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G present continuous

What's the
V clothes, prepositions of place
woman doing?
P /of a nd 13:/
She's standing
in front of the

1 VOCABULARY clothes 3 GRAMMAR present continuous

a Look at the pictures. What ar e t he models a Look at the painting o n p.9 by the British a rt ist D avid H ackney
wearing? M atch the wo rds a nd clo thes. (1937-). In pairs, describe the m a n a nd the wom a n.
• What do they look like?
D boots • What a re theywea ring?
D shirt • What a re they doing?
D shoes
D skirt b Underline the co rrect form of tbe verb, present continuous or
present simple.
D top
1 In the painting the man isn't wearing f doesn't wear shoes.
D trousers
2 In the UK women often wear f are wear ina big hats at wedd ings.
3 In the pa inting a white cat sits f is sit tina on the ma n's knee.
4 My son usually sits f is sitting at the back of the class so that the
teacher can't see hi m.
c > p.l26 Grammar Bank lC. Learn mo re about the present
co ntinuous and practise it.

b > p.l51 Vocabulary Bank Things you wear. d Look at the pictures o n page 4 . What are the people weari ng?
What are they do ing?

2 PRONUNCIATION fgf and 13:/

a l 2 0 >)) Liste n to these words and sounds.
Practise saying them . a 1 24 >)) Look at thc pa intingofMr andMrsC/arka nd Percyon p.9
and li sten to the aud io guide. Focus o n th e people and things in
tro users trainers

¥ co mputer sandals sweater

cardigan b
th e pa inting as they are m e ntioned .

Liste n aga in. Ma rk the sente nces T (true) o r F (fal se).

2 ~ bird \ shirt skirt T-sh irt

I Percy is the name of the cat.
2 MrandMrsCiark m adeclothes
fo r famo us people.
b Underline the stressed syllable in the words 3 The painting shows their li ving
below. Which sound do they have, 1 o r 2? room .
actor cinema firs t painter third 4 The painting is qu ite sma ll.
arrive fash ion world university 5 Celia is pregna nt in the pa inting.
picture working prefer 6 Ozzie is putting his feet into the
carpet because he is cold.
c 1 21 >)) Liste n a nd check. 7 The positio n o f the couple in the
d > p.166 Sound Bank. Look at the ty pica l paintin g is unu ual.
pellings fo r these sound s. 8 The open window is a sym bol of
the love between them.
e Ask and a nswer the questio ns w ith a pa rtner. 9 The cat is a symbol of in fide li ty.
What clothes do you usually wea r ... ? 10 Celia and Ozzie later got divorced.
• at work / uni versity/ school 11 Celia doesn't li ke the pai nt ing.
• when you go o ut at nig ht 12 Ozzie C la rk d ied in 1995.
• when you want to relax at th e weekend