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Basically being involued in civil jobs, our offices is doing an MEP work for the first time.

For our current

project i have identified & classified the activities into following,:

MEP First fix

Plumbing & drainage - u/g drainage, fire-protection pipes & water supply.
HVAC-CHW pipe sleeves.
Electrical sleeves-Electrical sleeves & conduit in GF slab.
MEP First fix in columns & wall.
Plumbing & Drainage - Embedded water supply , drainage & fire protection.
HVAC-CHW Pipe sleeves.
Electrical works- Conduits, back boxes in columns & walls.
MEP 1st fix in blockwork - install conduits & back boxes in wall.
M & E 2nd fix
Plumbing & drainage - Isolation values.
Plumbing - cold & hot water supply.
Drainage - WC’s, WHB’s & Urinals etc.
HVAC Ducting & CHW pipe.
HVAC - HVAC values
HVAC - FCU, AHU valves.
Electrical works - Wiring for internal lights, small power, sockets.
Electrical works - Wire pulling to jn box’s & electrical DB’s
Electrical works - Installation of DB’s & MDP’s
Electrical works - DB dressing.
Electrical works - Cabling for fire alarm system.
Electrical works - Cable tray & trunking.
M & E final fix
Installation of sanitary wares.
Installation of lights, switches, sockets etc.
ELV outlets & equipmemt.
Installation of fire alarm devices & fire alarm panel & repeater panel.
Installation of fire hose reel cabinet.
Installation of split unit AC’s