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Definition of Manuscript Speech

This is when a speaker reads a pre-written speech word by word to an audience.

It is when an already prepared script is read verbatim. The speaker makes the entire
speech by referring to the printed document, or as seen on the teleprompter. It is
basically an easy method of oral communication.
Manuscript speaking is generally employed during official meetings, conferences, and in
instances where the subject matter of the speech needs to be recorded. It is used especially
when there is time constraint, and the content of the talk is of prime importance. Conveying
precise and succinct messages is the inherent purpose of this speech. Public officials speaking
at conferences, and their speech being telecast, is a pertinent example.

There can be various occasions where this style of speech is used. It depends on the
context of the address, the purpose of communication, the target audience, and the
intended impact of the speech. Even if it is understood to be a verbatim, manuscript
speaking requires immense effort on the part of the speaker. Precision in the delivery
comes not just with exact reading of the text, but with a complete understanding of the
content, and the aim of the talk. We have witnessed this through many examples of
eloquence, like the ones listed below.

 A speech given by a Congressman on a legislative bill under consideration.

 A report read out by a Chief Engineer at an Annual General Meeting.
 A President's or Prime Minister's address to the Parliament of a foreign nation.
 A televised news report (given using a teleprompter) seen on television.
 A speech given at a wedding by a best man, or during a funeral.
 A religious proclamation issued by any religious leader.
 A speech in honor of a well-known and revered person.
 Oral report of a given chapter in American history, presented as a high school

Advantages and Disadvantages

 ✔ Precision in the text or the speech helps catch the focus of the audience.
✔ It proves very effective when you have to put forth an important point in less
✔ Concise and accurate information is conveyed, especially when talking about
contentious issues.
✘ If you are not clear in your speech and cannot read out well, it may not attract
any attention of the audience.
✘ As compared to a direct speech, in a manuscript that is read, the natural flow
of the speaker is lost. So is the relaxed, enthusiastic, interactive, and expressive
tone of the speech lost.
✘ A manuscript speech can become boring if read out plainly, without any effort
of non-verbal communication with the audience.