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The ones you owe Allegiance.

He always hosts the grandest parties. The novus homo shares matters not. Their power and influence cannot be denied,
his good fortune so generously, it’s no wonder he is so popular regardless of the means by which they acquired it.
with the nobilis. But somehow, you had always pictured him See the senatore. The forum falls silent as she opens her
being gentler, more jovial. Sure enough, he wears a wide grin mouth to speak. By her word, arenas are built, armies are
across his plump face, but his eyes are joyless, vacant, and stained mobilized, and cities are brought to their knees. She need not
yellow from over-indulgence in wine. “Come,” he invites you, speak louder than a whisper, as the whole crowd holds their
“let me show you where we keep the finer vintage.” breath in anticipation of her verdict. The corners of her mouth
Something dead approaches. It wears the robes of a Patrician, twitch almost imperceptibly upward as she relishes the power she
but its skin is pallid, its movements stiff and forced. As it comes holds over the plebian masses.
towards you, you catch a brief flash of torchlight reflected out of See the praetor. The legions he commands are as loyal as
its pupils, like the eyes of a wild animal. That’s when its taught, trained hounds. See the tricks he has taught them. With a click of
colorless lips part and it hisses a command. Its voice sounds his fingers he can have them salivating for blood. With a whistle
muffled, as though you’re hearing it from across a great distance, he can call them to heel from a hundred leagues. With a single
but even without hearing you understand. Your body moves on word, he can command them to sit, stay, speak, or play living.
its own to comply with its instructions. You barely register the See the bastard child. His sire may deny his claim to her
needlelike pain on the side of your neck as it stands close and blood, but his bearing belies his true heritage. Who else but a
your vision begins to fade. Founder could have such a mind for politics, such a tongue for
The Julii are a monument to the glory of Rome. Hand- debate? Who else but a descendant of Mars could endure the
chosen from among the empire’s finest citizens, they are slings and arrows of life as a peregrini with such composure?
preserved like immaculate statues for all eternity. Their flesh is as Who else but a Julii could inspire such obedience in man and
cold and unyielding as marble, their likenesses captured in detail beast alike? Surely, the Camarilla is weaker for denying him the
no sculptor can match. But their will, their will remains alive, title his sire won’t admit is his right.
and strong enough to supplant that of any lesser being with the Let the other Clans live within walls built by our ancestors, by
audacity to meet the eyes of their betters. laws we enforce. The Founders have done what no other Clan
The story of the Founders is inextricably linked to the story before had dared to dream of, let alone actually accomplish – the
of the Camarilla. Without one, the other could not exist. To establishment of a society of the dead, spanning the whole of the
hear them tell it, there were no Kindred before the Julii; all civilized world; an empire every bit as immortal as its citizens.
vampires were not but risen corpses that fed on the blood of the Glory to Rome! Glory to the Camarilla!
living. The Traditions laid down by Aulus Julius Senex are all
that separate modern Kindred from mindless, slavering beasts. Why you want to be us
But just as Kindred civilization depends on the laws made by the
Julii, so too do they rely on a civilized society in which to carry You were born, bred, and embraced to rule. The blood of
out their Masquerade; and thus the Camarilla was founded, out Mars flows through your veins, and by that right you lay claim to
of a mutual need. But at what price was this security purchased? the throne of the greatest empire the world has ever seen. It is
Some legends say that Remus, the first of their line, made a pact your place to give orders, and the place of lesser men to follow.
with birds of smoke and shadow, so that he may rule over the Who wouldn’t want that?
dead just as his brother ruled over the living. Others suggest that
Remus is just a myth; that it was Julius Caesar, from whom the Why you should fear us
Clan derives its name, who sought out these dread Stirges to free The Julii have power. Not just wealth, or status, or strength
him from the tyranny of conscience, so that he could do what of arms… Oh, they have those things too, but that’s just for
needed to be done to forge his empire. A few rumors tell that the show. No, the real power the Julii command is the
alleged Founders have no true claim to their title, though the unquestioning obedience of every man, woman, and child in
Julii would call them heretical. They whisper of some strange Rome. Authority so absolute, even wild beasts take heed. The
variant of Clan Gangrel in Greece that share the Founders’ Julii fiddle while Rome burns, and still they walk away un-singed.
ability to bend others’ minds to their will. Perhaps it was the
birds of Chaos that granted them their power. In the end, it

“You should consider this an honor. Few

men possess blood pure enough to serve a Patrician.”
Why we should fear ourselves practice has fallen out of favor, with younger Julii being chosen
for their sharp minds or charismatic bearing. Mental and Social
Just as we inherit our foresires’ power, we also inherit their Attributes tend to be favored over Physical, as there is little need
debts. Everything we have, we owe to those that came before us, for athletic prowess in the political arena, and even those Julii
and the deal that they made with dark forces long ago. The same who join the ranks of the Legio Mortuum tend to be placed in
blood by which we claim right to rule over the dead bears the positions of command, where their combat abilities are rarely
taint of the Stirges. If we succumb to it, we may lose all that our put to the test.
ancestors worked so hard to achieve. Julii that wish to command the people of Rome would do well
to hone their Skills at Expression and Subterfuge, while those
Clan Origins that wish for control over beasts should focus on Animal Ken.
Politics is a must for any Founder who wishes to claim a seat on
• Here lies the son of Mars, slain by his twin and left to the the Senex, and at least a few dots of Religion and Warfare would
vultures. But what birds are these that circle overhead, their not be amiss. Social Merits are paramount to the Founders; even
feathers like smoke and their eyes like flame? They neonate Julii typically have Status and Contacts in human and
whisper to him, tempt him with promises of Kindred circles alike, and many are heirs to respectable
power and glory greater than his brother sums of Resources. Very rare indeed is a Julii without
will ever achieve, and he, in his jealousy, Dynasty Membership, so give some thought to your
agrees. To this night, his spawn still dwell character’s heritage and where she fits into the family power
in the shadows of their cousins, a twisted structures.
mockery of all that they once were. The one trait that all Julii have in common without
• The king of Rome, betrayed by his most exception is that they were Roman citizens in life. More often
trusted advisors, wandered, starving through than not, they come from strong Roman stock, and no self-
the darkest depths of the underworld. respecting Founder would admit to having embraced a
There he came upon the blackfeather foreigner. As such, unless your character is a bastard, she
court, and beseeched they spare him likely has prominent Roman features. Julii dress to fit
from his torment. And they, in their their station. Generally, this means imitating the
mercy, agreed. One by one the birds fashion of Rome’s upper class, but above all the
took wing and passed through the fallen Founders aim to blend in with the mortal citizens. As
emperor. They took with them all that such, dressing down may occasionally be necessary for
was once human, and left a bit of Julii who lack good breeding. This is only done when
themselves in its place. Now his kind absolutely necessary to protect the Masquerade,
exist free of guilt and conscience. however.
Free to feed and to kill. Never Nickname: The Founders
again to know the cold emptiness Stereotypes:
of humanity. • Daeva: Use discretion. More than one
• Once upon a midnight darkly, a respected senator has had his reputation
king feasted on a meal that his tarnished by their “associations” with a
queen had lovingly prepared for Courtesan being brought to light.
him. It was like nothing he had ever • Gangrel: Even a tame hound may
eaten, and he greedily devoured bite its master if provoked. The
every bite. When the king asked for Wanderers are no exception.
more, she replied she could not • Mekhet: Their visions are
make a second helping, for he had undeniably valuable, but do not accept a
only one daughter. Although the Seer’s portent before you’ve settled on
very thought drove him mad with the price.
guilt, the king could not deny that he • Nosferatu: Don’t touch me,
had known nothing sweeter than the you disgusting Worm! Go back to your
taste of his own daughter’s heart. tunnels and stay out of sight, where you
Now his descendants consume belong.
nothing but the blood of their Clan Bane (The Detached Curse):
former kin, for no other delicacy can Where other Kindred form deep bonds
compare. Decadently ever after. with human companions to keep their
Beasts in check, you can’t commiserate
How to make a monster with your lessers as they do. You can
surround yourself with mortal subjects
The Julii embrace only from Rome’s
and imitate their behavior, but to take a
elite, though precisely what marks a Roman
human as a confidante would be beneath
citizen as elite has varied from one
Kindred of your station.
generation to the next. Historically, noble
Favored Attributes: Presence or
birth was the one and only requirement,
so older Julii may favor Attributes and
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate,
Skills of any category. More recently, this
In the Camarilla found guilty of criminal acts. These unfortunate Julii find
themselves strangers among the Strangers, their prestigious
The Senex: As the descendants of Julius Cesar, all Julii may heritage breeding mistrust among those of more humble origins.
claim blood right to a seat within the wing of ancients. The The Lancea et Sanctum: The Julii see the Chapel and the
majority of Founders exercise that right to a certain extent, even Spear as the enemies of the Camarilla, and most of their childer
if only to attend and maintain appearances. Those who do are made to swear an oath to put an end to the Sanctum’s heresy
actively participate generally enjoy high standing, before being released. Converts are seen as oathbreakers and
disproportionate to their age and experience. blood traitors by the rest of their kind. As a result, Sanctified
The Legio Mortuum: It is very common for young Julii to Julii are almost always extremely devout – they would have to be
enlist in the legion as a means of proving themselves, and to turn their backs on their own clan in the name of God.
earning the good will of the people, though most Ancillae grow
out of this phase and seek senatorial position in their later years.
For those who lack the talent or inclination for politics, however,
the legion is at least a respectable vocation, if not quite as
prestigious as a role in government. New Clan Bane - Julii: The Detached Curse
The Cult of Augurs: The Julii played a central role in the
establishment of the Cult of Augurs, and some elders who were The Julii are not human and they know it. Oh, they pretend
instrumental in its inception have remained with the Cult and to be; they form councils and attend events and carry out the
brought their childer into its ranks. However, the reverence the masquerade in a pale imitation of humanity. But deep down,
Augurs receive offers little actual influence within the Camarilla, they know they are just as monstrous as the things that created
making it an unappealing option for most Julii who were not them, and because of that they find it even more difficult than
embraced into it. other Kindred to empathize with humans. Julii gain no bonus to
The Peregrine Collegia: As high-embraced Kindred, few detachment rolls for having only a single attached Touchstone.
Julii would willingly lower themselves to the ranks of the Having multiple attached Touchstones still provides the full +3
Collegia. Those few who join typically do so only because they bonus.
have no other option, having been disgraced by their sires or