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Multiple choice Questions:

1-The ability of knowledgeable, capable, and enthusiastic employees to deliver products and services to
their internal and external clients in a manner that satisfies identified and unidentified needs and
ultimately results in positive word-of-mouth publicity and return business is called:



C-customer service

D - Outsourcing

Answer: C

2-Analog Corp. a multinational software company, spends time and takes effort to satisfy its clients by
identifying their needs and establishing policies and procedures to support excellence in service
delivery. In this case, Analog Corp. is most likely to be a(n) :

A- Customer Focused organization

B- Offshoring organization

C- Cottage industry

D - - Outsourcing organization

3- When something goes wrong, a service provider should:

A- Look for someone else to blame

B- Take responsibility

C- Use several policy excuses

D- Take responsibility and take appropriate action

Answer: D

3- You are a customer service provider. When the telephone rings:

A – Wait at least 5 minutes so the caller will know you are busy

B – Answer it quickly even though you are still eating lunch

C – Clear your head, focus on the telephone and answer professionally and cheerfully.

D - Look over at a colleague and nod to them to answer it

Answer: C

4- ………. Requires, putting yourself in the customer’s place and trying to relate to the customer’s needs,
wants, and concerns.
A – Responsiveness.

B- Empathy

C – Convergence

D – Congruence

Answer: B

5- How someone views an item, situation or others is called:

A – Stereotype

B – Perception

C – Inflection

D – Bias

Answer: B

6-……….. Means deliberate discrimination against a person based on his or her age, race, sex or ability

A – Disparate treatment

B – Stereotype

C – Seamless service

D – Process improvement

Answer: B

7- While placing his order, a customer tells the waiter to avoid bell peppers of any kind or color in the
food since he is allergic to the vegetable. In spite of informing the server of his choice, a slice of bell
pepper sits right on top of the dish he ordered. In addition to a service breakdown, this could lead to:

A – The customer learning to appreciate the bell pepper taste.

B – The server having to eat that plate of food.

C –The customer forcefully having to eat around the vegetables much against his wishes.

D – Serious illness or death of the customer and a huge liability for the organization.

Answer: D

8- John works as a sales representative for Travel desire .com, an travel portal. He receives a call from a
Russian customer, who is not fluent with English, enquiring oh holiday package. To serve the customer’s
needs better, John should:

A- Assume that everyone has the same experience and treat them accordingly.
B- Let the customer guide the conversation

C – Raise his tone to enhance better understanding and lay emphasis.

D – Ask closed-end questions.

Answer: B

9- Which of the following is a function of the customer relationship management software?

A – Call quality monitoring and recording

B – Coordinated transfer, where a caller can be passed to another representative along with the data
populated on a service representative’s computer screen.

C – Representative /agent state control.

D – Automatically maintain a detailed adult history on customer accounts, transactions an individual


Answer: D

10- Service providers invest large amounts of money in training employees because:

A – They lose business and revenue if they do not meet the service expectations of costumers.

B – They are unaffected by the economic recession and massive losses

C – A larger number of consumers are opting to buy rather than rent homes and cars.

D – Consumers act on impulse and purchase any product or service that they desire to buy.

Answer: A

11- Employees of other departments or branches, co-workers and other people who work within the
same organization are ……

A – External customers

B – Internal customers

C - Online customers

D – Current customers

12- Holding hands near or over the mouth may present problems for those who……..

A – Rely on reading lips to understand messages

B – Have a vision impairment

C – Communicate well with you

D – Recognize your message is one of certainty

13- close-ended questions are typically used to:

A – Determine customer needs.

B – Get no-syllable answers.

C – Gather a lot of information.

D – Uncover background data

Answer: A

14 – Which of the following tactics can be pursued effectively handle dissatisfied or angry customers?

A – Be positive and negotiate a solution

B – Listen passively to the customer’s grievances

C – Have and argument prepared as a defense mechanism

D – Reassure the customers through false promises

Answer: A

15-before you get a customer calm down, you should

A – Call your manager to take over

B – Listen passively to the customer’s grievances

C – Deal with the customer emotional state

D – Raise your voice to get his or her attention before you start

Answer: D