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Earth-3839 Timeline

By Loki Carbis, edited by Lenny Carlson.

This Timeline is devoted to the events of John Byrne's Generations Saga, which sets on an world in which
Superman and Batman (as well as others except Batwoman) began their careers on Publication Dates and
aged normally on real time rather than comic book time. Even though it's now stated as Outside This
Continuity, I Placed Generations III Maxi-Series as an alternate timeline.

942 CE
Hippolyta sculpts her daughter Diana from the clay of Paradise Island. Diana is given life by the Greek
Gods. She will become the heroine known as Wonder Woman. [Generations II #1]

Jonah Hex becomes a professional bounty hunter. [Generations III #8, Jonah Hex #30-31]

James Gordon born. [Generations II #2]

Thomas Wayne born. [Generations II #2]

Martha Taylor (later Wayne) born. [Generations II #2]

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth born. [Generations #2]

Late 1800s
On An Alternate Timeline, Superman travels from the year 2525 and meets his younger adoptive parents
and New Genesis civilians (Metron and Pre-Mr. Miracle Scott Free) while Jonah Hex is searching for
Jonathan Kent before Superman helps keep his history unaltered before returning home. [Generations III

Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are born. [Generations II #4]

Steve Trevor is born. [Generations #3]

James 'Jimmy' Olsen is born. [Generations #3]
Thomas Wayne introduces his son Bruce to Harry Houdini, who teaches him a little escape artistry. Later
that year, he wears a human bat costume for Halloween, which sticks deeper in Bruce's mind than anyone
expects it to. [Generations II #4]

Clark shows Pa Kent the Kryptonian Chrono Viewer, which has given him limited knowledge of the
future. He and Pa observe the deaths of the Waynes, and resolve to tell them about it when they visit town.
In Clark's first exploit as Superboy, he is defeated by the Ultra-Humanite, who kidnaps Bruce Wayne.
Bruce escapes, and assuming the name Flying Fox, assists Superboy and Pa Kent in defeating Ultra. Pa
shows Thomas the images of him dying, but Thomas decides the sacrifice is worth it, if it will make Bruce
into Batman. Thomas and Martha Wayne go willingly to their deaths, and are killed by an unknown
[Generations II #4]

On An Alternate Timeline, Saturn Girl travels from the year 2825 via her time bubble to warn Superboy
about Earth's Destruction in 2025. After That, He teamed up with Bruce Wayne against the time-travelling
Parademons while Lana Lang's Meeting with Lois Lane inside Saturn Girl's Time Bubble caused them to
travel through time. Saturn Girl then mind wipes everyone within a thousand miles within the
Parademons Battle Incident and she died. Lois Lane and Lana Lang returned from the future along with
Superman, Batnab and Supergirl Blue before the incident occurred and prevented Saturn Girl from dying.
Saturn Girl then mind wipes both Lois and Lana. [Generations III #1 and #11]

While travelling the world Bruce Wayne learns to use the boomerang during a visit to Australia.
[Generations #4]

Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane and Clark Kent meet for the first time when Bruce sponsors a journalism contest
in Gotham City. When Lex Luthor attacks the First Gotham Bank, Clark as Superboy and Bruce as Robin
stopped him. Clark decides to move to Metropolis when he graduates. [Generations #4]

Richard "Dick" Grayson born [Generations #2]

Dr. Occult begins his career as a paranormal detective agency. He is accompanied by Rose Physic.
[Generations II #2, New Fun Comics #6]

Clark Kent/Kal-El begins his career as Superman. He works as an reporter for the Daily Star newspaper,
under the editorship of George Taylor before transferring to Daily Planet along with the staff including
Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and others. [Based on Action Comics #1]

Bruce Wayne began his career as The Bat-Man in Gotham City. [Based on Detective Comics #27]

Bruce Wayne is menaced by the Ultra-Humanite's robot Electrox while visiting the Metropolis World's
Fair. Superman intervenes, saving him from the robot. Later, as Bat-Man investigates, he encounters Lois
Lane and Clark Kent at the Fair.

The following day, Wayne and Lane are captured by agents of the Ultra-Humanite, including Lex Luthor,
but Wayne is rescued by the young Dick Grayson. The future dynamic duo meet for the first time. Later
that night, Superman and Bat-Man team up to rescue Lane and defeat Ultra. [Generations #1]
James Corrigan is murdered. He later becomes Spectre within a month. [Generations II #1, More Fun

Jay Garrick becomes The Flash in Keystone City. [Generations II #1, Flash Comics #1]
Carter Hall becomes Hawkman in New York City. [Generations II #1, Flash Comics #1]
Bruce Wayne adopts Dick Grayson after his parents are killed by criminals. [Generations #1]
Shortly thereafter, Dick joins Batman's crimefighting activities as Robin. [Generations #2]
Alan Scott becomes Green Lantern in Capitol City before residing in Gotham City. [Generations #2]
Alan Pratt becomes The Atom in Calvin City. [Generations #2]
Justice Society of America established. [Based on All-Star Comics #3]

Bart Hawk becomes Blackhawk. He then organised a group known as Blackhawks. [Generations II #1,
Military Comics #1]

Superman, Hawkman, Green Lantern, the Spectre and the Blackhawks battle a Nazi war machine in
occupied France. Chuck of the Blackhawks sacrifices his life to ensure its defeat, and Superman learns
that it was designed and controlled by the Ultra-Humanite.

Galvanised by the news Steve Trevor imparts when he crashes on Paradise Island, Diana prepares to
journey to Man's World and assume the role of Wonder Woman.

Lois Lane uncovers a scheme of Lex Luthor's in Gotham City, but is captured by Luthor, as is Robin. Both
are rescued in the nick of time by Batman, who has disguised himself as a member of Luthor's gang.

Two weeks later, Clark Kent fails his army induction exam due to poor vision - in truth, he accidentally
used his x-ray vision and read the chart in the next room instead. [Generations II #1]

Clark Kent and Lois Lane marry. [Generations #3]
Barbara Gordon, grandaughter of James Gordon, is born. [Generations II #1]

When their superiors suspect Bruce Wayne of treason, Captain America and Bucky are assigned to
investigate him. Batman and Captain America quickly deduce each other's secret identities and team up to
battle the Joker. Along with Robin and Bucky, they discover that the Joker is unknowingly working with
the Red Skull to steal the atomic bomb. Batman and Captain America manage to prevent the villains from
blowing up Washington DC with the bomb, and the Skull and the Joker are last seen tumbling into the
Atlantic. [Batman & Captain America]

The Joker spends six months as a prisoner of the Third Reich, before his prison camp is overrun by the
Russian Army. Imprisoned again, he is shipped to a labour camp in Siberia. [Generations #1]

Tony Gordon, James Gordon's Son takes over as Gotham City Police Commissioner. [Generations #1]
Luthor rescues the Joker from Russia to get him to perform a daring theft. Unfortunately for the criminals,
the Joker is tracked to Metropolis by Batman and Robin. Teaming up with Superman, they rescue the
captured Lois Kent from the duo, but not before Lois is exposed to Gold Kryptonite, permanently
realigning their unborn son Joel's DNA to a merely human form. Clark and Lois decide to hide Clark's
identity from Joel. After That, Dick Grayson leaves for college. [Generations #1]
Late 1940s
Kathy Kane becomes Batwoman. [See Note]

Bruce gets married, and six months later, his bride announces her pregnancy. [Generations #1]
Courtney Lamb Began and Alexander Gabriel Chan are born to their respective parents. [Generations #3]

Kara Kent is born. [Generations #3]

While on a fact finding mission for the Wayne Foundation, James Gordon is captured by Ra's Al Ghul.
Queen Hippolyta creates Wonder Girl, a magical projection of Wonder Woman to serve alongside the
Justice Society while the real Wonder Woman is pregnant. [Generations II #1]

Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane are married. After That, James Gordon escapes Ra's Al Ghul, and makes his
way to Wayne Manor, where he tells Batman what he has learned of the villain. Batman shares the
information with the Justice Society, but no conclusions are reached.

Wonder Woman, about the give birth, worries that her husband who is overdue back from his combat
mission. Wonder Girl, searching for him in Korea, finds him badly wounded and rushes him back to
Paradise Island. Wonder Woman gives birth without complications, but Steve Trevor does not survive his
injuries. A few days later, he is buried with the entire JSA in attendance.

Meanwhile, Superman is imprisoned the Grobex, an alien race who have conquered the planet of Delta
Vega. Delta Vega's red sun robs Superman of his powers, but with the help of his fellow captives, he
succeeds in attracting the attention of Green Lantern Abin Sur. Superman and Abin Sur return to Earth,
where Sur is introduced to Alan Scott. [Generations II #1]

After That, Kara Kent is born. [Generations #3]

The Earl of Wordenshire, who had been a prisoner of war during World War II, and his son Cyril become
the Knight and the Squire in Great Britain. [Generations III #5, Detective Comics #215]
J'Onn J'Onzz came to Earth from the Planet Mars and forever became stranded here. He then the civilian
identity of Detective John Jones and begins his adventures as The Manhunter from Mars (later becomes
The Martian Manhunter). [Generations III #6, Detective Comics #225]

Barry Allen has first case as The Flash II in Keystone City. [Generations #2, Showcase #4]

Batman and Superman battle Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite respectively when the latter two attempt to prove
which of the heroes is the best. Meanwhile, Kara Kent's powers first manifest themselves, and Joel Kent is
first contacted by Lex Luthor. Not Long After That, The Joker begins setting up his scheme to kill
Batman, a scheme that will take ten years to reach completion. [Generations #2]
Wally West becomes Kid Flash assisting The Flash II. [Generations II #2, Flash #110]
Barbara Gordon begins her career as Batgirl. [Generations II #2, Note that The Original Batgirl (Betty
Kane) first appeared at this publication date. Batgirl/Barbara Gordon Original Publication Date: 1967]

'Joker Junior' first becomes active as a criminal. [Generations #2]

Kara Kent first assumes the role of Supergirl, while Robin III (Bruce Wayne Jnr.) is forbidden by his
mother to team up with Batman. He does team up with Supergirl, and alongside Kid Flash and Wonder
Girl II, they defeat the trio of Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master. The quartet form a team
as the Justice League of America. Meanwhile, Batman II pursues his relationship with Batgirl.
[Generations II #2]

While hunting for Joker Junior in their submarine, Batman II and Robin II discover the frozen Steve
Rogers - Captain America - in an ice floe. They thaw him out and revive him, and he rejoins the good
fight. [Batman & Captain America]

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth dies. [Generations #2]
The Gotham Diamond Exchange begins two years of massive renovations. [Generations #2]
Boston Brand dies and becomes Deadman. [Generations II #2, Strange Adventures #205]

Some time during the Nixon Presidency, Superman gives the President a piece of Kryptonite to use as a
final defence should one ever be needed to stop Superman. [Generations #3]
Around That Time, Wallace "Wally" West takes over as The Flash III.
Around That Time, Perry White Died. [Mentioned in Generations #3]

Despite President Nixon's demands, the heroes refuse to get involved in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Bruce Jnr is
about to be drafted, and Joel Kent is already in Vietnam, missing presumed dead.

The Joker is revealed to be Joker Junior as well, after he succeeds in killing Dick Grayson. Bruce Jnr.
assumes the role of Batman, letting people think that the Joker actually killed Robin. He decides not to go
to Vietnam, and uses the Wayne fortune to buy his way out, so that he can assume the role of Batman
himself. Around That Time, Lois Kent is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. [Generations #2]

Scott Free returns to Earth and begins adventures as Mr. Miracle. [Generations III #8, Mr. Miracle #1]

BJ's mother speaks to him for the last time before his wedding five years later. [Generations #4]

Batman and Supergirl deal with the Joker, who is haunted by the ghost of Dick Grayson. With the help of
Alfred's ghost, Deadman and Doctor Occult, they manage to lay Dick's spirit to rest at last. The Joker dies
a few days later.

Hal Jordan, confronted with the fact that his reflexes are not what they were, retires as a test pilot, and
turns his attention to politics, planning a run for Congress. [Generations II #2]

Alan Scott offers Hal Jordan the power ring, but Jordan turns him down, preferring to concentrate on his
burgeoning political career. [Generations II #3]

While Bruce tracks Ra's Al Ghul to his lair, BJ and Kara Kent prepare for their wedding. On the day, the
celebration is disrupted by the attacks of Joel Kent and Lex Luthor. Luthor incapacitates Superman and
kills Lois Lane, while Joel fights his sister to the death. After killing her, he reports his success to Luthor,
before succumbing to the poisons in his system. As he dies, Luthor reveals that he has lied to him for
years. Superman and BJ arrive too late to save him, but meet Mei-Lei and her son by Joel, Clark Jnr.
[Generations #3]

Challenged by Ra's Al Ghul to enter the Lazarus Pit with him, that one of them might emerge, victorious
and immortal, Bruce does so - and defeats Ra's, taking his place as a crimelord. Over the next twenty
years, he and Talia redirect Ra's criminal endeavours so that his humanitarian front operations become the
whole operation. [Generations #4]

Amanda Mason is born. Her father, Douglas Mason, will later be the supervillain Ransak. [Generations II

Victor Stone becomes Cyborg. He then becomes a member of Justice League of America. [Generations II
#4, Based on DC Comics Presents #26]

The death of Kara Kent finally begins to tell on Batman. He closes himself off from his allies and his wife,
intent on catching her killer. [Generations #3]

Carrie Allen began her career as The Flash IV. She later joins Justice League of America. [Generations II
As Superman continues his futile hunt for Luthor, the JLA decides to bring in Batman before he harms
anyone else. Although he defeats them handily in combat, the realisation that he has turned on his oldest
friends drives him to confront himself and the reality of what he has become. [Generations II #3]

Having discovered the truth of his parentage, Clark Kent jnr confronts his mother. She tells him his true
origins, but they conceal the conversation from Bruce Jnr. [Generations II #3]

Hal Jordan is elected President of the United States of America. [Generations #3]

Superman finds Lex Luthor and discovers that he is actually the Ultra-Humanite using Luthor's body.
Ultra exposes Superman to Gold Kryptonite, removing his powers forever, and reveals to him that he has
killed Jimmy Olsen, Lucy Lane Olsen, their children and Perry White Jnr, and in their fight, Ultra is
killed. The image is broadcast and Superman is thought to have been a murderer. BJ steals the Kryptonite
Superman gave to Nixon from the current President, Hal Jordan, and confronts him in the Fortress of
Solitude and convinces him to surrender. At his trial, Superman is sentenced to spend ten years in the
Phantom Zone. [Generations #3]

Early 1990's
Alan Scott retires as Green Lantern, handing the ring over to Kyle Rayner. [Generations #4]

Batman (BJ) and Robin III (Clark) defeat Ransak, sending Douglas Mason to prison. [Generations II #3]

Barbara Gordon is elected President of the United States of America. [Generations II #3]

Clark jnr turns down the role of Batman, informing his step-father that he knows that he was adopted, and
assumes the heroic name Knightwing. Patrolling Gotham, he encounters Ransak, whom he defeats with
the aid of Superman, who reaches out of the Phantom Zone just long enough to distract Ransak. Ransak
turns out to be Amanda Mason, the daughter of the original Ransak.

Sinestro vows to destroy the Green Lantern Corps, and nearly succeeds. At the last moment, he is defeated
by Hal Jordan, who takes up the ring when Kyle Rayner is rendered unconscious. In the wake of the battle,
he is appointed to refrom the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians. [Generations II #3]

On London, The Houses of Parliament is devastated from an explosion and The Big Ben Clock stopped
chiming. It caused its civilians to deserted their place and becoming trespassing to the Civilians outside
England. [Generations III #5]

BJ finds his father and learns the truth about his disappearance twenty years earlier. They agree to swap
roles - BJ becomes Ra's Al Ghul and Bruce becomes Batman. Bruce releases Superman from the Phantom
Zone and the two inform Knightwing of his true parentage. The three and current Green Lantern Kyle
Rayner travel to the Fortress of Solitude, where Superman creates a serum that will enable to Knightwing
to use his hereditary Kryptonian powers. [Generations #4]

The hit musical "Bye For Less" opens on Broadway. [Generations II #4]

Jay West assumes the role of the Flash V. [Generations II #4]
Amanda Mason is released from prison on March 16th, and she and Knightwing, who have fallen in love
during her sentence, share their first kiss. [Generations II #4]
Bruce Wayne's Wife summons Bruce and BJ to her death-bed, to tell them her last words. After her death,
BJ Wayne became immortal during his trip to Lazarus Pit along with his father. They then travels to
Devastated London along with Cyril Worden to find Bruce's Wife's Recordings. [Generations III #5]
After That, Batman and Robin (BJ) remained in London for five years to help reestablished London and
helped Cyril becomes the first Democratic Prime Minister in Years. [Generations III #5]
Lex Luthor's brain is placed in a robot body. He assumes the name Metallo and goes on a brief rampage
before he is stopped by the combined efforts of Knightwing, the Flash, Black Hawk, Cyborg and Green
Lantern. The robots who rebuilt him explain how this came to pass. [Generations II #4]
Knightwing and Amanda are married. [Generations II #4]

Knightwing and Amanda have twins, Lois and Kara. [Generations II #4]

Knightwing summons Batman to the Fortress of Solitude, where Superman reveals to him the truth about
the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. [Generations II #4]

Buddy Blank begins his career as OMAC, The One Man Army Corps. [Generations III #2, Based on
OMAC #1]

On An Alternate Timeline, Supergirl Blue (Lara) and Supergirl Red (Kara) make their first appearances
on public. On The Same Day, Superman discovers a Doomsday Device on Apokolips which caused him
and New Genesis to be tranferred through a pocket dimension and Earth is devastated by OMAC's Brother
Eye orb activated by Lex Luthor's Brain. Green Lantern III is killed in battle. [Generations III #2]
After That, The Humans splited into two groups -- The Morlocks that lived in re-emerging technological
underground and The Elois that live on a devastating surface. [Generations III #3]

On An Alternate Timeline, Clark Wayne begins career as Superman II. Bruce Wayne again takes over as
Batman and helps Kamandi to buries his differences with the Eloi and commits to helping re-create
Project OMAC while searching for his daughter Kam. [Generations III #3]

On An Alternate Timeline, Diana restarts her Wonder Woman career after her daughter is wounded and
battles alongside OMAC Soldiers and defeats Parademons, leaving four to travel through time.
Meanwhile, Superman discovers the real reason about Saturn Girl's travel through 1925. [Generations III
After That, Batman begins his long relationship with Wonder Woman. [Generations III #5]

On An Alternate Timeline, BJ Wayne is wounded in battle against the Parademons. During That Time,
Bruce Wayne recalls their adventure in 2008 with Wonder Woman before BJ Wayne dies peacefully.
Meanwhile, Superman II, Supergirl Blue and Supergirl Red discovers the effects on Lex Luthor's blackout
explosion of 2025 is starting to dissipate. [Generations III #5]

On An Alternate Timeline, Supergirl Blue became a mortal after using Gold Kryptonite because she
decides to live normally with Green Lantern (Ator). However, He sacrificed his life saving the city from
an atomic explosion planned by Lex Luthor's Brain (now habited in a yellow cyborg) during his battle.
After That, Lex's used Green Kryptonite bomb that killed Superman II and Supergirl Red and Apokolips
New Gods planning to revived their lord, Darkseid. [Generations III #6-7]
On An Alternate Timeline, Supergirl Blue regained her powers using an antidote and restarts her career
while Batman gained superpowers used by Kryptonian Technology and Superman escapes the Pocket
Dimension to return to earth. [Generations III #7]

Bruce Wayne leaves the Earth in search of adventure. At the same time, Lana Lang finds Superman and
the two are married. [Generations #4]

On An Alternate Timeline, a disguised Lara Kent discovers Darkseid's life, death and rebirth from a
Parademon. The Other Heroes discovers the Parademon's Plans. [Generations III #9]

On An Alternate Timeline, Superman goes to New Genesis after Metron's Death. He then meets his and
Beautiful Dreamer's Children -- Lar-El and Vara -- before they're being killed by Darkseid. [Generations
III #10]

On An Alternate Timeline, Lois Lane and Lana Lang traveled from 1925 via Saturn Girl's Time Bubble
before he alongside Superman, Batman and Supergirl Blue travels back and averts Saturn Girl's death and
Parademon incident. After That, They traveled to 2925. [Generations III #11]

Batman begin searching for Superman in earnest. [Generations #4]

Batman finds Superman's current Fortress of Solitude. The pair reminisce about their first meeting in
1929, then Clark introduces his wife: Lana Lang. The three set out to leave our galaxy in search of
adventure [Generations #4]

28th Century Era

The Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl and time-travelling Superboy)
established. [Generations III #1 and #12]

On An Alternate Timeline, Superman, Batman, Supergirl Blue and Saturn Girl arrived from 1925 with
Saturn Girl's Time Bubble and are killed along with Cosmic Boy and Chameleon Boy during their battle
with Apokolips New Gods. The Other Heroes of that era traveled back in time to their final confrontation
with Darkseid and restored the original timeline. [Generations III #12]
Lana Lang finds Bruce Wayne and asks is he has seen Superman since they were supposed to meet with
the Theluvian Ambassador. Bruce doesn't reply at first, lost in his own thoughts. When he does respond he
asks for Lara. Lana asks if he is okay and after a moment he tells her yes and that he had a strange
moment of déjà vu. He also asks what she said about Superman and Lana explains that both she and
Superman were supposed to meet with the Theluvian Ambassador in about an hour to help put down the
rebel uprising on Theluvis VII. They find Superman and Batman asks if something is troubling him.
Superman replies that he isn't sure, but he does have the strangest feeling that something just slipped his
mind and that he hopes it isn't important. [Generations III #12; Note That This Story Sequence is in-

Writer/artist John Byrne reportedly stated that he intended Bruce's wife to be Kathy Kane, the one-time
superhero Batwoman, but did not identify her because her presence in 1949 violated his self-imposed rule
of not introducing characters before the date of their original debut. The Same Goes for Batgirl who
debuted the same time Betty Kane, The Original Batgirl debuted.

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Batman: Gotham Knights #2 Back-Up (Written by John Byrne and sets during the 1940s).

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