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Celebrating 21 years of juxtaposed creativity!


September 4, 2018 @ 7pm
Nijaga Park, Calbayog City

Guidelines and Mechanics

A. Qualification
1. The competition is open to all dance groups from within Region VIII.
2. Each group shall be composed of eight (8) dancers.

B. Contest Rules
1. Participants shall register an official name for their group. Registration forms are available at the City
Arts and Culture Office.
2. Participating groups shall undergo auditions and screening to qualify for the contest. Ten (10) finalists
shall be selected.
3. Each group shall perform any Pinoy Hiphop dance which shall not exceed five (5) minutes including the
intro and extro. Remix or non-remix full-length OPM shall be used in the audition and competition.
4. Pyrotechnics and similar effects are prohibited.
5. Risky stunts included in the choreography such as tumbling exhibitions, unnecessary somersaults, and
the like, shall be discouraged. In case of injuries to the performers during the show caused by the
aforementioned stunts, the CACO shall not be held liable.
6. Each group shall submit a clear copy of contest music (CD or flash drive) to the organizers on the
scheduled deadline prior to the competition.
7. Participating groups must be in appropriate costume with Pinoy touch.
8. All finalists must be present during the blocking rehearsals. Failure to attend is tantamount to
9. Draw lots shall be done to determine the finalists’ order of performance.
10. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be final and non-appealable. The Champion shall do a repeat
performance after proclamation of winners.

C. Criteria for Judging

1. Coordination, Mastery, Showmanship and Gracefulness 35%
2. Creativity, Originality, Variation of Movements 35%
3. Costume 20%
4. Audience Impact 10%
D. Prizes
Champion Php 20,000.00 + trophy
1st Runner-Up 10,000.00
2nd Runner-Up 5,000.00
Consolation (7 non-winning finalists) 2,000.00

E. Timetable/Venue
Deadline of Registration August 20, 2018
Auditions/Screening August 23-24, 2018
9-11AM / 2-4PM
Rehearsals/Blocking August 30, 2018
9-11 AM CACO

For details or inquiries, please contact the HADANG Festival 2018 Secretariat @ cellphone #
09058068675 and look for Ms. Jinjin Cinco/Mr. Jevon Lorenzo Advincula, or drop by the CACO
Secretariat Office, Nijaga Park, Calbayog City.