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S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1 Readme

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This Readme file is updated as needed by publishing an online version of the Readme. The online Readme file will contain
the contents of this Readme file as well as additional information about S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1 that was not
available when the software was released.
If you encounter unexpected behavior in S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1, visit the Siemens Industry Online Support
( website. Search for "S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1" to see if the file contains
information that addresses your issue.

There are separate online Readme files for each version of S7-PLCSIM, so be sure you have located the online Readme for
S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1.

General notes
The information in this Readme file supersedes information in other documentation.

What's new in S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1

S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1 allows you to install S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 without first uninstalling S7-PLCSIM V14.

High Speed Counter functionality for S7-15xxC (compact) PLCs

It is not possible to simulate the functionality of High Speed Counters (HSCs) for S7-15xxC PLCs.
S7-PLCSIM does not simulate specialized I/O modules or onboard I/O for compact CPUs. S7-PLCSIM only provides
process image and direct access simulation of I/O registers.

Additional information about HMI Accessible tags

This entry provides further information regarding the online help topic "Error conditions and limitations > Specific error
conditions and limitations > HMI Accessible tags".
In STEP 7, tags are checked as "Accessible from HMI" by default. In the following image, the HMI accessibility for the tags
"Static_3" and "Static_4" has been unchecked:

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v14 sp1 upd1, 04/2017 1
After you perform a download from STEP 7 to S7-PLCSIM, you will note that the tags "Static_3" and "Static_4" are not
available in S7-PLCSIM:

If you want to work with these tags in S7-PLCSIM, simply check the box for the tags in STEP 7 and perform another
download to S7-PLCSIM.

Simulating HMI connections

When you simulate HMI connections, the simulated HMI firmware version must be or higher.

Incompatible diagnostic status for simulated S7-1500 PLCs with firmware version 1.8
When you simulate an S7-1500 PLC with firmware version 1.8, S7-PLCSIM might display the diagnostic status
"Incompatible". You can ignore this status message because your simulation will function normally.

Scan cycle overflow

It is possible to overflow the S7-PLCSIM cyclic event queue when your simulation contains cyclic interrupts. Due to the
speed of S7-PLCSIM in relation to the speed of actual hardware, your simulation might not be able to process cyclic OBs
within the cycle time you specified. S7-PLCSIM provides visual notification of an overflow by means of diagnostic buffer
messages and a red error icon in the project tree.
If the main scan cycle overflows, go to "Options > Settings > Cycle time monitoring". You can then take one of two actions:
● Select the check box for "Disable scan cycle monitoring".
● Select the check box for "Specify maximum cycle time" and then input a larger value in the "Maximum cycle time" box.
You can enter a time up to 60000 ms.
If a cyclic interrupt OB overflows, increase the cyclic time for the OB in STEP 7.
After taking any of these actions, you must perform another download from STEP 7 for the change to take effect.

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S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1 Readme S7-PLCSIM V14 SP1 Update 1 Readme
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