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Understanding : Train the patient to breath deeply.

Purpose : To reduce pain.

Implementation :

A. Pre-Interaction Stage : - Check the therapy program

- Washing hands
B. Orientation Stage : - Greeting and greeting the patient's name
- Describe the purpose and procedure of implementation
- Ask about patient consent / readiness
C. Working Stage : - Maintain patient privacy
- Preparing the patient
- Ask the patient to put one hand on the chest and one hand on
the abdomen
- Train the patient to breath the abdomen (take a deep breath
through the nose up to 3 counts, keep the mouth closed)
- Ask the patient to feel the expansion of the abdomen (prevent
curvature on the back)
- Ask the patient to hold the breath for up to 3 counts
- Ask for exhaling slowly in 3 counts (by mouth, lips like
- Ask the patient to feel the abdominal deflated and the
contraction of the muscle
- Tidy up the patient
D. Termination Phase : - Evaluate the action
- Say goodbye to the client
- Washing hands
- Record the activities in the nursing note sheet

The nurse washes her hands and then goes to the patient's room.
Ns: good morning, is this true with master H.
px: that's right, what's the nurse?
ns: I am a nurse ... will do deep breathing for the master, are you willing?
px: yes nurse
ns: the goal is to ease the pain on your back and this will take 10 minutes
px: yes nurse
ns: i will practice it and please follow me
px: yes nurse
ns: please sir sit first, relax the muscles from the feet to the head and the mind do not
focus on the pain, after that take a deep breath, count for two seconds and exhale through
the mouth, do for 5x. what do you feel now?
px: i feel better
ns: then I'll go back to the nurse's room and in 2 hours I'll be here.
px: yes nurse
ns: good morning sir
px: good morning nurse
then the nurse returns to the nurse's room to wash his hands and write down the action