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M ' Department of Education

4 Region V
Division of Camarines Sur
Freedom Sports Complex, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur
O fe- **"* ef r s-

D IV ISIO N M E M O R A N D U M N O. M _ s. 2018

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2 * OF
TO Asst. Schools Division S u p e rin te n d e n ts (Elem /Sec.)
E le m e n ta ry an d S eco n d ary PSDSs
E lem en tary /S eco n d a ry School P rin cip als/T IC s/O IC s/
Div ision T L E O fficers - (A FA , IA , H E an d IC T )
D istrict/M u n icip al T L E C o o rd in a to rs


Schools Division Superintendent


DATE A u g u st 09, 2018

1. Relative to the implem entation o f DepEd M emorandum No. 095, s. 2018, Sustaining Im plem entation
o f Gulayan sa Paaralan Program for Public Elem entary and Secondary Schools, vve are glad to inform you
that DA-HVCDP provided its intervention in support to the im plem entation o f GPP in DepEd, Cam arines

2. The Departm ent o f A griculture-High Value Crop Developm ent Program Province o f Cam arines Sur
identified school beneficiaries and allocated a total num ber o f 15 lschools for elementary and 33 schools
for secondary this year 2018 to be provided with garden package com prised o f the following:
a. 300 grams o f assorted vegetable seeds
b. 1 set o f garden tools
c. 1 sack o f organic fertilizer
d. 10 pcs seedling trays; and
e. plastic sheet for nursery (bam boo pole/sticks counterpart o f schools)

3. Division-wide mass distribution o f this garden inputs and m aterials will be on A ugust 25, 2018
(8:00am ) a t th e P ro v in cial C ap ito l C om plex, C ad lan , Pili, C a m a rin e s S ur. Please be advised to bring
your car/vehicle for transportation o f the aforem entioned garden inputs. Attached herewith is the list o f
school beneficiaries recom m ended by the division/LGU/M unicipality.

4. Travel Expenses relative to this shall be charged against M OOE, local fund subject to the usual
accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

5. For you inform ation and compliance.

SDO catuarines Sur: "Caring, UngagLt^g, servin g with u n ited Heart"

Enclosure to Division Memorandum NO.fl V /s. 2018



1 Kinalangan ES Del Gallego 50 San Antonio ES Milaor
2 San Juan ES Del Gallego 51 Tariric ES Minalabac
3 Sinuknipan ES Del Gallego 52 Sagrada Familia ES Minalabac
4 Upper Omon Ragay 53 Bagolatao Minalabac
5 Llboro ES Ragay 54 Cagbunga ES Gainza
6 Ragay Central Ragay 55 Dahilig ES Gainza
7 Salvacion ES Ragay 56 Gainza CS Gainza
8 Tagbac ES Ragay 57 Loob ES Gainza
9 RNAFS HS Ragay 58 Malbong ES Gainza
10 CDAMS Ragay 59 Sampaloc ES Gainza
11 Sooc ES Lupi 60 Carangcang ES Magarao
12 Haluban ES Lupi 61 Sta. Lucia ES Magarao
13 Del Carmen Lupi 62 Bell-San Francisco ES Magarao
14 San Jose NHS Lupi 63 Maysalay Goa
15 San Jose ES Lupi 64 Tabgon Goa
16 Casay NHS Lupi 65 Pinaglabanan Goa
17 North Villazar Sipocot 66 Agay-Ayan Tinambac
18 Bocol ES Sipocot 67 Tambang Central Tinambac
19 Sipocot North Central Sipocot 68 Bataan Tinambac
20 Sipocot South Central Sipocot 69 Union Calabanga
21 Bagong Sirang ES Sipocot 70 Bay-Bay Salvacion Calabanga
22 Malaguico ES Sipocot 71 CCDPS Calabanga
23 Salvacion ES Sipocot 72 Binaliw Calabanga
24 Manangle HS Sipocot 73 DGG Calabanga
25 Bolo Norte HS Sipocot 74 Bin. Grande Calabanga
26 Biong ES Cabusao 75 Siembre HS Bombon
27 Pandan ES Cabusao 76 Siembre ES Bombon
28 Castillo ES Cabusao 77 Bombon Central Bombon
29 Tampuhan ES Libmanan 78 San Roque Bombon
30 Palangon ES Libmanan 79 Pinit Ocampo
31 Fundado ES Libmanan 80 Ocampo Central Ocampo
32 Lib. South Central Libmanan 81 Guinaban Ocampo
33 Pag-Oring Nuevo Libmanan 82 Hanawan NHS Ocampo
34 Camdilancha Libmanan 83 May Ogob ES Ocampo
35 Libmanan North ES Libmanan 84 Gatbo Elem. School Ocampo
36 Ibid ES Libmanan 85 OCD Moriones ES Ocampo
37 San Ramon ES Pamplona 86 Eulalia E.F Tigaon
38 Tambo ES Pamplona 87 San Antonio Tigaon
39 Del Rosario ES Pamplona 88 Huyon Huyon Tigaon
40 Pamplona Central Pamplona 89 San Vicente Buhi
41 Taguilid Elem School Pamplona 90 Los Angeles Buhi
42 San Vicente ES Pamplona 91 Sta. Isabel Buhi
43 Cagbibi National HS Pamplona 92 Tambo Elem School Buhi
44 Caranan North ES Pasacao 93 Sta Justina NHS Buhi
45 Odicon ES Pasacao 94 San Vicente NHS Buhi
46 Pasacao CS Pasacao 95 Bagong Lipunan Balatan
47 Quitang ES Pasacao 96 Coguit Balatan
48 Dalipay ES Milaor 97 Balatan Central Balatan
49 Capucnasan ES Milaor 98 Cabanbanan ES Balatan
99 Santiago ES Balatan 149 Tandoc NHS Siruma
100 Tapayas Elem. School Balatan 150 Boberon ES San Fernando
101 San Jose ES Nabua 151 Bocal Elem School San Fernando
102 Malawag NHS Nabua 152 Bical Elem School San Fernando
103 La Opinion Elem School Nabua 153 Aniog Elem School Sagnay
104 La Purisima NHS Nabua 154 Sibaguan ES Sagnay
105 Bustrac Elem School Nabua 155 Turague South Eastern HS Sagnay
106 Topas Impact ES Nabua 156 Sagnay Central School Sagnay
107 Victor Bernal NHS Nabua 157 Aniog HS Sagnay
108 Sagrada Baao 158 Sibaguan High School Sagnay
109 Sistes Baao 159 Tinagu NHS Sagnay
110 Buluang Baao 160 Caramoan CS Caramoan
111 Agdangan Elem School Baao 161 Caputatan Primary School Caramoan
112 Salvacion Elem. School Baao 162 Hanopol ES Caramoan
113 Romero Bula 163 Salvacion ES Caramoan
114 Causip Bula 164 Bikal Elem. School Caramoan
115 Sta. Elena Bula 165 Haponan Elem. School Caramoan
116 Palsong Elem School Bula 166 Bahay Elem. School Caramoan
117 Bula NHS Bula 167 Pambuhan NHS Garchitorena
118 Bagumbayan ES Bula 168 Bahi National HS Garchitorena
119 Pawili Pili 169 Burabod National HS Garchitorena
120 Pensumil Pili 170 Binagasbasan NHS Garchitorena
121 Bagong Sirang Pili 171 Garchitorena CS Garchitorena
122 ACRES Pili 172 Parubcan CS Presentacion
123 Pili West Central Pili 173 Pili Elem. School Presentacion
124 Caroyroyan Pili 174 Bulalacao ES Presentacion
125 Palestina Pili 175 Presentacion NHS Presentacion
126 San Agustin Es Pili 176 Pioneer HS Presentacion
127 Tinangis ES Pili 177 Dahat National Voc. HS Lagonoy
128 San Jose North ES Pili 178 Lagonoy CS Lagonoy
129 School of the Future Pili 179 Binanuahan ES Lagonoy
130 Sol Marasigan Pili 180 Cabotonan ES Lagonoy
131 Camarines Sur Sports Academy Pili 181 San Roque ES Lagonoy
132 DEATA Pili 182 Bato South CS Bato
133 Binanuaanan Sur ES Pili 183 Bato North CS Bato
134 Kinalasan NHS San Jose 184 Agos ES Bato
135 Villafuerte-Pena HS San Jose 185 Tomataryo ES Balatan
136 Salogon High School San Jose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
137 Rangas Ramos NHS San Jose
138 San Jose NHS San Jose
139 Sua Elem. School Camaligan
140 Tarosanan Elem Camaligan
141 Camaligan H/S Camaligan
142 San Roque ES Camaligan
143 Canaman CS Canaman
144 Sta. Cruz NHS Canaman
145 Northern Canaman HS Canaman
146 San Nicolas ES Canaman
147 Siruma CS Siruma
148 Penitan ES Siruma
^ of hc c of the Ph&ppires
° H llm * San Agustin, Pili, Camarines Sur, 4418
im h ttp j/b ico i .do.

July 1 6 ,2 0 1 8


Regional Director
DepEd Region V
Regional Center Site, Rawis, Legazpi City

Attention: Schools Division Superintendents

Asst. Schools Division Superintendents
Public Schools District Supervisors
........ _ . Elementary and Secondary School Heads

Dear Director Sadsad:

We are glad to inform your good office that in line with th e DepEd M em orandum No.
223 series of 2016, entitled "Strengthening the Im plem entation of th e GULAYAN SA
PAARALAN PROGRAM (GPP)” in Public Elem entary and S econdary Schools
Nationwide which was issued and implemented since 2007 through th e DepEd
M em orandum No. 293, the Department of Agriculture-High Value Crops
Developm ent Program (HVCDP) also has target intervention in su p p o rt to this

This "Gulayan Sa Paaralan (School Vegetable Gardens) P rogram ” is one of th e

strategies of the National Greening Program being im plem ented by the g o v ern m en t
for the purpose of prom oting food security in schools and com m unities and su p p o rt
the School-Based Feeding Program and other feeding program s. F urtherm ore, this
will help to prom ote aw areness and appreciation of agriculture as a life s u p p o rt
system and develop good values among the students and o th e r m em bers of the
community. _

In this concern, may we respectfully inform you that under the HVCDP for this year
2018, we have allocated a total of 720 schools (Elem entary and Secondary)
regionw ide to be provided each with a school garden package with seedling n ursery
(2x3 m 2) com prised of the following:
a. 300 gram s of assorted vegetable seeds;
b. 1 set of garden tools; ~~
c. 1 sack of organic fertilizer; .,>■•■■■\»•
d. 10 pcs seedling trays; and
e. Plastic sheet for nursery (bamboo poles/sticks co u n terp art of schuels)

We are planning to conduct a provincial mass distribution of this package of inputs

and m aterials on the following dates and venues:

Aiigyse'5] 2018 Masbate i
.Atlgust 6, 201H Camarines Sur (DA UFO 5 Grounds, 1
Pili, Camarines Sur)
August 14. 2018 Catandnanes
August i 6, 201H Sorsogon
August 28. 2018 Camarines Norte j
August 30, 2018 Albay
* San Agustin, Pili, Camarines Sur, 4418

In lieu o f th is, m a y w e h u m b ly a s k fo r y o u r s u p p o r t a n d a s s is ta n c e in th e
d is s e m in a tio n o f th is in fo rm a tio n to all th e c o n c e r n e d o ffices a n d s c h o o ls fo r m o r e
e ffe c tiv e a n d e ffic ie n t im p le m e n ta tio n . '

A tta c h e d h e r e w ith a r e t h e lists o f re c o m m e n d e d s c h o o ls b y th e LGUs (b y d is tr ic t p e r

p r o v in c e / d iv is io n ). S h o u ld y o u h a v e s u g g e s tio n s fo r in c lu s io n o r r e p la c e m e n t, m a y
w e g e t y o u r fe e d b a c k * o n o r b e fo re July 23, 2 0 1 8 . O u r HVCDP A s s is ta n t R eg io n al
C o o rd in a to r. Ms. M aricrisiC . R efo rb a w ill b e fa c ilita tin g s a id a c tiv ity a n d s h e can b e
re a c h a t CP n u m b e r 0 9 0 8 -2 2 6 8 -1 7 5 .

W e lo o k f o r w a r d to y o u r fa v o ra b le re s p o n s e and. u s u a l s u p p o r t o n th is u n d e r ta k in g .

T hank you.

V e r y tr u ly y o u rs ,

OS, Ph..