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Made in Canada
Features, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.
Model: STi DRIVER Owner’s Manual
Congratulations Quick Reference Card

The BELTRONICS STi DRIVER is the most • Easy-to-use Programming lets you
advanced radar, laser and safety detector customize up to 9 features.
ever designed, and is ready to use right out • Exclusive AutoScan mode intelligently
of the box with our recommended factory reduces unwanted false alarms.
settings. • Ultra-bright text-display provides easy
The STi DRIVER includes full X, K, to read information from any angle.
SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System • Tech Display provides actual H Remove card along perforations H
radar capability, front and rear laser numeric radar frequency for any
detection, dual LNA (low noise amplifier) radar signal.
BELTRONICS STi DRIVER Quick Reference Card
microwave receivers, digital signal • Programmable Bands (on/off).
processing (DSP) for superior range and • Detects and decodes up to 64 Safety There are 9 user-selectable options so you An example
can customize your STi DRIVER for your Here is how you would turn the STi
reduced false alarms, our patented Mute and Warning System messages own preferences. DRIVER’s AutoMute feature off.
AutoMute, audible and visual band alerts, • Includes new coiled and direct-wire The buttons labeled VOLUME/MUTE
and SENS are also used to enter the Program- 1 Enter the Program Mode by holding both
and all the performance you’d expect from SmartPlug, which provides a ming Mode, REVIEW your current program the VOLUME/MUTE and SENS buttons

BELTRONICS. convenient mute button right on settings, and to CHANGE any settings as down for 2 seconds. The STi DRIVER will
desired. The abbreviations PGM, RVW, and beep twice and display Program.
In addition, the BELTRONICS STi the plug. CHG are located on the lower part of the
display lens and are highlighted in graphics. 2 Then hold the RVW button down. The
DRIVER contains the following If you’ve used a radar detector before, a STi DRIVER will scroll through the

Remove card along perforations

revolutionary features: review of the Quick Reference Guide on How to use Programming categories, starting with display (Display),
1 To enter Program Mode, press and power-on indication (Pilot), then alert
• Dual LNA (low noise amplifier) pages 4 and 5, and the Programming hold both VOLUME/MUTE and SENS lamp (Alamp), Voice, Power-on sequence,
receivers provide the longest possible information on pages 12 and 13 will briefly buttons down for 2 seconds. (The unit signal strength meter, and then AutoMute.
will beep twice, and will display the word
warning against all radar threats. explain the new features. “Program”). 3 Release the RVW button when the STi
• TotalShield™ RF Technology provides If this is your first detector, please read DRIVER shows the AutoMute item. Since
2 Then press the RVW button to review the factory setting is for AutoMute to be
the ultimate in undetectability. the manual in detail to get the most out of the current settings. (You can either tap on, the STi DRIVER will display aMute ON.
• Programmable Alert Lamp provides your BELTRONICS STi DRIVER’s the button to change from item to item, or (If you accidentally don’t release the
hold the button to scroll through the items). Review button in time, and the STi
additional visual indication of alerts. outstanding performance and innovative DRIVER goes to the next category, hold the
• Rugged magnesium case provides features. 3 Press the CHG button to change any RVW button down again, and scroll
setting. (You can either tap the button to through the categories again until aMute
the ultimate protection for your Please drive safely. change from setting to setting, or hold the is displayed.)
investment. button to scroll through all the options).
4 Press the CHG button to change from
• High and low voltage warning is 4 To leave Program Mode, simply wait aMute ON to aMute OFF.
FCC Note: Modifications not expressly 8 seconds without pressing any button.
given any time the vehicle’s voltage
approved by the manufacturer could (The unit will display Complete, beep 4 5 To complete the Programming, simply

drops below 10.5 volts, or goes times, and return to normal operation). wait 8 seconds without pressing any button.
void the user’s FCC granted authority to The STi DRIVER will display Complete,
above 16.5 volts. Factory Default Settings
operate the equipment. To reset the STi DRIVER to its original
beep 4 times, and return to normal
factory settings, press and hold the
“VOLUME/MUTE,” and “SENS,” buttons
while turning the power on. The STi
DRIVER’s display will provide a “Reset”
message, accompanied by an audible
1 alert, acknowledging the reset. Programming Details E
Quick Reference Card Table of Contents

Quick Reference Guide 4-5 Programming 12-16

Installation 6-7 • How to use Programming 12

• Power Connection 6 • Example of Programming 12

H Remove card along perforations H • Mounting Location 6 • Overview of Programming 13

• Windshield Mount 7 • Details of Programming 14-16

BELTRONICS STi DRIVER Quick Reference Card
Press the RVW button Press the CHG button Controls and Features 8-11 Technical Details 17-23
to go from one category to change your setting
to the next within a category
DISPLAY Disp STD * Standard display • Power and Volume Control 8 • Specifications 17
Disp INV Inverted display
PILOT Pilot HWY * Full word: Highway, AutoScan, etc. • Power-on Indication 8 • Interpreting Alerts 18-19

(Power-on indication) Pilot H Letter: H, A, C, or Cnx
Pilot V Vehicle voltage
ALERT LAMP Alamp ON * Alert lamp on
• Voice 8 • How Radar Works 20
Alamp OFF Alert lamp off

Remove card along perforations

VOICE Voice ON * Voice alerts on • AutoMute 8 • How “POP” Works 20
Voice OFF Voice alerts off
POWER-ON SEQUENCE PwrOn STD * Standard power-on sequence • Mute 8 • How Laser Works 21
PwrOn FST Fast power-on sequence
SIGNAL STRENGTH METER Meter STD * Standard signal strength meter
Meter THT Threat Display • Sensitivity Button 9 • How TotalShield™ Technology Works 22
Meter TEC Tech Display
AUTOMUTE aMute ON * AutoMute on • Brightness 9 • How Safety Radar Works 22-23
aMute OFF AutoMute off
* Automatic brightness
Minimum brightness
• Audible Alerts 10 Service 24-29
Brt Med Medium brightness
Brt Max Maximum brightness • Power Connector 10 • Troubleshooting 24-25
Brt Dark All dark
BANDS Bands DFT * Factory default settings
Bands MOD Factory default settings modified
• Signal Strength Meter 10 • Service 26

Turn bands “ON” or “OFF” by

pressing the “SENS” button • Threat Display 11 • Registration 27-28
X ON or OFF (default is on)
K ON or OFF (default is on) • Tech Display 11 • Warranty and Accessories 29
Ka ON or OFF (default is on)
POP ON or OFF (default is off)
LSR ON or OFF (default is on)
* Factory Default Settings SWS ON or OFF (default is off) 2 3
Quick Reference Guide

To begin using your STi DRIVER, QuickMount Slot Radar Antenna and Laser Lens Rear Laser Port
Insert STi DRIVER’s adjustable Windshield The rear panel of your STi DRIVER should Receives laser signals from behind the
just follow these simple steps mount into this slot. Page 7 have a clear view of the road ahead. For vehicle.
best performance, do not mount the
1 Plug the small end of the power cord
QuickMount Button STi DRIVER directly behind Power Jack
into the side jack of the detector, and
Press the button, and slide the Windshield windshield wipers or tinted Plug the power cord into this connector.
plug the large end of the power cord
mount into one of its four locking positions. areas. Page 6 Page 6
into your vehicle’s lighter socket.
Page 7
Earphone Jack
2 Mount your STi DRIVER on the
Power Accepts standard 3.5mm mono earphone.
windshield using the supplied
Press the PWR button to turn the STi
windshield mount.
DRIVER on or off. VOLUME/MUTE Button
Press and hold the VOLUME/MUTE button
3 Press the PWR button, located on the
AutoMute (below the display) to adjust the alert
left side of the front panel, to turn the
STi DRIVER’s patented AutoMute volume level.
automatically reduces the volume level of Briefly press this button to silence the
the audio alert after a brief period. If you audio for a specific alert. (The audio will
4 Press and hold the VOLUME/MUTE
prefer, you can turn AutoMute off. Page 8 alert you to the next encounter.) Page 8
button to adjust the volume level.
Programming Sensitivity Button (SENS)
Please read the manual to fully understand
The STi DRIVER is ready to go, just plug it in Switches between Highway, AutoScan, City
STi DRIVER’s operation and features.
and turn it on. But you can also easily Alphanumeric Display and City NoX settings. In general, we
change 9 features for your preferences. The STi DRIVER’s display will show recommend the AutoScan mode. Page 9
Pages 12-16 Highway, AutoScan, City, or City NoX as its
power-on indication. If you prefer, you can
choose other power-on indications. Pages
During an alert, the display will indicate
the radar or laser band, and a precise bar
graph of signal strength. Page 10
Note: In the Dark Mode the display will
not light during an alert. Page 9

4 5

Power Connection Mounting Location Windshield QuickMount

To apply power to the STi DRIVER, plug the The STi DRIVER’s QuickMount windshield CAUTION: A few vehicles (including some
small end of the power cord, (telephone- bracket is designed for unobtrusive and Porsches) have windshields with a soft
WARNING: BELTRONICS cannot anti-lacerative coating on the inside
type connector) into the modular jack on hassle-free mounting and removal.
anticipate the many ways STi DRIVER surface. Use of suction cups will
the STi DRIVER’s right side, and plug the
can be mounted. It is important that you permanently mar this coating. Consult
lighter plug adapter into your vehicle’s 1 Depress the adjustment button on the
mount STi DRIVER where it will not your dealership or the vehicle owner’s
lighter socket or accessory socket. top of the STi DRIVER (by the word
impair your view nor present a hazard in manual to determine if your windshield
BELTRONICS) and slide the QuickMount
case of an accident. has this coating.
Your STi DRIVER operates on 12 volts DC bracket into the slot until it is locked into
negative ground only. The lighter plug the position which best fits the angle of
provided is a standard size and will work in Where to mount STi DRIVER your windshield (there are four settings
most vehicles. However, some vehicles may For optimum detection performance, we available). For extremely horizontal or
require the optional European sleeve to recommend the following: extremely sloped windshields, the
ensure a snug fit. If so, simply call our QuickMount bracket can be bent.
service department and we’ll send you one. • Using the Windshield QuickMount, mount
This sleeve slides over the power cord’s your STi DRIVER level, and high enough on To ensure that the suction cups
lighter plug adapter. Of course, your lighter your front windshield to provide a clear adhere to the windshield firmly,
socket must be clean and properly view of the road from the front and rear. be sure to keep both your windshield and
connected for proper operation. the suction cups clean. User’s Tip
• Mount the STi DRIVER away from wind- You can leave the QuickMount bracket in
shield wipers, other solid objects, and 2 To adjust the STi DRIVER on your place on your windshield, and easily
N0TE: Depending on your vehicle, the
heavily tinted areas that might obstruct the windshield, use the QuickMount remove STi DRIVER by pressing the
lighter socket power may either be
radar antenna or laser lens. adjustment button located on the top of the adjustment button and sliding the STi
continuously on, or it may be switched
STi DRIVER, and slide the STi DRIVER DRIVER off the mount. Again, be sure to
on and off with your ignition switch. We
forward or backward to obtain a level position the bracket where it won’t present
suggest using a direct-wire SmartPlug
position. a hazard in the event of an accident.
connected to a switched circuit at the
Additional mounts are available for other
fuse box if the lighter socket is
vehicles in your household.
continuously on. NOTE: When installed and adjusted
properly, the back top edge of the STi
DRIVER should rest solidly against your

6 7
Controls and Features

Power Voice Alerts Sensitivity Button (SENS) Brightness

To turn STi DRIVER on or off, press the The STi DRIVER provides digital voice The “SENS” button selects the STi DRIVER’s The STi DRIVER’s brightness is controlled
PWR button located on the front left side. announcements (factory default) for alerts. sensitivity mode. We recommend AutoScan by a sensor located behind the front display
When you turn STi DRIVER on, it goes If you prefer, you can turn off the voice mode for most driving. lens. This sensor will automatically adjust
through a sequence of alerts. announcement feature and have the STi the display and backlit buttons based on the
If you prefer, you may program your DRIVER provide audible tones without the Highway Mode (Highway) ambient light in your vehicle. If you prefer,
STi DRIVER for a shorter power-on voice announcement. See programming In this setting, the STi DRIVER will detect all you can select a fixed brightness level,
sequence. See the Programming section for section for details. signals at maximum range. including Full Dark Mode. See the
details. programming section for details.
AutoMute AutoScan Mode (AutoScan)
Volume Your STi DRIVER has our patented In this setting the STi DRIVER’s internal Sensor location
Press and hold the VOLUME/MUTE button, AutoMute feature. After STi DRIVER alerts computer continuously analyzes all
(or Mute button on the SmartPlug) located you to a radar encounter at the volume you incoming signals and intelligently filters out
in the center of the front panel, to adjust the have selected, the AutoMute feature will unwanted X and K-band false alarms from
STi DRIVER’s alert volume level. The audio automatically reduce the volume to a lower automatic door openers and motion
will ramp up and down, accompanied by a level. This keeps you informed without the sensors. Full sensitivity is maintained on all
bar-graph on the display. Once you’ve annoyance of a continuous full-volume alert. other bands SmartPlug
reached your preferred audio level, simply If you prefer, you can turn the SmartPlug is a special power
release the button. AutoMute feature off. See the Programming City (City STD) cord that has a power-on
To change the direction of the audio section for details. In this setting, X and K-band sensitivity is indicator, a bright alert light
ramping (down instead of up or vice versa) further reduced to eliminate unwanted false that warns of radar or laser, and
simply release the volume/mute button Mute alarms in congested urban areas. a convenient mute button right on the plug.
quickly press and hold it again to change its The VOLUME/MUTE button, located in the It’s the perfect addition for any vehicle
direction. center of the STi DRIVER’s front panel, City NoX (City NoX) where reaching the detector mute button
allows you to silence the audio alert during In this setting, K-band sensitivity is the same on the windshield is a stretch. And for
Power-on indication a radar encounter. as City STD, however, X-band is completely discreet night driving, put STi DRIVER in
After STi DRIVER’s start-up sequence is To mute the audio for a single specific turned off. the Dark Mode, and use the SmartPlug for
complete, the alphanumeric display will signal, briefly press the VOLUME/MUTE your visual alerts. Other cars won’t know
show Highway, AutoScan, City or City NoX button. After that radar encounter has you have a detector.
WARNING: Do not use the STi DRIVER
to indicate which sensitivity mode is passed, the mute will automatically reset Two versions are included: A coiled
City NoX mode unless you are
selected. and the audio will alert you to the next SmartPlug that plugs into your lighter
absolutely certain that there are no
If you prefer, you can select alternate encounter. socket, and a Direct-wire SmartPlug module
traffic radar guns using X-band in your
power-on displays. See the Programming that’s wired into the electrical system, with
section for details. an 8 foot straight cord to route to your STi
8 9
Controls and Features

Audible Alerts Power Connector Threat Display A few more examples will help you
The STi DRIVER’s power jack uses a Your STi DRIVER’s Threat Display option is better see how the Threat Display works.
For Radar signals: telephone-type connector. This 4-conductor an advanced display for experienced
The STi DRIVER uses a geiger-counter- connector only works with the included detector users. Please use the STi DRIVER K9 X1
like sound to indicate the signal strength coiled SmartPlug or direct-wire cord. for a few weeks to get familiar with its other Here Threat Display shows a strong
and type of radar signal being encountered. features before using Threat Display. K-band signal, and a weak X-band signal.
When you encounter radar, a distinct Signal Strength Meter To use the Threat Display instead of
audible alert will sound and occur faster as The STi DRIVER’s alphanumeric display the bar graph signal strength meter, you Ka1 X9
the signal gets stronger. This allows you to consists of 280 individual LEDs, to provide must select Threat Display in the STi Here Threat Display shows a weak
judge the distance from the signal source an intuitive ultra-bright display of signal DRIVER’s Programming (see pages 12-15). Ka-band signal, and a strong X-band
without taking your eyes from the road. strength and text messages. The STi DRIVER’s Threat Display signal.
X-band = chirping The STi DRIVER’s standard bar-graph simultaneously tracks multiple radar signals
K-band = buzzing signal strength meter only displays and their relative signal strength. Threat Display Details
Ka-band = double-chirp information on a single radar signal. If there Threat Display can help you spot a The band designators (X, K, Ka) will
POP = full double-chirp are multiple signals present, STi DRIVER’s change in your normal driving environment; stay on the display for a few seconds after
SWS = double buzz internal computer determines which is the for example, a traffic radar unit being the signal has passed. This allows you to see
most important threat to show on the bar- operated in an area where there are what the unit detected, even on very brief
For Laser signals: graph meter. normally other signals present. signals.
Since laser signals are a possible threat When STi detects radar, it displays the The Threat Display is actually a
no matter how weak, the STi DRIVER alerts band (X, K, Ka), and a precise bar-graph of miniature spectrum analyzer. It shows what Tech Display
you to these bands at full signal strength. the signal strength. When the STi DRIVER band each signal is and its signal strength. The STi DRIVER’s Tech Display option is for
detects a laser signal, the display will show the experienced detector user. In this
For POP signals: “LASER.” When it detects a POP signal, the Ka9K2X1 mode, the STi DRIVER will display the
Since POP signals are extremely fast K display will show “POP.” Above is the Threat Display if the STi actual numeric frequency of the radar signal
or Ka bursts, and a possible threat no matter DRIVER was detecting a strong Ka-band, a being received.
how weak, the STi DRIVER alerts you to weak K-band, and a weak X-band signal.
NOTE: If you are operating the STi
these bands at full signal strength.
DRIVER in the Dark mode, the display
K 24.150
Tech Display shows one K-band signal
will not display anything when a signal is
For Safety signals: at 24.150 gigahertz.
detected. Only the audio, and the
The STi DRIVER will alert you to these Even long-time detector users will
flashing alert lamp on the SmartPlug will
signals with a double-beep tone, and a require a significant amount of time to get
be seen.
corresponding text message. A complete familiar with this new level of information
listing of the text messages is on page 23. about detected signals.

10 11
Programming Overview of Programming

There are 9 user-selectable options so you An example Press the REVIEW button Press the CHANGE button
can customize your STi DRIVER for your Here is how you would turn STi DRIVER’s to go from one category to change your setting
own preferences. The buttons labeled AutoMute feature off. to the next within a category
VOLUME/MUTE and SENS are also used to DISPLAY Disp STD * Standard display
enter the Programming Mode, REVIEW your 1 Enter the Program Mode by holding Disp INV Inverted display
current program settings, and to CHANGE both the VOLUME/MUTE and SENS buttons PILOT Pilot HWY * Full word: Highway, AutoScan, etc.
any settings as desired. The words PGM, down for 2 seconds. The STi DRIVER will (Power-on indication) Pilot H Letter: H, A, C, or Cnx
RVW, and CHG are located on the front of beep twice and display Program. Pilot V Vehicle voltage
the display lens, and are highlighted in ALERT LAMP Alamp ON * Alert lamp on
colored graphics. Pages 14-16 explain each 2 Then hold the RVW button down. The Alamp OFF Alert lamp off
option in more detail. STi DRIVER will scroll through the categories,
VOICE Voice ON * Voice alerts on
starting with Display (Disp), Pilot (Pilot), Voice OFF Voice alerts off
How to use Programming Alert Lamp (Alamp), Voice (Voice),
1 To enter Program Mode, press and Power-on sequence (PwrOn), signal POWER-ON SEQUENCE PwrOn STD * Standard power-on sequence
hold both the VOLUME/MUTE and SENS strength meter (Meter), AutoMute (aMute),
PwrOn FST Fast power-on sequence
buttons down for 2 seconds. (The unit Brightness (Brt), and Bands (Bands). SIGNAL STRENGTH METER Meter STD * Standard signal strength meter
will beep twice, and will display the word Meter THT Threat Display
Program). 3 Release the RVW button when the STi Meter TEC Tech Display
DRIVER shows the AutoMute item. Since AUTOMUTE aMute ON * AutoMute on
2 Then press the RVW button to the factory setting is for AutoMute to be aMute OFF AutoMute off
review the current settings. (You can on, STi DRIVER will display aMute ON. BRIGHTNESS Brt Auto * Automatic brightness
either tap the button to change from item to (If you accidentally don't release the Brt Min Minimum brightness
item, or hold the button to scroll through RVW button in time, and STi DRIVER goes Brt Med Medium brightness
the items). to the next category, simply hold the RVW Brt Max Maximum brightness
button down again, the STi DRIVER will Brt Dark All dark
3 Press the CHG button to change scroll through all of the categories.) BANDS Bands DFT * Factory default settings
any setting. (You can either tap the button Bands MOD Factory default settings modified
to change from setting to setting, or hold 4 Press the CHG button to change from Turn bands “ON” or “OFF” by
the button to scroll through all the options). aMute ON to aMute OFF.
* Factory Default Settings pressing and holding the “SENS” button
To reset STi DRIVER to its original
factory settings, press and hold the X ON or OFF (default is on)
4 To leave the Program Mode, simply 5 To complete the Programming, simply “VOLUME/MUTE” and “SENS” buttons K ON or OFF (default is on)
wait 8 seconds without pressing any wait 8 seconds without pressing any button, while turning the power on. The STi Ka ON or OFF (default is on)
button, or press the PWR button. (The or press the PWR button. The STi DRIVER DRIVER’s display will provide a POP ON or OFF (default is off)
unit will display Complete, beep 4 times, will display Complete, beep 4 times, and “Reset” message, accompanied by an LSR ON or OFF (default is on)
and return to normal operation). return to normal operation. audible alert, acknowledging the reset. SWS ON or OFF (default is off)
12 13
Details of Programming

Display Power-on Sequence

Disp STD NOTE: When you are using the Dark PwrOnSTD (Standard)
In this setting, the display will provide all mode, the display will not display In this setting, each time you turn on the STi MeterTHT (Threat Display)
information in its normal orientation. anything. Only the power-on indication DRIVER, it will display “Bel STi,” “LASER,” In this setting, the meter will simultaneously
on the SmartPlug will illuminate. “Ka-band,” “K-band,” “X-band,” followed by track multiple radar signals, including
a brief SWS alert. (factory default) relative signal strength for each.
If any of the factory default bands have
F Standard been disabled, a double X-band tone and
Orientation NOTE: A high or low voltage warning is MeterTEC (Tech Display meter)
given any time the vehicle’s voltage corresponding message (i.e. “X OFF”), will
Disp INV alert you that one or more bands have been In this setting, the meter displays the actual
drops below 10.5 volts, or goes above numeric frequency of the radar signal
In this setting, the detector can be mounted 16.5 volts. This feature is always on, turned off.
upside down and all information will be received.
regardless of the Pilot setting.
inverted so it’s readable. PwrOnFST (Fast power-on)
In this setting, the STi DRIVER will provide NOTE: The Tech Display feature is
Alamp a single X-band tone if the factory default explained in more detail on page 11.
F Inverted Alamp On (alert lamp on) settings have not been changed. If any of
Orientation the factory default band settings have been
In this setting, the backlit VOLUME/MUTE
disabled, a double X-band tone and corre- AutoMute
will flash on and off during an alert. aMute ON (AutoMute on)
sponding message (i.e. “X OFF”), will alert
Pilot (Power-on indication) AlampOFF (alert lamp off) you that one or more bands have been In this setting, the STi DRIVER’s audio alerts
Pilot HWY (Full description) turned off. will initially be at the volume you set, but
In this setting, the VOLUME/MUTE backlit after a few seconds, the STi DRIVER will
In this setting, the STi DRIVER will display button will not flash on and off during an
“Highway,” “AutoScan,” “City,” or “CityNox” alert. Signal Strength Meter automatically reduce the volume level, to
as its power-on indication. (factory default) keep you informed, but not annoyed.
(factory default)
Pilot H (Letter) Voice On (Voice announcements on) MeterSTD (Standard meter)
In this setting, the STi DRIVER will display In this setting, the meter displays the band aMuteOFF (AutoMute off)
In this setting, all radar, laser, and SWS With AutoMute off, the STi DRIVER’s audio
“H” for Highway, “A” for AutoScan,“C” for messages (if programmed) will be of the received signal, and a bar graph
City, and “Cnx” for City NoX. shows the relative signal strength. (factory alerts will remain at the volume you set for
announced using a digital voice. the duration of the radar encounter.
Pilot V (Vehicle voltage) Voice Off (Voice announcements off)
In this setting, the STi DRIVER will In this setting, only the distinct audio tone
continually display “H” for Highway, A” for will be heard when a radar, Laser, or SWS
AutoScan,“C” for City, and “Cnx” for City message is detected.
NoX, and the vehicle’s voltage.
14 15
Details of Programming Technical Details

Brightness Bands Features and Specifications

BrtAuto BandsDFT
In this setting, the brightness for the display In this setting, the factory default settings Operating Bands Sensitivity Control
and backlit buttons are controlled for radar and laser are monitored. • X-band 10.525 GHz ±25 MHz • AutoScan
automatically by a sensor that measures the This is the factory setting, and it is • K-band 24.150 GHz ±100 MHz • Highway
ambient light in the vehicle. Sunlight will highly recommended that you use your STi • Ka-band 34.700 GHz ±1300 MHz • City
increase the brightness level, while dim or DRIVER in this mode. • Laser 904nm, ±33nm • CityNoX
no light (night driving) will decrease the Radar Receiver Additional Patented Technology
brightness. BandsMOD • Dual-Horn Antenna Casting • Auto Calibration Circuitry
In this setting, STi DRIVER will warn you • Superheterodyne, dual LNA’s • Mute/AutoMute™/SmartMute™
BrtMin with an audible alert, and associated text • Scanning Frequency Discriminator • TotalShield™ Technology
In this setting, the display and backlit message stating which band has changed • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Dimensions (Inches)
buttons are set to a minimum light level. from the original factory setting (i.e. “SWS Laser Detection • 1.25 H x 2.75 W x 4.75 L
This setting is retained in memory even if ON”). This warning is displayed during the • Quantum Limited Video Receiver Patented Technology
the power is turned off. start up sequence (standard or fast). • (5) Optical Laser Sensors US patents:
Display Type 6,836,238 6,693,578 6,614,385 6,587,068
BrtMed • 280 LED Alphanumeric 6,400,305 6,249,218 6,069,580 5,668,554
WARNING: Do not turn off a band unless
In this setting, the display and backlit • Bar Graph, Threat Display™ or Tech Display™ 5,600,132 5,587,916 5,559,508 5,365,055
you are absolutely certain that there are
buttons are set to a medium light level. This • Automatic, plus 4 levels of fixed brightness 5,347,120 5,446,923 5,402,087 5,305,007
no traffic radar guns using that specific
setting is retained in memory even if the including full Dark 5,206,500 5,164,729 5,134,406 5,111,207
band in your area.
power is turned off. Power Requirement 5,079,553 5,049,885 5,049,884 4,961,074
• 12VDC, Negative Ground 4,954,828 4,952,937 4,952,936 4,939,521
BrtMax • Coiled SmartPlug™ 4,896,855 4,887,753 4,862,175 4,750,215
In this setting, the display and backlit with Mute Button (included) 4,686,499 4,631,542 4,630,054 4,625,210
buttons are set to a maximum light level. • Direct-wire SmartPlug™ (included) 4,613,989 4,604,529 4,583,057 4,581,769
This setting is retained in memory even if Programmable Features 4,571,593 4,313,216 D314,178 D313,365
the power is turned off. • Display D310,167 D308,837 D296,771 D288,418
• Power-On Indication D253,752
BrtDark • Alert Lamp Canadian patents:
In this setting, the display and backlit • Voice Alerts 2,330,964 1,295,715 1,295,714 1,187,602
buttons will be totally dark. The supplied • Power-On Sequence 1,187,586
SmartPlug will provide the only visual indi- • Signal Strength Meter European patent:
cation that the Sti DRIVER is operational. • AutoMute 1,145,030
• Display Brightness Other patents pending. Additional patents
• Bands may be listed inside the product.
16 17
Technical Details

Interpreting Alerts the type of transmission (continuous or Alert Explanation

Although the STi DRIVER has a comprehen- instant-on) and the location of the radar
sive warning system and this handbook is as source affect the radar alerts you receive. STi DRIVER alerts slowly for a while and then You are approaching a radar unit concealed by
complete as we can make it, only experience The following examples will give you abruptly jumps to a strong alert. a hill or an obstructed curve.
will teach you what to expect from your STi an introduction to understanding the STi
DRIVER and how to interpret what it tells DRIVER’s warning system for radar, laser STi DRIVER alerts intermittently. Rate and A patrol car is traveling in front of you with a
you. The specific type of radar being used, and safety alerts. strength of alerts may be consistent or vary radar source aimed forward. Because signals
wildly. are sometimes reflected off of large objects
and sometimes not, the alerts may seem
Alert Explanation inconsistent.
The STi DRIVER begins to sound slowly, then You are approaching a continuous radar
STi DRIVER alerts intermittently. Rate and A patrol car is approaching from the other
the rate of alert increases. The Signal Meter source aimed in your direction.
strength of signal increases with each alert. direction, sampling traffic with instant-on
ramps accordingly.
radar. Such alerts should be taken seriously.
STi DRIVER emits short alerts for a few An instant-on radar source is being used ahead
STi DRIVER gives an X-band or K-band alert You are driving through an area populated
seconds and then falls silent only to briefly of you and out of your view.
intermittently. with radar motion sensors (door openers,
alert and fall silent again.
burglar alarms, etc.). Since these transmitters
are usually contained inside buildings or aimed
STi DRIVER suddenly sounds a continuous An instant-on radar source or laser source is
toward OR away from you, they are typically
tone for the appropriate band received. All being used nearby. This kind of alert requires
not as strong or lasting as a real radar
segments in the Signal Strength Meter are lit. immediate attention!
A brief laser alert. Laser is being used in the area. Because laser is
inherently difficult to detect, any laser alert
may indicate a source very close by. CAUTION: Since the characteristics of
these alerts may be similar to some of
STi DRIVER receives weak signals. These A moving patrol car with continuous radar is the preceding examples,
signals may be a little stronger as you pass overtaking you from behind. Because these overconfidence in an unfamiliar area can
large, roadside objects. The signals increase in signals are reflected (reflections are increased be dangerous. Likewise, if an alert in a
frequency. by large objects), they may or may not commonly traveled area is suddenly
eventually melt into a solid point even when stronger or on a different band than
the patrol car is directly behind you. usual, speed radar may be set up nearby.

18 19
Technical Details

How Radar Works Because intrusion alarms and motion How Laser (Lidar) Works There are limitations to LIDAR equip-
Traffic radar, which consists of microwaves, sensors often operate on the same Laser speed detection is actually LIDAR ment. LIDAR is much more sensitive to
travels in straight lines and is easily reflected frequency as X-Band or K-band radar, your (Light Detection and Ranging). LIDAR guns weather conditions than RADAR, and a
by objects such as cars, trucks, even STi DRIVER will occasionally receive non- project a beam of invisible infrared light. LIDAR gun’s range will be decreased by
guardrails and overpasses. Radar works by police radar signals. Since these transmitters The signal is a series of very short infrared anything affecting visibility such as rain, fog,
directing its microwave beam down the are usually contained inside of a building, or light energy pulses, which move, in a or smoke. A LIDAR gun cannot operate
road. As your vehicle travels into range, the aimed toward the ground, they will straight line, reflecting off your car and through glass and it must be stationary in
microwave beam bounces off your car, and generally produce much weaker readings returning to the gun. LIDAR uses these light order to get an accurate reading. Because
the radar antenna looks for the reflections. than will a true radar encounter. As you pulses to measure the distance to a vehicle. LIDAR must have a clear line of sight and is
Using the Doppler Principle, the radar become familiar with the sources of these Speed is then calculated by measuring how subject to cosine error (an inaccuracy,
equipment then calculates your speed by pseudo alarms in your daily driving, they quickly these pulses are reflected given the which increases as the angle between the
comparing the frequency of the reflection will serve as confirmation that your STi known speed of light. gun and the vehicle, increases) police
of your car to the original frequency of the DRIVER’s radar detection abilities are fully LIDAR (or laser) is a newer technology typically use LIDAR equipment parallel to
beam sent out. operational. and is not as widespread as conventional the road or from an overpass. LIDAR can be
Traffic radar has limitations, the most radar, therefore, you may not encounter used day or night.
significant of these being that it typically can How “POP” Works laser on a daily basis. And unlike radar
monitor only one target at a time. If there is “POP” mode is a relatively new feature for detection, laser detection is not prone to
more than one vehicle within range, it is up radar gun manufacturers. It works by false alarms. Because LIDAR transmits a
to the radar operator to decide which target transmitting an extremely short burst, much narrower beam than does radar, it is
is producing the strongest reflection. Since within the allocated band, to identify much more accurate in its ability to distin-
the strength of the reflection is affected by speeding vehicles in traffic. Once the target guish between targets and is also more
both the size of the vehicle and its is identified, or “POPPED,” the gun is then difficult to detect. AS A RESULT, EVEN
proximity to the antenna, it is difficult for turned to its normal operating mode to THE BRIEFEST LASER ALERT SHOULD
the radar operator to determine if the signal provide a vehicle tracking history, (required BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.
is from a sports car nearby or a semi-truck by law).
several hundred feet away.
Radar range also depends on the power
of the radar equipment itself. The strength
of the radar unit’s beam diminishes with
distance. The farther the radar has to travel,
the less energy it has for speed detection.

20 21
Technical Details

How TotalShield™ Technology Works How Safety Radar Works SWS Text Messages Weather Related Hazards
Beltronic’s TotalShield Technology keeps Safety Warning System, or SWS, uses a Highway Construction or Maintenance 33 HighWind
RF signals from radiating from the detector. modified K-band radar signal. The SWS 1 WorkZone 34 Severe Weather
Unlike other radar and laser detectors, which safety radar system has 64 possible 2 Road Closed 35 HeavyFog
merely move their RF signals (local messages (60 currently allocated). The SWS 3 Bridge Closed 36 Flooding
oscillators) to another frequency (which messages your STi DRIVER can display are 4 WorkCrew Highway 37 BridgIce
will be detectable by future detector-detec- listed on the facing page. 5 WorkCrew Utility 38 RoadIce
tors), this revolutionary design keeps you From the factory, your STi DRIVER is 6 Detour 39 Dust Blowing
unseen by current radar detector-detectors, programmed with SWS decoding OFF. If 7 Truck Detour 40 Sand Blowing
including VG-2 and Spectre. This unique you wish to detect this system, use the 8 MustExit 41 Blinding Snow
design will also keep you unseen from any Programming feature to turn STi DRIVER’s 9 Rtlane Closed 42 Future use
future radar detector detectors as well. SWS decoding ON. 10 CntrLane Closed Travel Information/Convenience
Although the BELTRONICS STi DRIVER Note: Some of the safety messages 11 LeftLane Closed 43 RestArea
is a completely undetectable radar, laser and have been condensed, so that each message 12 Future use 44 RestArea w/servic
safety detector, driving techniques and can be displayed on one or two screens on Highway Hazard Zone Advisory 45 24hrFuel
reactions to alerts can still draw unwanted STi DRIVER’s eight-character display. 13 Police 46 Insp Stn Open
attention. Here are a few examples: Since Safety radar technology is 14 Train 47 Insp Stn Closed
relatively new, and the number of 15 Low Overpass 48 Reduced Speed
1. Hitting the brakes immediately when transmitters in operation is not yet wide- 16 BridgeUp 49 Speed Enforced
the STi DRIVER provides an alert can spread, you will not receive Safety signals 17 Bridge Wt Limit 50 HazMatls Exit
broadcast use of a detector. on a daily basis. Do not be surprised if you 18 RockSlid Area 51 Expect Delay
encounter emergency vehicles, road 19 School Zone 52 10 Min Delay
2. Visible power cords, brackets and hazards and railroad crossings that are 20 Road Narrows 53 20 Min Delay
suction cup marks on the glass can also unequipped with these transmitters. If 21 Sharp Curve 54 30 Min Delay
advertise to others that you have a detector. Safety transmitters become more prevalent, 22 Croswalk 55 1 Hour Delay
these Safety radar signals will become more 23 Deer Crossing 56 Traffic TunRadio
3. Traveling at night with a glow from a common. 24 Blind or Deaf Kid 57 Pay Toll
radar detector’s display visible from outside 25 SteepUse LowGear 58 Trucks ExitRght
your vehicle can also draw unwanted atten- 26 Accident 59 Trucks ExitLeft
tion. The STi DRIVER offers adjustable 27 PoorRoad Surface 60 Future use
brightness, including a full dark mode 28 Loading SchoolBus Fast/Slow Moving Vehicles
which will provide audio alerts, but no 29 DontPass 61 Emerg Veh Moving
visual indication except for the alert LED on 30 Dangrous Intrsect 62 Police Pursuit
the SmartPlug. 31 Emergncy Vehicle 63 Oversize Vehicle
32 Future use 64 SloMovng Vehicle
22 23

Problem Possible Cause Problem Possible Cause

STi DRIVER beeps briefly at the • An X-band or K-band motion sensor or intrusion alarm is STi DRIVER will not turn on. • Check the PWR is on.
same location every day, but no located within range of your route. With time, you will learn • Check that vehicle ignition is ON.
radar source is in sight. predictable patterns of these signals. • Check that vehicle lighter socket is functional.
• Try STi DRIVER in another vehicle.
STi DRIVER does not seem sensitive • Make sure that windshield wipers do not block STi DRIVER’s
to radar or laser. radar antenna and that the laser lens is not behind tinted areas. STi DRIVER feels very warm. • It is normal for STi DRIVER to feel warm.
• Determine if your vehicle has an Instaclear®, ElectriClear® or
solar reflective windshield which may deflect radar or laser Your 14-year old son has changed all • You can return all of the programming options to the factory
signals. 9 of the Programming options. defaults by holding down the VOLUME/MUTE and SENS
• STi DRIVER may be in City Mode. buttons while you turn the STi DRIVER on.

STi DRIVER did not alert when a • VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder) a
police car was in view. stopwatch method of speed detection, may be in use. Explanation of Displays
• Officer may not have radar or laser unit turned on.
No display STi DRIVER is in the Dark mode (pages 9, 16)
STi DRIVER did not provide a Safety • Safety transmitters may not be commonly used in your area.
signal while within range of an PilotHWY One of the many programming messages (pages 12-16)
emergency vehicle.
WorkZone One of the many Safety Radar messages (pages 22-23)
STi DRIVER’s display is not working. • Check programming to be sure the STi Driver is not in Dark
Mode. Caution STi DRIVER has detected a Safety Radar Signal, but the signal isn’t yet strong
enough to decode the specific safety message (pages 22-23)
STi DRIVER’s audible alerts are less • STi DRIVER is in AutoMute Mode. See page 8 for details.
loud after the first few alerts.
Service STi DRIVER has failed the calibration test. Contact Beltronics for repair
STi DRIVER bounces or sags on • STi DRIVER is not making contact with the windshield to Required
windshield. provide stability. While holding down STi DRIVER’s
QuickMount button, slide STi DRIVER toward the windshield
so that the back top edge makes firm contact.

STi DRIVER’s power-on sequence • A loose power connection or dirty lighter socket can cause
reoccurs while you are driving. STi DRIVER to be briefly disconnected.

24 25

E If you did not purchase your detector directly from BELTRONICS, please fill out this section and return to us,

Primary reason for purchasing this BELTRONICS product____________________________________

City_______________________________________ State_____________ ZIP______________

Place of Purchase__________________________________ Date_________ Price____________

First Name___________________ Middle Initial____ Last Name___________________________

Phone Number (In case we have a question)_____________________________________________

Serial Number_______________________
Service Procedure Out Of Warranty Repairs Register

If your STi DRIVER ever needs service, For out of warranty repairs, include
please follow these simple steps: prepayment in the amount you were
quoted by the Beltronics Customer Service online:

E If you purchased your detector directly from BELTRONICS, you do not need to fill this out.
1 Check the troubleshooting section of Representative. If the detector has been
this manual. It may have a solution to your damaged, abused or modified, the repair
problem. cost will be calculated on a parts and labor
basis. If it exceeds the basic repair charge,
2 Call us at 1-800-341-2288. We may be you will be contacted with a quotation. If
able to solve your problem over the phone. the additional payment is not received www.
If the problem requires that you send your within 30 days (or if you notify us that you
STi DRIVER to the factory for repair, we will choose not to have your STi DRIVER
provide you with a Service Order Number, repaired at the price quoted), your STi beltronics
which must be included on the outside of DRIVER will be returned, without repair.

or register online at our web address:

your shipping box. Payment can be made by check, money
order, or credit card. .com

Enclose the following information with your


STi DRIVER: Ship STi DRIVER and power cord to:
• Your Service Order Number

Remove card along perforations

• A copy of your sales receipt BELTRONICS
• Your name and return address Customer Service Department
• Your daytime telephone number Service Order Number ______________
• A description of the problem you are 5442 West Chester Road
experiencing West Chester OH 45069

Beltronics Extended Service Plan For your own protection, we recommend

Beltronics offers an optional extended that you ship your STi DRIVER postpaid and
service plan. Contact Beltronics for details insured. Insist on a proof of delivery, and
at 1-800-341-2288. keep the receipt until the return of your STi


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Warranty and Accessories


warrants your Product against all defects in DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATION OR
materials and workmanship. WARRANTY INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED
For how long: One (1) year from the date of TO THOSE CONCERNING THE MERCHANT-
WEST CHESTER OH 45069-9789
discretion, will either repair or replace your SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL,

pay shipping charges that you incur for sending DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE, MISUSE
your product to us. OR MOUNTING OF THE PRODUCT.
What you must do to maintain this The above limitations or exclusions shall be

Remove card along perforations

warranty: Show original proof of purchase limited to the extent they violate the laws of
from an authorized BELTRONICS dealer. any particular state. BELTRONICS is not
Warranty Exclusions: Warranty does not responsible for products lost in shipment
apply to your product under any of the between the owner and our service center.
following conditions: 1. The serial number has Other legal rights: This Warranty gives you
been removed or modified. 2. Your product has specific rights. You may have other legal rights,
been subjected to misuse or damage (including which vary, from state to state.
water damage, physical abuse, and/or improper
installation). 3. Your product has been modified Accessories
in any way. 4. Your receipt or proof-of-purchase The following accessories and replacement
is from a non-authorized dealer or internet
auction site including E-bay, U-bid, or other non- parts are available for the BELTRONICS STi
authorized resellers. DRIVER:
To obtain service: 1. Contact BELTRONICS (1- Standard Coiled Power Cord
800-341-2288) to obtain a Return Authorization $14.00
number. 2. Properly pack your product and Direct-wire Power Cord
include: your name, complete return address,
written description of the problem with your $10.00
product, daytime telephone number, and a Coiled SmartPlug
copy of the original purchase receipt. 3. Label $29.95
the outside of the package clearly with your Direct-wire SmartPlug
Return Authorization number. Ship the product $29.95
pre-paid (insured, for your protection) to:
Beltronics Inc, 5442 West Chester Rd., West Accessory Kit
Chester, OH 45069. $19.95
28 29