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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRY 4.0 COIMBATORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INDIA SS) Naas -1al 61-1 a8) ) INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRY 4.0 (ICI 4.0) The first International Conference on Industry 4.0 - An Ensemble of Transpiring Cyber Physical Systems (Impact of Smart Connected Manufacturing Systems) will be conducted at CIT, Coimbatore, India from 9" to 11 January, 2019. The conference is anticipated to bring together technologists, industry practitioners, researchers, and academicians to deliberate and carve the future of Technology and Internet in Industrial Production. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at CIT is taking the initiatives to conduct the first (Cl 4.0 In January 2079 at CIT Campus. ABOUT CIT CIT, Coimbatore Institute of Technology. was founded in 1956 by Sri. V. Rangasamy Naidu Educational Trust in Coimbatore. It is a Government Aided Autonomous Institution affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, CIT, with a 70 acre campus area, Is revered for its brilliant academics and quality R&D in applied science and technology. Superior state of the art facilities, well-qualified and experienced faculties, ably supported by the management team, providing wide-ranging infrastructure facilities make CIT the most preferred campus for science and technology enthusiasts. CIT conducts undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs, accredited by NBA. empowering the students to prepare for global levels of competition. CIT won the “ABP News National B-School awards” in 2014, It has been chosen the Best Education Institute in Engineering by Asian Educational Leadership in 2014. CIT also won the “Bizz-2015” world business leader award. Awarded for 7 consecutive years outstanding Engineering Institute Southern India - Media Award. THEME OF THE CONFERENCE Technology advancements are inducing quantum scale progress in all sectors. The manuf- acturing sector is also benefitting immensely from technology innovations. Just as Internet of Things (oT) revolutionized the consumer durables sector, making the home and hand-held devices smarter, the Industrial Internet of Things (IloT) is revolutionizing the industrial production. lloT implies technology intervention in industrial production with Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Automation, Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, and many more emerging technologies. Aided by such advanced technologies, the industries will be capable of reducing the cost by 3.6% per annum in the next 5 years. The Industry 4.0 Conference Is intended to discuss the design, analysis, modelling, manufacturing and testing of Smart Industrial Technologies that will create a paradigm shift in industrial production. Technology discussions, sessions, and workshops by eminent technology innovators and researchers on emerging technologies promise newer and deeper insights for the participants in the future of Industrial Production. The IC| 4.0 will cover the cutting edge technologies in the following areas. * Smart Factories / Smart Buildings * Cyber Physical Manufacturing System * Autonomous Robots / Vehicles * Real Time Data Analytics * Virtual & Augmented Reality * Modelling and Simulation * Additive Manufacturing * Horizontal and Vertical Integration * Industrial loT * Artificial Intelligence * Distributed Intelligence * Blockchain, Cloud & Cyber-Security * Predictive Maintenance