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Title 1: Image Retrieval Using Data Mining and Image Processing Techniques

Author: Preeti Chouhan, Mukesh Tiwari

Year: 2015
In the domain of Image processing, Image mining is advancement in the field of data
mining. Image mining is the extraction of hidden data, association of image data and additional
pattern which are quite not clearly visible in image. It’s an interrelated field that involves, Image
Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Database. The lucrative
point of Image Mining is that without any prior information of the patterns it can generate all the
significant patterns. This is the writing for a research done on the assorted image mining and data
mining techniques. Data mining refers to the extracting of knowledge /information from a huge
database which is stored in further multiple heterogeneous databases. Knowledge/ information is
communicating of message through direct or indirect technique. These techniques include neural
network, clustering, correlation and association. This writing gives an introductory review on the
application fields of data mining which is varied into telecommunication, manufacturing, fraud
detection, and marketing and education sector. In this technique we use size, texture and
dominant color factors of an image. Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) feature is used
to determine the texture of an image. Features such as texture and color are normalized. The
image retrieval feature will be very sharp using the texture and color feature of image attached
with the shape feature. For similar types of image shape and texture feature, weighted Euclidean
distance of color feature is utilized for retrieving features.

 Data Mining Technique
 Image Mining Technique

 This writing gives an idea on data techniques and mining in various projects.
 Its main task is to obtain information through current data.

Title 2: Image Mining Issues and Methods Related to Image Retrieval System
Author: D.N.D.Harini and Dr.D.Lalitha Bhaskari
Year: 2011
In this digital era with sufficiently high bandwidth and storage technologies, a huge
volume of multimedia database is available over the web. With significantly large and increasing
multimedia database often the users have to mine the available data to retrieve the relevant
information. Image Retrieval, which is an important phase in image mining, is one technique
which helps the users in retrieving the data from the available database. This paper provides an
overview of Image mining, its current research, and provides a brief study of the different phases
in image mining and image retrieval. The approach is broad and focuses mainly on providing the
different methods used in different phases of mining.

 Extraction Algorithm
 Indexing Algorithm
 It’s useful to the user to choose appropriate method based on the application.

Title 3: Image Retrieval by image feature using Data Mining Technique
Author: D.Saravanan, Dr.S. Vijaya Lakshmi, Dr.Dennis Joseph
Year: 2017
Technology brings images as a communication media for humans.
Image communication used today in many fields such as education, media,
healthcare and in other domains. Based on image retrieval user input
selection one of the most powerful technique and has been an active
research direction for the couple of years. Various features are used for
image retrieval. Most of the retrieval technique used image multi-level
features for the user feed-back. But this features are used retrieve only
image low level features and it never retrieve the image based on the
content. In the proposed technique content based retrieval used for retrieve
the images which is most similar to the input image. Here we are taking the
texture, color and shape of the image and stored in the database. When the
user asks query, then it will be matched with the database and retrieve the
image. It will retrieve the exact image by comparing the texture, color and

 Content Model
 Data Mining

 Semantics and low-level feature based relevance feedbacks are combined to help
each other in achieving higher retrieval accuracy with lesser number of feedback
iterations required from the user.
 Evaluations of the proposed framework have shown that it is effective and robust
and improves the retrieval performance of CBIR systems significantly.

Title 4: An Effective Method of Image Retrieval using Image Mining Techniques

Author: A.Kannan, Dr.V.Mohan, Dr.N.Anbazhagan

Year: 2010
The present research scholars are having keen interest in doing their research activities in
the area of Data mining all over the world. Especially, Mining Image data is the one of the
essential features in this present scenario since image data plays vital role in every aspect of the
system such as business for marketing, hospital for surgery, engineering for construction, Web
for publication and so on. The other area in the Image mining system is the Content-Based Image
Retrieval (CBIR) which performs retrieval based on the similarity defined in terms of extracted
features with more objectiveness. The drawback in CBIR is the features of the query image alone
are considered. Hence, a new technique called Image retrieval based on optimum clusters is
proposed for improving user interaction with image retrieval systems by fully exploiting the
similarity information. The index is created by describing the images according to their color
characteristics, with compact feature vectors, that represent typical color distributions.

 Image Mining
 Clustering Algorithm

 It is useful for reducing the searching time of images in the database.
 To remove the data loss and extracting the meaningful potential information to the human
expected needs.

Title 5: A Survey on Content Based Image Retrieval System
Author: M.Janani, Dr.R.Manicka Chezian
Year: 2012
Image mining is a vital technique which is used to mine knowledge from image. This is
simply an expansion of data mining. The function of image mining is to retrieve similar image
from huge database. The development of the Image Mining technique is based on the Content
Based Image Retrieval system. Color, texture, pattern, shape of objects and their layouts and
locations within the image, etc. are the basis of the Visual Content of the Image and they are
indexed. This paper presents a survey on various image mining techniques that are proposed

 Data Mining
 Image Mining
 Image Retrieval
 Clustering Algorithm

 It can always retrieve intended targets even with poor selection of initial query
points which is the main advantage of this approach.

Title 6: Design and Implementation of Content Based Image Retrieval Using Data Mining and
Image Processing Techniques
Author: Aboli W.Hole, Prabhakar L.Ramteke
Year: 2015
Now a day’s people are interested in using digital images. There is a great need for
developing an efficient technique for finding the images. In order to find an image, image has to
be represented with certain features. Color, texture and size are three important visual features of
an image. We will implement an efficient image retrieval technique which uses dynamic
dominant color, texture and size features of an image. As a first step, an image is uniformly
divided into 8 coarse partitions. The centroid of each partition is selected as its dominant color
after the above coarse partition. By using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM), texture of
an image is obtained. Color and texture features are normalized. A robust feature set for image
retrieval is provided by using the combination of the color and texture features of an image in
conjunction with the shape features. In retrieving the similar images, weighted Euclidean
distance of color, texture and shape features is used.

 Data Mining Algorithm
 Clustering Algorithm
 Network Algorithm

 It provides significant computational benefits over color correlogram, it is more
suitable for image retrieval.
 Texture is also an important visual feature that refers to innate surface properties
of an object and their relationship to the surrounding environment.