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Molino III, City of Bacoor, Cavite



Names: Jesleen Ross C. Taroy, Patricia Ann F. Ontar, Ram Jeruel B. Vasquez
Year & Section: 9 – SSC - Einstein
Date of Oral Defense: March 17, 2017

Title: Perna viridis (Mussel Shell) and Crassostrea iredalei (Oyster Shell) as Liming Materials
in the Soil for the Growth of Basella alba Linn (Alugbati): A Comparative Study
Authors: Jesleen Ross C. Taroy, Patricia Ann F. Ontar, Ram Jeruel B. Vasquez

Table of Comments and Actions Taken

Comments Action Taken Page Number

Bibliography:  Find other articles that the dates p. 21
 Change the date of 1983- are up to date
1984 from the reference of  Follow the APA format
Chua, etc.
Methodology:  The researchers include the p. 17 - 18
 The soil sample must have process of the soil test in the
a pH less than 5.5 (Please methodology
consider the comments in
the defense)
Research:  The researchers find a plant that p. 1
 Change the plant of the grow in alkaline soil that needs
study high soil pH, and changed from
 Remove “Effects of” in Pechay (Brassica rapa) into
the title Alugbati (Basella alba Linn)
 Removed the phrase “Effects of”
Statement of the problem:  The researchers follow the p. 11 - 12
 Change the specific suggestion of the panelist to
objectives change the statement of the
problem into like this:
 Is there a significant difference
on the growth of plant after
applying pulverized oyster and
mussel shells?
Assumptions:  The researchers added the p. 12
 Include the descriptive statement that says in our study
property of Alugbati that we will also look to the
change on the descriptive
property of the plant before and
after the application
Hypothesis:  The researchers totally change p. 13
 Revise the hypotheses their hypotheses that based on
their statement of the problem
 The researchers only use null
hypotheses as commented by the
Conceptual framework:  The researchers change the figure p. 15
 Correct the conceptual on the conceptual framework

Theoretical framework:  The researchers include details p. 15 – 16

 Discuss the parameters about the parameters of the study

Citation:  The date included in every p. 8

 Include the date of the citation, including the citation of
reference of Craswell Craswell
Background of the study:  The researchers included the p. 3 - 4
 Recognize the importance of Alugbati as the
introduction plant of the study
 What is the importance of  They also included some details
Alugbati? about the effects of the acidity of
 What are the effects of the the growth of Alugbati
acidity of the growth of  They introduced the definitions
Alugbati and uses of oyster, mussel, and
 Introduce oyster, mussel, Calcium Carbonate
and Calcium Carbonate

Definition of terms:  The definition of every terms are p. 13 - 14

 Use operating terms revised and turn it into operating
 Include the variables of terms
the study  The researchers included the
variables as commented by the

Checked by:

Research III Adviser