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July/August/September 2007 magazine

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Photographing climate change
English theatre in intimate spaces
A relaxing vacation? Forget it!
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from paper to online


There’s no easy way to say this, will have all suggests that so-called ‘dual we asked Liz Gaiser to take a
so we’ll just get to the point: the news and information language’ programs help them look at the culture of going on
we regret to announce that services the printed version to become better learners. vacation in Germany – how
accents magazine, as you’ve had but it will be updated more The British Council, Britain’s different it is from taking time
come to know it in printed often, have a wider range of international arts and culture out from work in many other
form, is folding. It may be that writers and columnists and organisation, rarely ventures countries. Liz and the rest of us
accents – as a printed magazine will become an interactive site, into Baden-Württemberg. But will then take a holiday and be
– will be able to re-launch allowing you to become more thanks to a cooperative project back in touch in a few months’
next year, under the name of a directly involved in its content with Stuttgart University’s time, online.
new publisher. But the current and creation. English department, the British Will accents magazine be
publishers are simply unable This edition of accents is a Council has brought an exhibi- re-launched in the New Year?
to continue production. rather thinned-out issue, but we tion of photographs on the We’ll be working hard to try to
Over the page we explain still have a number of interest- theme of climate change to achieve this goal. We’ll have
more fully why we’ve had to ing stories. We report on a Stuttgart. We were there for to wait and see.
make this decision. However, unique educational experiment the opening of the exhibition.
we won’t stop ‘publishing’ in Sindelfingen – the attempt to Our international affairs accents magazine
altogether – accents will create a truly bilingual (English- columnist Gary Anderson tells editorial team
become an online magazine German) primary school. Far us about the changing shape of
in the fall/autumn of this year. from putting too much strain on the world’s media. And with the
Our new website (www. young children, new research summer holidays approaching

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Dagmar Fritz, Liz Gaiser, Toni Heyler, Rebecca Perrin, Mark Twigg Advertising Enquiries Bryan Groenjes, Website (later in the year: Graphic Design Brucklacher Visuelle Kommunikation Reutlingen, Prepress CGS Möhrle, Vesoulerstraße 4, 70839 Gerlingen Cost free Circulation 10,000 Distribution everywhere English
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accents magazine 3
accents magazine to shut down – for now
Looking ahead to accents online

It’s not much fun writing your own shut down? The short answer is because, way off.
obituary. But as the publishers of accents unfortunately, it no longer pays its way and Late last year, it began to be a major
magazine, we wanted to use this space because it’s become way too much work struggle just to cover the basic costs
to inform you, our readers, about why for the three publishers ultimately respon- of graphic design, digital plate-setting,
we’ve had to stop producing it and what sible for producing it every two months. printing, distribution and so on for each
you can look forward to from accents accents began as a community maga- new edition. Over the last year, some
in the future. zine, produced by members of the English- editions did better than others financially,
speaking community. It was not the brain- but now the magazine is being produced
The first edition of accents magazine in child of a rich publishing house that was at a loss.
October 2004 had a picture of a ripe, looking to plug a gap in the magazine We’re a publication that relies on advert-
green apple on the cover and invited you market. In other words, it wasn’t set up to ising income to survive and the simple fact
to “take a bite,” to get your teeth into a make anyone a lot of money. Still, it was is that in three years we’ve found no one
new English-language magazine for Baden- envisioned that in order to survive as a who would reliably be able to sell advert-
Württemberg, to digest and enjoy its professional, quality journal it would event- ising for us. The responsibility for acquiring
contents. A bite has certainly been taken ually have to provide a minimal, part-time ads has remained with the three publishers,
out of that apple but it’s important to note income to two or three staff members who and with full-time, paid jobs of our own,
that it hasn’t been all eaten up. put time into producing it. Also, an enthus- our editorial, administrative and ad-chasing
We deeply regret that we are no longer iastic team of volunteer writers, research- energy has been sapped. We’ve run out
able to sustain production of a printed ers, photographers and administrators of steam.
version of accents, but come October or would eventually have to receive some Many people believe that a simple
November this year we’ll be inviting you to form of payment in order to maintain pro- financial solution for a free magazine is to
“take a byte” of accents online. (See article fessional standards. We’re now into our put a cover price on it. Many readers have
on opposite page.) third year of production and it’s become told us they would gladly pay two euros or
Why does accents magazine have to clear that achieving this goal is still a long more to buy our magazine. (“Two euros per

Bittersweet recollections
A word from the Caribbean

Mark Twigg was serving as British called? More importantly, how on earth for the three publishers of accents:
consul-general in Stuttgart when he would we find the start-up capital for the Geoff, Bryan and Maki. They produced
organised a meeting in early 2003 project as well as the right mix of people accents in their spare time, with remark-
to discuss the idea of “establishing with the skills, energy and enthusiasm able determination and innovation,
a magazine of some sort” for the to breathe life into this idea born on the turning that beer-mat idea into reality.
English-speaking community in Baden- back of a beer mat? As the Guinness Every cloud has a silver lining, and
Württemberg. Eighteen months later, flowed at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub, we I am pleased to hear that work is fairly
accents magazine was launched. In decided that a quality periodical which well advanced on an online version of
2006, Mark (pictured right) moved to was informative yet fun to read, and accents. Please support it as you have
the Caribbean to become the head of that was inclusive of non-native English supported accents magazine. And maybe
the Governor’s Office on the British speakers as well, should be the brew – just maybe – we’ll see accents re-
island-territory of Montserrat. from which accents would be created. launched as a magazine in the New Year
The many, many hours that went into under the name of a new publisher.
It is extremely bittersweet to have the planning of accents were worthwhile
received an e-mail from the editor inviting and I hope that you have enjoyed reading
me to contribute to this final printed the magazine. Let me heartily thank
version of accents. those businesses which responded to
The e-mail instantly reminded me some gentle arm twisting from me and
of early accents planning meetings in became initial sponsors of the project,
smoke-filled pubs. Several well-meaning and to those businesses which consist-
but financially ill-disposed people sat ently advertised in the magazine. To
around debating how a publication those volunteers who gave of their time
of some sort might benefit the English- to work on accents I also offer my
speaking community in Stuttgart and sincere thanks.
beyond. What should our new magazine There was always plenty of material
look and feel like? How much would it editorially but time and finance were the
cost to produce and what might it be twin, omnipresent spectres – especially

4 accents magazine
Photo: Chrys Rynearson
isations, libraries, play groups, language
schools, high schools, universities, busin-
ess reception areas – these are among the
places where accents has been distributed.
In other words, if accents were to have
a cover price, it would not be delivered
directly to places where English speakers
gather. With our limited resources we
couldn’t make a cover-priced accents work.
But others might find a way.
We believe there is a market niche for
an English-language magazine like accents
Faces behind the in Baden-Württemberg. It’s a magazine
scenes: Bryan read not only by native-English speakers
Groenjes, Maki
Kuwayama and Geoff (51%), but by Germans (44%) and that
Rodoreda (l to r), makes it attractive to advertisers. But the
publishers of accents. work of producing, marketing and manag-
ing it needs to be done by a company –
copy, at 10,000 copies: you’ll have 20,000 a publisher of newspapers or magazines –
euros!”) We appreciate the thought, with more resources than we have. This is
but the financial benefit of a cover price why we’re going to spend the autumn and
doesn’t come as readily as it seems. We winter months looking for a local publishing
don’t have the space here to explain the house to take over accents. We and our
business of magazine markets, suffice to team of writers would be able to supply
say that we actually investigated the cover- the editorial content; a new publisher
price option a year ago and found it would would be able to manage the magazine
not work for us. In short, we would have and make it pay its way. That is our hope.
higher expenses on the distribution and In the meantime, we’re sure you’ll also
accounting side and less revenue from enjoy reading and contributing to our new
advertising, due to a lower circulation rate website, accents online. See you in the
and the fact that, most significantly, we autumn (or fall, if you prefer).
wouldn’t be reaching our target readership
(which attracts advertisers). You can’t Geoff Rodoreda
distribute a cover-price magazine to pubs, Editor and co-publisher
clubs, churches, cafes, cultural organ- accents magazine
Linking English speakers in B-W

Chrys Rynearson, the webmaster of It is a frequently updated journal, often pro-

accents’ new website, explains what you viding a personal point of view on a topic.
can look forward to seeing, reading and The subject matter of a blog could be a
contributing to when the site is launched concert review, local tips or recommend-
later this year. ations, political comments or simply a
specialist interest of the blogger. There
The new accents website will consist of are also plans to integrate classified advert-
the usual articles you’ve come to expect ising, Expat resources, Google Maps and
from the printed magazine, but with a Google Earth into the website, as well as
twist. Instead of downloading files of a multimedia such as podcasts and videos.
complete magazine, as you’ve been able to An added feature of our service will be
do up until now from the current website, an online version of accents guide (www.
you’ll be able to read and then comment which will function as a
on individual articles online, and create a directory of information, and will allow
virtual discussion around important topics. local businesses, community groups and
But it doesn’t stop there. organizations to have a place on the Web.
Once you register as a user, you’ll be Wikis, as these sites are known, allow
able to post up your own discussion topics anyone to sign up and post or edit content
in discussion forums and be notified by on topics they have some knowledge of or
e-mail when new topics or comments are have researched.
posted by other users. Granted, these The aim of introducing these features
concepts have been around on the Web for to our new website is to provide a better-
years, but we will also be enriching our site connected community and to encourage
with many of the newer, socially-inclusive the use of participatory media. Content
aspects of websites like MySpace, Face- is created not just by staff writers but
book, Flickr and Wikipedia. through the active participation of the com-
For example, some of our current munity. We hope you’ll join us in helping
writers as well as new authors will become to enrich the English-speaking community
“bloggers” or columnists. What is a blog? of Baden-Württemberg.

accents magazine 5
News and Events

Global warming, captured in photos

A British Council exhibition in Stuttgart

By Alexander Chavez around the world. Their images document, warming becomes more tangible.
among other things, the repercussions of The exhibition at the University of
We’re bombarded nowadays with climate the melting of the polar ice caps on coastal Stuttgart’s city campus (the KII building at
change terms and numbers: tons of CO2 communities, and desertification and its Keplerstraße 17) was organized in coopera-
emissions, kilowatt hours, species host effect on wildlife. But there are also images tion with the university’s department of
per square kilometer, glacial melt rates, that show how renewable energy tech- New English Literature, which has a new
rising sea levels, and so on. And then the nologies, such as wind and solar power, boss, Professor Renate Brosch. She is
economists get in on the act. The British which help combat global warming, can eager to develop new links with English
government’s Stern Review on the eco- also help improve people’s lives in poor arts and cultural groups.
nomics of climate change puts the price rural communities. The climate change The connection between English litera-
tag for climate change, if left unchecked, buzzwords, the facts and the figures are ture studies and the problem of global
at a staggering 5.48 trillion euros. put into context, and the concept of global warming may not seem apparent at first.
But how does one translate this jargon At the exhibition’s opening, Patrick Hart,
into understandable images? How can one Deputy Director of the British Council in
communicate the extent of the problem Germany, used the example of the work of
and propose solutions? Charles Dickens to illustrate the power
The photo exhibition NorthSouthEast- literature has to change human behavior.
West, organized by the British Council and “Dickens’ writings drew the attention of
on display in Stuttgart until the end of July, the general public to the conditions of the
provides some answers to these questions. working poor in Victorian Britain. The result
The British Council is the UK’s official was more sympathy for the poor and an
organization for promoting British arts and increase in (the number of) charities,” said
culture around the world – or at least, that Hart. He said he hopes that more authors
used to be its role. It’s now changed its and artists will address the issue of global
focus to working with European cultural warming and initiate changes in human
organizations on global concerns. One of Stuttgart University’s behavior in the way Dickens did.
these concerns is climate change. Renate Brosch and If you miss out on seeing the exhibition
the British Council’s
NorthSouthEastWest is a collection of Patrick Hart you can view the photographs by clicking
photographs by ten of the world’s top at the opening of onto:
photographers who traveled to 12 locations NorthSouthEastWest.

‘Dual-language’ school to expand

English-German program, now for Fifth Grade kids

The International School of Stuttgart (ISS) the opportunity to become bilingual,” says
Photo: Lothar Bertrams, Stuttgart
plans to expand its ‘dual language’ elemen- Sarah Kupke, principal of the BaSICS
tary (primary) school program at its BaSICS school. “The growth in private schooling
campus in Böblingen-Sindelfingen. Begin- shows us that many German parents are
ning in September, the school will offer seeking alternatives to the state system.
English-German dual language teaching A dual-language teaching program is
from kindergarten through to fifth grade. naturally of enormous interest to them.”
Dual-language learning involves teach- Kupke says there is now a strong body
ing young children in both German and of research indicating that bilingual stu-
English, and is designed to help native and dents outperform monolingual students in
non-native English and German speakers the long term. (She says she’s happy to
become proficient in writing and speaking supply references to such research upon
both languages. Classes are taught by request.) Learning in English
teams of German- and English-speaking “Understanding is the focus of our and German not
a problem for these
teachers. ISS BaSICS is the only one of the learning goals and our teachers employ a kids at ISS BaSICS.
20 members of the Association of German variety of approaches and methodologies
International Schools that has introduced that are not only dynamic, practical and
such a program. systematic, but also enjoyable,” she says.
“Nowadays, it is not only English-speak- ISS BaSICS says it plans to continue
ing parents living in Germany who are look- expanding the dual language program
ing for a school that offers their children further into the Middle School.

6 News and Events accents magazine

The media shift, from paper to screen

With accents moving online, I would like The Web and its spin-offs have radically
to dedicate this last Viewpoint (only my reduced our collective attention span.
fourth) to a computer whiz – a long-lost The antsy readers of today want their
army pal, then 1LT Robert Thompson of information served up quickly, visually if
Spokane, Washington, USA. possible, entertainingly for sure, and in
I haven’t kept in touch with him but I easy-to-digest morsels that consume as
remember him bending over a primitive little time as possible. This virtual form
computer in 1989, and gleefully saying of collective attention deficit disorder
to me: “Gary, in 20 years, there won’t (no insult intended) is fatal to news-
be a book in the library. It will all be on papers and magazines, especially those
disc or accessible via computer. Instead that require plenty of time to produce
of settling down with a book for the and consume.
evening, folks will settle down with their The compressed timeframe in which
computers.” Bob’s nearly 20-year-old information is consumed in the virtual
prediction of ‘the shape of things to realm has profound implications for
come’ is not far off the mark. It would democracy and society. Will Web-based
appear that the nerds have won. papers be able to effectively assume
To the casual observer, the print the traditional ‘checks and balances’
media seems healthy enough. A peek at function of the traditional newspapers?
a newsstand at any train station reveals Will blogs have the power to topple a
a cornucopia of newspapers and maga- corrupt government the same way that
zines. In recent years, an explosion of the Washington Post and New York
niche publications has swamped the Times did in the Watergate affair? Will
market. Our mailboxes are beleaguered a blog headline or photograph convey
every week with countless free news- the same invocation of national pride as
papers, called “freesheets” in the ind- the Bild newspaper’s famous “Wir sind
ustry, that invariably land in the recycling Papst” (We are the Pope) cover? Will
bin without being opened. We appear to the consumers of Web-based inform-
be overwhelmed with printed material. ation feel as passionate about politics
And yet, the world according to Bob and social events as readers of traditional
is becoming a reality. In short, the way papers once did?
we access information and reading OK, you get the point: I’m a news-
material is being irrevocably altered paper and magazine man through and
by the Web, iPod, e-book, and other through. I’d like to view accents’ new
technical innovations. A recent report station as an online magazine as a kind
by the National Press Photographers of newspaper purgatory, a temporary
Association in the USA shows that one- metamorphosis from whence the maga-
percent of America’s newspapers go zine will emerge in a refined (paper!)
broke annually. This is hardly an American state. I’m on the side of all those want-
problem. The Economist reports that to-be news junkies out there who still
newspaper sales across the Western savour the smell of coffee, the crackle
world have plummeted over the past of the newspaper, the piles of newsprint
decade and that as many as half of accumulating in the corner of an untidy
today’s papers may close in the not- study, and ink-besmirched fingertips left
too-distant future. In his ominous book by papers hot off the press.
The Vanishing Newspaper, author Phillip Bob, if you’re out there and you read
Meyer predicts that the last newspaper this online: see you in the library!
will land in the dustbin of history in the
year 2043. The culprits: the cost of news- Dr. Gary Anderson
print and distribution, which account Lecturer of Cultural Politics
for 75% of American newspapers’ at Zeppelin University
expenditures, and, of course, the Bob in Friedrichshafen
Thompsons of the planet.
In the age of the uncluttered desk
and designer furniture, readers –
especially youthful readers – are simply
uninterested in the newspaper medium.
As one of my thirty-something pals
is fond of saying, “If it’s not on the
Internet, it doesn’t exist.” The reader-
ship culture generated by the Internet
spells bad news for the traditional
magazine and newspaper industry.

accents magazine News and Events 7

Arts and Culture

Popular Entertainment Versus High Culture

Stuttgart theatre in step with world trends

Should theatre be about producing comic and emotionally from the performance

Photo: Henrik Zawischa

entertainment for the masses or serious area. Performances in small spaces, such
drama for the intelligentsia? Arts Editor as converted pub rooms or small ware-
Stuart Marlow reports on trends in thea- houses tend to be intimate. The move
tre production and how Stuttgart theatre towards smaller venues also enables the
groups are moving with the times. staging of quality performances of relatively
unknown plays with little financial risk.
Arguments about what sort of theatre The challenge for those of us creating
should be staged are partly driven by the Anglophone theatre in unconventional
need to cover production costs. And spaces in Germany is how to provide
Baden-Württemberg’s English-language unrestricted vision of the stage, allowing
theatre groups are constantly dealing with no more than four or five rows of seats.
this dilemma. Should they provide yet more Some venues, like the Tribühne Theatre in Congrats for
comic entertainment in an already saturated Stuttgart, have tried staging their perform- “An Almost Perfect Murder”
market when there is a decided lack of ances in a long corridor between two banks
political theatre? On the other hand, should of four to five rows. Halle T4 at Stuttgart’s With falling attendance figures for
theatre become the preserve of educated, Theaterhaus is steeply raked to accommo- theatre generally, it’s great to see
middle-class thinkers, who need to have date eight rows of seats with unrestricted English language productions playing
their morals challenged before they head vision, although the set-up requires good before packed houses in Stuttgart.
off for a round of after-show drinks? voice projection from the actors if they’re Congratulations to Wendy Marie
Generally speaking, conventional theatre to be heard in the back rows. Like some of Förster on the success of her play
right across Europe is in crisis. Large-scale the successful studio theatres in London, “An Almost Perfect Murder,” which
theatre is very expensive wherever it is NEAT’s cosy performance space at the KKT centres on two frustrated wives plot-
produced and attendance numbers are fall- in Bad Cannstatt offers excellent acoustics ting to rid themsleves of their macho,
ing steadily. but little freedom to experiment with the couch-potato husbands, and is full of
In London, these factors have led to space between auditorium and stage. incisive humor and dark irony. Before
the rise of small-studio or alternative-venue Experimenting with space will be a going on to win the Best Original
theatre. Top actors can now be seen in major challenge for English-language theatre Script award at the 2007 Festival
modest performance spaces for very groups wanting to appeal to a wider of European Anglophone Theatrical
reasonable prices and the arguments about audience. You’ll be able to find out how Societies in The Hague, the play
whether or not to produce ‘entertainment’ they face up to this challenge and remain attracted a full house in Halle T4 at
or ‘culture’ have been superseded by the informed about the English language arts Stuttgart’s Theaterhaus. Unfortunately,
low cost of small-scale productions and the scene in Baden-Württemberg via accents’ this talented American playwright left
use of more intimate dramatic space. Large new website ( when Stuttgart for California earlier this year
theatres distance the audience physically it’s launched in the autumn. and was unable to see the Theater-
haus production. To quote from
Hannah B. Patrick’s Theaterhaus
review: “Excellent lighting and atmos-
pheric sound provided by the stud-
ents of the Hochschule der Medien
set the atmosphere for Wendy Marie
Förster’s black comedy, An Almost
Perfect Murder. Starting perhaps
a little slowly, Michelle Golledge as
Shelley and Elizabeth Winkler as Beth
nevertheless managed to drive this
(play), powerfully, to its ironic and
macabre conclusion. Congratulations
to (director) Jonathan Tilley for so
skillfully holding the balance between
strong emotional depth and farce.”

8 Arts and Culture accents magazine

Garden rockets and mysterious gardens
Summer reading

The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: fashioned thriller (no techno gadgets,
Things to Do, by Conn & Hal Iggulden high-speed car chases or secret societies
Harper Collins, 205 pages undermining Western civilization) which
This book is filled with activities to keep gently draws the reader into a web of
both adults and children busy. They mystery. A Cambridge student, Adam
range from simple games through to Strickland, is on a research holiday
instructions on how to build a tree studying the gardens of the Villa Dolci
house or how to make a go-cart. The when he discovers that two deaths, one
pocket-book format and old-fashioned in World War II and another in the 16th
illustrations create the impression of a century, are not as straightforward as
handbook for Boy Scouts, though this they appear to be. The mystery of the
book has a slightly cheeky twist. There gardens is unraveled with references Mondays
are activities that don’t belong in any to Dante and Virgil. The result is a Music & movie quiz
old Boy Scout’s manual, such as tips on stimulating, but not overly demanding
how to play poker properly, and how to read. Perfect for when the summer heat Live Jazz music
make a real bow-and-arrow or a garden begins to lull the mind.
rocket. Written with wry humor – the Wednesdays
chapter on first aid is entitled “Are They General Knowledge
Breathing?” – this is a book that will last
the whole summer. Saturdays
Darts tournament
The Savage Garden, by Mark Mills
Harper Collins, 355 pages The George & Dragon English Pub
If you want to read a thriller this summer In Hotel Le Meridien
that is not just cotton candy for the Willy-Brandt-Stra e 30
70 173 Stuttgart
mind then this is the book to choose. 07 11 280496 9
Set in postwar Italy, this is an old-
Innovative schooling
International in name and in outlook

It has an annual turnover of 7.5 million Chapmans decided to send their children solving. This is why businesses are enter-
euros and a workforce of around 100 to ISS in preparation for a possible work ing into partnerships with schools like ISS.
employees who speak more than 20 lang- transfer in the future. Mark Smith, from the company Ernst &
uages. Its customers include firms like “If you work for a multinational company Young, is a member of the Board of
Bosch, Daimler, Hewlett-Packard, Celesio, there is always the possibility you will be Trustees of ISS. He helped involve the
Festo and Fanuc, as well as VfB Stuttgart. offered a move elsewhere,” says Sean. school in the “Handelsblatt macht Schule”
We could be talking about any one of “We wanted the children to be in a school project – which Ernst & Young supports –
a number of medium-sized companies in from which they could easily transfer designed to support the school in business
Baden-Württemberg. However, the product to another system somewhere else.” studies classes. “Both business and the
of this particular ‘business’ is not car parts International schools emphasize tolerance school benefits from such cooperation,”
or high-tech machinery but education. The and an enquiring approach to problem says Smith.
‘business’ is the International School of The financial situation of the school has
Stuttgart, ISS.

Photo: Lothar Bertrams, Stuttgart

been stabilized since the media coverage
“For internationally mobile employees last year in connection with the loss of
and their families, the presence of an inter- subsidies from the Baden-Württemberg
national school to ensure the continuity of Government and the future of the school
their children’s education is a significant is secure. An increase in student numbers
factor in choosing a job. This is how we is expected for the coming school year.
support businesses that are reliant on both Ninety-eight per cent of what we now
expatriates and impatriates,” says John know about how children learn has been
Foulkes-Jones, ISS director. discovered in the last five years. For ISS
The Chapmans are a typical example of this necessitates regular curriculum reviews
an internationally mobile family. Originally and regular professional training for staff.
from Britain, Sean and his wife Rachel The ISS looks forward to continuing to
worked in other parts of Europe and the The ISS motto: every support local business develop globally and
USA, before moving to the Stuttgart region. child Integrated, global business develop locally.
Stimulated, Special.
Although English is their mother tongue,
the children had been educated previously Written for accents magazine by the ISS
in schools in France and Germany but the
accents Stage

Stage On our future website
you will still find our choice
of English-language events
Dancing to Connect in the region. Even better,
Dance project with the Battery authorized users will be able
Events Dance Company, New York to post new English-language
and 5 Freiburg schools. The People, Yes!

Performance on Jul 17,
Großes Haus, Stadttheater
events all on their own. If you
would like more information
about how to post your
events, contact us at
Carl Sandburg’s
Lecture on the American
A Change of Perspective Helen & The Daughters of Troy poet by Prof. Dr.
German-American Exhibition Jul 27 - Aug 4, Roadside Theater, Friedhelm Kröll, M.A.
Jul 5 - Aug 24, Mon-Fri, Patton Barracks, general public Jul 19, 7:30 pm
10 am - 6 pm. Carl-Schurz-Haus, welcome, Tickets 06221 175020,
Eisenbahnstraße 62 accents Myth, Nature, and the
DAI Book Fleamarket
A Midsummer Night’s Dream online Hudson River School
Lecture on the 18th and
Jul 9-13, 2-6 pm, Jul 14, The American Drama Group Castle 19th century American
10 am - 2 pm, DAI Sofienstraße 12, Tour 2007. Jul 10, 7 pm and 8 pm, myths about nature by Schloss Mainau Prof. David Sumner, PhD
Stuttgart Tübingen Nagold Jul 24, 7 pm, at the
Bollywood and Beyond Ireland – Tanglefoot Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
4th Indian film festival. Jul 11-15, History, Literature, Music Irish Folk Rock. Jul 20, Keltenfest Presented by DIF (German-Irish Waldshut-Tiengen The Long John Wayne
New World – the Invention Friendship), Paddy Bort and Geraldine MacGowan Film Evening
of American Painting Veit Müller, Jul 12, Café Luca Irish Folk. Sep 27, Stadtscheuer Celebrating his 100th
Jul 21 - Oct 21, Staatsgalerie, birthday, the DAZ will
Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 30-32, show two John Wayne Music Lectures/Discussions films with western-style
Tübingen snacks. Aug 1, 6:30-11 pm
Moscow – New York.
Double Exposure Express.
Lomographic views by Ingeborg
Lauffen Freiburg
Lectures Deutsch-
Jaiser, Lothar Schmidt, Charlotte Irish Night Open Dialog Amerikanisches Zentrum
Sachter and Neil Davidson with Tim O’Leary & Cameron every other Wed, 6:30-8 pm James-F.-Byrnes-Institut
Exhibit Jun 1 - Jul 27 and Sep 4-21, Robson, Brian McNeill and please check website for dates e.V. Charlottenplatz 17
Tue-Fri 9 am - 6 pm, Deutsch- Bachelors Walk and topics, Carl-Schurz-Haus, 70173 Stuttgart
Amerikanisches Institut (d.a.i.), Jul 14, Burghof Eisenbahnstraße 62, 0761 5565270, 0711-228180
Karlstraße 3, 07071 795260, Lörrach Monday Nite at the Movies
In the Region Stimmen 07 Screening and discussion,
Wine festivals in the region International Music Festival Friedrichsbau-Lichtspiele, 7 pm
Jul 25 - Jul 29 Konstanz “The other voices of America” Writer’s Circle a Stammtisch at 7:15 pm.
Aug 9 - Aug 23 Ludwigsburg is the theme of this year’s Fridays, 6 pm, Library Carl-Schurz- Let’s Read!
Aug 29 - Sep 9 Stuttgart festival presented by Burghof Haus, see address above Reading group for contemporary
Aug 29 - Sep 9 Pforzheim in Lörrach until Jul 29, Heidelberg American literature. Once a month
Aug 30 - Sep 9 Reutlingen Discussion group on a Friday 10:30 am - 12 pm
Aug 31 - Sep 3 Breisach am Rhein with Dr. Steven Bloom Please sign up to attend
Aug 31 - Sep 2 Schorndorf Our choices sorted by location: Check 0711 228180 or
Sep 6 - Sep 14 Heilbronn Burghof Lörrach for topics, Wednesdays, 6 pm, Tübingen
Sep 15 - Sep 17 Esslingen Sekou Sundiata (USA) d.a.i., library, Sofienstraße 12 Writer’s Club
am Neckar The 51st Dream State, English-Language Video With Carolyn Murphey Melchers,
Jul 11 and 12, 8:30 pm Discussion Group 2nd Friday of the month, 2-4 pm,
Marktplatz Lörrach Check d.a.i., see address above
Katie Melua (GB) for topics, Tuesdays, 6 pm, Book Discussion
Jul 19, 8 pm d.a.i. library, see address above 2nd Friday of the month, 6:30-8 pm,
Blood, Sweat & Tears (USA) Karlsruhe d.a.i., see address above
Jul 20, 8 pm DEF English Conversation Circle Talk At Eight: Discussion Group
Rosenfelspark Lörrach 3rd Tuesday of each month, on Current Issues
Gwen Matthews & 7:30 pm, Moltkestraße 20, Room 4. by Laurence Stallings.
Denis Colin Trio (USA/F) LitNight in English 3rd Tuesday of the month 8:15 pm,
The Be Good Tanyas (CA) Reading and discussing literature d.a.i., see address above
Swan songs, Jul 25, 8 pm 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, The One-Dimensional Empire:
Bethany & Rufus (USA) 7:30 pm, American Library, The Levelling-Down of Reality
One Ring Zero (USA) A popular study group by Laurence
Jul 26, 8 pm Poetry Please Stallings and Scott Stelle, view
Terrance Simien (USA) Poems read and discussed in topics on
Mojo & the Bayou English. 4th Tuesday of the month, Last Friday of the month, 6:45 pm,
Gypsies (USA) 7:30-9 pm, American Library, d.a.i., see address above
Let the good times roll – Tom 0721 3540477
Zydeco night, Jul 28, 8 pm Stuttgart
Hazmat Mondie (USA) The Empire Study Group Workshops
Dr. John (USA) A popular study group by
Jul 29, 8 pm
Grün 07 Reinfelden
Rockapella (USA)
Laurence Stallings and Scott Stelle.
View topics on
2nd Friday of the month at 5 pm, Freiburg
Summer Wine Festivals Natually 7 (USA) German-American Center (DAZ), Workshops in cooperation
Summer time is wine festival Best of a cappella, Jul 14, 8 pm Charlottenplatz 17, 0711 228180, with the Carl-Schurz-Haus
time! Don't miss this cozy Les Dominicains Visit
German tradition. Pictured Guebwiller (F) Conversation Circle for a list of current workshops
above is the Heilbronner Chanticleer (USA) Every third Friday of the month on square dancing
Weindorf from Sep 6 to Sep 14. Jul 19, 8 pm from 6-7 pm, Conference Room, Heidelberg
See other dates on this page. DAZ, see address above. Workshops at the
View topics on German-Amercian Institute (d.a.i.)
ConversationCircle.html. Visit
The discussion group continues as for a list of current workshops

accents magazine accents choice 11

Etzelstraße 25-27, 0711 3582215,
Rhyme Time
Singing and rhymes for kids
0-3 years with parent/carer,
Fridays 10-10:45 am, CEL,
see address above
Singing and Story time
Native English speakers 3-6 years,
Fridays 3-3:45 pm, CEL,
see address above
CEL Youth Club
for fluent English speakers aged
10-13 years old, Saturdays 7-8 pm,
CEL, see address above
Reading & Writing
native English speakers – school
children (6-7 years old, max.
6 children), Fridays 4:15-5:15 pm,
CEL, see address above
English Taught Thematically
native English speakers –
school children
Long John Wayne Evening
(8 years old +, max. 8 children),
Celebrating John Wayne’s
Fridays 5:15-6:30 pm, CEL,
100th birthday, the DAZ in
see address above
Stuttgart will be showing
Harry Potter
two films with western-
and the Deathly Hallows
style snacks between films
Two members of CEL will do
Aug 1, 6:30-11 pm
a reading, followed by a discussion
based around the new Harry Potter
book. Jul 26, 4-5 pm, Stadt-
bücherei, Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2
Story Time for Kids at the DAZ
on TOEFL exams, conversation, Emma Walton will read stories,
job hunting, and orientation for play games and teach English
newcomers vocabulary to kids.
Stuttgart Mondays, 3:30-4:15 pm
Workshops at the Senior Group 7-10 years,
German-American Centre (DAZ) 4:15-5 pm Junior Group 4-7 years,
Visit for a list please sign up 0711 228180,
of current workshops on writing,
quilting, and dancing A story just for you!
Tübingen Jul 18, 2:30 pm Stadtteilbücherei,
Workshops at the Vaihinger Markt 6, Stuttgart-
German-American Institute (d.a.i.) Vaihingen, 0711 2164851
Visit Bollywood –

accents guide for a list of current workshops

on quilting, and fundraising
Discover India with Beverly
Workshop in English with Polly
Hasselkuss. Jul 27 and 28, 9-12 am,

Johannesstraße 63, Stuttgart-West
Kids Tübingen
English Storytime

Kids for kids 4-6 years with Christine
Asch, 1st Wednesday of the month,
4-5 pm, d.a.i., 07071 795260,
Tell Me a Story! see address above
Reading for children by Leanne Dier
Every other Wednesday,
5-6 pm, Carl-Schurz-Haus,
see address above
Heidelberg accents forum
Storytime for Kids
3-5 years, every 1st and 3rd Friday, Jul 20, 5 pm
Wednesday of the month, 4:30 pm, Biergarten im Schlossgarten,
please sign up 06221 607315, Am Schlossgarten 18, Stutt-
dai – Library, see address above gart. This time we’ve planned
Karlsruhe a special meet-up with an
Our complete guide to
Storytime in English! earlier meeting time. Frisbee’s,
everything Baden-Württem-
2-5 years, every 2nd and 4th soccer balls, kids welcome.
berg has to offer in English
Wednesday of the month at 4 pm, On the lawn next to the beer
is available online on
American Library, Kanalweg 52, garden. Come along and find out more about the future
Storytime for children website!
ages 6 and older
Fri, Jul 27, 4 pm: Rhino’s Horns
Schools & Preschools
With crafting afterwards
so please sign up. American Library,
Clubs & Organizations
see address above
Theater Groups
Dr. Seuss Day
Kids & Playgroups
For children all ages.
Political Groups
Tue, Jul 31, 2 pm, American Library,
Business Organizations
see address above
Religious Services
Movie Theaters
Listen in
Story and activity for kids 3-6 years accents
with parent. Sat 3:30-4:30 pm,
Children’s English Library (CEL),

12 accents choice accents magazine

Classifieds For Sale/For Rent

Moving Sale
going back to USA and can’t take
items like lamps and electrics.
All items must go! Good prices
Employment 50-75% off what we paid less
than 2 years ago. Bedroom set with
cabinet and bedside tables, enter-
Become an English teacher tainment center with 2 cabinets,
and invest in your future. If you bathroom cabinets (3), washer,
enjoy working with infants and vacuum cleaner, lamps, rugs, air
children, speak fluent English, conditioner, fans, toaster oven, and
want flexible and independent heater. Tel: 0711 3804169 anytime
work near home and want to for more information.
join an established international
framework with a strong support Berlin To Rent
system, become a Helen Doron Fully furnished holiday apartment in
Early English teacher. A unique Berlin available for rental. Situated
and highly successful system in quiet courtyard in 1890s building
proven over 20 years, with special in Bergmannstrasse – a well known
methodology and materials. street with cafés, restaurants,
Tel. Stg and BB 0711 8880173, designer/antique shops. Only four
WN and LB 0711 586207, U-bahn stops from Stadtmitte
ES 0711 9012352 and (city centre). Vacancies available
AA, GP, HDH 07334 920357. this Summer. For info and prices: Phone
0174 2152135 or 0711 7946608

Linguarama Spracheninstitut
is seeking qualified native-speaker
EFL teachers for business English Services
courses which are offered
through-out Baden Württemberg.
Especially those with a technical TAX ME NOT – IRS FREE MONEY
background are welcomed. US Citizen? Pay German Taxes?
Application materials by e-mail, Have kid(s)? IRS may owe you a refund! Full range of Professional
or call 0711 997993-30 Tax Services. You must file even
if you don’t owe! 07071 968590
Native speakers wanted
with financial/technical/business
experience and excellent
inter-personal and language skills. Medical Writing and Translations
Freelance work. Contact: German-English, English-German Karen Grützner

It’s Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! Having trouble with

Seeking enthusiastic staff to teach written English? Need help check-
English to 7-11 year olds. This ing essays, letters, or speeches
paid work is due to start in autumn. to an English-speaking audience?
Interested? Reasonable rates, confidential and
Business English Teachers needed:
native speakers, university degree,
TEFL qualification, min. 2 years
teaching exp. Please contact ISD Personal
Post your ads online!
GmbH, Stuttgart, eileen.pannone@ Watch for our new website or 0711 2388218 Seeking Mother’s Helper! this fall to post your ads for the
Stuttgart Family seek a caring English-speaking community.
EducCare gGmbH sucht ‘live-out’ English-speaking female Until then, send an e-mail to
für bilinguale Bildungskindertages- to help care for children, 18 to
stätte Stuttgart-West ab 20.8.07 months, 3 and 8. Part-time. Will be have your message distributed
eine englischsprechende Erzieherin required to do household chores, on our mailing list.
zu 100% in einer Gruppe mit 10 and babysitting. Non-smoker.
Kindern 0-3 Jahre. Bewerbung an: References essential, and drivers license if possible. Contact or 0160

Professional Language School

English German French Spanish

State exams for:

• Commercial Correspondents
• Translators
Advanced German Foreign Language
and Interpreter courses
Im Kaisemer 5, 70191 Stuttgart, Tel. 0711 - 295 107

accents magazine Classifieds 13


Holiday stress
Vacations are not what they’re meant to be

First, a bit of holiday math: if Liz drives for The military-style wake-up call at four

Photo: Stock.xng
12 hours at 150km/h with three fighting o’clock in the morning to beat the holiday
kids in the back seat and nothing but dry traffic jams is always pleasant. Unfortun-
bread to chew on, how long before she ately, everyone else in Germany has the
ends up in a straitjacket? same idea and we all end up on the road
Actually, I look forward to my kids being at 5 a.m. And God forbid that we should
out of school, with no homework stress, no stop somewhere for a proper breakfast or
alarm clocks, no running them around from for lunch. In Germany, you are required to
one activity to the next. The ideal vacation smear butter onto the last few pieces of
for me would be to hang out and do dried-out bread in your kitchen before you
nothing, make the kids do the housework. leave. You eat that and Tupperware-packed
My husband has other ideas about those apple wedges on the way.
weeks of school vacation. On the first morning of our vacation my Reserving deck chairs with towels is a
He is always eager to plan a 14-hour husband is always up early in search of a favorite German pastime.
drive to a place that makes my family Wanderkarte – a hiking map. What would a In general, I arrive back home from a
back home ask, “Isn’t there a war going German vacation be without a twenty-mile vacation a few kilos fatter and in desperate
on there?” A few days before the trip he hike? Or we might go on a 50-mile bike need of a vacation from my family.
starts to fuss about making the house spot- ride. (Just what I need for my constipation This is the last tangible copy of accents
less before we leave. The shutters have after 14 hours of sitting in a car eating so I’ll be taking a writing vacation until
to be rolled down one-third of the way. bread and butter.) We always book places accents online kicks into gear towards
Not one-half, but one-third. (It makes the to stay where there’s a swimming pool or a the end of the year. I’ll be joining up as
house absolutely scream, “WE’RE ON sauna. Although it remains a mystery to me a columnist or ‘blogger.’ Writing for this
VACATION, COME IN AND ROB US!”) why a hotel for 200 people never manages magazine has been very therapeutic for
to stock more than a dozen plastic deck me. Living in a foreign country can some-
chairs in their “Wellness” area. By the time times get you down but my tip is: don’t
I arrive poolside all of the chairs are reserv- lose your sense of humor!
ed with towels that have been there since
well before the breakfast buffet opened. Liz Gaiser

It’s “See ya later,”

not “Goodbye”

By Katharine A. Schmidt I used to copy-edit, and all the discover-

ies I would make working to ensure that
You know the sad news – you won’t be our stories and columns were as clear
picking up a fresh, beautifully printed and melodious as possible for our inter-
copy of accents come September, national audience.
when vacation’s over. But sometime in But as the accents language column-
October or November I hope you’ll sit ist (responsible for My Two Cents),
down at your computer and open up the I look forward to participating in the
new accents online website, with blogs worldwide “blogosphere,” where com-
(“weblogs”) by columnists from the ments by readers are integral parts of
print magazine, and probably a few new the whole blog. I hope some of you who
ones. So I’m not going to say the final- have sent me generous comments,
istic-sounding “Goodbye,” but rather, suggestions and questions over the past
the breezily cheery “See ya later.” couple of years will join me there, and
As a long-time print journalist, of invite a few friends along.
course I’ll miss being able to thumb Thanks very much to everyone who
through the glossy pages of our maga- has responded to my column or
zine. And with a looser editorial arrange- suggested a topic! See you in the fall
ment, I may not get to have as many (or autumn, if you prefer).
good linguistic tussles with Geoff, the
Australian editor-in-chief. I’ll miss the
bimonthly encounters with all the stories

14 Labyrinth accents magazine