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Cloud Computing

An oversimplified overview of Cloud computing

„ The concept of Cloud Computing
‰ The Revolution of IT industry
‰ What is Cloud Computing
‰ What is new in Cloud Computing
„ The trend of Cloud Computing
„ Why is it the time for Cloud Computing
„ Cloud Computing and Other Computing
‰ Grid Computing v.s Cloud Computing
„ The application of Cloud Computing
‰ The Provider and the User
„ What are the Barriers to Cloud Computing
‰ Customer Perspective
‰ Vendor Perspective
„ Conclusion and Future
Cloud Computing 李文涛
The Long-held Dream of Computing
As a Uutility

PC Internet Cloud computing

Cloud Computing 李文涛

The Internet: from Hardware to Community


Cloud Computing 李文涛

What Do Today’s Users Want?
• Accessibility
– Access from anywhere and from multiple devices

• Shareability
– Make sharing as easy as creating and saving

• Freedom
– Users don’t want their data held hostage

• Simplicity
– Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use

• Security
– Trust that data will not be lost or seen by unwanted

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What is Cloud Computing
„ Applications delivered as services
over the Interne;
„ Hardware and systems software in
the datacenters.

Cloud: The datacenter hardware

and software.

Cloud Computing 李文涛

„ IT Infrastructure
‰ as a whole
„ as a service
‰ with a Twist (*)
„ Storage
„ Processing
„ Software

(*)Ubiquitous access Pay-per-

use & ”Always-ON”
Massively scalable
and YES – you've seen this (youtube, googledocs )

Cloud Computing 李文涛


„ Public Cloud: pay-as-you-go

Utility Computing: the service being sold
e.g.: AmazonWeb Services
Google AppEngine
Microsoft Azure
„ Private Cloud: unavailable to the public

„ Cloud Computing =SaaS + Utility Computing -

Private Clouds

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Users and Providers of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What is new in Cloud Computing
Hardware Point:
„ The illusion of infinite computing resources
available on demand

„ The elimination of an up-front commitment by

Cloud users How it's used ?

„ The ability to pay for use of computing

resources on a short-term basis as needed

eg:Intel Computing Services

Amazon Web Services
Cloud Computing 李文涛
Attributes of Cloud Computing
• Data stored on the cloud
• Software & services on the cloud - Access via web browser
• Based on standards and protocols - Linux, AJAX, LAMP, etc.
• Accessible from any device

Personal PC Client Server Cloud Computing

Hardware Centric Software Centric Service Centric

Cloud Computing 李文涛

How it's used ?
„ CloudSourcing
„ Webby *aaS – Anything as a
‰ Anywhere service
‰ Anytime SaaS – Software as a service
‰ Friendly PaaS – Platform as a service
„ As-A-Service DaaS – DataBase as a service
AaaS – Application as a service
‰ On-demand
‰ Instantly
„ Powerfully
‰ Scalably
‰ Virtually
‰ Sharedly

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Projected Cloud Spending (IDC 2008)
Year 2008 2012 Growth
Cloud IT Spending $16B $42B 27%
Total IT Spending $383B $494B 7%
Total – Cloud Spend $367B $452B 4%
Cloud / Total Spend 4% 9%

Cloud Spending is growing 6X faster

than traditional IT spending!

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Google Trends

Cloud computing ascends while grid

computing descend.

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Why Now, Not Then?
Key: computer datacenters
„ Technology trends and Business models

„ New Application Opportunities

Mobile interactive applications
Parallel batch processing
The rise of analytics
Extension of compute-intensive applications
“Earthbound” applications

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What is Driving Cloud Computing?
Customer Perspective
„ In one word: economics
„ Faster, simpler, cheaper to use cloud apps
„ No upfront capital required for servers and
„ No ongoing operational expenses for running
„ Applications can be accessed from anywhere,

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What is Driving Cloud Computing?
Vendor Perspective
„ Easier for application vendors to reach new
„ Lowest cost way of delivering and supporting
„ Ability to use commodity server and storage
„ Ability to drive down data center operational
„ In one word: economics

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Breakthroughs for Cloud Computing
1 User-Centric

2 Task-Centric

3 Powerful

4 Intelligent

5 Affordable

6 Programmable
Cloud Computing 李文涛
Cloud Computing and Other Computing

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Cloud Computing v.s Other Computing

Cloud Computing

Software as a Service

Utility Computing • Anytime, anywhere

access to IT
resources delivered
Grid Computing • Network-based dynamically as a
subscriptions to service.
• Offering computing applications
• Solving large resources as a
problems with metered service
parallel computing

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Grid Computing
„ Resource sharing
‰ Computers, storage, sensors, networks, …
‰ Sharing always conditional: issues of trust,
policy, negotiation, payment, …
„ Coordinated problem solving
‰ Beyond client-server: distributed data analysis,
computation, collaboration, …
„ Dynamic, multi-institutional virtual orgs
‰ Beyond client-server: distributed data analysis,
computation, collaboration, …
‰ Large or small, static or dynamic

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Grid Computing v.s Cloud Computing
„ Lack of central control
‰ Where things run
‰ When they run

„ Shared resources
‰ Contention, variability

„ Communication
‰ Different sites implies different sys admins, users,
institutional goals, and often “strong personalities”

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Who would become a Cloud
Computing provider, and why?
„ Necessary but not sufficient condition
Large datacenters
Large-scale software infrastructure
Operational expertise
„ Additional factors
Make a lot of money
Leverage existing investment
Defend a franchise
Attack an incumbent
Leverage customer relationships
Become a platform
Cloud Computing 李文涛
Who is the provider?
Who What
3Tera Server
Amazon EC2 Server
Amazon S3 Storage
Amazon SimpleDB Database
Box-Net Storage
Dell DCS Server
EMC Mozy Storage
Flexiscale Server
Google Apps Application
HP AiaaS Server
IBM Blue Cloud Server
iCloud Application
Joyent Server
Azure All
Sun Caroline Server

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Cloud Computing Economics
Elasticity: Shifting the Risk

the risk of mis-estimating workload is shifted from the service operator to the
cloud vendor.
Cloud Computing 李文涛
Should I Move to the Cloud?
„ What are the PROS :
‰ COST of usage
‰ COST of access HW
‰ COST of providing
„ Energy
„ Licenses
„ Administration
„ Learning
„ Time

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Who is the user?
„ VISTA Innovation Portal (VIP) -
Vietnam Government

„ General Eletric

„ Utah state university

„ Arizona state university

„ The New York Times

„ Daily Telegraph

„ Procter & Gamble

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What are the Barriers to Cloud Computing?
Customer Perspective
„ Data Security
‰ Many customers don’t wish to trust their data to “the cloud”
‰ Data must be locally retained for regulatory reasons

„ Latency
‰ The cloud can be many milliseconds away
‰ Not suitable for real-time applications

„ Application Availability
‰ Cannot switch from existing legacy applications
‰ Equivalent cloud applications do not exist

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What are the Barriers to Cloud Computing?
Vendor Perspective
„ Service Level Agreements
‰ What if something goes wrong?
‰ What is the true cost of providing SLAs?

„ Latency
‰ SaaS/PaaS models are challenging
‰ Much lower upfront revenue

„ Application Availability
‰ Customers want open/standard APIs
‰ Need to continuously add value

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Conclusion and Questions about the
Clouds of Tomorrow
„ Pay-as-you-go and multiplexing
„ Easy to own fabrication line
„ Next generation of systems

„ Applications Software Client and Cloud

„ Infrastructure Software Run on VM
„ Hardware Systems Special Design

Cloud Computing 李文涛

What it will look like in five years

„ Change In Technology and Prices Over Time

network bandwidth

„ Virtualization Level
EC2,Azure and Google AppEngine

Cloud Computing 李文涛

The KEY Points
„ Ubiquitous access

„ Pay-per-use

„ “Always ON”

„ Service-oriented

„ Shared / Virtual resources

Cloud Computing 李文涛

Cloud Computing 李文涛
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Cloud Computing 李文涛