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DepaÉment of Hometand Security

U.S. Immigration
and Customs

Fact Sheet Enforcement

South Texas Family Residential Center

Address: 1925 West Highway 85, Dilley, Texas

Kev Facts

The South Texas Family Residential

Center (STFRC) was constructed
specifically within the framework of
U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement's (ICE) family residential
standards which were developed for the
housing of civilly detained family
groups. STFRC opened in late 2014 and
was at full occupancy by early 2015.

a As with the other ICE family residential centers, STFRC provides appropriate and
respectful living conditions for families awaiting the outcome of immigration hearings or
pending return to their home country. Residents can roam freely throughout the facility
playrooms, snack areas with continually restocked refrigerators, outdoòr recreation fields
and play grounds, contact visitation, libraries, exercise ïooms, lobbies, etc. Children
attend school in classrooms with bilingual, state-certified teachers. Parents have access to
English as a Second Language and other adult education.

a ICE maintains a contract with CoreCivic to provide day-to-day operations of the facility.
ICE officers are also onsite to provide oversight and maintain communication with the
residents. Further, the facility complies with the Family Residential Standards (FRS) and
undergoes monthly and bi-annual inspections. There is also a Detention Service Manager
assigned to the facility to ensure daily compliance with the FRS.

a A June 2017 DHS Inspector General's report stated that ICE family residential centers,
including STFRC, are"clean, well-organized, andefficiently run,, and the agency was
found to be "addressing the inherent challenges of providing medical uãd language
services and ensuring the safety of families in detention.,' "u."

a STFRC can house up to 2,400 individuals on property spanning almost 55 acres.

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Additional X'acts:

a Families have freedom of movement throughout the facility from

6 a.m. to g p.m.

a The facility cafeteria, open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,provides three meals per

day, with food
tailored for the population

a Nutritious snacks are available throughout the facility 2417. Additional items can be
purchased from the commissary.

a All school age children will receive instruction from state-licensed teachers.

a Residents can receive visitors seven days per week, g a.m. to g p.m.

a Each bedroom accommodates six-to-eight people.

a All bedrooms offer cable television.

o Recreation resources include exercise equipment, a soccer field, volleyball

and basketball
courts; board games, books, age-appropriate toys, etc.

The center features a computer lab with internet access and email services.

a Residents have access to phone banks. Phone calls to a directory of consulates,

select non-
governmental otganizations, and pro-bono legal counsel are available
to residents free ofcharge.

o Residents may keep and wear their own clothes. STFRC provides non-institutional
clothing should residents require additional items.

U'S' Immigratíon and Customs Enforcement (CE) is the largest investigative
arm of the Department of Homeland Security.
ICE is a 2 ISt century law enforcement agency with broad reiponsibilities i
for number of key homeland security priorities,
For more information, visit: www.ICÙ.gov. To report suspicious activity, cati t-AOO-S¿Z-Z+ZS.

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