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Proposed Title: How to Lessen the Number of Severely Wasted Pupils in Kindergarten
of Paquibato Elementary School

Name of researcher: FLORA V. ANTONIO

Position : Teacher II
Institution : Paquibato Elementary School

A. Problem Identification

1. In my current position, I am concerned about

The Nutritional Status of Kindergarten pupils of Paquibato Elementary School

who are identified as severely wasted and wasted. Based on the BMI result we
conducted orientation or dessimination of information to parents and stakeholder
for them to know about the nutritional status of their children.

Because of this incidents I will conduct a home visitation to have an interview

regarding their family background and status in life. Just like in the guidance
survey form questions. Invite the parents to have film viewing about good
nutrition and what are the nutritious food for their children as well.

2. In order to prove my concern or issues, I needed to gather information or data on

The Nutritional Status conducted last June in Kindergarten pupils of Paquibato
Elementary School.

3. From my experience in using different tools and techniques, I found out that the
most important, urgent, the most doable and relevant problem or issue that I
needed to focus on is the Nutritional Status of the severely and wasted pupils
Of the kindergarten pupils. To conduct Parent Teacher conference and
Orientation on the importance of health among children.

Based from the following pieces of evidence I will ask the assistance or help
of our principal to have a “ Gulayan sa Paaralan “ as supplement for the
the sustainable feeding program.To enroll the pupils on the feeding program
and conduct orientation on parents.

4. I found the following as viable solutions to the problem or issue

To have a “Gulayan sa Paaralan” as supplement for the feeding program to
eradicate malnutrition.

Of the Feeding Program and the Gulayan sa Paaralan our problems about
malnutrition lessens or decreases.
5. However, among the identified possible solutions, I decided to implement
The School Based Feeding Program to help the Kindergarten pupils who are
Identified as severely wasted and wasted pupils free from malnutrition.

Of the collaborative force and efforts of the PTA, parents, Brgy.officials and
stakeholders as well as the teachers our feeding program continue to help the
Kindergarten pupils to have a normal nutritional status or BMI.

B. Research Questions and Hypothesis/Assumptions

The problem of this action research is stated as follows:

The poor BMI or malnutrition of the Kindergarten pupils of Paquibato Elementary


Provide a description of the identified problem. How did the researcher identify
the problem? Describe the persons/students who were affected and the possible
causes of the problem. What are the goals for improvement?

My tentative answers to the problem are

Full implementation of the feeding program , conduct symposium, film viewing
about good nutrition and orientation for further clarification.

C. Purpose and Significance of the Study

This action research is conducted mainly to help the Kindergarten pupils

improve their BMI o Nutritional Status.

This will benefit the following from low BMI or Nutritional Status to a very normal


Of the Feeding Program implemented in our school which help eliminates

malnutrition that cause poor nutrition of the child it has a great help in making the
child actively participated during class discussion.
D. Data Collection and Analysis

Discuss how will you collect and analyze the data.

You may use the sample template given as your guide.

E. Bibliography

Part II.
Action Plan

Activities Objectives Time Person Place Verifiable Budget/

Frame responsible Indicators Resources

Orientation Conduct School Activity MOOE

orientation to Head, Center
parents.about Teacher,
malnutrition. Pupils,Parents
Film Show movies School Activity MOOE
Viewing explaining Head, Center
about good Teacher,
nutrition. Pupils,Parents
Implementation Plan

Strategy Time Persons Data Source Instrument Verifiable

Frame responsible needed of Data Indicators