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Faster processors,
more powerful graphics
— and more!

How ASUS’ Republic of Gamers components
can help build the ultimate gaming PC

your living space with the slim
& stylish Designo MS Series monitor

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The EeeTop ET2002T — Meet the new thin & light
now bigger and better UL Series ultraportables WWW.TECHINSTYLE.CO.UK

M[bYec[ Hello and welcome to Tech in Style.

Technology plays an important part in
many households, but not everyone
wants it to be the focal point of a
room. In this issue you can read
about some new ASUS products that
combine the very latest in display
and computer technology with slim,
streamlined good looks that will
blend seamlessly into any environment.
If you’re more interested in the DIY approach to
computers, you’ll appreciate our guide to building 04 :[i_]d[Z\ehB_\[
the ultimate gaming PC. We’ve called in world- ASUS’ user-centric approach creates products
renowned overclocker Kinc to talk you through the
that fit seamlessly into any environment
key considerations and he explains how ASUS ROG
components will give you a keen gaming edge.
Finally, you’ve probably read about the new 06 IYh[[d_Zebi
generation of ‘thin and light’ laptops that use Intel®’s
new CULV processors and in this issue, we put you in the
The new range of ASUS LCD monitors, the
picture on what ASUS’ new models — the UL Series — Designo MS Series, is slim, subtle and
can do for you. seriously stylish
We hope you enjoy the issue!

08 D_Y[[WioZe[i_j
The new EeeTop PC ET2002T brings powerful
Helen Ling, Editor multimedia functions to your home or office

About ASUS
ASUS is a leading company in the new digital era that employs more
than 10,000 people globally, and its revenue in 2008 was
US$8.1 billion. It ranked in the top 10 IT companies in BusinessWeek’s
InfoTech 100 for 2008, and has been on the listing for 11 consecutive
years. ASUS was also selected by the Wall Street Journal Asia as No.1 in
quality and service in Taiwan.

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10 That's entertainment
Two new EeeBox PCs provide the latest in home-entertainment
technology without taking over your living room

12 The birth of a republic ISSUE 7
How ASUS’ Republic of Gamers motherboards, laptops and EDITORIAL
graphics cards became essential to gaming fans Editor Helen Ling
Creative Director Quawn Hsu

14 Gaming to go Art Editor Graham Greig

Production Kate Faulkner
Why tie yourself to the desktop? Enjoy the hottest gaming
performance anywhere with the ASUS G51 and G60 laptops
Group Art Director Bill Bagnall
Managing Editor James Kidder

16 Taking it to the Max PRODUCTION

Want your own mean machine? Follow overclocking expert Production Manager Mark Young
Marcus Hultin’s guide to building a high-end gaming computer Production Co-ordinator Liz Moores

Copyright: ASUSTek (UK) Limited, 2009. All editorial

20 What’s the best computer for me? content in this magazine has been sponsored by
ASUS. While every care was taken preparing this
magazine, ASUStek Limited cannot be held
The ASUS UL Series of lightweight professional laptops responsible for the accuracy of the information nor
any consequences arising from it.

22 Security in Style
Keep your ASUS laptop looking as good on the inside
as the outside

23 Spotlight 16
Take a peek into the inner workings of the ASUS Marketing
Communications team with resident overclocker Marcus Hultin.

ISSUE 7 | 3
hen it comes to technology, good design
shouldn’t distract from the purpose of a
product — it should enhance it. This is
A stunning range of
particularly important when it comes to the kind of
contemporary flat-
electronic devices that are finding increasing favour
screen displays that
in many homes. After all, everybody enjoys the
are slim — and stylish
benefits that high-definition TV and internet access
— enough to slip into
offer, but few people want their living room to look
any room.
like a hi-tech lab.

Thanks to its extensive design expertise, ASUS has
been able to address this thorny issue to produce
products that are beautiful to look at and can blend
into any environment both seamlessly and stylishly.
Its many years spent innovating in the computer-
component industry have allowed ASUS to develop
compact PCs that take up little space, yet still offer
similar features to much larger models. Power-
efficient processors reduce the need for bulky
cooling systems, while integrated displays do away
with the need for traditional two-box desktop set-ups
and release precious living space.
ASUS’ constant search for ever-improved screen
technology has enabled it to create flat-screen
displays that not only have superlative image
quality, but are thinner than ever before. Its latest
models support both high-definition video and
high-resolution computer inputs, allowing one
screen to do the work of two, yet take up no more
desk space than a coffee mug.
Over the next six pages you can read more about
three ASUS products that personify its user-centric
approach and see how clean, simple designs bring a
touch of elegance that is seldom seen in desktop
computers and flat-screen displays.

4 | ISSUE 7
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The innovative
all-in-one PC gets a
bigger screen and
a new specification
that makes it more
versatile than ever.

Still impossibly
compact, the new
EeeBox PC EB1501 adds
a powerful NVIDIA®
ION™ graphic platform
to its unbeatable mix.

ASUS’ design focus on the
user experience has led to
products that fit seamlessly
into any environment

ISSUE 7 | 5
ASUS ultra-slim Designo MS Series LCD monitor

The new range of ASUS LCD monitors, the Designo

MS Series, is slim, subtle and seriously stylish

omputer displays have come a long way since those early CRT monitors that took up as
much space as the PCs they were plugged into. The TFT revolution has put flat screens in
most homes, but ‘flat’ seldom means ‘thin’ — and that’s a crucial consideration when you
don’t want a display to dominate a room.
See the difference with ASUS’ Designo MS Series of LCD monitors. This contemporary new
range of TFT displays encapsulates the very latest display technology into a screen that’s a mere
16.5mm thick. The monitor’s space-saving design is enhanced by its unique spherical ring stand
with integrated Ergo-Fit Technology that lets you adjust the tilt angle with just one finger. Finished
in starkly contrasting glossy piano black and pearl white, the Designo MS Series is fully HD-ready
for the latest generation of home entertainment, and provides both HDMI and PC inputs.
Designed to be eco-friendly, the Designo MS Series’ manufacturing process cuts the use of
hazardous materials in half and the monitors are designed to use 40% less power than a typical
TFT display, helping save the planet — and your utility bills.

G>FD3E>;? G>FD3EFK>;E: G>FD35A@@75F76

With widescreen displays A glossy piano-black bezel ensures The Designo MS Series
from 20" to 23.6", the that the Designo MS Series doesn’t of monitors is fully HD
Designo MS Series’ distract from watching an HD movie ready and offers an HDMI
screens are just 16.5mm or working on a connected computer, input for high-resolution
thick. A unique ring stand allowing you to focus completely on entertainment via Blu-
allows the display to be what’s on the screen. In stark contrast, ray players or games
adjusted to a comfortable the smooth, pearl-white rear means that consoles. The perfect
angle, yet takes up just a each model will blend harmoniously choice for gamers and
few millimetres of space. into any environment. film buffs alike.

6 | ISSUE 7
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ASUS display innovations
guarantee the best image
possible, no matter what the
material. Splendid™ Video
Intelligence Technology
creates more vivid images
by adjusting the screen
brightness to suit bright or
dark scenes, while Trace
Free Technology delivers
smoother movement by
eliminating ghosting that can
plague fast-moving images.

We have an ASUS MS Series
LCD monitor to give away to
one lucky reader. To be in
with a chance of winning,
please email inspired@ and tell
us which ancient four-word
Chinese geography thought,
translated as ‘Round Sky
and Square Earth’, inspired
its stunning design.

ISSUE 7 | 7
Positional images
At home At work At play
Stylish and simple, the slim The EeeTop PC ET2203T is The onboard HDMI-in port
and elegant all-in-one design more capable than ever before, lets you connect an HD games
requires just a single cable. thanks to its 2GB of memory, console or Blu-ray player, while
With the EeeTop PC ET2203T 250GB hard drive and built-in the high-resolution 16:9 display
plugged into the mains, the DVD writer. The new Intel® and full-range stereo speakers
wireless keyboard and mouse Core™ 2 Duo processor makes with SRS Premium Sound make
keep this computer free from light work of multi-tasking the EeeTop PC ET2203T perfect

unsightly clutter. applications, too. for movies and gaming.

The new EeeTop PC ET2203T is simple to use but brings

powerful multimedia functions to your home or office

he new ET2203T has the same stylish all-in-one design that made the original EeeTop
PC such a smash hit, but now ASUS has taken the technology to a new level.
Now equipped with a 22", 16:9 touch screen, the EeeTop PC ET2203T uses the
latest dual-core Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor and ATI® Radeon™ 4570 graphics for
outstanding performance.
The EeeTop PC ET2203T’s user-friendly interface is further complemented by a suite of
intuitive touch-enabled programs that have been designed to enhance your user experience.
Manage your multimedia needs with ease using ASUS TotalMedia Center, and leave personal
handwritten notes or voice and video messages for your family with Eee Memo.

8 | ISSUE 7
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# Use multiple
applications and
watch widescreen films
on the 22" display with
16:9 aspect ratio.

$ Enjoy unparalleled
ease of use thanks
to the ASUS Eee Bar
interface and touch-
sensitive screen.

% Microsoft Windows
7 runs smoothly, due
to the Intel® Core™ 2
Duo processor and ATI®
Radeon™ 4570 graphics.

& Set your software

free with 4GB
memory, 320GB hard
drive and internal DVD
writer o Blu-ray drive.

' Flexible expansion

options include four
USB ports, draft-N Wi-Fi,
Gigabit Ethernet and
even HDMI-in.

( Slim and compact,

the Eee Top PC
ET2203T measures 548 x
450 x 48mm and weighs
in at 8.9kg.

ISSUE 7 | 9
J^WjÊi ASUS Eee Box PC EB1012
ASUS Eee Box PC EB1501

[ dj[hjW_dc[dj Two new EeeBox PCs provide the latest in home-entertainment

technology without taking over your living room

ome entertainment doesn’t have to involve masses Despite being little bigger than a couple of DVD movie
of hardware under the TV. With the new ASUS cases, both models support full 1080p video playback for
EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501, you don’t even superlative image quality on HD displays. This extra power
need to see the source of your high-definition content. doesn’t come at the expense of extra energy consumption,
The latest models in the innovative ASUS EeeBox though — ASUS Super Hybrid Engine technology, together
range of compact computers, the EeeBox PC EB1012 and with the power-efficient Intel® Atom™ N330 processor,
EB1501, use the very latest energy-efficient components mean that the EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501 use up to
to deliver new levels of performance with very little power 70% less electricity than a typical desktop PC, making them
consumption. Their new Intel® Atom™ N330 processors friendly to the environment and your pocket.
are dual-core for enhanced multi-tasking capability, and So, the new ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501 are
NVIDIA® ION™ graphics make both models ideal for compact, capable and can cut your fuel bills — welcome to
entertainment applications. the next generation of home-entertainment technology.

10 | ISSUE 7
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The ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 and

Up, Toy Story 3D © Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved. The Godfather, G.I.Joe © Paramount Pictures Corperation. All Rights Reserved. G-Force © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All rights reserved. Bolt © Walt Disney Animation Studios. All rights reserved.
EB1501’s dual-core Intel® Atom™ 330
processors are around 20% faster than
the Intel® Atom™ N230. Both models
still only use around one-fifth of the
energy of a traditional desktop PC.

Connect an HD-ready display to the
onboard HDMI port and enjoy full
1080p HD video playback, thanks to
the powerful NVIDIA® ION™ graphics.
ASUS TotalMedia Center lets you
manage your media from your armchair.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen © DW Studios LLC and Paramount Pictures Corperation. All rights reserved. The Invention of Lying © Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved.
Now do even more thanks to the
addition of a slot-loading DVD writer on
the EB1501 model. The slimline drive
opens up a whole new world of options
— from installing software to ripping
music CDs and watching DVD movies.

The compact ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012
and EB1501 are perfect for places where
there isn’t room for a desktop PC. The
supplied desktop stand has a minimal
footprint, or fix one behind a display for
an invisible installation.

ISSUE 7 | 11
How ASUS’ Republic of Gamers motherboards, laptops
and graphics cards became essential to gaming fans

SUS has a long history with demand, ASUS formed the Republic
the design and manufacture of Gamers (ROG) in 2006. Through early adopters will love
of motherboards and graphics technological innovation, design, the leading-edge
cards, and is constantly looking for extensive gaming and overclocking specifications and flexible expansion
new ways to innovate in this highly R&D, ASUS has been able to develop options offered by the ASUS Maximus
competitive market. In fact ‘competition’ motherboards and graphics cards that III Formula, while case modders and
is the key word, for where better to seek set new benchmarks for performance gamers on a budget may find the ASUS
inspiration than in an area that pushes and reliability. ROG components are Maximus III GENE more to their taste.
PC components to their limit? now the preferred choice for gaming Whichever model you choose, if
Gamers demand the very best champions worldwide — isn’t it about you’re serious about gaming, ASUS ROG
performance from their PCs and expect time you joined them? Maximus III motherboards deliver the
no less than rock-solid performance and stability you demand.
reliability from every Max-power
part. Merely ‘good’ isn’t motherboards Great graphics cards
good enough though, ASUS ROG Maximus III Whether you’re a no-expense-spared
since only the very best motherboards come in two gamer or on a tight budget, ASUS has a
components can stand flavours — Formula and GENE. graphics card to suit.
up to the rigours of While both offer the same set Overclockers are well served by
high-resolution, high- of essential gaming features, ASUS graphic cards and the ROG MATRIX
frame-rate gaming — and their different form factors ENGTX285 has innovative features
overclocking just adds make them suited to that will meet the needs of the most
to the punishment. different PC users. demanding gaming enthusiasts, from
To meet this Hardcore gamers and its unprecedented overclocking capacity

12 | ISSUE 7
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and increased thermal efficiency to a

durable design that’s suitable for a variety
of PC chassis sizes. ASUS XTREME DESIGN
Gaming on the go Developing the very best PC components means
If you need high-end gaming performance understanding the needs of users and ASUS is
in a portable, then ASUS’ ROG laptops always keen to connect with its customers.
offer the ideal solution. The ASUS G51 and In August, ASUS held the first ever Xtreme
G60 both offer outstanding specifications Design Global Summit in London. Twenty users
and astonishing levels of performance, spent an afternoon sharing their thoughts with
with 3DMark06 benchmark scores that the ASUS R&D team, tinkering with the latest
come in around three times higher than ASUS hardware and pitting their gaming skills against the region’s media.
typical 15" laptops. Participants came away with a selection of ASUS prizes and the event
Gamer-centric design features like was the first of four to be held around the world. To find out about other
backlit keyboards and high-quality 3D legs of the ASUS Xtreme Design Global Summit, and have a chance to win
positional audio ensure an immersive in- more prizes, follow ASUS on Twitter at
game experience, wherever you may be.

ISSUE 7 | 13

Why tie yourself to the desktop?
Enjoy the hottest gaming performance
anywhere with the ASUS G60 laptop

f you don’t want to be desktop-bound for your gaming, the ASUS G60 is the
perfect choice. With a futuristic ‘mecha’ design and cutting-edge specification
to match, the G60 offers levels of performance that leave other gaming laptops —
and your opponents — trailing in its wake.
Intel® Core™ 2 Quad, Core™ 2 Duo or the latest Intel® Mobile Core™ i7
processors provide unsurpassed power for a portable, while NVIDIA® graphics with
PhysX™ technology deliver unbelievably smooth gameplay and graphical realism.
The ASUS G60 is also the first laptop to provide a fully immersive gaming experience
with stunning EAX Advanced HD 4.0 3D audio technology.
Most impressive of all, this high-end gaming technology is packed into a laptop with
a 16" screen, making the ASUS G60 a truly portable, go-anywhere gaming laptop.

J^[icWbb[hWbj[hdWj_l[ J^[X[ij]hWf^_Yi
The ASUS G51 offers the same incredible NVIDIA® GeForce®
specification and scorching performance GTX 260M graphics
as the G60, but has a choice of 15.6" with 1GB of DDR3
screens with full HD resolutions up to VRAM ensure high
frame rates at high
1920 x 1080. The fact that it was recently resolutions. Scoring
awarded the Best Choice award in the over 10,000 in the
Digital Entertainment products category 3DMark06 benchmark,
at Computex 2009 is a fitting acknowledgment of the Republic of Gamers’ extensive the G60 has the best gaming
efforts to deliver on its promise: “Designed for gamers.” performance of any laptop.

14 | ISSUE 7
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9hoijWbYb[Wh ?cc[hi_l[WkZ_e A[oijeikYY[ii

The G60’s 16" full-HD Thanks to EAX HD A high-quality
screen is LED-backlit 4.0 technology, keyboard is
for supreme clarity astounding sound essential for
and has a 16:9 quality puts you serious gaming
aspect ratio that’s at the heart of the and the G60’s is
perfect for movies. action. Share it full-size with a
ASUS Splendid with high-quality separate numeric
Technology also delivers Altec Lansing speakers, or keypad. The
superlative image quality to enjoy virtual 7.1 surround ‘chiclet’ keys are backlit, ideal
give you a competitive edge. sound on headphones. for gaming in low light.

ISSUE 7 | 15
Want your own mean machine? Follow overclocking expert

Marcus Hultin’s guide to building a high-end gaming computer

8 7IKIHE=CWn_cki???
uilding the best PC for gaming isn’t
easy, and you need to choose high-
quality components carefully to ensure <ehckbWcej^[hXeWhZ
that compatibility issues won’t take the edge If you’re building a gaming rig where top-notch performance is
off performance. Get it right and you get a your main concern, you’ll want a motherboard that supports
gaming rig that lets you lose yourself in the the latest, greatest processors — and that’s the ASUS ROG
action — get it wrong and you could be Maximus III Formula.
losing to a gloating opponent. The ROG Maximus III Formula uses the new Intel® P55
Under the guise of ‘Kinc’, chipset that supports its latest ‘Lynnfield’ Core™ i5 and Core™
Marcus Hultin has broken several i7 quad-core processors. Like all ROG products, it’s been
world records for attaining ever- designed with gamers in mind, but this goes beyond mere
higher levels of performance from support for ATI® CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ .
overclocked PCs. Here he explains
how ASUS motherboards and B_l[el[hYbeYa_d]\ehkdX[WjWXb[f[h\ehcWdY[
graphics cards can provide that all-important Intel®’s Lynnfield processors may be fast, but the
competitive edge when building a gaming PC. Maximus III motherboard lets overclockers push
them still further. ASUS ROG Connect technology
lets you connect a laptop directly to the Maximus
=;JJ?D=IJ 7HJ;: III motherboard via USB and monitor the status of
above all others, the hardware in real time. Better yet, you can then
Two components,
y PC performs monitor the motherboard’s overclock status
affect how well an
gaming — the while the PC is still running a game or application,
when it comes to .
the graphics card so you can fine-tune its performance and see the
motherboard and tion on
is the founda effects live on screen.
The motherboard y single
ilt and ever
which any PC is bu
component bo th co nnects to and =[jbW]#\h[[]Wc_d]
rough it. Multiplayer gaming places its own demands on a
communicates th
gaming PC and the ROG Maximus III keeps lag to

16 | ISSUE 7
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a minimum by monitoring network traffic and prioritising game PC, but the ROG Maximus III helps keep everything running
data. ASUS’ GameFirst technology means that you don’t need smoothly with features to help with one of the biggest problem
to quit file-sharing or voice-chat applications to keep your ping areas — memory. ASUS MemOK and MemPerfect are two tools
times down while playing — it’s all handled automatically. that eliminate memory-stability problems by automatically
setting the most stable BIOS settings. If you’re a frequent
9kh[c[ceho#YecfWj_X_b_jofheXb[ci upgrader, ASUS MemOK and MemPerfect will keep your rig
Poor component compatibility can be a killer for a gaming stable — and you sane.

ISSUE 7 | 17
There are many powerful graphics cards to choose from when building a gaming PC,
but hardcore gamers would do well to choose a model that’s been built to cope with
the stresses of overclocking. The ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX285 is just that — a graphics
card designed for gaming rigs that will be pushed to the limit.

<_hij#hWj[Yecfed[djiÆheYa#ieb_ZijWX_b_jo (n:L?fehji
Key to the ROG MATRIX GTX285’s superior performance is Super Hybrid Engine.
Its automatic hardware load monitoring and adjustment delivers up to 15% lower
GPU noise, along with improved overclocking stability for up to a 14% increase in
performance (compared to a reference card). The ROG MATRIX GTX285’s 46% greater
heatpipe coverage can also increase heat-dissipation by up to 12%.

Graphics-card overclocking can be a tricky business, but the ROG MATRIX GTX285
makes it simple. The ASUS iTracker2 utility lets you adjust the GPU voltage and
memory timings in real time, so you can see the success of your tweaks before
committing them to the card’s VBIOS. A five-level LED lets you see the card’s GPU
load at a glance and a Safe Mode button restores the VBIOS if it crashes — something
that makes life easier for any overclocker…


IcWbb_iX[Wkj_\kb EAH4770 or EAH4890 FORMULA
Case modders and anyone looking to graphics card. Both cards
build a smaller gaming PC should take a have an aerodynamic
look at the ASUS ROG Maximus III GENE heatsink boasting ASUS’
motherboard. This has the same great proprietary Micro Surface
features as the ROG Maximus Formula Treatment that increases airflow and
— Intel® P55 chipset, ROG Connect, overall heat dispersion by up to 33%, also caters for overclockers and ASUS
GameFirst and MemPerfect, to name and dust-proof designs for a longer Voltage Tweak technology lets you boost
but four — but it comes in a compact lifespan. The ASUS EAH4890 FORMULA GPU speeds easily.
microATX form factor that’s perfect for
ASUS ROG Maximus III GENE specifications
squeezing into small, stylish cases. Intel® P55 chipset (Socket LGA1156), ATI® CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ ready, two PCIe x16, one PCIe x4, one PCI 2.2 slot, 7x SATA2, 14x USB
2.0, 2x FireWire ports, 5x fan connectors, gigabit Ethernet, SupremeFX X-Fi 8.1-channel sound card with EAX 4.0, MicroATX form factor (244 x 244mm)
Cool running is essential for a ASUS EAH4770 FORMULA specifications
compact PC, so try pairing the ROG ATI® Radeon™ HD 4770 chipset, PCI Express 2.0, 512MB GDDR5 video memory, 750MHz GPU clock, 3.2GHz memory clock, DVI, HDMI ports
ASUS EAH4890 FORMULA specifications
Maximus III GENE with either the ASUS ATI® Radeon™ HD 4890 chipset, PCI Express 2.0, 1GB GDDR5 video memory, 750MHz GPU clock, 3.2GHz memory clock, 2x DVI ports

18 | ISSUE 7
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($*.=>pc[ceho 9HOI?IM7H>;7:




8h_bb_WdY[edWXkZ][j Use P7P55D Series
Building a decent gaming or motherboards with the
entertainment PC is possible even ASUS Bravo 9500 graphics
if you’re on a tight budget, but you card and you have an unbeatable
do need to choose your components budget combination. ASUS Splendid
carefully — particularly if you’re using Plus technology ensures superlative Light Sensor. The Bravo 9500 is also
a brand-new processor. ASUS P7P55D image quality in all surroundings by incredibly power efficient and includes
Series motherboards are designed to automatically adjusting brightness, a remote control for cool, quiet and
use Intel®’s new mid-range Core™ i5 contrast and colour to suit ambient comfortable viewing with the Bravo
and Core™ i7 processors. They’re built lighting with the exclusive bundled Media Center.
to the ASUS Xtreme Design philosophy
ASUS P7P55D Deluxe specifications
to ensure high performance, unbeatable Intel® P55 chipset (Socket LGA1156), ATI® CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ ready, three PCIe x16, two PCIe x1, two PCI 2.2 slots, 6x SATA2, 14x USB
reliability and — most importantly for 2.0, 2x FireWire ports, 4x fan connectors, dual gigabit Ethernet, 9.1-channel audio, ATX form factor (305 x 244mm)
ASUS Bravo 9500 specifications
overclocking — safety. NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9500GT chipset, PCI Express 2.0, 512MB DDR2 video memory, 550MHz GPU clock, 800MHz memory clock, DVI, HDMI ports

ISSUE 7 | 19
The ASUS UL30 and UL50 CULV ultraportables really do mean business
Intel’s new CULV chips is that they don’t
@3?7Loise Hoch 397 35 sacrifice performance for the sake of
>A53F;A@ Frankfurt, Germany <A4 Financial adviser power consumption. The ASUS UL30 and
;@F7D7EFE Loise enjoys travelling, classical music and watching the latest movies on her laptop UL50 both use the latest Intel® Core™ 2

> oise is a self-employed financial adviser who spends a lot of time on site
with her clients. Her current ultraportable is getting a bit long in the tooth.
She’s looking to replace it with something light enough not to wear her out if
Duo SU7300 processor.
Unlike other highly energy-efficient
processors, the SU7300 is dual-core
she carries it around all day and, ideally, with a long battery life — Loise doesn’t and this makes it much more capable
always have access to a mains socket when she’s out and about. at running multiple applications at
A large screen and keyboard are a must, as Loise does a lot of typing and once. So you can run a web browser,
work with large spreadsheets. Performance is also a concern — Loise runs email application, word processor and
some demanding financial software and can’t keep clients waiting with a spreadsheet application all at the same
slow computer. Loise would like to keep the budget under £1,000 — her last time without grinding to a halt.
ultraportable cost much, much more than that. If 3D graphics and video playback
are a concern, then the ASUS UL50V will
be right up your street. ASUS GraphiX
BemlebjW]["bemfem[h little power. Low power consumption also Boost also lets you switch between
The ASUS UL Series is the ideal solution means that the chips generate very little power-saving integrated graphics and
to Loise’s needs — light, affordable heat and so don’t need elaborate cooling high-performance NVIDIA® discrete
laptops with large screens and long- systems. As a result, laptops with CULV graphics at will. ASUS Turbo33 technology
lasting batteries. processors can be much thinner than can inject even more performance to
The UL Series is a new range — and a most laptops — in fact, both the make light work of demanding 3D
new category — of laptops based around ASUS UL30 and UL50 are less than Thin is in! graphics applications.
Intel®’s new CULV processors. Two 1" thick.
models stand out as being well-suited to A[[fedhkdd_d]
Loise’s needs — the UL30 and UL50. Jeff[h\ehc[h Another important thing to
CULV stands for ‘Consumer Ultra Energy-efficient processors note about CULV laptops like
Low Voltage’, which is a technical way of are nothing new, of course, the ASUS UL30 and UL50
saying that these new processors use very but the advantage of is that although they’re thin

20 | ISSUE 7
Find out more at

 I went for the ASUS
UL30 — the combination
of long battery life,
portability and low cost
seemed unbeatable.

and light, they’re not so small as to be be disappointed with the UL Series. Those Impressive performance and power
uncomfortable to use for long periods. CULV processors, together with energy- efficiency aside, what we like most
The UL30 has a 13.3" screen and a efficient components like LED-backlit about the ASUS UL30 and UL50 is their
full-size chiclet keyboard with separate screens and innovations like ASUS’ good looks. The slimness afforded by
numeric keyboard — perfect for lots of Power4Gear power-optimisation software, their CULV processors is delivered with
number work. The UL50, on the other mean that both the UL30 and UL50 can plenty of style, from the sturdy, brushed-
hand has a larger 15.6" screen and adds run for up to 12 hours on battery power. aluminium lid to the sleek, glossy interior.
an internal DVD writer for even greater That’s true all-day computing away from This chic design is certainly something
flexibility, but it is a bit heavier as a result. the mains — a feature that you’ll find in you’ll appreciate when visiting clients and
One thing we haven’t mentioned yet few other 13" and 15" laptops, CULV or both the ASUS UL30 and UL50 will show
is battery life, but don’t worry — you won’t otherwise. that you mean business.

ISSUE 7 | 21
We recommend…
£599 inc VAT
Both the ASUS UL30 and UL50 use one of Intel’s new dual-core CULV
SU7300 (1.3GHz) processors that offer an unbeatable combination of performance
and energy efficiency. If portability is a primary concern, then the ASUS UL30 is the model to consider — it weighs just 1.5kg
and is a mere 24mm thick. The UL30’s 13.3” screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768, which is ample for running multiple
applications side-by-side, while Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics push battery life to the limit.

From £699 inc VAT Seashell
If you don’t mind sacrificing a little extra size From £249 inc VAT
and weight for a few more features, then If you don’t mind sacrificing screen
consider the ASUS UL50. This laptop uses size and performance in return
the same energy-efficient Intel® SU7300 for greater portability, then the
CULV processor as the UL30, but the difference is Eee PC 1005HA may fit the bill. Its
that the UL50 has a larger 15.6” screen and, thanks to its 10.1" screen means that it’s very compact and, at just 1.27kg, very light, but it
slightly bigger case, an internal DVD writer. There’s also the option of switchable still packs a keyboard that’s 92% full-size — you probably won’t notice the 8%
NVIDIA® GT210M graphics. The weight goes up to 2.1kg as a result, but the shrinkage. Its Intel® Atom™ N280 processor is a little nippier than the more
ASUS UL50 is still only 26.4mm thick. usual N270 chip, too, and helps push battery life up to 10.5 hours.

Security in Style Internet security that’s powerful, swift and light

In today’s world where criminals use the internet to gain access

to your personal details and your money, you need frontline
A new threat emerges every 2.5 seconds. Ensure you use Trend Micro
to stop them ever reaching your pc.

protection when you shop, game or bank online. Trend Micro Internet
Security is a light yet powerful, no-compromise solution that offers I have used most, if not all the other leading
total protection for all your internet use. makers of Internet Security products over the
years, but Trend Micro Internet Security is
Safeguard your personal information anytime, anywhere when you undoubtedly the best for ease of use, installation
shop, bank or browse online: and effective daily use.”
B.D, West Sussex
• Remotely secure confidential files and folders in case your
computer is lost or stolen A 60-day free trial of Trend Micro Internet
• Detects and removes viruses, spyware and other malicious threats Security is installed onto every ASUS
from your computer,, email, instant messages and downloads notebook and Eee PC to help safeguard you
• Stops websites from installing dangerous downloads on your against viruses. For more information, visit

22 | ISSUE 7
Find out more at

Take a peek into the inner workings of the ASUS Marketing
Communications team with resident overclocker Marcus Hultin.

Q How did you get started at ASUS?

I was doing some freelance writing for
while I was studying at university. This led me into extreme PC
Q What do you find is the most challenging part of your
day-to-day job?
Finding time for everything that needs to be done.
overclocking. In 2006, ASUS Nordic invited Nordichardware to
be the official media partner of the Dreamhack computer festival
( and, as part of this, help arrange the live
overclocking demo in its booth. So I started working with ASUS
Q What’s the biggest change you’ve seen since you’ve been
working at ASUS?
Seeing ASUS Nordic double the size of its workforce.
Nordic as a consultant before joining the company full-time.

Q What’s your current role with the company?

I’m the technical PR and marketing specialist in the Nordic
Q What inspires you?
A challenge of any kind. The ongoing race for ever-higher
3DMark06 graphics benchmark scores is one of my biggest
region. This involves working with the press to get reviews, drivers and one that helps motivate me when I’m spending long
working with power users and overclockers who use ASUS hours in the office.
products, plus some marketing activities and media buying.

Q If your department had a motto, what would it be?

We always want to challenge ourselves, and find
Q How do you unwind after a hard week at work?
Playing 18 holes at the golf course if the
weather allows it, with a relaxing beer afterwards…
new and original ways of working.

Q Which other ASUS departments do you work with

the most?
Q Are you a gadget fan? What one gadget could
you not live without?
If there is a gadget, I probably have it and I have
The department I work most closely with is the to say the one I would miss most — however
Nordic Component Sales Team, but I also deal boring it might be — is my mobile phone.
directly with various product managers and
R&D departments for motherboards and
graphics cards at the ASUS Taiwan HQ. Q If you could invent any product
and have it made by ASUS, what
would it be?

Q What’s the most satisfying part

of your job?
I really value the fact that I get to
A totally waterproof motherboard with
processor socket insulation — that’s
the dream of any extreme overclocker
spend each day working with one of trying to keep temperatures under
my biggest hobbies — overclocking. control with water-cooling.

ISSUE 7 | 23
Impossibly thin and exceptionally stylish, the ASUS Eee PC ‘Seashell’

takes the Eee PC Series to dizzying new heights. With a design inspired
by the sleek sculpted shape of a seashell, the ASUS Eee PC Seashell is
no thicker than your finger and weighs a mere 1.1kg*, making it the most

powerful and portable Eee PC to date.

ASUS has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment,

makers of the new awesome ‘Ice Age 3’ movie being released on Blu-ray
and DVD, to offer lucky readers the chance to win some fantastic prizes;
including a stunning Eee PC Seashell 1005HA along with a Trend Micro
Internet Security one-year subscription, a Sony PS3 together with a copy
of ‘Ice Age 3’ on Blu-ray and five runner-up ‘Ice Age 3’ goodie bags!

To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell us in 25 words or less,

where would be the coolest place on Earth to connect with your friends
using the ASUS Eee PC Seashell?


Entries must be posted to: Ice Age 3 Competition, c/o ASUSTek (UK) Ltd, Focus 31, West Wing First Floor, Cleveland Road, Hemel Hempstead,
HP2 7BW. Please include your full name, address and a contact telephone number. An independent judging panel will select the winner.
Tech In Style Editor’s decision is final. No cash alternative will be offered. Closing date for entries is December 21st 2009. Full terms and
conditions available on request. ASUS cannot guarantee internet access from the North Pole, South Pole or any other remote location!