, what is
perimeter is 36 cm. Find the length of the longest the length?
side a. ¼ b. 22/3 c. 4/3 d. ¾
a. 60 cm b. 12 cm c. 15 cm d. 9 cm 100. What is the width of a rectangle lot that has a
86. The ratio of cows and carabaos is 2:5. If there are 70 perimeter of 410 ft. and a length of 140-feet
cows and carabaos in the field, how many cows are a. 65ft b. 64 ft c. 63 ft d. 66ft
there? 101. A circular table is 6m in diameter and it has a
a. 175 b. 20 c. 26 d. 70 circular side around it of 1 m wide. What is the area
87. If 3 secretaries can type 12 pages in 5 minutes, how of the side in square meters
long will it take for 6 secretaries to type 32 pages at a. 8 square meters c. 7 square meters
the same rate? b. 4 square meters d. 5 square meters
a. 3/8 min b. 12 min c. 8/3 min d. 5 min 102. Find the least number divisible by each natural
88. What is the remainder when 5 1/3 is subtracted number less than or equal to 12
from 12 1/6? a. 27,720 b. 27, 730 c. 27, 703 d. 27, 702
a. 6 1/6 b. 6 4/6 c. 6 3/6 d. 6 5/6 103. When two missing digits in a given number are
89. Gabriela paid p450 for a handbag that was sold to replaced, the number is divisible by 99. What is the
her at a 25% discount. what is the original price of number?
the handbag? a. 85021 b. 85031 c. 85041 d. 85051
a. P 600.00 c. P 700.00 104. A water bed is 180 cm wide, 210 cm long and 20
b. P 337.50 d. P 122.50 cm thick. What is its mass in kilograms when it is full
of water
a. 7516 kg b. 756 kg c. 7560 kg d. 7.56 kg

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105. Given the equation 3x=15. If you divided both 120. The pollutants that can cause uncontrolled
side of the equation by 3, what equation results? growth of green plants in lakes are
a. 5-3=2 b. 3x=5 c. x=15 d. x=5 a. gasoline c. pesticles
106. By how much does 1/3 of 4/5 exceeds ¼ of 2/9? b. acid rain d. phosphates
a. 4/5 b. 1/3 c. 19/90 d. 29/90 121. Which of the following causes skin problems in
107. What is the least common denominator for the the unborn child?
following: 3/5+5/8+2/3? a. mutation c. pigmentation
a. 8 b. 16 c. 120 d. 24 b. harmful drugs d. improper nutrition
108. What should go into the blank in 4,16, ___, 258, 122. The Periodic Table was arranged in the order of
1024? a. density c. reactivity
a. 32 b. 64 c. 84 d. 108 b. atomic number d. atomic volume
109. Which of the following statements is correct 123. How many one open a tightly closed bottle of
proportion? sandwich spread?
a. 9:12=3:5 c. 6:11=3:21 a. Using a rough material
b. 4:7=2:14 d. 7:10=14:20 b. Heating the cover of the jar
110. If there are 80 small squares in one large square c. inserting a knife at the end of the bottle cover
and 50 small squares are shaded, what percent of d. Loosening the cap by knocking the edge of the
the large squares is shaded? cover with a spoon
a. 50% b. 55% c. 62 ½ % d. 70% 124. Which of the following may be considered an
111. The ratio of sales of T-shirts in sizes small, advantage of a solid waste energy recovery pant/
medium and large were 5:3:2. If the store was a. In decreases air pollution
planning to stock 220 shirts, how many should it b. It produces high grade fuel
purchase for each size? c. It facilitates the cheap production of energy
a. 120 small, 60 medium, 40 large d. It reduces the volume of material to be landfilled
b. 110 small, 66 medium, 44 large 125. The decline in the quantity of fish caught on the
c. 100 small, 70 medium, 50 large waters is greatly attributed to
d. 100 small, 60 medium, 60 large a. overfishing
112. Miss Concepcion averages 38.4 km per 3 liters of b. nutrient overload from fertilizers
gasoline. How many kilometers can she expect to c. soil erosion along tributaries
drive on12.5 liters? d. toxic chemicals from industrial dumping
a. 90 km b. 120 km c. 150 km d. 160 km 126. many pesticides of commercial importance can
113. Myrna saved P 1,100 in 4 months. At the same be totally controlled by
rate, how much would she save in 2 years? a. using biological control
a. P 6,000.00 c. P 6,500.00 b. increasing the cost of pesticides
b. P 6,600.00 d. P 6,200.00 c. encouraging the use of predators
114. What is the length of a rectangular lot that has d. completely banning the sale of pesticides
an area of 3420 ft. and width of 36ft? 127. What is importance of controlling pollution?
a. 75ft b. 86ft c. 90ft d. 95ft a. The government will provide more tax write-off
115. How many 6 by 6 inch marble tiles will be b. We can avoid future damage to biological
needed to cover a bathroom floor 10 by 8 ft? resources
a. 315 b. 318 c. 320 d. 325 c. The risks to animal life can be totally eradicated
116. Which of the following is the catalytic converter d. The immediate toxicity to people in the local
on cars in the control technology? areas can be avoided
a. carbon monoxide c. nitrogen dioxide 128. Why is it necessary to plow the land before
b. carbon dioxide d. sulfur oxide planting?
117. The basic problem in the use of the synthetic a. to aerate the soil
organic chemical approach to pest control is b. to control the weeds
a. increasing expense c. to create furrows for the seeds
b. resurgence of pests d. to bring the subsoil to the surface
c. development of resistance by pests 129. Which of the following contains the majority of
d. harmful effects on humans and non-target the nutrients in a tropical rain forest?
organisms a. soil c. plants
118. Which of the following can be converted into b. animals d. decaying humus
electricity with the use of the photovolataic cells and 130. The wastes released by sewage can cause
power towers? a. oxidation c. dentrification
a. water c. sunlight b. decomposition d. cultural subdivisions
b. animal manure d. vegetative decays 131. when we say that chemical reactions in the cell
119. Biomass conversion is illustrated by the use of waste energy we mean that
wood burning a. energy is being destroyed
a. fuels c. stoves b. Pieces of chemicals are being broken
b. products d. materials c. Chemical energy is being converted to heat
energy which is lost

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d. Cells use only the chemicals they need and get b. Scavenging d. food pyramid
rid of all excess chemicals 143. A green plant exposed to sunlight, is considered
132. When an atom loses an electron is becomes as the number one energy converter in nature.
a. neutral c. negatively changed Describe briefly the conversion of energy that takes
b. stable d. positively changed place.
133. Color-blindness is a sex linked defect. If the a. The chemical energy is converted into heat
father is colorblind and the mother is a carrier, what energy and stored in the form of food
is the probability of normal homozygous? b. Light energy combines with carbon dioxide and
a. 0 probability c. 25% probability form food
b. 50% probability d. 75% probability c. Light energy is converted to chemical energy and
134. Red tides are caused by the increase in the stored as food
number of planktons in the ocean. This increase in d. Light energy combines with nitrogen of the air
the number is a manifestation of and stored as food
a. increased amount of dissolved substance in 144. The insecticide sprayer operates according to
water Bernoulli’s principle which briefly states that
b. greater water current a. Volume is directly proportional to temperature
c. increase in the amplitude of waves b. Volume is inversely proportional to temperature
d. Increase in the number of fish c. Pressure is directly proportional to volume
135. A couple had heterozygous genes for tallness. d. Pressure is inversely proportional to velocity
What will be the genotypic ratio of their F 1? 145. According to the laws of floatation, when will an
a. 2 homozygous tall, 2 heterozygous short object immersed in a liquid sink/
b. 1 homozygous tall, 2 heterozygous tall, 1 short a. when the weight of the object is lesser than the
c. 4 heterozygous tall weight of the liquid it displaces
d. 4 heterozygous short b. When the weight of the object and the liquid is
136. Which of the following is a major source of displaces are the same
erosion? c. When the weight of the object is greater than the
a. clearcut forest c. construction sites weight of the displaced liquid
b. terraced farm areas d. treeless subdivisions d. When the buoyant force is greater than the
137. Runaway population growth in a country is weight of the object
basically caused by 146. The elevator is good example of Newton’s
a. low sex ratio c. high sex ratio second law of motion. Tension on the support wire is
b. early marriages d. low level of education maximum when the elevator
138. Cold virus is usually picked up from a. goes up c. goes down
a. cold aid b. is at rest d. has no load
b. dirty surroundings 147. Different volumes of quantities X and Y were
c. frequent change of weather measure to find out how they were related to each
d. direct contact with people infected with colds other. These values were plotted as shown in the
139. The death of the Boac River in Marindoque is graph. Which of the following statements would
caused by best described the graph? Y
a. improper disposal of mine tailings a. Y is equal to X
b. unusually high temperature in the province b. Y is directly proportional to X
c. negligence on the part of government authorities c. Y is inversely proportional to X
d. carelessness in waste disposal among the people d. Y is multiplied by X is constant X
in the community 148. If blood fresh from wound takes along time to
140. Why do mothers usually soak meat in pineapple clot this may be due to
juice before cooking it? a. deficiency in prothrombin c. lack of erythrocytes
a. it makes meat tender b. deficiency in thrombin d. lack of leukocytes
b. It removes the bad odor 149. A drop of red ink was mixed with a glassful of
c. It improves the taste of meat water. After sometime the water became evenly
d. It preserves the natural taste of meat reddish. Which statement explain this observation?
141. The source of the tremendous energy of the sun a. Ink particles are lighter and tend to rise
which guarantees solar energy on earth for millions b. the water molecules absorbed the red color
of years is a thermonuclear process wherein light c. Molecules tend to stick together
hydrogen atoms unite to form helium atoms d. Molecules are in constant motion
a. atomic fusion c. atomic radiation 150. Warming of the atmosphere is due to the
b. atomic fission d. critical mass reaction Greenhouse effect. What is the detrimental effect of
142. In a pond community, the smaller fish, which this natural phenomenon on the atmosphere?
feeds on submerged plants is later eaten by bigger a. The CO2 level on the atmosphere is increased
fish. Then the fish may be eaten by man. What b. The global temperature is decreased
interspecies relationship of eating and being eaten is tremendously
referred to? c. There is widespread destruction of the green
a. Energy pattern c. food chain color in plants

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d. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is a. Process Mindedness
greatly affected b. Perspective Consciousness
151. The natural interaction between the biotic and c. System Consciousness
abiotic components in the environment suggests the d. Involvement Consciousness
existence of 161. Which of the following principles of sustainable
a. an energy c. a biosphere development stresses the importance of the
b. a habitat d. an ecosystem conservation of natural resources?
152. Excessive release of detergents in natura a. Enable communities to care for their own
streams pose danger since this can cause environment
eutrophication. How can such a condition occur? b. Respect and Care for the community of Life
a. Due to tripolyphosphate ions c. Keep within the Earth’s carrying capacity
b. Presence of chlorinated hydrocarbons d. Consume the Earth’s vitality and diversity
c. Due to chlorinated hydrocarbons 162. The standard and norms used by a person to
d. Due to chloride ions decide and act on what is right are called a
153. Eating burnt hamburger pieces is dangerous due a. values b. criteria c. beliefs d. attitudes
to the liberation of mutagenic agent such as 163. The overarching value that characterizes the
a. Formaldehyde c. Alcohol teaching of values as described in the DECS Values
b. Acetaldehyde d. Benzon (a) pyrene Education Framework is?
154. Why does a gumamela flower appear red/ a. nationalism c. Social Justice
a. The petals absorb the red portion of the spectum b. Human dignity d. Personal Discipline
b. The petals reflect the red portion of the spectum 164. The human person does not become moral in
c. The red portion is of long wave length isolation. How does one acquire his moral values?
d. Multiple reflection makes red prominent a. by initiating the moral behavior of adults
155. If the radioactive emissions are arranged in the b. By reading books on moral development
order of increasing penetrating power, with the least c. By listening to people with high morality
penetrating radiation first, the order is d. By interacting with various environmental forces
a. Alpha, beta, gamma c. Gamma, alpha, beta 165. Which practice should be avoided if we are to
b. Beta, gamma, alpha d. Beta, alpha, gamma develop worthwhile values among the learners?
156. Learning about the problems and issues which a. Be a good model of the value to be taught
cut across national boundaries and about the b. Encourage openness and sincerity among
interconnectedness of systems is referred to as learners
a. Peace Education c. Pass judgments on the write and wrong
b. Environmental Education behaviors of learners
c. Global Education d. Allow learners to express their thoughts, feelings
d. Multi-Cultural Education and emotions
157. Which of the following is the ultimate purpose 166. The type of cooperative which promotes thrift
of Human Right Education? among members and create funds in order to grant
a. identify threats of human rights loans for productive and provident purposes is
b. generate awareness of one’s basic rights called
c. check on abuses in the exercise of human rights a. Credit cooperative
d. understand and change conditions which give b. Producers Cooperative
rise to human rights violation c. Service Cooperative
158. Which of the following best describes Gender d. Consumers Cooperative
Studies? 167. Which of the following describes marketing
a. It focuses on the equality of men and women in cooperatives?
all aspects of life a. They distribute products of members to both
b. It stresses the superiority of men over women in members and non-members
particular societies b. They coordinate with other cooperatives in
c. It examines the critical role of women as equal marketing the products of members
partners with men in development c. They undertake joint production of goods,
d. It promotes the significant contribution of whether agricultural or industrial
women to national and global development d. They engage in the supply of production inputs to
159. Which of the following aspects of Citizenship members and market their products
Education is based upon the recognition that the 168. The members of the federation of cooperatives
foundation of any legitimate political power are
originates in the will of individuals? a. primaries
a. Democracy c. Development b. secondaries
b. Human Rights d. Lasting peace c. natural persons
160. Teachers should provide students with d. primary/secondary cooperatives
appropriate activities that will develop their ability 169. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform La of 1998
to think critically. Which of the following of global stipulates that the retention limits of landowners is
education should be employed to realize this goal? a. 5 hectares c. 8 hectares

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b. 10 hectares d. 7 hectares c. Conduct training with schools from other
170. How many hectares should be awarded to each countries
child of the landowner? d. Promote the development of stereotypes and
a. hectares c. 5 hectares ethnic blas
b. 6 hectares d. 7 hectares 180. The United Nations has declared 2000 as ____
171. The comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of a. International Year of the Family
1998 is also known as b. International year of Tolerance
a. Republic Act No. 6662 c. International Year of culture and Peace
b. Republic Act No. 6673 d. International Year of Indigenous People
c. Republic Act No. 6657 181. To educate for tolerance and international
d. Republic Act No. 6654 understanding citizenship education which is the
172. An item or value upon which the tax is to be concern of Social Studies instruction should apply
imposed is called? following criteria of approach. The following are
a. Tax c. Income desirable and relevant except:
b. Revenue d. Tax Base a. Pluralism c. Ethnic loyalty
173. If a taxpayer is married he or she can claim a tax b. Mutilevel perspective d. Cultural relevance
exemption of? 182. To celebrate the 1996 ILO/UNESCO
a. P 32, 000.00 c. P 10,000.00 recommendations concerning the Status of
b. P 12,000.00 d. P 15,000.00 Teachers, the international community designated
174. What does the principle of equity provide? World Teachers Day every
a. Taxpayers should be taxed according to their a. September 18 c. October 24
professions and status in life b. October 5 d. December 7
b. Taxpayers regardless of income should pay the 183. Which of the following global trends will have
same amount of tax the greatest impact/effect on Social Studies
c. Taxpayers that are similarly situated in life should Instruction in the future
be taxed similarly a. Advancement in new communication and
d. Taxpayers who do not have permanent jobs information technology
should pay less tax b. Rethinking of the concept of citizenship
175. Taxable income is derived from c. Globalization of the economy
a. net income less additional exemption d. Democratization trends in many countries
b. Gross compensation income less withholding tax 184. To be relevant and effective , schools in the 21 st
c. Gross compensation income less total century need to cope with new challenges and
exemptions opportunities of a complex and rapidly changing
d. Gross compensation income less personal world. Which of the following characteristics is
exemptions urgently needed/
176. It has been observed that the world of the a. Global in perspective
student is limited, centered around family, school b. Human value centered
and friendship. Which recent education trusts in the c. Interdisciplinary in approach
Social Studies will give the student broader life d. all of the above
experience to cope with challenges of the 21 st 185. The following are generally accepted principles
century? in ecology that need to be considered in
a. Global education environmental education EXCEPT
b. Multicultural education a. infiniteness of resources
c. Human right education b. interdependence
d. Environment education c. biological diversity
177. In peace education, various forms of conflicts d. ecological stewardship
and violence are studies. The indirect violence 186. In the Post Cold War Period, alliances and
brought about by oppression, discrimination, grouping countries such as EAGA, APEC EC and
poverty and injustice is called__________ NAFTA underscore the importance of_______
a. Ecological violence c. Physical violence a. Ideological concerns c. Military concerns
b. Structural violence d. Cultural violence b. Economic concerns d. Social concerns
178. In the study of international politics, the word 187. Which of the following documents embodies the
hegemony is usually encountered. It means general principles of human rights which set forth
________ the minimum standard of living for all people pf the
a. weak leadership c. Interdependence world?
b. Dominant influence d. peaceful co-existence a. International Covenant on Civil, Political Rights
179. The following EXCEPT one are experience that b. International Covenant on socio-Economic,
help students build a global orientation Cultural rights
a. Teach about the United Nations and its c. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
specialized agencies d. United Nations Declaration on Rights to
b. Explore some of the reasons for the differences Development
in ways of living

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188. Which among the types of cooperatives has the 195. The prevalence of urban and rural squatters is
primary function of engaging in the supply of accounted to some factors. What caused squatter
production of inputs to members and at the same proliferation?
time help each member market their product? a. Adventurous life
a. Consumers Cooperative b. Filipino indolence
b. Marketing Cooperative c. Nomadic lifestyle
c. Service Cooperative d. Poverty
d. Producers Cooperative 196. Heinous crimes are punishable by death, which
189. Which of the following best describes death penalty is the cheapest?
multicultural education? a. death by guillotine
a. Education of Multicultural Societies b. death in gas chamber
b. Education for all regardless of one’s race, c. death by lethal injection
ethnicity or cultural origin d. death by electric chair
c. Education for the poor 197. Several big land holdings have been divided and
d. Education of Human rights distributed to farmers. Titles likewise were released
190. Which of the following mechanisms best to farmer recipients. What land areas are included?
describes the present Agrarian Reform Program? a. The land reform act does not include government
a. Change of tenurial arrangements of tenanted owned agricultural lands
lands b. Farmers who received land transfer get as much
b. Conversion of non-agricultural lands to as 10 hectares
agricultural lands c. All ands are covered by the Land Reform Act
c. Distribution of lands to landless farmers d. Only farms exceeding 7 hectares after giving each
d. Land redistribution with corresponding support heir are subject to land reform
services and institutional rearrangements 198. Charity begins at home. What illustrates this
191. The minimum level in which the family or value?
household is able to sustain its basic/essential needs a. Millionaires send checks anonymously
is termed as: b. Patrons check out donations by the size of the
a. Poverty level c. relative poverty advertisement
b. absolute povertyd. culture of poverty c. Grandparents stay with the Home for the Aged.
192. The primary agency or institution tasked to They are nuisance to modern families
promote the growth and development of d. An ambassador in Jeddah shelters battered
cooperatives as instrument of Social justice is: Filipino OCW’s and avoid social gatherings to be
a. Land Bank able to save food for these refugees
b. Department of Agrarian Reform 199. You cannot share what you do not have, Who
c. cooperative Union of the Philippines portrayed it best?
d. cooperative Development Authority a. Heaven is built on stilts. One can buy all
193. The primary objective of the government in happiness
pursuing a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program b. The Man scorned on the Cross not redeem the
is to: world without suffering
a. Expand present family sized farms into corporate c. Patience on the rice store cue was tested by a
farm as part of the industrialization program of grumbling lady
the government d. Words without deeds can never go far
b. Establish owner-cultivatorship economic sized 200. When is the development of one’s value done?
farms as basis of Philippine Agriculture a. values are easily caught from models
c. Increase size of commercial farms to encourage b. Parents are first models of the child’s value
owner cultivators to shift to corporate farming formation
and establish it as basis of Philippine agriculture c. The home environment gives a child the concept
d. Limit coverage of the agrarian program to of right and wrong
tenanted lands owned by private individuals and d. Values development starts from home values.
not by corporations
194. One of the objectives of Philippine Education as
provided in the 1987 Constitutions is to promote
respect for human rights. To gave flesh to this
constitutional mandate, President Aquino issued an
order requiring human rights to be integrated in the “When a task is once begun, never leave it
school curricula. Which of the following specifies the
till it’s done, be the labor great or small, do
said directives?
it well or not at all.”
a. DECS Order No. 61
b. Executive Order No. 27
c. Presidential Decree No. 603
d. Administrative Order No. 2

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1. c 68. a 135. a
2. a 69. b 136. a
3. a 70. a 137. c
4. b 71. b 138. d
5. b 72. a 139. a
6. b 73. d 140. c
7. a 74. a 141. a
8. d 75. b 142. c
9. d 76. d 143. b
10. c 77. c 144. d
11. b 78. d 145. c
12. a 79. b 146. c
13. a 80. a 147. b
14. c 81. d 148. d
15. c 82. b 149. d
16. a 83. b 150. a
17. b 84. c 151. d
18. a 85. c 152. a
19. c 86. b 153. a
20. c 87. b 154. b
21. a 88. d 155. c
22. a 89. a 156. c
23. c 90. d 157. b
24. d 91. b 158. d
25. a 92. d 159. a
26. c 93. a 160. b
27. d 94. c 161. a
28. d 95. b 162. a
29. c 96. b 163. b
30. a 97. a 164. d
31. b 98. a 165. c
32. a 99. c 166. a
33. d 100. a 167. c
34. a 101. d 168. d
35. c 102. a 169. a
36. a 103. c 170. a
37. c 104. b 171. c
38. d 105. d 172. d
39. a 106. c 173. a
40. b 107. c 174. c
41. b 108. b 175. a
42. c 109. d 176. a
43. d 110. c 177. d
44. d 111.b 178. b
45. d 112. d 179. d
46. a 113. b 180. c
47. b 114. d 181. c
48. d 115. c 182. b
49. a 116. c 183. a
50. b 117. d 184. d
51. b 118. c 185. a
52. d 119. a 186. b
53. c 120. d 187. d
54. a 121. b 188. b
55. c 122. b 189. b
56. d 123. b 190. d
57. a 124. d 191. a
58. b 125. d 192. d
59. b 126. c 193. b
60. d 127. b 194. b
61. c 128. a 195. d
62. a 129. c 196. d
63. b 130. c 197. d
64. a 131. c 198. d
65. c 132. d 199. b
66. d 133. b 200. c
67. a 134. a

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