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The JAGUARLIFT hand chain hoist is designed to offer users the greatest possible
comfort and safety during use with the following main advantages:

- Forged safety latches

- Double cover for protection from rain and mud
- New fixed guiding for the loading chain.
- New developments for the cogwheels and bearings to use less force when raising

- Hand chain anti-lock system

- Load limiter

- triple spur gear chain pulley block

Optional: steel chains GRADE80. Features

The newly designed hand chain hoist is an innovative further development introduced by
JAGUARLIFT. The improved hand chain guide prevents canting or jamming of the hand chain,
leading to a smooth running of the chain. High quality bearings on side plates, gearbox and load chain
sheave ensure smooth operation of load chain and drive pinion.
Optimized hand forces set standards for easy operation.

• Strong bolts between side plates and • Zinc-plated and yellow-chromated brake
housing cover and the reinforced hand parts and guide rollers ensure increased
wheel cover ensure increased stability. corrosion protection.

• Precision machined guide rollers • Zinc-plated load chain as standard for added
ensure smooth running of the load corrosion protection.
• High quality bearings for gearbox, side
plates and load chain sheave permit a long
service life.

JAGUARLIFT hoists and trolleys are not

designed for passenger elevation applications
and must not be used for this purpose.
Housing cover with ball Load chain sheave with Side plate with ball bearing
bearing needle bearing