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Case Study

+ Epta
“Thanks to the use of ANSYS simulation software, it is possible to virtually test a
number of display cabinets prior their final development. The use of HPC cloud
computing helps saving a lot of testing effort and achieve faster project turnaround”
Epta S.p.A. - Innovation Centre

Moving to a cloud environment cost-effectively

increases the speed and scale of ANSYS
Fluent simulations at Epta

Epta is a world leader in Benefits

designing solutions for com- • The new hosted solution resulted in a significant
mercial refrigeration. Epta increase in flexibility to allocate computing
helps to satisfy the needs resources, capacity and simulation speed, at a
of demanding customers lower cost of ownership than building an inter-
around the world, address- nal cluster.
ing critical issues for large- • The new capacity was launched much faster
scale retail trade. than securing internal hardware resources.
• The productivity of Epta engineers has im-
Business Challenges proved, because they can remotely access a
Engineering simulation best-in-class HPC environment for CAE —
allows the Epta team to eval- including visualization, job submission and
uate multiple refrigeration data management.
system designs and validate • Customer responsiveness and satisfaction have
their performance under increased because of faster project turnaround.
various working conditions. • ANSYS works directly with Gompute to resolve
Global engineering any support issues, minimizing the involvement
trends have created a of Epta engineering team components.
Courtesy of Epta
demand for a deep
understanding of physics that is greater than ever Company Description
before. Large-scale simulation efforts are Epta is a multinational group providing a wide and
required to efficiently deal with such challenging comprehensive range of solutions for commercial
demands. refrigeration by ensuring the supply, installation
and maintenance of systems. The company has a
Technology Used very strong and well-balanced competitive position
ANSYS® Fluent™, ANSYS CFD PrepPost , ANSYS worldwide, both in terms of geographic
HPC Pack™, Gompute on Demand. distribution and of business area coverage, thanks
to its brands: Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker,
Engineering Solution Eurocryor, Misa and IARP.
• The simulation of flow patterns, pressure drops
and airflow thermal behavior in a refrigerated
cabinet with 3-D and transient analysis was
performed with ANSYS Fluent.
• Hosting ANSYS Fluent on a Gompute cluster
provides a “ready-to-go”, robust environment
that allows investigation in a fast and conve-
nient way, especially during production peaks.
• The ability to split CFD PrepPost and solver
activities provides a flexible configuration to
manage multiple projects at the same time.

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