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Industrial and Residential Solar Rooftop Installation and

SCADA Monitoring Solutions…

Solutions for the

Industrial and Residential solar Rooftop Installation

Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World..!!

Company Introduction:
We provide entire installation, commissioning & testing services in PV Solar projects including
civil, mechanical and electrical construction services. The focus of ACENTON is to provide
quality assured installation & commissioning work in PV solar projects in India.

ACENTON services assures that all systems and components of a PV system are designed,
installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the
owner, customer, utility or project partner.

We provide the most cost-effective solutions for Solar Installation and Commissioning
services. We guarantee the value, strength, durability, and ease of installation of small,
medium as well as large solar projects from KW to MW scale solar projects.

Solar Plant Design & Engineering…

PV modules Selection (based on capacity and efficiency).

Solar Rooftop Installation..

We offered Solar Rooftop for Residential as well as Commercial used..

Power Purchase Agreement..

PPA (power purchase agreement) with private/government. Plant

Solar Power Plant Consultation..

Feasibility Project Report, Detailed Project Report, Market Survey,
Financial Analysis etc.

Operation and Maintenance…

Regular Module Cleaning or Module cleaning schedule- dust removal
of panels & inverters.

Solar SCADA Monitoring..

We offered Scada Monitoring System for Solar Rooftop and ground
Mounted projects..

Solar Street Light Installation…

We can provide Solar Street Light Installation and Commissioning

We committed to providing personalized service, can provide the complete solutions

for your Rooftop solar power plant as well as Monitoring applications…
We do have sufficient Manpower, Resources, Machineries & Expertise's, so that we
can assure the Work Standard, QA and QC Policies of the company.

We do have all the require Manpower, Expertise and Machineries to execute the
below work scopes and we can assure that we can execute the assigned work within
the stipulated time.

Civil Work :
• Land Levelling
• GPS Site Survey
• Piling
• Inverter / Control Room Construction
• Internal & External Roads Boundary Walls
• Water Canals

Mechanical Work :
• Structure Erection
• Towers Erection
• Switch Yard Erection
• Cable Trench Earthing & Welding
• O&M – Module Cleaning

Electrical Work :
• Solar Module Installation
• Solar Power Cabling
• AJB/JB Installation
• Electrical Terminations
• Inverter Erection
• AC / DC Trenching & Cabling
• Equipment Earthing
• Earthing Pits

We do follow all the Health, Safety & Environment in the construction site, with all
the required tools, tackles, machineries and safety requirements.

Apart from the above service scopes we are also provided the following PLC and
SCADA Monitoring Solutions for Ground mounted Solar Power plants as well as
Rooftop Solar Plants.
Solar Plant Supervision & Analytics:
Faced with growing challenges and greater bottom line responsibilities, those who
manage large, solar generation facilities need a comprehensive solar plant management
system that breaks through traditional information silos to:

Optimize your Daily energy generation.

Maintain your plant healthy and productive.

Solar power plant Scada access from Anywhere by using web-client.

Multiple modes of Real time alarms and Events.

Scheduled Report Facility.

Plant Real Time / Historical Trends, Customized Reporting Facility

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly).

Scada Monitoring Solutions:

 Wireless and Wired Scada Systems for Local Solar Plant Operations.

 Wireless Solution for String Combiner Box – Inverter Room – MCR.

 Central Monitoring System Dashboard for Solar PV Plants.

 Remote monitoring system for rooftop solar plants.

 Single Window Automation solution for Entire solar plants.

 Access from Anywhere.

 Wind Substation remote Monitoring.

 Solar Operated Mobile towers / Telecom Tower remote monitoring.

 Virtual Design Construction & Detail Engineering.

 Solar Power Plant Operation and Maintenance.

 Electrical and Marshalling Panel Wiring Development.

Our Services :

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Permits and Licensing

Financial Modelling

Operation and Maintenance

Scada Monitoring

Solar Street Light Installation & Services

Our Mission:
Our mission is to be an innovative Installation & Commissioning service providing
company in Solar Industry by incorporating the latest technologies ,best possible
services in a timely and a cost effective manner with maintaining high standards of
quality in solar projects.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction:
We ACENTON propose integrated or joined ground mounted or rooftop solar power
project detail design and development, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)
activities and solar power plants Operation and Maintenance services without involving
any third party vendors or contractors.
Our solar power plant Installation and commissioning process certifies that the project
owner’s requirements. The solar power plant installation is complete with all kind of
safety requirements from grid (Electricity Department).
Site Selection :
Suitable site selection is important component of developing feasible solar power project.
The main constraints need to be checked during site selection;
• Solar Radiation
• Local Climate
• Available Area and Land use
• Topography, Geotechnical
• Accessibility
• Grid connection
• Module soiling
• Water availability

Design Engineering and Construction :

Detail design Engineering and Documentation stage allows starting construction of solar
power plant; we will prepare following documentation before construction.

• Project schedule and scope of Matrix

• Solar plant Installation and Commissioning plans
• Detailed Plant layout design including Single line
• Detailed civil design (buildings, foundation, PV
Array structure, access roads).
• Electrical detailed design; MV and LV switchgear
wiring diagram.
• Revised energy yield, Protection relay systems
general alignments.
• Construction plans for Panel Mounting,
Substation, PV Rooms & Control Room.
• Interconnection systems and design documents.
Project Report and Procurement :

The main output of the project development or design engineering and construction is
project detail report. This report will used to secure finance from any banks or
investors. The details of project reports as given below;
• Site or filed layout (showing the location of PV
modules, inverters, Transformers and buildings / PV
Rooms / Control Room).
• Mounting frame and module layout.
• Inverter room or PV Room locations and foundations.
• Schematics or wiring diagram of module connections
through to the inverter.
• Plant Single line diagrams (SLD) showing estimated
cable routes.
• Grid connection and potential substation requirements.
• Bill of materials for major equipment.

• Losses assumed with regard to the energy yield forecast.

• Financial model inputs including; Long term O&M costs
and contingencies.
• Availability assumptions.
• Degradation of module performance assumptions.
• Spare parts inventory cost / Checking that cable
connections are firm.
• Checking inverter cabling for conformity to schematic

• Land Lease contract.

• EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).
• Grid Connection Contract.
• Power Purchase Agreement.
• Local and/or regional planning authority.
• Environmental agencies/departments.
• Archaeological agencies/departments (If any).
• Civil aviation authorities (if located near an airport).
• Local communities.
• Health and safety agencies/departments.
• Electricity utilities.
• Military authorities.
Operation and Maintenance :
Our team operates and maintains solar power plants, offers Daily, weekly or monthly
reporting on generation and other activities, we provides solar project commissioning
expertise along with developing mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data.
Our Operation and Maintenance team has an experience of over 50 MW of projects in
across India.
An operation and Maintenance service includes professional financial and physical asset
management solutions, revenue assurance, on-going maintenance and repairs, and
complete operational solutions for PV assets across India.
Reporting and Management of Corrective Works:
• Reporting for Breakdown of Equipment’s.
• Planning for Corrective Works.
• Reporting if any Heavy Machinery Required
For Corrective Work.
• Correction and Making System in Good

Facilities Preventive Maintenance:

• Daily visual Inspection of Equipment’s Installed in Plant.
• Daily visual Inspection of PV structures and PV Modules.
• Cleaning of Building and Equipment’s Rooms & Transformer Fence Area.
• PV Module Cleaning as per Module cleaning cycle calendar.
• Supply of Water for Module Cleaning / Supply of Manpower for Module
• Daily Inspection of Fire Fighting Equipment’s.
• String Current Measurement at SMB Level.
• Performance Monitoring of Inverter , Transformer, HT/LT Panels and
Switchyard Equipment’s.
• Preparation of Reports and Reports for Corrective Works.
• Transmission Line Maintenance.
• Information & Coordination for Transmission Line Issues with Team.
• Preventive Maintenance Of Switchyard.
• Daily Visual Inspection Of Switch Yard Equipment’s.
• Preventive Maintenance Of CT & PT, Checking Alignment Of Isolator.
• Failure Of DC Breaker, AC Breaker Mechanism & IGBT in Inverter.
Spare Part Management:

• Preparation of Spare Parts list and Submission to Client for Procurement.

• Procurement of Spare Parts & Make them available at site.
• Management of Spare Parts & Make Stock Details available Monthly.

Facilities Reporting and Monitoring:

• Daily Monitoring of the Plant from Scada.
• Preparation of Daily Reports.
• Calculation of Performance Ratio & availability of Plant.
• Coordination with grid team for grid availability.
• Registration of daily activities.
• Information of Incidence, Preparation of Incidence Report.
• Security Guard management and Contracting, Implementation of Security.

Consumables Parts Management:

• Consumable items and Procurement.

Grid Synchronized Solar System :

Off Grid Solar System :

MW Scale Grid PV-Solar System :

Ground Mounted Project :
I & C, AC / DC and Civil Work:

• Ujjas Energy Ltd. = 15 MW

• SEG Pvt. Ltd. = 05 MW
• GZ India Pvt. Ltd. 10 MW

Rooftop Solar Project :

• 25X3 =75KW Swami Vivekananda College of Engineering Indore.
• 200KW Solar Rooftop at RKDF University Bhopal.
• 500KW RKDF Group, Bhopal.
• 200 KW Kanpur Plastic Packs, Kanpur.
• 200 KW Acropolis Group Indore.
Solar Street Light Installation Services :

The system will be configured according to the environmental conditions of the

installation site as well as your specific requirements .

Our Solar Street Light Applications:

 Street Lighting
 Park Lighting
 Roadway Lighting
 Gate Lighting
 Pathway Lighting
 Yard Lighting
 Ramp Lighting
 Fence Lighting
 Sidewalk Lighting

 Campus Lighting
 Private Road Lighting
 Boat Dock Lighting
 Farm and Ranch Lighting
 Remote Area Lighting
 Wildlife Area Lighting
 Military Base Lighting
 Perimeter Security Lighting
 Jogging and Bike Path Lighting
Intelligent Street Lighting Solutions:

Smart Lighting Monitoring System Features:

• Remotely control lamps (turn on/off, dimming) on a periodic (daily, weekly,

monthly, user configurable) basis.
• Energy-saving control by adjusting light output levels to reduce energy
consumption during off-peak hours or for regional events.
• Remotely check each lamp status (power consumption, on-off, temperature) ,
detect and report back the faulty lamp, lamp malfunctions and short cut
• Alert to control Center or person on duty via cell phone.
• Weather proof and 24-hour automatic monitoring.
• Perform comprehensive and accurate energy usage calculations.
• Generate reports for installation planning, maintenance and energy usage.
Typical 100 KW Project Inverters & LT Panel :

Typical Solar System With Battery Backup:

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Maharashtra, India.
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