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TIBCO iProcess Suite

“TIBCO is the only vendor that can aptly handle
the full range of both system-centric and human-
centric processes.”
The Forrester Wave™: Human-Centric Business Process Management Suites, Q1 2006
BPM+ Your unique way of doing business is captured
in your business processes. Business process
It’s not just a process. It’s
management (BPM), both the software and the
your competitive advantage.
management practice, provides the ability to
model, manage, and optimize those processes
for significant competitive advantage.

TIBCO delivers BPM Plus, a unified solution that

extends from process design to process optimization
and from front-office to back-office processes.

TIBCO iProcess™ Suite enables you to automate not

only routine tasks and exception-handling scenarios,
but to orchestrate sophisticated, long-lived processes
that involve people, information, and applications that
cross organizational and geographical boundaries.
TIBCO is able to provide this extra level of functionality
through our established leadership in service-
oriented architecture, business optimization, and
BPM technologies.
Any Proces
BPM solutions have typically been categorized by
the type of process they automate: integration-,
people-, decision-, or document-intensive. But few

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All of the Process

TIBCO Supports Discovery and Design
TIBCO’s role-based approach
Business processes and the
The entire
to BPM ensures that everyone systems that support them are
Process Lifecycle has what he or she needs intertwined, but each must
to contribute effectively at operate free of constraints from
every stage of the process the other. iProcess Suite can tap
lifecycle. iProcess Suite’s into IT systems using TIBCO’s
modeling interface enables own integration platform or other
the collaborative modeling solutions. By creating what TIBCO
of processes and supporting calls an independent process
rules. A robust simulation layer, iProcess Suite lets IT and
environment makes it easy to business build services and
identify bottlenecks, anticipate processes that can be reciprocally
exceptions, and ensure that the leveraged, which speeds
process meets requirements. development and eases changes.

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Processes touch many parts of an organization and

many layers of an organization. How do you interact
with underlying IT systems so business processes
can involve those systems without spending half
your BPM project budget on integration and
change requests?

TIBCO delivers BPM and SOA in a unified

architecture, with an independent process layer
that allows changes to be made without affecting
underlying services and applications. This design
approach increases business agility, isolates the
impact of changes, and allows the specialized skills
of business analysts and IT to be properly harnessed.
processes fit neatly into one bucket. TIBCO is one
of the few vendors that can handle the full range of
process categories.

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Deployment and Execution Sense and Respond Optimization

iProcess Suite uses standards- iProcess Suite is event-enabled, iProcess Suite uses powerful
based models so that when allowing you to monitor dashboards and analytics to
business passes a model to processes in real time and help users analyze current and
IT, there is a seamless path detect issues and opportunities historical process performance
from modeling to deployment. when you can take meaningful to identify opportunities for
With support for millions of action. In combination with improvement and evaluate the
transactions per hour and tens of sophisticated business rules, potential impact of changes
thousands of concurrent users, iProcess Suite helps you by running sophisticated
iProcess Engine can handle the correlate seemingly unrelated simulations. iProcess Suite
largest of deployments. Cutting events to identify and address also enables real-time process
edge AJAX technology provides critical issues before they optimization based on pre-set
a flexible workspace that enables adversely affect the business. goals and rules.
unprecedented productivity and
end-user engagement.

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With iProcess Suite, you do not need to adapt your

processes to a pre-defined norm. Our software
adapts to your processes – as they are now and as
you want to evolve them over time.

Our high-performance execution engine and

experience supporting event-driven, service-
oriented architectures enable us to support
processes in the most complex environments.

Learn more at the BPM Resource Center

KPN, a leading telecommunications
company in The Netherlands, implemented
a BPM solution from TIBCO to automate
broadband/DSL customer order processing
in anticipation of a 3x increase in monthly
orders. The solution has enabled KPN to
process a 10x increase in monthly orders
and to realize cost savings of between
€150,000 and €200,000 a month. KPN
estimates that the company has reduced
order processing time by 90 percent,
reduced errors by 95 percent, and improved
productivity by 50 percent. View more
customer success stories at

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