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1. Floor plans
2. Elevations
3. Sections
a. RCC column and walls.
b. Grid.
c. Dimension of grids.
d. Door and windows notes
e. Required dimension for construction.
f. Section lines
g. Electrical layout with dimension and controls

4. Toilet detail
a. Grid number
b. Dimensions of grid
c. Basic dimensions
d. Flooring pattern with numbering and start demarcation
e. Dado with numbering and start demarcation
f. Groove
g. Sanitary fixtures with code nos.
h. Sanitary wares with code nos.
i. Electrical layout
j. Drop to be demarcated

5. Kitchen detail
a. Platform location and size
b. Flooring layout with numbering
c. Grid nos.
d. Basic dimensions
e. Dado with numbering and dimensions
f. Plumbing accessories with code nos and their positioning
g. Groove
h. Location of sink, fridge, RO plants
i. Division of cupboards and drawers to be made
j. Detail of stone for platform
k. Electrical layout
l. Detail at the bottom of the cupboards

6. Staircase detail
a. Floor plans
b. Sections
c. Plaster line
d. Numbering of treads and risers
e. Basic dimensions
f. Detail of treads(groove and placing of tiles etc.)
g. Up and down demarcation
h. Grid nos.

7. Flooring detail
a. Layout as per the material selected for flooring
b. Basic dimensions
c. Start demarcation
d. No. of tiles in a row
e. Mention the material used

8. Door-window detail
a. Plan with details depending on the material used
b. Elevation of basic divisions with dimension
c. Mention the door or window no. as per the working dwg with quantities
d. Heights to be mentioned
e. Dimensions of the frame
f. The swing of the door to be demarcated
g. Position of latches, stoppers, and handles to be shown

9. Wall sections
a. Show RCC and brick walls
b. Position of windows
c. Drip moulds
d. Slope for chajjas and windows to be shown
e. Levels to be mentioned
f. Dimensions wherever necessary to be shown
g. Vatta
h. Plaster lines as per specs
i. Skirting
j. Plinth level details

10. Railing detail

a. Height of the railing
b. Divisions in elevation
c. Height of the divisions
d. Size of the sections to be used
e. Rain water gutter if needed
f. Detail of connection of railing to the walls and floor

11. Site development

a. Site plan with landscaped areas drawn
b. Dimension wherever necessary
c. Electrical layout with dimensions
d. Site sections
e. Detail of planters, tree pits etc.
f. Plantation details
g. Location of trees and type
h. Curbing detail