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Ging Noscal

Service Agreement

Dear Ging Noscal,

Herewith, the advertising company (further The Company) declares that we have agreed to rent your (further The
Owner) Facebook ad account for the purpose of advertising starting from (Date). The company is obliged to pay
The Owner 15 EUR rental fee in the beginning of the month, and the remainder 15 euro will be paid at the end of
the month ONLY IF the owner of the account follows the conditions stated below, until this agreement is

• Termination conditions:

This contract will be reviewed on a monthly basis and is in effect until one or both parties depart from the
agreement. The agreement will be terminated with immediate effect if one of the following conditions apply:

• The owner of the account has falsified information on his/hers account or is not the real accountholder

• The owner of the account has changed login information to the account without further notice or due

• The advertising account is de-activated or banned by Facebook (force majeure)

• The Company’s business is terminated or changed in such a way that the agreement has become
obsolete, with timely prior notice

• Service Terms and Conditions: The Company

• The Company is obliged to pay the agreed monthly fee to the account owner until such time that the
agreement is terminated by occurrence of one of the conditions outlined in statute 1, or if The Company
needs to terminate the agreement for business reasons

• The Company will not be using any personal information of the owner, nor transfer/sell any of The
Owner’s account information to any 3rd party or -business

• The Company will strictly be using the Facebook business account of The Owner
• The Company will not be using the personal Facebook account of The Owner in any way other as to the
purpose of advertising on The Owner’s business pages

• The advertising activity will not be visible on The Owner’s personal account and will not in any way affect
its normal use.

• The Company will own all the bills/invoices generated during the advertising period. The Owner should
provide access to all invoices.
• Service Terms and Conditions: The Owner

• The Owner is required to be available two times a week (Monday – Friday) to connect with their contact
person of The Company in order to update or change information.

• The Owner will not change his/her FaceBook login details (e-mail address and password) in any way
during the agreement.

• The Owner will not have any other commercial/advertising activities taking place on his Facebook ad
account during the active agreement period, nor through personal advertising, nor through 3 rd party

• The Owner will not be accessing his/her Facebook ads account, nor change any of the information thereof
without prior and explicit permission of The Company

• The Owner is committed to supply any and all billing information pertaining to advertising agreement and
financial transactions thereof.

• The Owner is committed to provide temporary and timely access to the regular Facebook account for
purposes of setup, maintenance and control

• To accept this agreement, please e-mail an attached a scan or photo copy of your ID/Passport to (e-mail

I Ging Noscal have read, understood and agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

Warm regards