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DuPont Tyler Middle School

431 Tyler Dr.

Hermitage, TN 37076
2018-19 Cell Phone Policy

All Electronic Devices (i.e. cell phones, headphones, iPods, iPads, speakers, etc.)
must be turned off at 8:55AM. Students are permitted to have their cell phone on their
person. Cell phones are not permitted to be used during instruction unless approved by the
instructional teacher. Cell phones are not to be used during transitions, lunch, or restroom
time. Students are free to use their phones after they are dismissed at 3:55PM each school day.
Cell phones may not be used during Morning Tutoring or After School Detention.


All device(s) are brought to school at the student's own risk. The school is not
responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items. Searches or investigations will not be conducted
for damaged, lost, or stolen devices.

Students found in violation of the above policy will be asked to forfeit their device. The
device will be labeled, given to office staff, and locked away until a parent or guardian comes to
retrieve the device. He/she will receive a consequence for violating Code 203 in the 2018-19
MNPS Student Handbook; Electronic Devices: Improper Use of Cell Phone, Internet or
Electronic Devices. Any student who refuses to forfeit their device will be faced with further
disciplinary action. Multiple violations of this policy could lead to disciplinary action up to
suspension from school.

Parents, if you need to contact your child, we ask that you call the main office at 615-
885-8827. We are more than happy to relay your message to your child. Because your child is
immersed in a structured learning environment from 8:55 am - 3:55 pm, we ask that parents,
guardians, and other outsiders refrain from attempting to contact your child during regular school
hours on their device.

Cell phone use at school is often the source of distractions, bullying, threats, fights, and
theft. Apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, and other similar sites are often used by teens as a
camping ground to participate in these activities. Please have regular conversations with your
child and monitor their access to these sites. We appreciate your support and understanding.