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Exercises for task 6

Units 5-8 review

I. Cross out the one word or phrase that is different from the other three.

Example: take a nap / do the dishes / do the laundry / clean the house

1. yesterday / tomorrow / last night / last weekend

2. sink / bathroom / toilet / shower

3. desk / computer / printer / stove

4. wavy / straight / tall / blonde

5. pepper / coffee / soda / tea

6. loaf / shelf / bottle / can

7. eye / ear / nose / hip

8. cough / lie down / sore throat / fever

9. scientist / business / math / nursing

10. sunny / warm / beach / windy

11. walked / spoke / liked / wanted

Look at the pictures. Check ( ✓) the sentence that goes with each picture.


( ) It’s windy. ( ✓ ) It’s cold.

12. ( ) She’s reading. ( ) She’s relaxing.

13. ( ) She cut her hand. ( ) She burned her hand.


( ) They’re singing. ( ) They’re dancing.


( ) He has a backache. ( ) He has a toothache.

Write the letter of the word or words to complete each sentence.

Example: How much a do we have?

a. pasta b. tomato c. egg

16. Tony to the game last night.

a. went b. go c. goes

17. Juanita says that she her friends at the mall at 4:00 this afternoon.
a. meets b. is meeting c. meeting

18. Are there any in the fridge?

a. juices b. milk c. apples

19. Susan was busy, so she didn’t me for lunch.

a. met b. meets c. meet

20. Charlie was born a big city.

a. in b. at c. on

21. Is there any left from dinner?

a. meat b. oranges c. potato

22. After the snow, our car was around when we tried to drive.
a. riding b. slipping c. walking

23. People usually sit and watch TV in the

a. kitchen b. bedroom c. living room
Choose the correct answer.

Example: It’s very ( [cold] / hot ) today. Put on your coat.

24. Today is Monday. (Tomorrow / The day after tomorrow) is Wednesday.

25. Next week, Pete (is / are) going to take a test.

26. Marilyn is (too / so) pretty.

27. Ralph is very sick. I think he (sees / should see) a doctor.

28. I live (at / in) an apartment.

29. Where ( does / do ) she work?

30. (Is there / Are there) any soda in the fridge?

Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences with correct names of the places or


This is a train station .


This person can .


This is a .


This is a .


This person can .

Read the newspaper column. Then check (✓) True or False.

ASK CHEF CHERYL The Daily Gazette

Dear Chef Cheryl,

My wife cooks on weekends, and I cook on weeknights. She always makes great dinners, but she
doesn’t like what I cook. I cook the same dinner all the time, and I can’t cook very well. I would like to
make interesting food. What should I do?

Cooking Terribly Tom

Dear Cooking Terribly Tom,

If you always cook the same things, your family isn’t going to want to eat your food. You should make
a new recipe once a week (or more!). You can use simple ingredients like salt, pepper, and lemon. The
idea is easy, but the results are great.

When you go shopping, you should always buy one new ingredient. Then you’re always going to have
something new to cook with.

Try going online to find quick, easy recipes. There are many good websites. If you make new recipes,
your family is going to love your dinners! Good luck!

Chef Cheryl

True False

Example: Chef Cheryl has a question about cooking. F

35. Tom’s wife can cook well. _______

36. Tom wants to make better food. _______

37. Tom usually cooks new things for dinner. _______

38. Chef Cheryl plans to teach Tom to cook. _______

Writing Section

Choose two topics. Write at least three sentences about each.

• My life story
• My plans for the future
• My abilities

Speaking Section
Look at the picture. Talk about what the people are doing in the picture. Also
talk about yourself. Indicate where you live and talk about your house or
apartment or room.

Upload the video about the speaking section on YOUTUBE and then attach the
video file in the space provided for this assignment.

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