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Answer all questions.

1. Underline the correct answer in the statement below.

a) Science is a knowledge that involves the experimental study of the (natural phenomenon /

b) Technology is the application of science that is used to make human life (less / more)
comfortable, healthy and perfect.

c) Match the following application of science to its importance in daily life.

Application of Science Importance in daily life.

a) Production of medicines Facilitate remote communication.
b) Washing machine Make people more healthy and able to
live longer.
c) Used of internet.
Facilitate the daily work.

(5 marks)

d) Match the prefix with the correct value

(i) Mili 10 6

(ii) Micro 10 3

(iii) Deci 10 1

(3 marks)

2. The diagram below shows a beaker containing three substances with different densities

Diagram 1
a) Based on the diagram 1, arrange the substances according to ascending densities.


(2 marks)
b) Tick (√ ) for the correct statement and cross (X) for the incorrect statement.
i. Cork floats on oil because it is less dense than oil. [ ]
ii. Water has lower density than oil [ ]
iii. Water has denser than cork [ ]
(3 marks)
3. The diagram 2 below shows reproductive cells of human.

x Y
Diagram 2
a) Based on the above diagram 2, state the reproductive cells for
i) Woman : ______________________________________
ii) Man : ______________________________________
(2 marks)
b) The diagram 3 below shows a process carried our by all living organisms.

Process p

Proses p Offspring

Diagram 3

i) What is process P ? Tick (/) your answer.



(1 marks)

ii) Complete the chart below.
(i) Process S
Proses S

(2 marks)

c) The diagram below show four type of microorganisms. On the diagram below, mark (√)
multicellular organisms.

(2 marks)
d) In your opinion, what problem will arise if reproduction of an organism decrease?
(1 marks)
e) what is the importance of reproduction?
(1 marks)
4. The diagram 4 below shows the needs for photosynthesis.

Diagram 4

(a) On the diagram, label the needs for photosynthesis using the word given below.

Water Carbon dioxide Sunlight

Chlorophyll Oxygen Glucose

Air Karbon dioksida Oksigen Cahaya (4 marks)

matahari Klorofil Glukosa
(b) Complete the word equation of the photosynthesis below.
+ +
Sunlight (4 marks)

5. The diagram5 below shows the male reproductive system.

Diagram 5

(a) Label P,Q and R on the diagram using the word given below.
Urethra Prostate gland Sperm
Duct Scrotum
(3 marks)
Uretra Kelenjar prostat Duktus
Based on sperma Skrotum
the above diagram5 , match the reproductive part to its correct function.

Part Function

Bahagian Fungsi
Transfer sperms to the vagina

Memindahkan sperma ke faraj

T Produce sperm

Menghasilkan sperma
U Carries sperms out of the body

Menyalurkan sperma keluar dari badan

Carries sperms out from the testis to the urethra

(3 marks)

6. State the conclusions for the activities

Air has _____________________________ Air __________________________________

(2 marks)
c) What are the melting point of an ice and boiling point of water?
Melting point of ice is :___________________________________________________
Boiling point of water is :____________________________________________________
(2 marks)