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Objective Questions –Unit 4

1. ------------------------------- provides the systematic approach for grouping parts as

2. Retrieval approach of group technology is also called ------------------ approach
3. Group technology does not work if the variety of components to be manufactured
is ------------------------- compared to their volumes.
4. Robots were successfully applied first for operations like -----------------------
5. The part of a robot used for holding a work piece is called a ------------------------
6. SCARA in Robotics means ------------------------------------------
7. Manipulating a part with a robotic arm like with human hand is called ----------------
8. Robot in assembly shop for moving a part from one location to keep at another
location is called a ----------------------------------
9. Component parts in a completely automated environment are stored
in ---------------------------------------------------------
10. The country that uses maximum numbers of FMS in manufacturing is -------------------
11. Maximum capacity utilisation in manufacturing can be achieved by
using ---------------------------------------
12. The type of bearings used in a 3D-CMM are usually -----------------------
13. The part of a 3D-CMM that touches the work-piece for measurement is
called a ----------------
14. The resolution of linear measurement of a laser beam interferometer
is typically -----------------
15. Taking measurement of a work piece while a machining operation is running
is called -----------------------------------------
16. ---------------------------------------- is used for inspecting the accuracy of a CNC


1. Production flow analysis 2. Variant 3. Very large 4. Spot

welding and drilling 5. Gripper 6. Selective compliance assembly robotic
arm 7. Articulation 8. Pick and place robot 9. Automatic storage and
retrieval system 10. Japan 11. Flexible manufacturing systems
12. Air bearings 13. Probe 14. 0.01 microns 15. In-process
measurement 16. Laser beam interferometer