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Product: Multiple
Brand: R&R Forklift
Models: Multiple


OEM Products
DC Motors Gear Motors Traction Systems Linear Actuators Motor Controllers
We are able to offer a range of products for OEM. Contact us for your needs
Shelf Chargers
Our shelf chargers complete the spectrum for all possibilities and needs. Battery chargers, switching
chargers, or low to high voltage and even special order chargers for your customized
needs are our specialty

SCR Battery Chargers Compact Switching Chargers

CBN 1 Series CBN 2 Series CBHD1 12/24V-4 CBHD1 12/24V-8

Fully automatic and microprocessor controlled Microprocessor and mosfet technology
Simple operation with basic connection Precise charging with virtually pure DC output
Use with flooded lead acid cyclic batteries Equipped with charging algorithms for flooded and
12-36V & 12-25 amps gel/agm profiles

High Frequency Chargers Special Order High Frequency Chargers

CBSW1-S Series CBSW2-S Series

CBSW4-S Series
CBSW6-S Series
Fully automatic and simple operation Higher output chargers
Battery information displayed in real time Made to specification for various uses
Programmable for various voltages and currents 12-48V & 30-60 amps (CBSW4-S Series)
12-48V & 4-30 amps 24-80V & 60-100 amps (CBSW6-S Series)

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Brand: R&R Forklift
Models: Multiple

Battery Meters
Our battery meters like our other products cover the spectrum for all needs and applications, monitoring
levels and micro levels for various batteries

Battery Monitor Battery Level Meters Micro-Indicators

BMS 52 1-190 Series 1-187 Series LBF18 LBF3Q

Programmable High precision indicators of charge Provides charge indication
Based on actual read Feature multiple voltage capability Allows for damage avoidance
LED indicators for optimal visibility LED indicators for optimal visibility
Reverse polarity protection Insensitive to vibrations

Battery Testers & Equalisers

Battery testers are to test deep cycle batteries and it is crucial to maintain accuracy and safety especially
when dealing with service issues. Our Alfabat units are some of the best in the industry

Alfabat Battery & Charger Testers Battery Equaliser

A unique battery additive of aqueous state

that readily mixes with battery electrolyte
Alfabat Alfabat Pro to treat hard sulfation that accumulates

Integration with PC for professional reports Increase available battery capacity

Time analysis to provide actual capacity Reduce charge time
Microprocessor power & built-in algorithms Reduce terminal corrosion
Test multiple types of batteries Reduce gassing (water consumption)

63 McIntyre Place Phone & Fax Online

Unit #7 & 14 +1 (519) 748-2287
Kitchener, Ontario +1 (519) 748-2297
N2R 1J5