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Vestas V47 Maintenance course

Upgrade your hands-on skills

When you have joined and passed the test for the V47
turbine course, you have the possibility of further upgrad-
ing of your hands-on skills.

■■ The OEM maintenance procedures not being
■■ The check list not being designed for “work
■■ Lack of maintenance history?

We know how to prevent these challenges and will gladly

share our knowledge with you. Join the 2 days of training
and let us upgrade your skills and competences.

Afterwards you will be able to: Benefits for your company:

■■ Operate the tubine in a safe way ■■ Complete a maintenance 15% faster

■■ Do a maintenance on your own ■■ Do proactive maintenance

■■ Understand the maintenance manual and check list ■■ Improve the turbine performance


■■ The training leads into a final

assessment rewarding you

Target group:

■■ Operating and Assets Managers

■■ Engineers

■■ Service Technicians

Danish Wind Power Academy • Stensgaardvej 6 • DK-5500 Middelfart

Tel. +45 6347 4849 • • R03
OPEN COURSE for individuals ►►►►►►►►► location to be decided

What is an open course?

An open course means that people from several companies are participating, and the location will be decided later
The course is continuously developed and is based on experiences from our own instructors (former technicians),
but also on feedback from our clients.

■■ Get valuable tips and tricks from a experienced Technician.

■■ Knowledge sharing between companies.

■■ Operational flexibility


Hands-on in a Vestas
■■ €1,500 per participant excl. VAT. The price includes V47 turbine.
food & drink during the 2 days, training material
and certificate.

Maintenance by help Date & Location:

of working procedures
Please find dates and locations for this training on
& technical documen-
our on-line course calendar at our web page:

Among others these clients have already joined this open V47 Maintenance course:

■■ DMP Mølle Service, DK ■■ Gineadoiri Gaoithe Teo, IE ■■ Galetech Energy Dev., IE

■■ Wind Tech Ireland Ltd, IE ■■ Eco Wind Power Ltd, IE ■■ Saorgus Energy Ltd, IE

We asked the attendees “what did you like most about the course?” Read their answers:
“All of it” “That we all talked together” “The practical hands-on” “Self study” “Goup work”
“To see all the tests in action” “Electric troubleshooting” “‘The Instructor covered all in great detail”

“All topics were very relevant to me” “The very good overview of hydraulic and electric systems”

“Troubleshooting on controllers” “Working together to solve problems” “Being able to troubleshoot properly”

When your team has completed this course we can offer you additional courses:
Hands-on in the turbine: Trouble-shooting
Online training: Reliability and support
TAILOR-MADE TRAINING ►►►►►►►►►►►► at your own location

What is a tailor-made course?

A tailor-made course is based on the program for our open course, but is tailored to your specific needs for training.
This means that we develop the program in cooperation with you, and the course location is on your wind farm.

■■ Price: Save up to 50% compared to an open course

■■ Wind Farm performance: We focus on your Top 10 downtime list

■■ Generation mindset: Improve technician performance by 15% “first visit - First fix”

Please ask for our
■■ €5,900 excl. VAT + travel, lodging & diem expenses “No cure, no pay”-
for our instructor. The price includes 2 days of deal!
training, training material and certificate for up to 6

The course is based Return of Investment:

on English, but we
also conduct the Ask for an analysis of your Wind Farm.
training in other lan- By this we will among other things be able to inform
guages. If you have you of your:
other needs, please ■■ Return of investment
let’s find out. ■■ Return of invested capital

These clients have already joined a tailor-made Vestas V47 course:

■■ Industrial Plant & Service, AU ■■ Galeforce Energy, IE ■■ Per & Jørgen Therkildsen A/S, DK

About this course the attendees at Industrial Plant & Service, AU, said:
“I really appreciated the depth and “It was great to experience the enthu-
detail of the info supplied” “My goals were achieved as siasms of the Instructor for the whole
everything we needed to know was subject”
“The overall course was really good covered.”
“Brilliant course”
and indepth”

When your team has completed this training we can offer you additional trainings:
Hands-on in the turbine: Trouble-shooting
Classroom or Online training: Reliability and support
Specific information about the program!

Your instructor:
■■ Karl J Nors is educated as an Construction & Agriculture Engineer by trade
and has over the years worked with a big variety of mechanical issues.
■■ At Vestas he started in nacelle production, came to service and became instal-
lation supervisor, before he ended as Master Instructor.
■■ Karl joined Danish Wind Power Academy in 2010 as instructor, specialized in
Vestas turbines and gearboxes. The participants have evaluated Karl’s per-
formance as instructor to 5.7 out of 6.0 in an avg. for 2011.

Specific information about the program:

About the training Home work preparation for day 2

Participant introduction Nacelle & hub procedures are to be studied and
prepared for next day hands-on in the turbine
Service manual Hands-on in the wind turbine
Service checklist Presentation of yesterday’s homework
Service intervals Maintenance procedures in the nacelle
Appendix, supporting documents Maintenance procedures in the hub

Going through the complete service manual Follow up on the maintenance procedures
Dividing bottom section & tower procedures from Bottom section procedures
the checklist in the work groups, and prepare later Tower procedures
hands-on in the turbine Nacelle procedure
Hub procedures
Hands-on in the wind turbine
Maintenance procedures in the bottom section End of training
Maintenance procedures in the tower Evaluation
Overview in the nacelle and in the hub
Dividing bottom nacelle & hub procedures from the
checklist in the work groups, and prepare later
hands-on in the turbine.

Please note that there will be 1 hour of homework the first day

Registration and information:

Please send an email to Chief Instructor & Head of Training Lars N. Thomsen on or reach us by phone +45 63 47 48 49.
For further information you are welcome to visit our webpage