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1 . Which of the following is not a correct statement about the Business Case on a project?
a. In the early stages of the project life cycle. periodic review of the business Case helps to confirm that the
project is still required
b. Periodic review of the Business Case is not needed for a multi-phase project
c. The Business Case provides the necessary information, from a business standpoint, to determine whether
or not the project is worth the required investment
d. The Business Case may be created as a result of market demand, organizational need, or technological
The Business Case should be reviewed periodically during multi-phase protects to ensure that the
project is on track to deliver the anticipated business benefits.

2 . Which of the following statements is true about a project?

a. Every project creates a unique product service, or result
b. Every project belongs to a program
c. Every protect has a full-time project manager
d. Every protect has an aggressive deadline
This comes straight from the definition of a project on PMBOK Guide, “A project is a temporary
endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.”

3 . At a kick-off meeting for your project, you provided information to your team members about the different
process groups to be followed in the project. According to PMI, which are the project management process
a. Conceptualizing, Initiating, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing
b. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing
c. Initiating, Verifying, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing

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d. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Administrative Closure

4 . The WBS is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work the project team must execute to
accomplish the project objectives. This is created as part of:
a. Project Scope Management
b. Project Integration Management
c. Project Procurement Management
d. Project Time Management
Creating the WBS is an important process in a project, and it is done as a part of Project Scope
Management. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 125]

5 . A senior project manager advises a first-time project manager that identifying risks is just one step. On a
continuing basis, new risks need to be identified, and existing risks need to be analyzed and tracked, and their
status reported. All this is done as part of what process?
a. Plan Risk Management
b. Monitor and Control Project Work
c. Direct and Manage Project Work
d. Perform Integrated Change Control
Identifying new risks and analyzing, tracking, and monitoring existing project risks are done in the
Monitor and Control Project Work. This phase also makes sure that the status of the risks is properly
reported, and appropriate risk response plans are executed. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 88]

6 . Which of these statements correctly links project and product lifecycles?

a. A project lifecycle is generally contained within a product lifecycle.
b. A product lifecycle is generally contained within a project lifecycle.
c. A product lifecycle is the same as a project lifecycle.
d. The last lifecycle for a project is generally the product's retirement.
The product life cycle usually consists of sequential, non-overlapping product phases. The project life

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cycle is typically contained within one or more product life cycles. [PMBOK 5th edition, Pages 12,13,38]

7 . As part of a new project you just started on as project manager, you are assembling your team and
discovering that one of the critical pieces of work requires a specialist from one of the functional departments.
However, you are aware the functional manager may be reluctant to assign that resource to your project since
your project is not a high-profile one. Which of the following techniques will you need to apply?
a. Acquisition
b. Coercion
c. Politics
d. Negotiation
The correct response is Negotiation. This is done on many projects. The project management team may
need to negotiate with functional managers to ensure that the team receives appropriately competent
staff in the required time frame. The project management team may also need to negotiate with other
project management teams. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 270]

8 . Mary is a project manager for an infrastructure upgrade project in a government agency. She realized
recently that a critical scheduled task exceeded its deadline, and the stakeholders are aware of it. The resource
manager has permitted Mary to use three more resources to work on and complete the delayed task. Although
the three additional resources prove helpful, Mary is still concerned about the task because:
a. Allocating more resources may shorten the duration but results in increased risk or cost
b. Allocating more resources may result in rework
c. Resources may need training to complete the task
d. Allocating more resources need stakeholders approval
To meet schedule constraints, schedule compression techniques are used to reduce the schedule’s
duration. Crashing and fast tracking are two such techniques. Crashing involves allocation of more
resources to reduce the duration. Crashing always does not produce a desirable result and may result in
increased risk. Providing training is not a problem from the project manager's point of view.
Stakeholders’ approval is not required when resources are not allocated. Therefore, Mary's concern is
only about increased risk or cost due to allocation of more resources to the task. [PMBOK 5th edition,
Page 181]

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9 . You are holding a kickoff meeting for the buildout of a new data center. This will be the largest, most
costly, and most complex project you have worked on in your career. You have counted 52 stakeholders,
vendors, and project team members. To stress to them how important and difficult communication will be on
the project, you want to tell them how many channels of communication exist on the project. What would you
tell them?
a. 2625 channels exist on the project.
b. 52 channels exist on the project.
c. 1326 channels exist on the project.
d. 2704 channels exist on the project.
The formula for the number of communication channels is n*(n-1)/2 where n = number of people
involved on the project. 52*(52-1)/2 = 2652/2 = 1326. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 292]

10 . Yuli's project has a large number of key positive and negative stakeholders. To ensure the project's
success, it is essential to manage the influential negative stakeholders closely. Do the key positive
stakeholders need to be managed, too?
a. No; more attention needs to be given to the key negative stakeholders.
b. Project stakeholders should not be classified as positive and negative stakeholders.
c. Yes; positive stakeholders should be more closely managed than the negative stakeholders.
d. The positive stakeholders need to be closely managed, as well, since stakeholders' needs and
expectations change overtime.
It is just as important to manage the positive stakeholders as it is to manage the negative stakeholders.
Stakeholders' expectations and interests change over time. In order to ensure the success of the project,
the positive stakeholders should be managed closely to retain their support and commitment to the
project. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 394]

11 . You are the project manager for a special event. Outside contractors do most of the work on either a
time-and-materials basis or a costreimbursable basis. Any cost savings in excess of budgeted costs are shared
between the organization and the project team. You are reviewing the invoices from last week's work and see
there is an error in the computation of overtime by one of the suppliers. This has resulted in an invoice that is
$12,500 less than it should be. What should you do?
a. Point out the mistake to the supplier

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b. Approve the invoice to be paid by the finance group
c. Approve the invoice as is, and add these funds to the contingency fund, as you expect a large amount of
over time during the up coming holiday season
d. Approve the invoice and notify your management that your team came in $12,500 under budget
Point out the mistake to the supplier. Taking any other action calls into question the integrity of the
project manager and is a violation of the PMI Code of Ethics, which prohibits project managers from
engaging in dishonest behavior with the intent of personal gain. [PMI Code of Ethics and Professional
Conduct, Page 5]

12 . Projects are often started as a result of an external factor such as market demand for a new product, a new
legislative or regulatory mandate, or a change in technology. This results in the creation of ______ by an
entity or organization external to the project.
a. The project charter
b. The WBS
c. The project budget
d. The RACI chart
A project initiator or sponsor external to the project, at a level that is appropriate to funding the
project, issues the project charter in response to some sort of stimulus. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 68]

13 . During a project status meeting, a project manager presented sensitive information related to the project.
However, this information was not intended to be available to the audience. Which of the following processes
was done incorrectly, resulting in the project manager communicating sensitive information to the wrong
a. Control Communications
b. Plan Communications Management
c. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
d. Identify Stakeholders
Deciding what information is relevant to an audience is an activity done in the Plan Communications
Management process. Improper communication planning will lead to problems such as delays in
message delivery or communication of sensitive information to the wrong audience. [PMBOK 5th

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edition, Page 290]

14 . You were midway in your planning process and suddenly your team member notified that the plans you
completed so far did not align with the strategic objective of your company. What management plan would
you review?
a. Project Benefits Management Plan
b. Scope Management Plan
c. Project Management Plan
d. Requirements Management Plan
C. Project Management Plan and Project Charter should be aligned with Project Benefits Management
Plan to validate that the project contributes to the organization’s objectives. Project Management Plan
is under the project manager’s authorization.
Other options / wrong answers:
A. Project Benefits Management Plan described how the benefits of the project will be delivered and
mechanisms that should be in place in measure those benefits. This plan is developed before the
existence of the project and mainly not under a project manager’s authorization.
B. Scope Management Plan establishes how scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and
D. Requirements Management Plan established how project requirements will be analyzed,
documented, and managed.

15 . Novelly has been assigned to lead a prestigious project in her organization. She just finished reviewing a
checklist that had the following activities listed on it: Confirming the formal acceptance of the seller's work
and archive all relevant project documents. In which of the following process groups are all the activities on
this checklist performed?
a. Executing
b. Monitoring and Controlling
c. Closing
d. Planning
C. Closing

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The Closing process group comprises all the activities necessary to formally complete the project and
the contractual obligations. Typical activities of the closing process include confirming the formal
acceptance of the seller’s work, and archive all relevant project documents.

16 . A first-time project manager wanted to have a "perfect project." This manager informed the customer that
this project would not accept change requests of any kind and that the scope would need to be defined
precisely at the very start of the project. The customer agreed to this request. What would your comment on
this situation be?
a. This is a good example of how the project management team can decide what is and what is not
necessary for the project. Not allowing changes is a good way of ensuring that the project meets requiremen
b. This is unrealistic and impractical. Change is inevitable and rather than look at a 'no change' project, it
would be more in the project interests to plan for a robust change control process.
c. This indicates that the project manager is very aggressive and is likely to take the project to successful
completion. Since he has announced the 'no change requests' policy, the customer manager can
d. This is unrealistic and impractical. The project manager should not have announced his intentions to the
customer. He should have had an unofficial policy of rejecting all change requests.
The correct response is that this is unrealistic and impractical. Change is inevitable. Rather than insist
on a “no change” project, it would be more in the project’s interest to plan for a robust change control
process capable of handling any new changes. Mandating that there will be no changes will be
ineffective. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 168]

17 . You are working with your customers on completing deliverables in your electronic parts manufacturing
project. Since these parts will be exported to other countries, they will need more testing before your
customers accept them. In this scenario, which of the following statements about the completed deliverables is
a. Completed deliverables not accepted by customers must be forwarded to the close project or phase
b. Completed deliverables not accepted by customers must require a change request for defect repair.
c. Deliverables formally accepted by customers must be moved to organizational process assets.
d. Deliverables formally accepted by customers are forwarded to the validate scope process.

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Validate Scope is the process of formalizing the acceptance of finished deliverables. In this process,
stakeholders or customers give formal acceptance of the completed deliverables. The accepted
deliverables are forwarded to the Close Project or Phase process. If there are any completed
deliverables that they do not accept, a change request for defect repair must be initiated. [PMBOK 6th
edition, Page 166]

18 . When is Rolling Wave Planning useful in a project?

a. You should use Rolling Wave Planning to help you achieve the appropriate level of detail in each work
package at the right time.
b. You should use Rolling Wave Planning to determine the correct sequencing for long-term items.
c. You should use Rolling Wave Planning to help you organize team member's activities within a large
project group.
d. You should use Rolling Wave Planning to help you determine which activities are more important and to
do them first.
Rolling Wave Planning is a technique used to create a more detailed work plan while keeping the right
level of detail for each activity: Activities happening sooner have more detail than those further in the
future. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 185]

19 . You are managing a software development project and the inspection of the deliverables by the customers
is scheduled to take place in two days. The required deliverables are not yet complete, however your team has
confirmed that they can deliver the deliverables for the scheduled inspection with customer but it may not go
through your internal inspection process. What must you do in this situation?
a. Perform the inspection with customer as scheduled
b. Try to move the the inspection date with customer after the internal inspection take place
c. Ask the customer if they can inspect the deliverables
d. Escalate the issue to the sponsor
Project Manager must strive to meet the project schedule but not at the cost of poor quality. Inspection
for customer acceptance (Validate Scope process) must only be scheduled if the deliverables pass the
internal quality check (Control Quality process) (PMBOK 6th p.298 - 299)

20 . You are working in an organization where agile practices are followed. Scrum and sprint methodology is

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extensively followed in the organization. Daily scrum, story board concepts are also implemented. Now your
manager wants to place all team members in the same physical location to enhance their ability to perform as a
team. What do you think, which techniques of "Develop Project Team" process your manager want to apply
for better communication among the team members?
a. Team building
b. Training
c. Team assessment
d. Co-location
Explanation: PMBOK Guide 6th, page 40
Colocation or ability to manage any location challenges
• Better communication
• Improved team dynamics
• Knowledge sharing
• Reduced cost of learning
• Able to commit to working with each other

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