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Room Booking Request Form

Important Note:
*Request for booking must be made at least 7 working days in advance
*Booking by a student for club activities must be made through the club’s advisor (academic or general
*SBS has the right to reject the booking and provide an explanation, if it is deemed not suitable.

Contact Details
Name Q
Department /
Date 11 June 2017
Email Address

Details of Booking Request

Start Date 13 June End Date 13June 2018
Start Time 1.30 End Time 3.30pm
Planned Capacity 30

Required Room Lecture Theatre Lecture Hall Tutorial Room Computer Lab
Required Supporting Facilities Projector
Purpose Of Booking

Proposed Venue
(*If the proposed venue is not available, SBS
will advise alternative venue)

For Class Replacement by Full Time Teaching Staff Only

Please obtain your Dean/Nominee’s approval if your class replacement falls on Wednesday, between
2.30pm to 5.30pm. No approval is required if your replacement is not on a Wednesday afternoon.
DEAN or NOMINEE Signature:


For SBS Only

Staff Name Signature:
Date Received
Completed: [Yes / No]
Remarks: If No, please indicate reasons:

Completed booking into system on [dd/mm/yyyy]:

*Please email completed form to or submit hardcopy to SBS, Student Operations at
Room G111, Level 1, Building G

SBS / 24.11.2015