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About the Adobe Illustrator

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About the Adobe Illustrator :

Adobe Illustrator layout and other products such as Photoshop and other
image editing software is similar to a basic toolbox, the following options to
control the floating window, drawing paper, and file the following information.
We will be Illustrator's interface to conduct in-depth understanding.

Control of floating window

Illustrator in a row to the right of the floating window, called the panel's tools,
the latest version of a total of 26 different panels. Illustrator、 Illustrator panel
display and management is quite flexible, you can arbitrarily shut down.
Organizations and switch them. Commonly used panels are:
Layer Palette:
Can control the order of layers,
layer properties.

Color Palette:
Palette panel allows users to select a specific
color palette, or Enter the number of direct
value method to control the selected color.

About the Adobe Illustrator

Stroke Palette
This is to control the closed curve or a single
segment of the frame features.

Graphic Styles Palette:

Users can quickly perform complex coloring
effects, even Mirror filters to add effects.

Toolbox Illustrator plays an important role in the toolbox of any beginners must
have a certain degree of dexterity to know what tools to use painting images
and use shortcut keys to quickly understand the exposure tools.

Pen Tool
About the Adobe Illustrator

Pen tool is mapping software to the volume paint a very important tool, it is to
use Bezier curves (Bezier) curves of mathematical methods to describe, so the
curve will be the handle to facilitate the adjustment of the arc degree curve.

One of the biggest features of Bezier curves is

that it can move to adjust with the handle,
the handle length and direction,
determines the shape of the curve.

For example, in right picture:

As long as convenient to move and adjust
the handle to draw the smooth curve order.

Drawing Bezier curves Beizer

The structure of Bezier curves

Illustrator in the way of painting in addition to editing the default geometry,

there are profits to draw a pen tool and Bezier curves of any shape and angle
of the path, in fact, the path by which the line is to use Bezier curves, it is a for
subject to change shape, extent and location of arc lines have more than one
on the line to control different parts of the shape of the path. The main structure
of Bezier curves are as follows:
Curve points off line



The first point

The second point Indicators of the mouse

into a written

Type of Node
About the Adobe Illustrator

Bezier curves depends mainly on the node future connection, no matter Bezier
curve shape is what is a straight line or curve, according to the node type of
shape and adjust the handles of different nature, you can adjust the path in
different directions and shape, also have an effect on path between the
location and path. Mainly three types of nodes:
1. Curve point
Used to connect the curved line segments, most cases used to describe the
corner position, the curve shape of the curve point on the hand control, handle
the longer the curve to facilitate the more curved, the curve point of both sides
of the handle tension (Tension) influence each other.

2. Turning point
Used to connect the curve turning position, most cases used to describe the
corners, when pressing the Alt key and move the turning point for both sides of
the handle, convenient produce a break in the control handle in will not affect
each other tension in the situation, you can arbitrarily control handle an angle,
connecting to any angle and slope of the curve.
3. Transfer point
Used to connecting a curve and a straight line transfer location, or both bar to
sharp interest angle connected curve, as in will not affect each other tension in
the situation, you can arbitrarily control the handle length, to influence curve.
The degree of bending, the longer the handle the more convenient bending
curve. However, the turning point of the angle of the handle can not be

Transfer point

Turning point


About the Adobe Illustrator

Stroke control tool

Stroke control tool path of the object can be set to fill and line properties.
These settings are from the pen stroke properties control tool in the menu
control, and a total of six types of strokes , strokes coloring property type,
were not, the basic color (monochrome), brushes, custom, design, and
Postscript.Click Window Stroke

Colorless pen if you want the object does not fill the outer path, you can
touch the selected object: after the stroke control tool select "no" a, that is

Coloring monochrome: monochromatic brush strokes are the most commonly

used, first select objects, select the brush tool in controlling the color of the

Stroke Weight: Control tool in the brush stroke width settings, select the
default stroke width, or any set of strokes to the thickness of
the lines.

Endpoint Type: Stroke can be divided three ways, flat end, round end and side
Ping endpoint

Round end

Square end

Strokes of the mating type: the junction type of stroke is the path connecting
About the Adobe Illustrator

the two segments resulting from the angle, the path to fit together shape,
divided into three, with sharp corners, rounded corner of peace.

Cusp Rounded Straight angle

Line Style: Manifestations of stroke is not a single solid line, there are 11 styles
of lines, including the dotted line (Dashed Line).