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Ben Shapiro

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For the American documentary director, see Ben Shapiro (director).
Ben Shapiro

Shapiro in 2016
Born Benjamin Aaron Shapiro
January 15, 1984 (age 34)
Los Angeles, California, United States

Residence Valley Village, Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality American
Alma mater University of California, Los Angeles (BA)
Harvard University (JD)

Occupation Political commentator, columnist, author, radio talk show host,

Political party Republican

Movement Conservatism

Spouse(s) Mor Toledano (m. 2008)

Children 2
Relatives Mara Wilson (cousin)[1]


Benjamin Aaron Shapiro (/ʃəˈpɪəroʊ/; born January 15, 1984) is an American

conservative political commentator, writer and lawyer. He has written seven
books, the first being 2004's Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate
America's Youth, which he started writing when he was 17 years old.
Also at age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the
country.[2][3][4] Shapiro writes a column for Creators Syndicate, serves as
editor-in-chief for The Daily Wire, which he founded, and hosts The Ben
Shapiro Show, a daily political podcast and radio show. He was editor-at-large
of Breitbart News between 2012 and 2016.

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Early life
Shapiro was born in Los Angeles, California. His family is Jewish, having
emigrated from Russia and Lithuania. Skipping two grades (third and ninth),
Shapiro went from Walter Reed Middle School to Yeshiva University High
School of Los Angeles where he graduated in 2000 at age 16.[5][3] He
graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of
California, Los Angeles in 2004, at age 20, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
political science and then cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2007.[6] He
then practiced law at Goodwin Procter. As of March 2012 he ran an
independent legal consultancy firm, Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting, in Los

Shapiro speaking at the 2018 CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland

As author
Shapiro became interested in politics at a young age. He started a nationally
syndicated column when he was 17 and had written two books by age 21.[7]
In his 2004 book Brainwashed, Shapiro argues that students are not exposed
to a variety of viewpoints at universities and that those who do not have strong
opinions will be overwhelmed by an atmosphere dominated by liberal
instructors even if discussion is encouraged in classrooms.[8]
In 2011, HarperCollins published Shapiro's fourth book, Primetime Propaganda
The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, in which Shapiro
argues that Hollywood has a left-wing agenda that it actively promotes through
prime-time entertainment programming. In the book, the producers of Happy
Days and M*A*S*H say they pursued a pro-pacifist, anti-Vietnam agenda in
those series.[9] The same year Primetime Propaganda came out, Shapiro
became a fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.[10]
In 2013, Threshold Editions published Shapiro's fifth book, Bullies: How the
Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans.[11]
As a columnist
In 2012, Shapiro became editor-at-large of Breitbart News, the conservative
website founded by Andrew Breitbart.[12] In March 2016, Shapiro resigned
from his position as editor-at-large of Breitbart News following what he
characterized as the website's lack of support for reporter Michelle Fields in
response to her alleged assault by Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's former
campaign manager.[13][14] After Shapiro's departure, Breitbart published a
piece saying "Ben Shapiro betrays loyal Breitbart readers in pursuit of Fox
News contributorship", which Breitbart later deleted.[15]
On February 7, 2013, Shapiro published an article citing unspecified Senate
sources who said that a group named "Friends of Hamas" was among foreign
contributors to the political campaign of Chuck Hagel, a former U.S. Senator
awaiting confirmation as Secretary of Defense as a nominee of President
Barack Obama, but weeks later Slate reporter David Weigel reported there was
no evidence such a group existed.[16] Shapiro told Weigel that the story he
published was "the entirety of the information [he] had."[17][18][19]
On October 7, 2013, Shapiro co-founded TruthRevolt, a U.S. media watchdog
and activism website, in association with the David Horowitz Freedom Center.
TruthRevolt ceased operations in March 2018.[20]
In July 2015, Shapiro and transgender rights activist Zoey Tur were on Dr. Drew
On Call to discuss Caitlyn Jenner's receipt of the Arthur Ashe Courage
Award.[21][22] After Shapiro repeatedly referred to Tur with male pronouns, Tur
grabbed his neck and threatened on air to "send him home in an ambulance".
Shapiro later announced that he had filed a police report.[23][24][25]
Shapiro founded The Daily Wire on September 21, 2015. He is editor-in-chief
as well as a host of his online political podcast The Ben Shapiro Show,
broadcast every weekday.[26] As of November 2017, the podcast was
downloaded 10 million times each month.[27]Westwood One began
syndicating The Ben Shapiro Show to radio in 2018.[28]
By 2016 he was one of the hosts for KRLA's "The Morning Answer", a
conservative radio show. Internal emails showed that Shapiro faced pressure
from Salem Media executives, the syndicate that owned the show, to be more
supportive of Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Shapiro however
remained highly critical of Trump throughout the election.[29]
Shapiro's views have been described by The New York Times as "extremely
conservative". He accuses contemporary liberals of creating an imaginary
"hierarchy of victimhood" and glorifying perceived victims, leading to identity
politics; The Times describes this as his central talking point.[27] He believes,
as he has argued in one of his books, that the left has used its dominance of
cinema and TV to push its agenda.[27] He also believes that the election of
Donald Trump was more a vote against liberals, and Hillary Clinton in particular,
than in favor of Trump's brand of conservatism.[27]
Shapiro acknowledges that climate change is occurring, but questions "what
percentage of global warming is attributable to human activity", in contrast to
the scientific consensus.[30]
Shapiro believes that African-Americans were historically victims of injustice in
the United States but that they are not victims of widespread systemic injustice
today.[27] As of November 2017, he supported lowering taxes on the very
wealthy.[27] He is in favor of privatizing social security, criminalizing abortion,
and repealing the Affordable Care Act.[27]
During an interview with Dan Harris of ABC's Nightline in September 2017,
Shapiro said that transgenderism "is a psychological disorder. So that's not an
insult to people who suffer from psychological disorders…you are not doing a
service to people who are suffering from a mental disorder to humor them by
suggesting that their mental disorder is reflected in objective reality."[31][32]
Harris went on to note that the American Psychological Association does not
define being transgender as a mental illness.[32]
During the same interview with Nightline, Shapiro strongly criticized the Alt-
Right movement, stating, "It is a garbage movement composed of garbage
ideas. It has nothing to do with Constitutional Conservatism". [31]
Campus lectures
Shapiro frequently speaks at a number of college campuses across the country,
often to present his conservative viewpoint on more controversial subjects. He
spoke at 37 campuses between early 2016 and late 2017.[27]
California State University, Los Angeles
On February 25, 2016, Shapiro gave a speech at California State University,
Los Angeles titled "When Diversity Becomes a Problem", in which he argued
that the concepts of microaggressions and safe spaces were being used to
suppress free speech in the name of diversity of skin color, while ignoring the
value of diversity of thought.[33] In response to the announcement of the
speech, hosted by the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom,
student protesters labelled it "hate speech" and demanded the event be
cancelled. University president William Covino eventually announced the
cancellation of the speech three days before it was to take place, with the
intention of rescheduling it so that the event could feature viewpoints opposed
to Shapiro.[34] Responding to the cancellation, Shapiro said he would attend
the event regardless, and several lawsuits were threatened against the
university for canceling the speech. Covino ultimately backed down from the
cancellation, and allowed the speech to go on as planned.[35]
The day of the speech, hundreds of student protesters formed human chains,
blocking the doors to the event, shoving attendees, and starting fights in the
lobby. Some attendees were ultimately smuggled into the theater through back
doors, which were soon discovered by the protesters and barricaded. Shapiro
eventually made it into the theater and began his speech, only for a fire alarm
to be pulled by one of the protesters; Shapiro continued speaking regardless,
calling Covino "cowardly" and referring to the protesters as "spoiled brat
snowflakes" and "fascists".[36] After the speech ended, Shapiro had to be
escorted out a secret exit by police and his own bodyguards, while those inside
the theater were told that they could not leave since the protesters were
preventing anyone from leaving. Only after Shapiro left did the protesters
eventually disperse, and those inside the theater were allowed to exit.[37]
Three months after the CSULA incident, Young America's Foundation
announced on May 19 that it was filing a lawsuit against the university (with
Shapiro as one of the plaintiffs), claiming that the First and Fourteenth
Amendment rights of the students were violated by Covino's attempted
cancellation of the event, as well as the physical barricading of students from
entering or leaving the event, and the encouragement of such actions by
several campus professors.[38][39][40]
As a result of the free-speech lawsuit by YAF and Shapiro, the university
agreed to drop what has been called "discriminatory" speech policies, and the
lawsuit was settled out of court. [41]
DePaul University
On November 15, 2016, Shapiro was invited to speak at DePaul University, at
an event hosted by the school's chapters of the College Republicans and
Young Americans for Freedom. The event also featured feminist professor
Christina Hoff Sommers and had a focus on the subject of free speech on
American college campuses, particularly in the wake of the recent election of
Donald Trump as President of the United States. However, partially due to a
previous controversy when Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at DePaul several months
prior, the university officially banned Shapiro from attending the event, as a
speaker or an audience member. Shapiro vowed to appear at the event
regardless.[42] Upon his arrival, he was blocked from entering the venue by a
DePaul public safety officer, who informed Shapiro that he would be arrested if
he tried to enter the hall.[43] Shapiro then called Sommers, who was speaking
during the event at that moment, and informed her that he would move to
another building nearby where he would be allowed to speak. Sommers and
the audience subsequently moved to that building to join Shapiro.[44]
University of California, Berkeley
Main article: 2017 Berkeley protests § September
On September 14, 2017, Shapiro gave a speech at the invitation of the UC
(Berkeley) student organization Berkeley College Republicans where he
criticized identity politics along with those who use violence to suppress
contrary views, whom he characterized as fascistic.[45][46] The event involved
a large police presence which had been promised by Berkeley Chancellor Carol
T. Christ in her August letter that supported free speech. Together, the
University and the city of Berkeley spent $600,000 on police and security for
the event, which transpired with nine arrests but no major incidents.[47][48]
Target of antisemitism
In May 2016 New York magazine reported: "Shapiro [...] has increasingly found
himself targeted by the so-called alt-right movement, a loose conglomeration
of online personalities—many if not most of them anonymous—currently
devoted to tweeting and posting their support for Donald Trump and attacking
those who disagree, often in racist and anti-Semitic ways. They have been
denigrating Shapiro as a 'pussy,' a 'cuck,' and — inevitably, given the nature of
this movement — a 'Jew' and a 'kike.'"[49]
In an article in National Review, Shapiro wrote: "I've experienced more pure,
unadulterated anti-Semitism since coming out against Trump's candidacy than
at any other time in my political career. Trump supporters have threatened me
and other Jews who hold my viewpoint. They've blown up my e-mail inbox with
anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. They greeted the birth of my second child by
calling for me, my wife, and two children to be thrown into a gas chamber."[50]
An article in The Washington Post quoted an Anti-Defamation League report
that "focused in particular on the anti-Semitic tweets aimed at journalists,
frequently those whose writing about Republican presidential candidate Donald
Trump has displeased a large contingent of Twitter users who band together to
attack these journalists online. The words most commonly found in the bios of
the people who post these anti-Semitic attacks [were] 'Trump,' 'nationalist,'
'conservative,' 'American' and 'white.' ... The target of the most anti-Semitic
tweets, by far, was Ben Shapiro, a conservative writer who formerly worked for
Breitbart and who does not support Trump."[51]
Personal life
Shapiro has three sisters. In 2008, he married Mor Toledano, an Israeli citizen
of Moroccan descent.[52] Shapiro and his wife practice Orthodox
Judaism.[53][54] She is a doctor.[55] Together, they have a daughter, born in
2014,[56] and a son, born in 2016.[57]
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