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Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (DC SFRA) – What Do I Need?

Type of Two-way Flight Communication w/

Mode C? Xpdr Code? FPL Type? Speed Services Provided
Operation Radio? Plan? ATC

ATC-assigned IFR flight

IFR Yes Yes Yes n/a Yes All ATC Services
discrete code plan

VFR ≤ 180 KIAS

inside DC SFRA
General, ATC-assigned Security Services
Yes Yes Yes DC SFRA Yes
including discrete code ≤ 230 from 30nm Only
transit to 60 nm from
through DC DCA VOR/DME
Announce aircraft type, call
VFR Pattern sign, position on CTAF
ATC-assigned If able monitor guard 121.5 Security Services
Yes Yes Yes DC SFRA ≤ 180 KIAS
All discrete code Only
Upon completion, call ATC
Non-Towered to close via telephone at
Airports 540-351-6129
Remain in contact with
VFR Pattern tower
1234 for towered If able monitor guard 121.5 ATC Tower Services
Yes Yes No n/a ≤ 180 KIAS
pattern work and Security Services
If tower is closed, call ATC
All Towered via telephone at 540-351-
Airports 6129
Leesburg Announce aircraft type, call
1226 for egress Security Services
(JYO) Yes Yes No n/a ≤ 180 KIAS sign, position, intentions on
and ingress Only
Ingress/ CTAF
VFR As appropriate. ATC
Practice ATC-assigned Remain in contact with will permit practice
Yes Yes Yes DC SFRA ≤ 180 KIAS
Instrument discrete code ATC approaches only if
Approaches workload allows.
Fringe Security Services
Yes Yes 1205 for egress No n/a ≤ 180 KIAS If able monitor guard 121.5
Airport Only

DC SFRA Flight Plan -- a flight plan filed for the sole purpose of complying with the security requirements for VFR operation into or out of the DC SFRA.
The DC SFRA flight plan is separate and distinct from a standard VFR flight plan. There is no search & rescue associated with the DC SFRA flight plan.