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8 Progress Test A Name: __________________________

Vocabulary 3 Match the words.

1 Complete the postcard. Use these words. 0 bus a station

1 double-decker b crossing
island forest by a lake waterfall river
mountains 2 traffic c lane
3 pedestrian d bus
4 underground e jam
5 cycle f stop

4 Circle the correct words.
0 Tom has promised to come / coming to my

1 Let’s go out - the weather seems to be / being

a bit better today.
2 We didn’t all enjoy to listen / listening to the
school orchestra!
3 All the students managed to finish / finishing
their English test on time.
4 I’ve decided to give up / giving up my art class
– I don’t have enough time.
5 Do you fancy to see / seeing a movie tonight?


2 Circle the correct words.

0 This is where you show your passport.
passport control / information desk

1 You can get some help here.

information desk / security check
2 You leave your luggage and show your ticket
check-in desk / departure lounge
3 You wait here before you get on the plane.
information board / departure lounge
4 They check your hand luggage here.
passport control / security check
5 It shows details of your flight.
security check / information board

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5 Complete the dialogue. Use the verbs in 7 Complete the reported commands and
brackets. requests. Use told or asked and the words
in brackets.
Jenny: Harry’s late – let’s go. I don’t like 0 standing
(stand) in the cold. 0 “Stop talking in the library!” (them)
The teacher told them to stop talking in the
Ben: I’ll stay for a while. I don’t mind library.
         (wait) for Harry.
Jenny: Oh, OK, I’ll stay with you then. I don’t 1 “Help me with the washing-up, please.” (us)
fancy 2        (walk) home on my Mum
own. 2 “Don’t worry about your test.” (the students)
The teacher
Ben: Here he is!
3 “Get off the bus!” (everybody)
Harry: Sorry I’m late! I wanted 3        The conductor
(talk) to the teacher about the homework.
4 “Stay with me, please.” (dad)
Jenny: Did you remember 4        (ask) My sister
her about our project?
5 “Stay in bed for a few days.” (my brother)
Harry: Oh no, I didn’t! The doctor
Jenny: Oh Harry! Please don’t forget
        (do) it tomorrow!   /5
6 Circle the correct word. Functions
0 I fell heavy / heavily and broke my foot.
8 Put the lines in the correct order (0-5) to
1 “Don’t do that again!” she shouted angry / make a dialogue.
angrily. a Go through the doors, turn right,
2 The police arrested two international / and then you’ll see the lounge.
internationally thieves. b Of course, can you see that green
3 Our teacher speaks very slow / slowly, so he is sign on the left?
easy to understand. c No problem.
4 You need to be careful / carefully – there’s a lot d Ah yes, I can.
of snow on the pavement.
e Thank you!
5 Did you do good / well in your exams?
f Excuse me, can you tell me where
  /5 the departure lounge is, please? 0


Vocabulary 15
Grammar 20
Functions  5
Total 40

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