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The Socially Inclusive Role of Curatorial Voice: A Qualitative

Comparative Study of the Use of Gatekeeping Mechanisms
and the Co-Creation of
2019-2021 Information Gatekeeping Mechanisms and Identity in Museums
Community Co-Curation of Exhibits: An Ethnographic study of
the Community Based Exhibition Model of the Wing Luke
Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.

2015 Curators of Conflict

LAM at Universities: Convergence in Graduate
Education Museum Informatics Research

Understanding Inclusive Museum Practice: A Mixed-Methods Themes:
Study of American Museum Professionals and Their Inclusive Practice.
Perceptions of Inclusive Professional Practice. 2014-2015 Designing for Diversity.
Encouraging Empathy in the Profession.
Museum Professionals Creating Community Connections.
and Inclusion: A Study in Practitioner Perception The significance of Space in Knowledge Creation and Transfer.
Information Gatekeeping Mechanisms of Culture Professionals.

1. Preparing the Profession.
2020-2022 2. Evaluating Institutions.
Equipping with Empathy: A Quantitative Study of Graduate 3. Spurring Systemic Change in Society.
Museum Studies Programs and the teaching of Professional
Empathy. 2017-2019
Understanding Empathy in the Profession: A
The Museum As Place: A Qualitative Study of the
Comparative Study of American Museum
Applications of Nonaka's SECI-ba in American
Professionals and American Librarians