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This ever-expanding series provides an in-depth study of famous armored vehicles from various wars and

Armor at War conflicts. The carefully selected photos portray military vehicles in an interesting range of combat situations,
and are supported by informative captions and an introductory text. The combination of fascinating combat

Series photos will provide endless inspiration for fighting vehicle and diorama modelers. The 72 page format features
no less than 170 high quality black and white period photos and a series of 16 color plates.

7001 The M4 7002 D-Day Tank 7003 Tank Warfare in 7004 Tank Battles of 7005 U.S. Tank 7006 Panther
Sherman at War: The Warfare: Armored Korea 1950-53 the Pacific War 1941- Destroyers in Combat by Thomas Anderson
European Theatre Combat in the by Steven J. Zaloga & 45 by Steven J. Zaloga
1942-1945 Normandy Campaign George Balin by Steven J. Zaloga
by Steven J. Zaloga June-August 1944
by Steven J. Zaloga &
George Balin

7007 Armor of the 7008 Tank Battles of 7009 Tank Battles of 7010 The 7011 Soviet Tanks in 7012 Stalin’s Heavy
Vietnam War: (1) the Mid East Wars: (1) the Mid East Wars: (2) Panzerkampfwagen Combat 1941-45: The Tanks 1941-1945: The
Allied Forces The Wars of 1948- The Wars of 1973 to III at War T-28, T-34, T-34-85 KV & IS Heavy Tanks
by Michael Green & 1973 the Present by Michael Jerchel & and T-44 Medium by Steven J. Zaloga &
Peter Sarson by Steven J. Zaloga by Steven J. Zaloga Waldemar Trojca Tanks Jim Kinnear
by Steven J. Zaloga & J.

7013 Panzerwaffe at 7014 Panzerwaffe at 7015 Panzers in the 7016 Panzers in the 7017 Armor of the 7018 Panzertruppen
War: (1) Nuremberg War: (2) Moscow to East: (1) The Years of East: (2) Decline & Vietnam War: (2) at War
to Moscow Berlin Aggression 1941- Defeat 1943-1945 Asian Forces by Robert Michulec
by Robert Michulec & by Robert Michulec & 1943 by Robert Michulec by Albert Grandolini
Thomas Anderson Thomas Anderson by Robert Michulec

7019 Armor Battles 7020 Armor Battles 7021 Armor of the 7022 German Self- 7023 Panzers in Italy 7024 Wehrmacht
on the Eastern Front: on the Eastern Front: Deutsches propelled Guns by Tom Cockle Support Vehicles
(1) The German High (2) Downfall of the Afrikakorps by Gordon Rottman by Robert Michulec
Tide 1941-1942 Reich 1943-1945 by Tom Cockle
by Robert Michulec by Robert Michulec
7025 4.Panzer- 7026 4.Panzer- 7027 British Tanks of 7028 British Tanks of 7029 German 7030 German
Division on the Division on the WWII: (1) France & WWII: (2) Holland & Sturmartillerie at War Sturmartillerie at War
Eastern Front: (1) Eastern Front: (2) 1944 Belgium 1944 Germany 1944/45 Vol.1 Vol.2
1941-43 by Robert Michulec by David Fletcher by David Fletcher by Frank V. De Sisto by Frank V. De Sisto
by Robert Michulec

7031 U.S. Half-Tracks 7032 U.S. Amtracs 7033 Panzer-Division 7034 Panzer-Division 7035 Panzer-Division 7036 The M4
in Combat 1941-45 and Amphibians at 1935-1945: (1) The 1935-1945: (2) The 1935-1945: (3) War on Sherman at War: (2)
by Steven J. Zaloga War 1941-45 Early Years 1935-1941 Eastern Front 1941- Two Fronts 1943-1945 The US Army in the
by Steven J. Zaloga & by Robert Michulec 1943 by Robert Michulec European Theater
George Balin by Robert Michulec 1943-45
by Steven J. Zaloga

7037 The Scud and 7038 U.S. Light Tanks 7039 German 7040 Vietnam Armor 7041 Achtung 7042 Panzers of the
other Russian Ballistic at War 1941-45 Armored Units at in Action Panzer: The German Ardennes Offensive
Missile Vehicles by Steven J. Zaloga Arnhem, September by Gordon Rottman & Invasion of France & 1944-45
by Steven J. Zaloga 1944 Donald Spaulding the Low Countries by Tom Cockle
by Marcel Zwarts by Jon Feenstra

7043 Panzers in 7044 US Armored 7045 The Battle of 7046 US Tank Battles 7047 Panzer-Division 7048 Battle on Two
North Africa Artillery in World War II the Bulge in Germany 1944-45 in Russia Fronts 1944-45
by John Healey by Steven J. Zaloga by Steven J. Zaloga by Steven J. Zaloga by Robert Michulec & by Tom Cockle
John Healey
7049 Panzer on the 7050 U.S. Tank Battles 7051 U.S. Tank 7052 U.S. Armored 7053 Panzer Vor! 7054 German Half-
Ostfront 1941-43 in France 1944 Battles in North Africa Funnies: U.S. German Armor at Tracks of World War
by Frank V. De Sisto by Steven J. Zaloga and Italy 1942-45 Specialized Armored War 1939-45 Two
by Steven J. Zaloga Vehicles in the ETO in by Frank V. De Sisto by Frank V. De Sisto
by Steven J. Zaloga

7055 Panzer in the 7056 Panzer Vor ! 2 7057 Panzer in the 7059 German 7060 Panzer Vor ! 3 7061 Panzer Vor ! 4
Gunsights: German German Armor at War Gunsights 2: German Artillery at War 1939- German Armor at German Armor at
AFVs in the ETO 1944- 1939-45 AFVs and Artillery in 45 Vol.1 War 1939-45 War 1939-45
45 in U.S. Army by Frank V. De Sisto the ETO 1944-45 in by Frank V. De Sisto by Frank V. De Sisto by Frank V. De Sisto
Photos U.S. Army Photos
by Steven J. Zaloga by Steven J. Zaloga

7062 British Sherman 7063 German 7065 7068 British Armor in 7069 British Armor in
Tanks Artillery at War 1939- Panzerkampfwagen Sicily and Italy Northwest Europe
by Dennis Oliver 45 Vol.2 III & IV 1939-45 by Dennis Oliver Vol.1 Normandy to
by Frank V. De Sisto by Tom Cockle Arnhem
by Dennis Oliver

7058 The US Jeep at War 7066 German Leichte Panzer at 7067 German Half-tracks of 7070 Panzer-Divisions in Battle
by Steven J. Zaloga War World War Two Vol.2 1939-45
by Frank V. De Sisto by Frank V. De Sisto by Tom Cockle
New !

7071 U-Boat War 1939-45

by Ian Baxter

7064 Early Panzer Victories
by Frank V. De Sisto


7073 Panzer Vor! 6

by Frank V. De Sisto

7072 Panzer Vor! 5 !

by Frank V. De Sisto


7074 Panzer-Divisions In Battle 1939-45 Vol.2 7075 Panzer Vor! 7

by Tom Cockle by Frank V. De Sisto
This photographic series examines armed forces from many of the 20th Century’s greatest conflicts, and gives an insight into
Warrior the lives of the chief participants. All the photos depict soldiers in the midst of combat, with helpful descriptions of their
uniforms, organization and equipment. The 52 page format features more than 130 photos and up to 4 full color plates by

Series leading illustrators.

6501 Waffen SS: (1) 6502 Waffen SS: (2) From 6503 Just Cause: 6504 Waffen SS in 6505 Fallschirmjäger:
Forging an Army 1934- Glory to Defeat 1943-1945 Intervention in Panama Combat German Paratroopers from
1943 by Robert Michulec & Ronald 1989-90 by Robert Michulec & Ronald Glory to Defeat 1939-45
by Robert Michulec & Ronald Volstad by Gordon Rottman & Dmitriy Volstad by I.M. Baxter & Ronald
Volstad Zgonnik Volstad

6506 March of the 6507 The GI in Combat: 6508 Hitler Youth and the 6509 Stalingrad Inferno: 6510 September Storm:
Death’s Head Division Northwest Europe 1944-45 12.SS-Panzer-Division The Infantryman’s War The German Invasion of
by Paul Thomas & Stephen by Steven Zaloga & Ronald "Hitlerjugend" 1933-1945 by Gordon Rottman & Poland
Andrew Volstad by Tom Cockle & Ronald Ronald Volstad by Gordon Rottman &
Volstad Stephen Andrew

6511 Battle of Stalingrad: 6512 Soldat: (1) The 6513 Soldat: (2) The 6514 Waffen SS at War: 6515 Waffen SS at War:
Russia’s Great Patriotic German Soldiers on the German Soldiers on the (1) The Early Years 1939- (2) The Late Years 1943-
War Eastern Front 1941-43 Eastern Front 1943-44 1942 1944
by I.M. Baxter & Ronald by Gordon Rottman & by Gordon Rottman & by Robert Michulec & by Robert Michulec &
Volstad Stephen Andrew Stephen Andrew Stephen Andrew Stephen Andrew
6516 SS-Artillerie- 6517 March to the West: 6518 Gebirgsjäger: 6519 Battle in the East: 6521 Axis Forces in North
Regiment 4, SS-Polizei- The German Invasion of German Mountain The German Army in Africa 1940-43
Division France & the Low Infantry Russia by Claudio Antonucci
by Gordon Rottman & Countries by Gordon Rottman & by Gordon Rottman &
Stephen Andrew by Gordon Rottman & Stephen Andrew Stephen Andrew
Stephen Andrew

6520 The Italian Army at 6522 Barbarossa 6523 White Hell: The 6524 The Fall of Monte 6526 The German
War: Europe 1940-43 by Robert Kirchubel & Ramiro German Army Faces the Cassino Invasion of Yugoslavia
by Philip Jowett & Dmitriy Bujeiro Russian Winter by Gordon by Robert Michulec & Dmitriy 1941
Zgonnik Rottman & Stephen Andrew Zgonnik by Gordon Rottman & Dmitriy

6527 Luftwaffe Field &

Flak Divisions
by Robert Kirchubel & Dmitriy

6525 Fighting Withdrawal: The German Retreat in

the East 1944-45
by Gordon Rottman & Dmitriy Zgonnik

6528 Waffen SS in Action 6529 German Soldier on the Western Front

by Gordon Rottman & 1914-1918
Ramiro Bujeiro by Robert Kirchubel & Ramiro Bujeiro
6533 Into the Cauldron: Das Reich in France
by Robert Michulec & Dmitriy Zgonnik

6534 Into the Cauldron: Das Reich on the

Eastern Front
by Robert Michulec & Dmitriy Zgonnik

6532 Warriors of Imperial Japan in WWII

1941-45 (2601-05)
by Claudio Antonucci
! !
New New

6531 Operation Blau: 6.Armee’s Summer Offensive June-August 1942

by William K. Fowler & Ramiro Bujeiro

6530 Operation Little Saturn & Infantry Battles of Heeresgruppe Süd

by William K. Fowler & Ramiro Bujeiro

6535 The Waffen SS in Russia 1941-44

by William K. Fowler & Dmitriy Zgonnik

! !
New New

6536 Battles of Smolensk & Roslavl 1941 6537 Operations of Army Group North 1941-44
by Hans Seidler & Dmitriy Zgonnik by Ian Baxter & Dmitriy Zgonnik


6538 Battles of Sevastopol & Crimea 1941-42

by Hans Seidler & Dmitriy Zgonnik
This series focuses on the soldiers and warriors of specific historic conflicts. The in-depth text and illustrations will
Fighting Men not fail to inspire modelers, historians, re-enactors and enthusiasts alike. Each volume features 20-22 detailed
color plates of fighting men in realistic settings, produced by world class artists.


6001 The German Army: 6002 Imperial Rome at 6003 Ancient Celts 6004 Barbarians 6005 Ancient Armies
Blitzkrieg 1939-41 War by Tim Newark & Angus by Tim Newark & Angus by Tim Newark & Angus
by Gordon Rottman & Ron by Martin Windrow & Angus McBride McBride McBride
Volstad McBride

6006 The Mongols 6007 Age of the 6008 Warlord Armies 6009 El Cid 6010 Gunpowder Armies
by Tim Newark & Liu Yong Hua Crusades by Tim Newark & Angus by Justo Jimeno by Tim Newark & Richard
by Tim Newark & Angus McBride, Richard Hook et al Hook, Angus McBride et al

6011 The Eastern Romans 6012 Age of Conquerors
330-1461 AD by Tim Newark & Richard
by Raffaele D’Amato & Hook, Angus McBride et al
Giorgio Albertini

6014 The Age of Napoleon

by Tim Newark

6013 Medieval Knights 6015 Wars of Religion

by Justo Jimeno ’
by Tim Newark & Samantha Glinska
Any effective modern land-based armed force is comprised of tanks, armored fighting vehicles, mechanized infantry,
and specialist heliborne and amphibious equipment. These components are all studied in this pictorial series of journals
via full-color photos and an explanatory text. Each 48 page journal is composed of 3 or 5 separate articles, boasting
& HELIBORNE WARFARE more than 120 photos, as well as a centerfold 1:35 color scale drawing depicting the camouflage and markings of a
specific vehicle.

7801 Assault #1 7802 Assault #2 7803 Assault #3 7804 Assault #4 7805 Assault #5 7806 Assault #6
* Task Force Harvest * 3-7 Infantry * Armor of Strong * AH-64D in Victory Strike * Challenger 2 MBT * Britain’s Modern Air
* 1-4 CAV "The "Cottonbalers" Resolve * Wiesel Airborne * 2d "Dagger" Brigade in Defense
Quarterhorse" * Austrian * Magic Trap Weapon Platform "Mountain Guardian" * French OPFOR Center
* Golden Trident 4.Panzergrenadier * Italian C1 Ariete MBT * Spanish Mechanized * M1117 Guardian ASV CENTAC
* The Royal Regiment of Brigade * ISAF Force Construction Division "Brunete" * 1.Panzerdivision in River * 12th Chemical
Fusiliers * German Dingo Armored Vehicles Assault Company "Hellfire"
Patrol Vehicle * 2nd "Iron" Brigade’s
* US Army Interim Brigade "Iron Journey"
Combat Team

7807 Assault #7 7808 Assault #8 7809 Assault #9 7810 Assault #10 7811 Assault #11 7812 Assault #12
* 1-33 Field Artillery * Leopard 2A6 * 1-77 Armor Regiment * 1-6 Field Artillery * 9th/12th Royal Lancers * 1-1 CAV in FTX "Sabre"
"Golden Lions" * 54th Engineer "Dagger "Steel Tigers" "Centaurs" * Ulan: Austria’s Multi & "Commanche Ramp"
* AAV-7A1 AMTRAC Battalion" * Panzer Battalion * German Role AIFV * Sweden’s Armor Might
* German Armor in * M1 Panther II Combat Maneuver Artilleriebrigade 100 * OPFOR Men in Black * Black Boar Leopards
"Hessischer Löwe" * French Armor Urban * Hungarian Quick * Belgian 7th * Leopard & SAM in the
* Finnish Armored Fist Camouflage Reaction Force Mechanized Brigade Greek Army

7813 Assault #13 7814 Assault #14 7815 Assault #15 7816 Assault #16 7817 Assault #17
* Austrian * Gulf 2005 * German Recon * "Gators" in Fallujah * Recon Wiesel
Panzergrenadier & * Black Panthers Fennek * "European Challenge" * "Uhlan Eagle"
Jagdkommando Elite * Royal Lancers in * "Battle Griffin" in for the Bundeswehr * Belgian Armored
* 1st (UK) Armoured "Swabian Lance" Norway * Leopards against Recce
Division CPX "Rhino * Flugabwehrbrigade Leopards
Charge" 100 * Piranha of the Spanish
* French 6th Light Marines
Armored Brigade

7820 Assault #20

7818 Assault #18 * German Airborne
* Cougar Steel 7819 Assault #19 Mungo
* Norway’s Telemark * German Army Artillery * Dagger Brigade in
Battalion * Italian Pumas Noble Shepherd
* Afghan’s 3rd Tank * Iron Warriors * US Army Helicopters at
Kanda * Iraqistan at NT War
Modern military vehicles come under the lens in this full-color series of books. Each volume examines a
Armor at War particular family of vehicles and any associated variants, and records them with over 120 high quality
photos. Additionally there are four color plates portraying camouflage and markings of vehicles, and a

Mini Series centerfold containing accurate 1:35 scale line drawings.

7503 Russia’s T-80U 7504 German 7505 Challenger 1 & 7506 M2/M3 Bradley: 7507 Russia’s BMP 7508 The T-72 and
Main Battle Tank Wheeled Fighting 2: Spearhead of the Backbone of the Infantry Combat T-90 Tank
by Steven Zaloga & Vehicles Royal Armoured Modern U.S. Vehicles by Steven Zaloga &
David Markov by Michael Jerchel Corps Mechanized Infantry by Steven Zaloga & David Markov
by Walter Böhm & Peter by Walter Böhm & Peter David Markov
Siebert Siebert

7509 Warrior: British 7510 HMMWV: 7511 M-113 in the 7512 Rolling Steel: 7513 U.S. Army 7514 Thunder Run:
Combat Vehicle Workhorse of the US 1990s (Part 1) NATO’s HMMWVs in Iraq U.S. 3rd Infantry
Tracked Army by Carl Schulze Self-Propelled Guns by Carl Schulze & Ralph Division’s Drive to
by Carl Schulze by Carl Schulze by Carl Schulze & Walter Zwilling Baghdad
Böhm by Robert Burik & Eric

7515 Stryker IAV 7516 Marines on the 7517 Marines on the 7518 Iraq Insurgency: 7520 British Armoured
by Carl Schulze & Ralph Ground: Operation Ground: Operation U.S. Army Armored Battlegroup
Zwilling Iraqi Freedom 1 Iraqi Freedom 2 Vehicles in Action (1) by Tim Mätzold & Daniel
by Gordon Arthur by Gordon Arthur by Carl Schulze Nowak

7519 Iraq Insurgency: U.S. Army 7521 LAV & Piranha – The Extended
Armored Vehicles in Action (2) Family
by Carl Schulze by Gordon Arthur & Steve Hearn
The title tells it all! This series of journals takes a close-up look at elite military and law enforcement forces from
Special Ops around the world. Explore these elite units and their missions with atmospheric photos of their equipment and
personnel. The 64 page format features color photos throughout, plus an informative text. Each journal has
JOURNAL OF THE ELITE FORCES between 4 and 7 independent articles contributed by leading authorities.

5501 Special Ops #1 5502 Special Ops #2 5503 Special Ops #3 5504 Special Ops #4 5505 Special Ops #5 5506 Special Ops #6
NYPD ESU - U.S. Navy Metro-Dade SRT - U.S. Diplomatic Security RCMP ERT - Dutch SBS - Mission Kosovo - Yonkers GIGN - Newark Police
SBU - Legionnaires in the Swedish Rangers - Service - Germany’s KSK EUROFOR - NYDOC ERU Police ESU -Portland ERT -Caribbean
Jungle - Ottawa Tactical Group - LAPD SWAT - Britain’s 5 - San Marco Battalion - Police SERT - The Alpini - Commandos - Pakistani
IDF Airborne Corps - -Italy’s Amphibious Airborne Brigade - Venezuela Tactical Slovak SWAT SSG - Sayeret Giva’ati
11th NL Airborne Lagunari - Argentina’s Folgore Parachute Police
Brigade -Jordanian Counter-Terrorists - Brigade - U.S. Marshals
Special Operations Norway’s Finnmark Service
Jaegers - Israel’s
Commando Cops

5507 Special Ops #7 5508 Special Ops #8 5509 Special Ops #9 5510 Special Ops #10 5511 Special Ops #11 5512 Special Ops #12
Kosovo Special ATF SRT - Afghan GBI SRT - Task Force East Timor - Bright Star - U.S. Rangers MOUT - Washington DC Metro
Mujahadeen -Modern Tiger - Royal Marine - Jordan’s SOU-71 - Operation Palliser - PD Bomb Unit - Israeli
Fallschirmjäger - NATO Commandos - Royal Salvadorian Special Ops Korean National Police Undercover CT Unit -
ARRC Special Forces - Ulster Constabulary - SWAT - Savannah ERT - Bethlehem Police
Spetsnaz - Portuguese French Paratroopers - Swiss Bicycle Special Forces - USMC
GOE Polish GROM Commandos - Belgian Embassy Security Guards
Kosovo Battalion - Tel Aviv Tactical -
Palestinian Presidential
Guards - IAF Unit 669

5513 Special Ops #13 5514 Special Ops #14 5515 Special Ops #15 5516 Special Ops #16 5517 Special Ops #17 5518 Special Ops #18
Screaming Eagles in GSG-9 - Russian Paratroops Heat Up in Macedonia - French Naval USAF Special Tactics Most Wanted Terrorists -
Kosovo - Massachusetts in Kosovo - Swedish Belgian ESI - US Army’s Commandos - Austria’s Squadron PJ - KSK Crisis Diplomatic Security
State Police STOP Team - Mechanized Infantry - 160th SOAR(A) Night GEK Cobra - Spanish Reaction Force - Tel Aviv Service MSD - Port
Sweden’s Coastal Savannah River Site SRT - Stalkers -Greater Marines - USAF Special Bomb Squad - Gatwick Authority PD ESU - FAA Air
Defense Elite - Spanish French Mountain Troops - Manchester Police Operations - Portuguese Division CT Armed Marshals - Dutch BBE -
GEO Counter-Terrorist Unit Turkish & Greek Airborne Tactical Firearms Unit - Airborne Force - Operations Unit - Foreign North Miami Beach PD
- Poland’s 18th Air Assault Royal Gurkha Rifles Argentine Special Legion Paratroopers SRT - Miami-Dade PD
Battalion Commandos Bomb Squad - Israeli
Border Guards in
5519 Special Ops #19 5520 Special Ops #20 5521 Special Ops #21 5522 Special Ops #22 5523 Special Ops #23 5524 Special Ops #24
Taliban’s Defeat at San Francisco PD Australian SAS in Afghanistan Special Strong Resolve 2002 - IDF’s Defensive Shield in
Kunduz - USMC Force Tactical Unit - Royal Afghanistan - KFOR’s Polish CT Elite GROM - West Bank - French
Recon - Spanish UOE- Marines Commando -Tel Assault Rifles - Korean Spanish Navy UEBC Operation Unicorn in
Korean 707th Special Aviv Police Special Patrol SEALs - Israel Border Combat Divers - Italian Ivory Coast - Austria’s 6th
Mission Battalion - Unit - Italian COMSUBIN - Guard’s Tzabar Unit - 9th Parachute Assault Jägerbrigade - Irish
Chilean Special Forces Polish SPAT Counter- Spanish Airborne Brigade Regiment "Col Moschin" - Defense Forces EOD
Terrorist Unit - Begian 3rd BRIPAC IDF MP Force 100 Teams
Para-Lancer Regiment

5525 Special Ops #25 5526 Special Ops #26 5527 Special Ops #27 5528 Special Ops #28 5529 Special Ops #29 5530 Special Ops #30
British Forces in Babylon Operation Iraqi Operation Iraqi U.S. Army Europe’s 911 - Coalition Forces in Iraq Coalition Forces in Iraq
Operation Telic - 3-158 Freedom: Road to Freedom: Victory in German Infantry in the Volume 1 Volume 2
AVN in Lightning Storm II Baghdad Baghdad Future - French Marines -
- New Challenges for Spain’s TEDEX Bomb
Operation Unicorn - Squad
Force Recon Marines

5531 Special Ops #31 5532 Special Ops #32 5533 Special Ops #33 5534 Special Ops #34 5535 Special Ops #35 5536 Special Ops #36
Spanish MOE Green Kosovo 2004 - Aussies in Task Force Danger: Big Battle of Fallujah - Afghanistan Revisited Task Force Baghdad: 1st
Berets - Dutch & Polish Air Baghdad - Urban Red One in Iraq Italian Contingent in Iraq - Cavalry Division in Iraq
Cavalry in Gainful Sword - Combat Chechnya - Finnish Coastal Jaegers -
Italian Rangers - Belgian Para Dutch KCT Commandos -
Amphibious Ops in Commando - Antwerp Tactical
Co-operative Partner - Italian Carabinieri MSU
Albania’s RENEA Counter-
Terrorist Force

5540 Special Ops #40

5537 Special Ops #37 5538 Special Ops # 38 5539 Special Ops #39 Brits in Iraq - Canadian
Countering Insurgency in USMC in Iraq - KSK Sniper - 42nd Infantry in Iraq - Recce in Afghanistan -
Mosul - Spanish AF Green Zurich Skorpion - Greek Israeli Paratroopers - Franco-German Paras in
Berets - Operation Unicorn Rapid Reaction Force - Berlin’s Police Special Colibri XL - Italy’s 185th
2004 - Power Keg in the Israel National Police Yoav Ops Target Acquisition
Caucasus Regiment
5541 Special Ops #41
Finnish Combat Divers - Gurkhas in Afghanistan -
Greek Police EKAM CT Unit - Iron Sword in Norway 5542 Special Ops #42
Belgian Special Forces Group - Foreign Legionnaires
in Afghanistan - Maritime Counterterrorism Autumn 5543 Special Ops #43
Waves - Polish 1st PSK Commandos - Aussies in Iraq - Artic Exercise Cold Response - Police
Swiss Para Recon Intervention Units in Berne

2011 USAREUR: United States Army in Europe 4012 Su-25 Frogfoot

Firepower Pictorials by Michael Jerchel by Sergey Skrynnikov
1012 British Army of the Rhine: Armored Vehicles 2012 Certain Shield: The Multinational Airmobile 4013 Airborne Elite: (2) NATO’s Northern Flank
on Exercise Division on Exercise by Yves Debay and James Hill
by Thomas Laber by Michael Jerchel
4015 Quick Strike
1017 F-117A Stealth Fighter 2017 Arsenal for Aggression: Armored Vehicles of by Joe Cupido
by Andy Sun the Warsaw Pact
by Robert Michulec 4016 Tornado
1022 Operation Daguet: French Air Force in the by Ian Rentoul & Tom Wakeford
Gulf War
by Eric Micheletti 4017 Rotary Elite: Army Choppers of NATO
1029 U.S. Navy’s Strike Warfare Center
Concord Color Series by Yves Debay & James Hill
By Barry D. Smith 4018 The Blue Helmets Under Fire: Fifty Years of
3004 America’s Mountain Soldiers: The 10th
Mountain Division (Light Infantry) United Nations Peacekeeping Missions
1030 War in Angola by Samuel Katz & Yves Debay
by Samuel M. Katz
by Al J. Venter
3005 Rangers: U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment 4019 NATO’s First Blood: Air War over Bosnia
1032 Maple Flag by Eagle Press
by Joel B. Paskauskas II
by Mike Reyno
3007 Airborne Elite: (1) Russia’s Air Assault Force 4020 Peace by Force: Elite Forces of the IFOR
1036 Poland’s Armed Forces in the‘90s: The By Yves Debay & James Hill
by Yves Debay & James Hill
Decade of Change
by Frank & Malgorzata De Sisto
3009 SLUF A-7 Corsair II
by David F. Brown
1038 Franco-German Brigade
by Walter Böhm & Peter Siebert
Commando Series
3011 Hornet’s Nest: Marine Air Group 31
by Randy Jolly 5001 The Illustrated Guide to the World’s Top
1041 Operation Restore Hope & UNOSOM: Counter-Terrorist Forces
International Military Mission of Mercy in Somalia by Samuel M. Katz
4002 Super Show! International Air Tattoo & Tiger
by Samuel M. Katz
Meet 1991
by Ian Rentoul, Tom Wakeford & Mark Attrill 5002 The Illustrated Guide to the World’s Top
1042 Military Aircraft of Eastern Europe 3 Naval Special Warfare Units
(Helicopters) by Samuel M. Katz
4005 ACE Mobile Force (Land): NATO’s
by Piotr Butowski
Multinational Deterrent Force
by Bob Morrison
1044 Scorpion and the CVR(T) Family
by Bob Morrison
4008 On Eagles Wings: 75th Anniversary of the ‘Nam’ Series
Royal Air Force
by Tom Wakeford & Ian Rentoul 8003 U.S. Airborne-Vietnam
2010 The Balkans at War: Yugoslavia Divided by Kevin Lyles
4011 A Gathering of Eagles
by Eric Micheletti
by Mike Reyno & Duncan MacIntosh
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