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Subject: Consumer Behaviour
Class: TYBBA (Semester – 5)

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16BBA18 Patel Jayesh M/s.Pallavi Chauhan
16BBA19 Prajapati Shailendra
16BBA26 Gondaliya Dharvita
16BBA88 Patel Milan
Creative for effective Targeting

1. Identitable

 Uniqueness and improvement in Hyundai car

 Difference type of income people coming

 We have observed many people coming who belong from

different income

Ex. We have also observed occupation, education in the


2. Sizable

 An observation we had done through not for particular one

car but certain are there which are very small and difficult to

 We have seen many cars in term of size and colour

Like.i20, Verna, Creta , Elantra.

 To ensure the profitability of the customer is also part of

criteria for effective targeting.

3. Stable
 Delivering a stable supply of Hyundai to consumer is one
of the most important responsibilities of a company and is
required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

 They build good relationship with component suppliers to

ensure stable procurement.

 They maintain flexibility needs o address various risk

involve in manufacturing.

4. Accessible

 Accessibility is one more way of Hyundai to bring

satisfaction to their customer. By making accessible code,
they know that their application will be future proud.

 They will ensure that their staff is trained and familiar

with various assistive devices that may be asked by
customer with disabilities while accessing their goods or

 Hyundai is committed to excellence in serving all

customers, including people with disabilities.

5. Congruent with the companies’ objectives and resources.

Implementing segmentation strategies

1. Behaviour targeting

 They use to term behaviour targeting to describe segmentation

based on customer behaviours.

 They focus on the learning customer behaviour


 What their reason for buying?

 What their needs are?

 What would change their perception of Hyundai?

 They collect problem and will try to improve those problem

by creating new ideas.

2. Micromarketing

 Micro-targeting is marketing strategy that uses

customer data and demographics to create audience

3. Concentrated versus differentiated marketing contracted

marketing strategy

 A Concentrated Marketing Strategy is targeted to one

Specific market segment or audience.

 Hyundai might market a car specifically for business

person or family.
 Concentrated marketing strategies are often geared for
smaller group of people because Hyundai is only
design to a specific segment.

 Differentiated marketing strategy

 A differentiated marketing strategy is when a company

creates campaigns that appeal to at least two market
segments or target groups.

 Hyundai produce services and strategy to various

market segments and develop separate marketing
strategy for each.

4. Counter segmentation

 Counter segmentation is an alternative strategy to traditional

segmentation and approach.

 In some easer Hyundai adapt too many micro segments,

which later become redundant.

 In such a case, all segments are form together with a single

marketing mix

Based on segmentation
 Hyundai is following marketing segmentation. Hyundai has
segmented the market on the basis of affordability / earning , usage
, age group and safety and security consciousness affordability play
the major role in segmentation while other three are not that major.

 Following are segment made on the basis of affordability:

 Segment A : lower class

 Segment B: middle class

 Segment C: higher middle class

 Segment D or E: upper class

Consumer behaviour

 The main objective is the kind out the current trend going in the
industry like about the product, price, place and promotion.

 Consumer behaviour and marketing in their process of goods and

services consumption customers are influencing by different
factors that marketers study in order to satisfied consumer’s needs.

 Consumer behaviour occurs either for the individual, or in the

context of a group.

 Hyundai is also creating message to address the specific concerns

to their customers.
 Hyundai advertising used straight talk with their customer to attract

 With some creativity, all new segmentations and strategies can be

tested we they are having small group of customer.