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High Range Water reducing and retarding admixture for concrete

DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123 (M2) is a superplasticising Dosage range of DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123
admixture to produce pumpable or flowable concrete, (M2) will be 200 ml to 600 ml per bag of cement.

free from bleeding and segregation when added to • Optimum dosage should be determined by doing
the concrete mix having slump atleast 10 mm without site trial mixes. Dosage may go above maximum
admixture. limit for High Performance Concrete and shall be
It also imparts the cohesiveness to concrete mix for easy determined by site trial mix.
placing and pumping.
SPECIFICATION: IS: 9103-1999 and ASTM-C-494-86, DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123 (M2) is compatible
Type G with all types of cement e.g. OPC, PPC, PSC
AREA OF APPLICATION: and Bridge bearing pad DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123 (M2) is compatible
equipment foundations with all air entraining agent which complies wiith IS
Precast Concrete 9103-2003 and Integral water proofing compound
which complies with IS 2645- 1978. If other
Ready mix concrete admixtures are to be used in concrete containing
Piling Concrete DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123 (M2) they must be
dispensed separately.
Water reduction upto 25% without effecting the SAFETY PRECAUTIONS :
workability DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123 (M2) is a non-toxic
Helps in reducing cement content for a required and inflammable. When in contact with the skin, it
strength by reducing w/c ratio. should be washed with cold water.
Increases workability at a given w/c ratio, resulting
easy placing, and eliminates honeycombing. TECHNICAL INFORMATION :
High workability for longer periods to allow long Appearance : Dark Brown Liquid
distance transport of concrete. Sp.Gravity : - 1.250 +/- 0.02
Reduction in shrinkage cracks


Less permeable and hence more durable concrete. Chloride content : Nil
pH Value : 7.5 ± 1
Concrete shall be mixed with 50-70% of the mixing STORAGE :
water(based on mix design by weight). • Keep the liquid above freezing temperature.
The correct quantity of DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF • If the product has frozen, thaw it at room
123 (M2) should be measured with recommended temperature (25°C) and agitate to completely
dispenser and should be added to the concrete with reconstitute it in the original form.
remaining 30% mixing water and allow to mix it for • Store under cover ; protect from direct sunlight.

recommended mixing time. • Failure to comply with recommended storage

DR. FIXIT PIDICRETE CF 123 (M2) should not be condition may result in premature deterioration
added in dry mixes under any circumstances of the product and packaging.



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