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Starter A
Reading  Personally ...
Starter Vocabulary  Verbs and adjectives + prepositions
Page 4 Grammar revision  Present simple & continuous, past simple & continuous,
stative verbs, subject & object questions
Speaking option

Introduction Reading

Vocabulary  Get, go, make & do Reading  Trapped!
Video / Listening  Completing sentences Key skill  Getting the general idea
Experiences Speaking  Expressing preferences Vocabulary  Phrasal verbs (go)
Page 10 Discussion

Skills extra Listening  The man who sold his life

Vocabulary  The future Reading  Ready for the end of the world

Listening  Answering questions Vocabulary  Reflexive verbs
Tomorrow’s Key skill  Listening for gist Discussion
world Speaking  Making predictions
Page 22
Skills extra Listening  3D technology

Vocabulary  Entertainment: nouns Reading  Who loves horror?

Video / Listening  Answering questions Key skill  Understanding pronoun references
Entertainment Speaking  Making suggestions Vocabulary  Body idioms
Page 34 Discussion

Skills extra Lyrics  Kanye West: ‘Family Business’

Vocabulary  Values Reading  West Side Story
Listening  Multiple choice Speaking & Listening option
Relationships Key skill  Before listening Vocabulary  Idiomatic expressions
Page 46 Discussion

Skills extra Literature  Jane Austen: ‘Sense and Sensibility’

Vocabulary  Attitudes Reading  Smile … and the world smiles with you
Listening  True or false Key skill  Summary writing
Behaviour Discussion Vocabulary  each other / one another
Page 58

Skills extra Listening  Anger management

Vocabulary  Invention & discovery Reading  Frankenfood: Problem or solution?
Design and Listening  Multiple choice Vocabulary  Prefixes
technology Key skill  Staying focused Discussion
Page 70 Discussion

Skills extra Lyrics  OMD: ‘Enola Gay’

Vocabulary  Charity work Reading  A helping hand
Change Listening  Multiple choice Key skill  Guessing the meaning of
the world Speaking  Planning a charity event unknown words
Page 82 Vocabulary  Compound nouns

Skills extra Literature  Kent M. Keith: ‘The Paradoxical Commandments’

Vocabulary  Travel: verbs Reading  Around the world for nearly nothing
Travel and Listening  Completing sentences Vocabulary  Travel: collocations
Speaking  Comparing answers Discussion
Page 94
Skills extra Listening  InterRailing

Reviews  Page 106 Grammar Workshop  Page 114

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Starter B Starter C
Listening  Answering questions Speaking  Comparing photos
Grammar revision  Present perfect simple, present perfect simple & Writing  A description
continuous, ever & never, for & since, still, yet, already, just Grammar revision  None, both, all, neither; indefinite pronouns;
Speaking option comparatives & superlatives; (not) as … as, less & least

Grammar Practical English Writing

Grammar  Past tenses, used to and would Vocabulary  Verbs and -ed / -ing adjectives Task  A narrative
Key errors  usually, used to and would Listening  Answering questions Writing skill  Time expressions (1)
Listening option / Speaking option Speaking  Telling a story Listening option

BBC Video  999 Emergency

Grammar  Future tenses, future time clauses Vocabulary  Phrasal verbs: socializing Task  A review
Listening option / Speaking option Video / Listening  Completing dialogues Writing skill  Clauses of purpose
Speaking  Making arrangements & result
Listening option

BBC Video  The Nazca lines

Grammar  Relative clauses Vocabulary  Adjectives and prefixes Task  A biography

Key errors  Relative clauses Listening  Multiple choice Writing skill  Time expressions (2)
Listening option / Speaking option Speaking  Exchanging opinions Listening option
Key skill  Taking turns and listening

BBC Video  Street culture: Hip hop

Grammar  Reported speech Vocabulary  Relationships: verbs Task  An informal email

Key errors  Say and tell Speaking option Writing skill  Informal writing style
Listening option / Speaking option Video / Listening  Answering questions Listening option
Speaking  Agreeing and disagreeing

BBC Video  Prejudice

Grammar  Modal verbs Vocabulary  Gestures & manners Task  A formal email
Key errors  could, managed to, was able to Video / Listening  Completing Key phrases Writing skill  Formal & informal
Listening option / Speaking option Speaking  Offers and requests style
Key skill  Speaking naturally Listening option

BBC Video  lol :) Laughter therapy

Grammar  The passive Vocabulary  Describing objects Task  A discussion essay

Listening option / Speaking option Speaking option Writing skill  Using linkers
Video / Listening  Completing Key phrases of contrast
Speaking  Describing objects Listening option

BBC Video  Interactive entertainment

Grammar  Conditionals Vocabulary  Issues & action Task  An opinion essay

Key errors  Verb forms in conditional and Video / Listening  Marking a talk Writing skill  Adding & ordering
future time clauses Key skill  Giving a talk Listening option
Listening option / Speaking option Speaking  A short talk

BBC Video  The Monster Raving Loony Party

Grammar  Gerunds & infinitives Vocabulary  Describing places Task  A description of

Listening option / Speaking option Video / Listening  Answering questions a place
Key skill  Checking what you heard Writing skill  Using adjectives
Speaking  Asking for / giving information Listening option

BBC Video  Visions of India

Vocabulary Workshop  Page 134 Speaking Workshop  Page 150 Irregular verbs  Page 158

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