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We will die anyway, enjoy life

Q UALITY. SERVICE. DEDICATION. 18. Thomas Carlyle said, “The man without a purpose is like a ship
4th Floor Grace Hardware Building, Rizal Ave. cor Capistrano St., without a rudder…” it could be interpreted as ________.
Ozamiz City A. There should be sufficient energy in ones life.
CHED PERMIT TO OPERATE REVIEW CENTER No. 035 Series of 2008 B. Direction can never come into one’s life.
C. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled.
LET REVIEW: INTENSIVE D. There is a strong driving force in ones life.
GENERAL EDUCATION 19. Our commitment can develop us or can destroy us, but either way,
Diagnostic Exam II they will define us. Choose the line below that has the same
1. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. “Such is a good A. Flexible commitment is what we need today
advice for those who ______. B. We must make full commitment to worldly goals
A. predict B. procrastinate C. profess D. proliferate C. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to
2. The measure of choosing well is whether or not a man likes D. Our commitments need not be planned way ahead.
what he ______. 20. Lack of appetite and less sleep gave her a _____ appearance.
A. has chosen B. is choosing C. chose D. choose A. Lazy B. lanky C. easy-going D. haggard
3. Wounded, he walked away still suffering from EXRUCIATING 21. My grandma had some “lucid moments” before she died.
pain. Describe the pain. She was __________.
A. Mild B. Slight C. Unbearable D. Endurable A. thinking clearly B. confused C. sad D. ambiguous
4. Humble winners don’t GLOAT about the prize. What does gloat 22. The space Age ______ in October 21, 1957 when Sputnik was
mean? launched by the Soviet Union. Which word completes the sentence
A. Scoff B. Brag C. Deride D. Belittle correctly?
5. Business computers have become more complex that A. cited B. flourished C. ended D. commence
necessitate complete training in operating them. They are now 23. An automatic teller machine provides a _____ means of banking 24
described as SOPHISTICATED electronic system, meaning hours a day.
________. A. crooked B. cordial C. convenient D. controversial
A. Simple B. Cosmopolitan C. Fashionable D. 24. The hostages are free. They paid away! What do these statements
Complicate tell us?
6. To HERALD major economic and social changes brought about A. They escaped after paying C. They were released after paying
by technology, means to ___________. B. They had a peaceful negotiation D. They were freed after
A. respond to B. encourage C. end D. proclaim negotiation
7. Using contextual clues, complete the following statement. 25. The traffic flow at the corner was jammed. Tom feared getting late so
Most flowers _____ in spring. he ___ with a bus and leaped at the door.
A. Bloom B. weaken C. wither D. die A. catch up B. caught up C. was catching D. has caught
8. Successful sales persons ________ and understand the needs 26. George Bernard Shaw said. “You see things that are and you ask
of the market. why. But I dream things that never were and ask why not.”
A. know their products thoroughly Such lines speak of his _____________.
B. thoroughly knows their products. A. clear thinking B. immortality C. curiosity D. rich imagination
C. their products are known thoroughly 27. The statue was erected in _________ to war heroes.
D. products are thoroughly known A. homage B. defense C. irreverence D. antithesis
9. Archimedes shouted, “Eureka” Since then, the world took this to mean 28. News travels as fast as the wind. This line is a/an ____________.
_______. A. simile B. metaphor C. idiom D. protection
A. gift B. mystery C. discovery D. enjoyment 29. Rousseau advised, “Have a good bank account a good cook and a
10. Children who have been exposed too much TV suffers from unusually good digestion. What is being referred to?
short ____. A. Security B. Family C. Duty D. Investment
A. Understanding B. attention span 30. A HIGH-MINDED person wouldn’t lie. What does it mean?
C. learning D. concentration A. Unprincipled B. Honorable C. Corrupt D. Mean
11. After _______ all day, she finally saw the lake. 31. Ano ang ipinatatalastas dito?
A. walking B. have walked C. had walked D. having NADUROG AND KANYANG PUSO SA TINDI NG DALAMHATI.
walked A. Pagmamalabis B. Pagpapalita-tawag
12. We should work for a total ban ______ of pesticides that are harmful C. Pagwawangis D. Pagkahabag
to man. 32. “Bakit ayaw mong ilibing sa limot ang malungkot na pangyayari sa
A. on the use B. with the use C. by the use D. on using buhay? Ibigay ang kahulugan.
13. Those mischievous children _______ tricks of their teachers, which A. Sariwain B. Alalahanin C. Iwasan D. Kalimutan
always got them into a lot of trouble. 33. Ibigay ang aspekto ng pandiwa ng pangungusap na ito.
A. used to play B. may have played KASUSULAT LANG NIYA NG KUWENTO.
C. could play D. could have played A. Kontemplatibo B. Perfectibo
14. The line from the Koran, “Woe to every backbiter, “talks of ______”. C. Imperpekto D. Pawatas
A. sorrow for those who oppose other’s opinion 34. Kung killa sa Cebu ang Sinulog, kilala naman sa Iloilo ang
B. punishment for those who say good things ______________.
C. anguish for those who defend A. Dalampasigan B. Kadayawan
D. misery for those who talks ill for others C. Ati-atihan D. Dinagyang
15. Steel is not ______ because it doesn’t break easily. 35. Alin ang angkang pinagmulan ng mga wika sa Pilipinas?
A. Malleable B. Brittle C. tense D. ductile A. Indones B. Malay
16. History is the witness that _______ passing of time. C. Indones polinesyo D. Malayo Polinesyo
A. testifies for B. testifies the C. testifies D. will testify 36. Ang isa sa dalawang hati ng ma pananlita ay ang pangnilalaman. Alin
17. Life, so they say, is just a game ditto ang isa?
And they let is slip away A. Paturol B. Pangkayarian C. Panuring D. Nominal
Don’t let life slip away 37. Ano ang tawag sa nasa malaking titik sa sumusunod na
Grasp it while you can pangungusap?
We may never pass this way again. NAGING MABILIS ang pulong NG PANGULO at NG MGA KALIHIM.
What does this stanza suggest? A. Kataga B. Salita C. Sugnay D. Parirala
A. life will be gone in a minute 38. Ano ang mga salitang pinaikli at ginagamit sa mga pagkakataong
B. We must play any game well informal?
C. Opportunity comes once, seize it A. Balbal B. Lalawigan C. Panlipunan D. Kolokyal
Please submit this material together with the answer sheet after the exam. Bringing the material outside SLRC is
strictly prohibited!
39. Ano ang kahulugan ng tagbising panahon? 61. Which of the following is a factor of the quadratic equation?
A. Isaisip B. Tagtuyot C. Singilin D. Tag-ulan x2 – 2x - 24 = 0?
40. Ano ang tawag sa mga unang tula ng mga Pilipino? A. x-4 B. x+ 2 C. x+ 6 D. x-6
A. Palaisipan B. Soneto C. Liriko D. Karunungan bayan 62. Julies spent one-sixth of her money in one store. In the next store,
41. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang magiging tulong sa pagsasalin ng she spent three times as much as she spent in the first store, and
Wikang Filipino? had 80 pesos left. How much money did she have at the start?
A. Komersiyalisasyon B. Intelektwalisasyon A. 240 pesos B. 252 pesos
C. Modernisasyon D. Intandardisasyon. C. 300 pesos D. 360pesos
42. Saan dimensiyon nabibilang ang paggamit ng globo? 63. What part of an hour has passed from 2:48 pm to 3:20pm?
A. Kagamitang pansilid B. Kagamitang Awdyo A. 7/8 B. 1/3 C. 8/15 D. 8/2.5
C. Kagamitang biswal D. Kagamitang lingual 64. What is 3 m + 28 dm when converted to centimeters?
43. Ang pagtuturo ng Filipino bilang panglawang wika ay higit na A. 480 B. 4800 C. 5800 D. 580
magiging mabisa kung gagamit ng __________. 65. A street vendor sells roasted peanuts at P5 per packet of 25 gm which
A. Pagsasaulo B. tanong-sagot she bought for 80 per kilo. She spent P20 for oil, fuel, and plastic
C. pagkukwento D.modelo bags, what is her net gain from selling all the peanuts?
44. Anong bahagi ng pananalita ang nasa malaking titik? A. P480 B. P380 C. 360 D. 100
Malungkot ANG MGA nagtapos na wala pang trabaho. 66. If x = -5, what is the value of x2 – 9
A. Pananda B. Pangatnig C. Pang-ukol D. Parirala x+3
45. Alin sa mga teknik ng pagtututro ang conrete? A. 7 B. -6 C. -8 D. 5
A. Pag-aaral ng balarila. 67. What are the missing terms in the series 5, 10, 20, ___, 80, ___,
B. Paggamit ng mga laro. 3207?
C. Pakikipag-usap na gamit ang wikang pinag-aralan. A. 50,210 B. 40,160 C. 35,135 D. 40,120
D, Paggamit ng mga batayang aklat. 68. All the seats in a bus are occupied and six persons are standing. At
46. TUMUNGO SA IBANG BANSA ANG PANGULO AT MGA SENDOR. the next bus stop, 18 persons got off and 5 got in. How many seats
Ibigay ang kayarian ng pangungusap. were empty after this stop if everyone had a seat?
A. Tambalang B. Langkapan C. Hugnayan D. Payak A. 24 B. 23 C. 0 D. 2
47. Ano ang kahulugan ng pariralang, PATAY NA SI BIGAYAN, ITSURA 69. A, B, and C are consecutive numbers. If A>B>C, what is the value of
NI DAMAYAN. (A-B) (A-C) (B-C)?
A. Wala ng halaga ang pagtutulungan. A. -2 B. 2 C. 1 D. -1
B. Limot na ang pagkakaibigan. 70. Which of the following could be a factor of n(n+1) if n is a positive
C. Uso na ang suhulan. integer less than 3?
D. Uso na ang pangungurakot. A. 8 B. 3 C. 9 D. 5
48. Ang katawagan sa mga kataga or tunog na isinasama sa kayarian ng 71. What number subtracted from each of 71 and 58 will result in two
mga pangungusap katulad ng RIN, DIN, BA, LANG, PA at NA ay perfect squares?
mga ____________ A. 22 B. 42 C. 35 D. 33
A. Inglitik B. Digrapo C. Ponema D. Morpema 72. A recipe which is good for 4 persons calls for 2/3 cup of milk. How
49. Alin ditto ang gamit ng guro kung hanap niya ang paraan kung paano much milk will be needed by a recipe for 6 persons?
ito ituturo? A. 4 cups B. 1 cup C. 2 cups D. 8 cups
A. Teksbuk B. Pantulong na aklat 73. Which of the flowing has the largest value?
C. Manwal ng guro D. Pamphlet A. 2 + 22 + (2+2)2 B. 43 C. [(2 + 2)2]2 D. (2 + 2 +2)2
50. PINASLAYAN ng mga mag-anak ang Enchanted Kingdom noong 74. The expression 1 + 1 + 1 is equal to ______.
isang buwan. Ano ang pukos ng pandiwa? 100 25 1000
A. Tagatanggap B. Tagaganap C. Direksyon D. Sanhi A. 0.0051 B. 0.006 C. 0.51 D. 0.051
51. Hindi ko malaman kung bakit ang basura ay kanyang ___________. 75. How many members of Set A are factors of any members of Set B?
A. Itinapon B. Itapon C. Tinapon D. Natapon Set A = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5} Set B = {1, 2, 7, 9, 10}
52. “Iyon lamang nakakaranas ng mga lihim na kalungkutan ang A. 6 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3
maaaring makakkilala ng mga lihim na kaligayahan.” Ang mga 76. A store lost P252, 000 last year. What was its average loss per
pahayag na ito ay nagsasaad ng ________. month?
A. Kapangitan ng buhay B. Kalungkutan ng mabuhay A. P20, 000 B. P20, 500 C. P 21,500 D. P 21,000
C. Kagandahan ng buhay D. Paghihikahos sa buhay 77. If x is an odd integer and y is an even integer, which of the following is
53. Kailan ginagamit ang IKA na may gitling? an odd integer?
A. Kung ginagamit na panlapi sa isang salita A. 2x-y B. x2 + y – 1 C. x2 + 3y D. x – 1
B. Kung ang ikakabit ay isang panlapi 78. The first 5 numbers in a sequence are 5, 6, 8, 11, and 15. What are
C. Kung ang bilang ay isinusulat na buo the 8th and 10th numbers in the sequence?
D. Kung ang mismong bilang ang susunod na isusulat. A. 32 and 49 B. 26 and 49 C. 27 and 42 D. 33 and 50
54. Three brothers inherited a cash amount of P120, 000 and they divided 79. What percent of 4 is _3 of 8?
it among themselves in the ratio of 5:2:1. How much more is the 5
largest share than the smallest share? A. 83 1/3% B. 48% C. 80% D. 120%
A. P75, 000 B. P30,000 C. P15,000 D. P60,000 80. What is the counting number that is less than 15 and when divided by
55. In this number, 2457.13689, which digit in the thousandth place? 3 has a remainder of 1, but when divided by 4 has a remainder of 2?
A. 8 B. 6 C. 3 D. 4 A. 5 B. 12 C. 8 D. 10
56. Joan bought 120 handkerchiefs at 10 pesos each. Then she sold 81. Which of these weights is heaviest?
them at 3 handkerchiefs for P50, if she sold all the handkerchiefs, A. 2250 gm. B. 2.5 kg. C. 8 pounds D. 4200 mg
how much profit did she make? 82. Which of the following is the factorization of the binomial x 2 – 42?
A. P 400 B. P800 C. P733 D. P120 A. (x+4) (x +2) B. (x+4)2 C. x(x+2x+2) D. (x-4)(x+4)
57. What is the value of 12 1/6 - 2 3/8 – 7 2/3 + 19 ¾? 83. What percent of 560 is 35?
A. 21 B. 21 1/8 C. 22 D. 21 7/8 A. 6.5% B. 16% C. 6.25% D. 65%
58. If the area of one circle is twice of another circle, what is the ratio in 84. Molting is a process whereby insects shed off their old cuticle to grow
percent of the smaller to larger circle? in size. This is called __________.
A. 70% B. 25% C. 75% D. 50% A. sclerotic peel B. cyclosis C. ecdysis D. metamorphosis
59. The average of 5 different numbers is 10. What is the highest possible 85. In a series circuit, how many complete pathways of electricity are
value that one of the numbers can have? produced?
A. 20 B. 40 C. 30 D. 38 A. 3 B. depends on the number of bulb C. 4 D. 1
60. What value of x will satisfy the equation 0.2(2x+1470) = x? 86. Blocks of asphalt roads are left with a narrow gap in-between them in
A. 490 B. 2,130 C. 1470 D. 560 order to _________.
Please submit this material together with the answer sheet after the exam. Bringing the material outside SLRC is
strictly prohibited!
A. Hold extra dust and small particles of sand. 107. An object weighs 30 N on earth. A second object weights 30 N on
B. Give allowance for expansion during hot days. the moon. Which of the two objects has the greater mass?
C. Serve as passage of water during rainy days. A. The one on the moon C. Cannot be determined
D. Make roads with equal blocks and gaps. B. They have the same mass D. The one on earth
87. Which of these use the principle that pressure is transmitted 108. Which organisms are responsible for the return of substances in the
equally in all directions in a liquid? bodies of the dead plants and animals to the soil?
A. Hydraulic devices C. Stoppered devices A. Producers B. First Order consumers
B. Fluid-operated crane D. Buoyed appliances C. Decomposers D. Consumers
88. Which of the following environmental conditions has been blamed for 109. Lakes that accumulate abundant nutrients become ____________
the usual occurrence of “fish kills”? A. Pelagic B. Eutrophic C. Bathyol D. Abyssal
A. Acid rain B. Eutrophication 110. When molecules of ink turn a glassful of water into blue, what
C. Atmospheric pollution D. Silting of lakes process has occurred?
89. Why are doorknobs placed at the edge of a door rather than in the A. Absorption B. Osmosis C. Diffusion D. Solution
center? 111. Protein is a polymer while the monomer of this substance is
A. To increase in the lever arm. ______________
B. It is closer to the edge of the doorway A. fatty acid B. amino acid C. glucose D. pyruvic acid
C. To help give more momentum to the door 112. Which a chemical substance is/are contained in detergents which
D. To increase the force on the door. cause/s the foam in stream water?
90. What part of the brain acts as a center of our emotion? A. Alkyl benzene sulfanate C. Phosphorus and Alkyl
A. Cerebrum B. Thalamus C. Cerebellum D. Medulla B. Phosphorus and benzene D. Oil and benzene
91. What is the technology being used now in the surgery of the retina? 113. What happens to the speed of a light ray as it passes from water to
A. x-ray B. Laser C. Optical ray D. CT scan air?
92. What is the reason why a pressure cooker cooks food faster? A. Increases B. Remains the same
I. Water boils faster. C. Decreases D. Increases then decreases
II. It raises the boiling point of water. 114. What does inalienability of rights mean?
III. It raises the cooking temperature of food. I. They cannot be taken away from persons.
IV. It is tightly closed. II. No man has the authority to deny them
A. II and III B. I, II and III C. I, II and IV D. II and IV III. They cannot be surrendered.
93. Global warming can be prevented by ______________. A. I and III B. I, II and III C. II and III D. I and II
A. Using refuse-derived fuel incinerator 115. Do all persons possess human dignity?
B. Preventing increase of vehicle exhaust A. Yes, if they do good
C. Preventing build-up of open house gases B. No, the beggar does not have it.
D. Using Freon in many household devices. C. No, only those who believe in God.
94. What nutrients can be absorbed in our body without undergoing D. Yes, no exception
digestion? 116. A violation of a person’s right is a violation of his/her ___________.
A. Carbohydrates B. Fats C. Proteins D. Vitamins A. Name B. Freedom C. Intelligence D. Dignity
95. Choose the not biogeochemical cycle. 117. The right of a beggar to alms is an example of a (an) _______ right.
A. Carbon dioxide B. Oxygen C. Hydrogen D. Mineral A. Inalienable B. Perfect C. Imperfect D. Social
96. The escape mechanism by which the mudfish and the catfish change 118. Which is a violation of the right to life?
from a darker color to a lighter one depending on the color of the A. contraception B. Miscarriage
water is called__________? C. Direct abortion D. Birth Control
A. Protective mimicry C. Habitat protection 119. When a manufacturer engages in the production of pirated CD’s,
B. Adaptive coloration D. Aggressive coloration which other people’s s right does he violate? Right to
97. Which group of organisms cause “red tide”? ____________.
A. Bacteria B. Dinoflagellates C. Algae D. Jellyfishes A. engage in business C. copyright
98. Ecologists associate the relation between climate and vegetation and B. intellectual property D. lawful income
animal life with the term _________. 120. On which is the dignity of every human person rooted? On his/her
A. Biosphere B. Habitat C. Population D. Biome being ____________.
99. Patients suffering from defective kidneys are now assisted by a A. educated
machine called ________. B. created into GOD’s image and likeness
A. Hemodializer B. Nephros machine C. productive
C. Hemoscope D. Nephridium scanner D. good
100. Which are the food eaters or consumers in an ecosystem? 121. Which right is inalienable?
A. Autotrophs B. Decomposers C. Producers D. Heterotrophs A. right to marry B. right to alms
101. Which is an aggregate fruit that originates from a cluster of matured C. right to property D. right to life
ovaries? 122. Shall a person be detained solely by reason of his political belief?
A. Strawberry B. Pineapple C. Pea D. Guava A. Yes, if he expresses it outwardly in public
102. Which gas is manufactured by green plants into starch? B. No.
A. Carbon Dioxide B. Hydrogen C. Oxygen D. Helium C. No, if he does not express it public
103. Many amphibians may lose a part of their body such as a leg or tail. D. Yes
They have the ability to grow a lost part. This ability is known as 123. The rights of a person are obligations for others. What does this
_______. mean?
A. Rejuvination B. Reproduction I. Every person is obliged to uphold the rights of others.
C. Regeneration D. Resuscitation II. Every person is obliged to respect the rights of others.
104. Antoine H. Becquerel defined this phenomenon as the spontaneous III. Every person has rights and obligations.
disintegration of the nucleus of an atom. Which is this phenomenon? A. I and III B. II and III C. II and III D. I and II
A. Fusion B. Radioactivity 124. The following goes with the establishment of peace EXCEPT _____.
C. Bombardment of Atom D. Fission A. Non-violent conflict resolution C. Conciliation
105. Which biogas is obtained from biological wastes such as animal B. Discrimination D. Solidarity
manure? 125. Which is the foundation of genuine peace?
A. Ethylene B. Methane C. Ester D. Alcogas A. Social justice B. Peace talks
106. The atomic bomb releases a tremendous amount of energy C. Ends of arm race D. Religiosity
through ______ 126. Which events in Philippine history prove that change can come
A. combination of light atoms C. thermonuclear chain through non-violent means?
B. fission D. fusion A. The assassination of Benigno Aquino Sr.
Please submit this material together with the answer sheet after the exam. Bringing the material outside SLRC is
strictly prohibited!
B. Marcos fleeing to Hawaii 142. In your school, most students come late. You, too, go to school late
C. Impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada and you don’t see anything wrong in it because everybody is coming
D. EDSA I and EDSA II Revolution to school late anyway. Which is your norm of morality?
127. Communion is an essential element in the establishment of a culture A. Fear B. Shame C. Authority D. Group thinking
of peace. Which does NOT go with the spirit of communion? 143. Which is/are a positive consequence/s of the close family ties among
A. Widening the gap among individuals and nations Filipinos?
B. Transcending national boundaries. I. Stability of the family
C. Overcoming ethnic and cultural divisions II. Pattern of dependence
D. Living peacefully with nature III. Permanence of Marriage
128. If any nation endangers world peace, the United Nations may use A. I and III B. II and III C. I only D. I, II and III
economic sanctions against that country. How does the United 144. What does ICT means?
Nations do this? A. Information Center of Technology
A. Asks UN member nations to furnish troops to enforce UN decision B. Information Communications and Technology
B. Directs other member nations not to accept citizens of the C. Information and Communications Technology
offending nations as immigrants D. Information Center of Teachers
C. Orders nations to stop trading with the offender 145. It is considered as the first calculating machine.
D The UN declares war against the offender. A. Abacus B. Computer C. Calculator D. None of the above
129. Which illustrates the spirit of non-violence? 146. These are the intangible parts of the computer such as files and
A. The act to submit oneself to the will of the powers that be programs.
B. The move towards a gun less society A. Hardware B. Software C. Peopleware D. User
C. The use of strike as a bargaining power 147. How big is a byte?
D. The act to be quiet to preserve peace A. 4 bits B. 32 bits C. 8 bits D. 54 bits
130. With the Cold War in mind, which doest NOT belong? 148. A computer’s pointing device held under one of the user's hands,
A. Dialogue B. Competition C. Tension D. Conflict with one or more buttons.
131. From the peace education perspective, which is an effective way of A. Modem B. Mouse C. Floppy Disk D. Keyboard
solving a problem? 149. An input device that modeled after the type writer keyboard, which
A. Giving in B. Ignoring C. Domination D. Dialogue uses an arrangement of buttons or keys.
132. Drug addiction, neurosex, and other psychological illnesses are A. Modem B. Mouse C. Floppy Disk D. Keyboard
indicators of ______- 150. Which does not belong to the group?
A. progress in medical science A. Monitor B. Floppy Disk C. Hard Disk D. Flash Disk
B. inner peacelessness
C. fast pace and industrialization
D. rapid modernization in society
133. Which body of the United Nations has peace among nations as its
major responsibility?
A. Trusteeship Council C. International Court of Justice
B. General Assembly D. Security Council
134. What do we have in common with the beasts?
A. Our intelligence C. Our material body
B. Our manner of survival D. Our freedom
135. “Be honest even if others are not. Be honest even if others cannot.”
What do these statements imply?
A. Honesty remains a value even if nobody values it.
B. Honesty does not pay.
C. Filipinos seem not to value honesty anymore.
D. Honesty is truly a value only if people possess and live by it.
136. Values that are essential must be preferred over those that are
accidental? Which illustrates this? We prefer ____________.
A. money over sense of fulfillment C. pleasure over money
B. health over beauty D. beauty over achievement
137. What is meant by the statement: Values are absolute? Values are
A. Changing B. Subjective C. personal D. unchanging
138. To be ethical and moral what is the best thing to do?
A. Reflection on the moral thing to do
B. Discussion on what is good to do
C. Strengthening of the will
D. Conducting seminars on values education
139. Which is the greatest value according to the teachings of Karl Marx?
A. Health C. Elimination of selfish desires
B. Pleasure D. Absolute equality
140. Which value preference is shown if you value health more than
beauty? Preference for ____________.
A. the essential over the accidental
B. the permanent value over the temporary
C. value preferred by a greater number of people over that which
appeals only to a few.
D. Value that gives greater satisfaction over that which provide
short-lived pleasures.
141. What is wrong with cheating?
I. It erodes peoples trust in others.
II. It helps the cheater to think creatively of acceptable
way of cheating.
III. It leads to more and graver acts of cheating.
A. I and III B. I and II C. I only D III only
Please submit this material together with the answer sheet after the exam. Bringing the material outside SLRC is
strictly prohibited!
1. B 76. D
2. A 77. C
3. C 78. D
4. B 79. D
5. D 80. D
6. D 81. B
7. A 82. D
8. A 83. C
9. C 84. D
10. B 85. D
11. D 86. B
12. A 87. B
13. A 88. B
14. D 89. A
15. B 90. B
16. B 91. B
17. C 92. A
18. D 93. B
19. C 94. D
20. D 95. D
21. A 96. B
22. D 97. B
23. C 98. D
24. C 99. A
25. B 100. D
26. D 101. A
27. A 102. A
28. A 103. C
29. A 104. B
30. B 105. B
31. A 106. B
32. D 107. A
33. B 108. C
34. D 109. B
35. D 110. C
36. B 111. B
37. D 112. B
38. A 113. B
39. B 114. B
40. C 115. D
41. D 116. B
42. C 117. D
43. D 118. C
44. A 119. B
45. B 120. B
46. D 121. D
47. A 122. B
48. A 123. B
49. C 124. B
50. C 125. A
51. A 126. D
52. C 127. A
53. D 128. C
54. D 129. B
55. B 130. A
56. B 131. D
57. D 132. B
58. D 133. B
59. B 134. B
60. A 135. A
61. D 136. B
62. A 137. D
63. C 138. A
64. D 139. D
65. D 140. A
66. C 141. A
67. B 142. D
68. D 143. A
69. B 144. C
70. B 145. C
71. A 146. B
72. B 147. C
73. C 148. B
74. D 149. D
75. C 150. A
Please submit this material together with the answer sheet after the exam. Bringing the material outside SLRC is
strictly prohibited!
Please submit this material together with the answer sheet after the exam. Bringing the material outside SLRC is
strictly prohibited!