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World History 
Dani Guerrero 
Da Vinci​ ​Communications​, Rm 3302 | 
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year, sophomores! I am incredibly excited to start this journey with you 
into your 10th grade year! We will be exploring modern world history from the French Revolution up through 
the 20th century together. We will also be examining current global events related to the topics we dig into so 
we can further understand the world around us. From developing theories and creating museum exhibits to 
designing propaganda and investigating primary source documents, this year has some great things in store 
for us! 
Grade Percentages 
There are 7 parts of a final grade each semester in World History. Students are graded on the DVC Habits of 
Mind and Essential Skills listed below. Habits of Mind make up 20% of a student’s grade, while 80% is made 
up of Essential Skills. 
1- Historical Thinking​ (20%)-- Understanding 
cause and effect, use of critical thinking skills, 
analysis of primary and secondary sources, 
understanding historical chronology (change over 
time), and use of evidence in oral and written 
2- Quality and Accountability​ (10%)--coming to 
class prepared, participating in class, meeting 
deadlines for projects, revising drafts multiple 
times to include feedback, turning in homework 
on time, turning in creative and professional 
3- Collaboration​ (10%)--working well with your 
group members, sharing the workload, offering 
cool and warm feedback effectively, incorporating 
the feedback received from others into revised 
drafts, participating in team building activities. 
4- Literacy​ (15%)--Use of evidence, citation of sources, ability to determine and use credible sources, depth 
and structure in writing. 
5, 6, 7- Content Knowledge​ (45% total for all three units each semester--15% per unit).  
The 3 units first semester are Revolutions, Dawn of Industry, and Patterns of Power, and the 3 units second 
semester include The Great War, The Rise of Dictators, an​d Nation Building. 
Cell Phone Policy 
Da Vinci Schools
201 N. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245 ⬩ Phone (310) 725-5800 ⬩

Cell phones must be put away and on silent before students enter class. Use of cellphones in class will result 
in the loss of the cell phone for the remainder of the period. Cell phones must be left on my desk when 
students go to use the restroom and may be picked up on their return. 
Late Work and Absences 
There is a one week hard deadline for late work. If a 
student turns in work late, they will receive and automatic 
1 in their accountability score for that assignment unless it 
was for an excused absence. If a student is missing a 
larger deliverable (such as a project, DBQ, or assessment), 
they will work on the deliverable in my classroom during 
lunch and/or office hours until the work is completed. ​For 
absences, it is the student’s responsibility to make-up any 
assignments or assessments in a timely manner when 
they return to school.​ A student who was absent has one 
additional day to complete an assignment for each day he 
or she was absent. Students should indicate in a “private 
comment” on Google Classroom that they were absent on 
a specified date when they turn in their work. 
Google Classroom & Class Website 
Each student will used Google Classroom to turn in the 
majority of their assignments. Parents are able to check 
this as well and can sign up for the Google Classroom 
their student is enrolled in on Back to School Night. The class also has a website explaining more about what 
we will be doing this year and will have announcements. You can also read a little about me if you’re so 
inclined. Our class website address is 
Contact Info & Remind App 
When not in school, the easiest way to contact me is through email at ​​. ​I will 
respond to all emails within 24 hours on weekdays. I check my emails regularly on weekdays between 8 AM 
and 4:30 PM. 

Also, please sign up for the Remind App for homework and assessment reminders. The code for the DVC 
World History class is 81010 and or text @a2dhhh. You can also sign up for Remind emails by emailing​. 

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Syllabus Acknowledgement for World History, 2018-19 DVC School Year --​DUE FRI, 8/17 

We have read through the syllabus and understand the policies and procedures.  

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Da Vinci Schools
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