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Hear Seyler from Around the Globe Your passport to a new world of music JEFF PERETZ Alfred, the leader in educational publishing, and the National Guitar Workshop, one of America’s finest guitar schools, have joined forces to bring you the best, most progressive educational tools possible. We hope you will enjoy this boak and encourage yau to laok for other fine products from Alfred and the National Guitar Workshop. Copyright © MMIV by Alfred Publishing Co, Ine All rights reserved. Printed in USA, ISBN 0.7390.3559-1 (Book & CD) ‘This book was acquired edived and produced lay Workshop Arts: Ine, dhe publishing str. of ‘dhe Nasional Guitar Workshop. ‘Nathaniel Gunos, maraging and acquistont editor ‘Anes Golo, muse typeset “Timethy Pholps, interior design CD recorded at Monkey Boy Seudios. New York, NY. ‘Cover guitar phocograph coursesy of Daisy Rock Guitars thie one ai 29 1-2NH=¥t Contents z ‘CHAPTER 3—Wasn Rhyth Basic Belly Dance Rhyxhn Belly Bunce Exrerpt ass. on PRONUNCIATION GUIDE/GLOSSARY 223 Magri Belly Dine sverscrscrverrcrncencnrn 32 Morrocan 6. cnninen 33 re Histor . eens Geography: Four Regions esunsannuedd HAPTER 4—Musical Forms and Seyles Musical Diversity of the Four RegionSwwsssus8 Sung Poettvu sous mo (Oriental Are Styles... 2 7 a 9 CHAPTER 5—Madern Mi le Eastern Styles CHAPTER 2—The Magam Phenomena ocowinI Bai 4 How the Magam Are Created (Tetrachords)... 230) 40 Magam Playable by the Guirar moenmenaeld Other Styles and Artists....cenanannienenn lS ‘sh Shel Ree (My Heit ce AB APPENDIX Middle Easter Tonal Systems The Persian Dhagsta S98t1oerenc-rcore People of the Dark (Modulation) Dafne Dilewr The author wishes to thank his wife, Neta, and his children Maya and Zohar, for their patience and support compact disci included with thishook. Thisdise can make leaming with the book easier and more enjoyable. The symbol shawn a¢ the lft appears next to every example that ion the CD. Use dhe CD to help ensure chat yeotreeapeuring the feel oF he examples, inrerpeting the chyahis corey and saan, The track number below the symbol corresponds directly eo the cxample you wane eo heat. Teac 1 wilh you tune your guitarra this CD. Have fun!

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